tagCelebritiesJay Cult Ch. 03

Jay Cult Ch. 03


Jay Cult 3: Guess Who?

Disclaimer: Everyone in this story is over 18 years of age and it is entirely fictional, nothing is true.

A/N: This is the third part in a series if you care about the story I advise you read the previous ones, but I guess you don't really have to.

'So are you going to call Ashley?' Vanessa asked me point blank after we got caught up with each others lives since grade school.

'How did you even know I got her number?' I asked, earlier that night I had acquired the Pretty Little Liars stars number after pulling her on stage to dance with me.

'She told me, we are friends you know,' Vanessa said with slight giggle.

'Yeah you were both in Spring Breakers together, that makes sense,' I said, I was still kind of buzzing from earlier so everything took a little longer.

'You didn't answer the question, are you going to call her?' Vanessa asked sternly.

'She said she would suck my dick if I called her so... yeah, I think I might call her,' the two of us burst into laughter, causing Scott to open the divider and butt into the conversation.

'Glad to see the two of you are getting along again,' he said from the drivers seat.

'What do you mean, again?' I asked my oldest friend.

'Well, it's just been a while, you know,' Scott said.

'Yeah, how did this even happen anyway?' I asked, even though it was pretty obvious what the answer was, she had probably called a limo and it happened to be him.

'She actually showed up at my front door this morning, wanting hang out,' Scott started.

'He had work so I settled for a ride along, it was a very entertaining day,' Vanessa finished, blowing my preconceived notions out of the water.

'Oh, wow, what made you do that?' I asked, in shock.

She stayed silent. 'She won't tell me, I was hoping we'd be able to get it out of her tonight at your place,' Scott said.

'Okay, yeah that should be fine, I didn't get too much sleep and I kinda have a big week so you know,' I said awkwardly.

'We'll just have one or two drinks,' Vanessa said, winking at me and smiling.

'Okay, one or two drinks, that should be fine,' I said, I felt like I was being kind of a pussy but it was true, I had a meeting with Jay-Z the next day and the possibility of going to Hawaii the day after to record with Kanye West, the last thing I needed was an excuse to deprive myself of any more rest.

We had idle conversation the whole way back to my place, the three of us were all good friends in grade school and moderate friends in high school, the friendship was strained and eventually severed back then because of her rising fame, but now at least I was in a similar situation so it seemed we had lots in common again.

'I love this place,' Scott said as we approached my apartment building.

'What's so great about it?' Vanessa asked.

'It's just ridiculously huge and well furnished considering how much money Jay has, his girlfriend helped him get the place,' Scott said with a hint of jest.

'Whoa, you have a girlfriend Jay?' Vanessa asked.

'Zoe didn't pay for my apartment Scott!' I started. 'And she's not my girlfriend Vanessa, at least I don't think so.'

'Have you fucked this girl?' Vanessa questioned as we came to a complete stop.


'Wait, really?' Scott exclaimed as he pulled the keys out of the ignition. 'When?'

'Last night... today...'

'How can this Zoe afford to buy you an apartment? Is she rich or famous?' Vanessa asked.

'It's Zoe Kravitz,' Scott said. 'Where did you fuck her?'

'Oh that makes sense,' Vanessa said. 'Where did you meet her?'

'Stop!' I exclaimed. 'First of all, she didn't pay for my apartment she cosigned the lease, and as far as those other two go, they're long stories which I'd love to talk about once we get into my apartment and I have had a couple of drinks.'

'Well what are we waiting for?' Vanessa asked as she opened the car door.

'Yeah let's go upstairs,' Scott said as he took a bag out of the glove compartment.

'None of that for me tonight though, I had way too much earlier,' I said to Scott referring to the bag.

He nodded and the three of us made our way into the apartment building. The two talked a little bit about the neighbourhood we were in and other such trivial matters as we took the familiar route to my apartment. The conversation continued once we made it inside the apartment and had cracked open a couple brews.

The conversation quickly turned to how I had met Zoe, a story that Scott had never really heard the full version of and the less sexual events of that day. Vanessa and Scott filled me in on all the various pranks they had pulled during the day and I filled them in on the various label meetings I had attended, before long Vanessa excused herself and went to the bathroom.

'Just use my en suite, the main bathroom is out of order at the moment,' I said to Vanessa as she headed towards my bedroom.

'You have an en suite? How do you afford this place, seriously?' Vanessa asked jokingly as she walked away, leaving Scott and I to stare at her ass.

'You hit that or what?' I asked Scott the moment she was out of earshot.

'What?' Scott asked, taken aback.

'Oh come on, there is no way the two of you just pulled pranks today!' I accused.

'What about you, since when have you been banging Zoe?' Scott asked.

This triggered a quick discussion about our exploits in the previous two days, Scott told me about fucking Vanessa earlier that day, and I told him all about my day with Zoe, Jessica, Miley and Nicki. Soon we were talking about the night before, he told me about Amy Adams and I told him about Selena.

'I think I have your Nicki story beat,' Scott started, this conversation had turned into a competition fast. 'Last night I fucked Amanda Seyfried in the middle of the street!'

'Amanda Seyfried huh?' Something about the Chloe actress had triggered something in my memory banks, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

'Not only that but soon, a few other guys joined in and before long we had four or five guys fucking every hole on the bitch in the middle of the street,' Scott continued.

'Hold up, wait wait wait,' I said having the story that would trump his up my sleeve. 'Last night, I was in a threesome with Katy Perry and Rihanna.'

Scott went to open his mouth. 'In the shower!' I cut him off.

'Damn...' Scott uttered, clearly not having a story to best that one.

'Well I don't know if it trumps that, but while we're on the topic of threesomes, Vanessa and I picked up-'

'There's a girl in your bed,' Vanessa interrupted.

'Oh, that's just Zoe,' I said, having a vague memory of leaving my house with Zoe asleep that day. 'Just let her sleep, she's had a big day... if you know what I mean.'

'Unfortunately, I do know what you mean,' Vanessa started. 'You guys aren't talking as quietly as you think you drunk ass holes.'

The three of us burst into laughter. 'Sorry about that,' I said as Vanessa sat between the two of us on the couch.

'Looks like all the story telling has worked Scott up a bit,' Vanessa said as she placed a hand on Scott's crotch.

Scott and I exchanged eye contact, not knowing really what was going on here. 'Yeah well we did some pretty hot shit today Nessa,' Scott said as Vanessa began to rub his crotch.

'You got that right,' Vanessa said excitedly, she had had a couple drinks but there was no way she was drunk enough that she didn't know I was there.

I was started to get uncomfortable so I blurted something out. 'Like a threesome,' I said referring to the story Scott was about to tell me.

'A threesome?' Vanessa asked.

'Yeah well I thought maybe you could expand on that,' I said beside myself, I had no idea what I was saying.

'I like your style Jay,' Vanessa said as she unzipped Scott's trousers. 'Very forward, you know what you want.'

It was then that I realised she thought I was suggesting we have a threesome, something I probably would never have done with an old friend like Vanessa, especially because of Scott's crush on her. The train seemed to already be rolling though, and she nor Scott seemed to mind when she pulled his pants down and jacked his cock in front of me.

'Is your cock as big as this Jay?' Vanessa asked as she softly licked the tip of my pals cock.

'Well I don't know, it's not like we compare cocks,' I said, my erection straining against my jeans, watching as Vanessa licked down to the base of Scott's dick.

'Now is as good a time as any, don't worry I'll judge fairly,' Vanessa said, now kissing Scott's prick softly with puckered lips.

I took my belt of and unzipped my jeans almost instantly, pulling them down to let my cock free as soon as I could. 'What do you think?' I asked as Vanessa perked up from Scott's dick and inspected mine.

'They seem about the same size to me,' Vanessa said as she wrapped a hand around it. 'But my mouth has always been better at judging this sort of thing,' she said before kissing the tip of my cock.

She cupped my balls in her hands as she took my cock in her mouth, slowly letting the extent of my dick fill her mouth as she slid down. She was taking it like an absolute expert, managing to fit the entirety in her mouth before slowly sliding back up. After my cock was completely out of her mouth she turned and did the same to Scott, much to his pleasure.

'She gives the best blow jobs man,' Scott said as Vanessa sucked on his dick.

'I dunno I've had some pretty good blow jobs in the last couple days,' I responded as Vanessa lifted her legs up onto the couch, giving me a great view of her ass in a short skirt as she bobbed on Scott's cock.

'Oh fuck!' Scott moaned as I lifted Vanessa's skirt to find she wasn't wearing any panties, taking this opportunity to gently rub my fingers against her shaven pussy.

'Do you mind?' I asked, gesturing towards Vanessa's exposed snatch.

'No dude, fuck, do what you want!' Scott said while Vanessa sucked harder.

'Perfect,' I said as I leaned close and lightly slid my tongue up her pussy lips, making sure to lick the clitoris while I was there.

This seemed to have an effect, because there was a pause in her otherwise flawless blow job, this was immediately rectified by Scott however who placed his hands on the top of her head in order to urge her to keep sucking. I decided to continue my adventure by licking in circular motion around her clitoris and every now and then penetrating her vagina with my tongue.

At this moment Scott took Vanessa off his cock, probably because he was close to finishing. 'Lick my balls,' Scott commanded.

Vanessa obeyed, immediately leaning back down to lick Scott's balls and rub his cock with her hands. 'How's my pussy taste?'

'Fucking delicious,' I said before jamming my tongue in her pussy harshly, causing Vanessa to moan loudly on Scott's balls.

'Fuck you're good,' Vanessa moaned.

I stayed silent and brought myself fully onto the couch and pulling my jeans all the way off, discarding them on the floor. In this time Scott had gotten Vanessa to start sucking his cock again, this time with new found vigour. I got onto my knees and let my cock hover just outside of Vanessa's pussy, lightly grazing her skin while I waited for clearance to land.

'Am I good to go?' I asked Scott as he closed his eyes in pleasure.

'Yeah man whatever, fuck the shit out of her,' Scott said as Vanessa moaned in anticipation.

I instantly shoved my cock hard inside of Vanessa's pussy, jamming it all the way inside so that the skin of my pelvis was touching her ass cheeks. She moaned loudly as I did this, causing Scott to twitch in pleasure. I then slowly pulled my cock out of her and shoved it back in again just as hard, causing the same chain of events to happen again.

I placed two hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed tightly, picking up the pace of my vicious fucking as I did so. Before long she wasn't able to have a moment where she wasn't moaning, which meant nothing but good things for Scott, who had now started to buck his hips upward until he was fucking her mouth so hard she started to gag.

'Oh fuck!' Scott yelled as he pushed her head down and came hard down the back of her throat.

I waited patiently for Vanessa to swallow all of Scott's cum before I pulled her off his cock and lifted her in the air. I quickly turned to a sitting position on the couch and brought her back down on my cock so she was now sitting on it. This allowed her to moan loudly with pleasure, basically screaming as I lifted her up and down on my cock by her hips.

'Oh fuck! Holy shit!' She screamed as I continued to plough into her reverse cowgirl style.

'Zac ever fuck you like this bitch?' I shouted at her as I gripped her tighter.

'Fuck no!' She exclaimed in a half shout half moan as her nails dug into my legs.

'Jay,' Scott said, who was now standing in front of the two of us. 'You wanna swap?'

'If she gives head as good as you say she does,' I said as I slowed down my pace.

'Get on your knees and turn around,' Scott said to Vanessa once I completely stopped.

She turned around and then the two of them got down on there knees, Scott was now completely naked and taking Vanessa's skirt off entirely and throwing it on the ground. I did likewise with her top, taking it off and revealing she wasn't wearing bra, exposing her pert tits to me. I ran my hands along her back and then into her hair, stopping at the top of her head to encourage her to go down on me.

'I'm gonna take my time with this cock,' she said as she stroked it gently.

'I can't wait to fuck your pretty little mouth,' I said to her, running a finger along her cheek.

'All in good time,' She said as she cupped my balls and leant down to kiss them.

'Fuck!' I exclaimed as she took them both in her mouth, sucking gently while she rubbed the tip of my dick with her fingers.

'I told you dude, best blow jobs,' Scott said as he gently inserted his cock into Vanessa's box.

Truthfully I was still thinking it was going to be a challenge to compete with my last three blow jobs, Nicki was good because she had had a lot of practise, but she clearly found no joy in it, Miley was great because she clearly was a natural cocksucker and did it for the love of sucking cock and Zoe, who sucked my cock because she loved me, but it was definitely coming close.

'Wow,' I simply said as Vanessa licked up the shaft of my cock and sucked hard at the tip of my cock, her hands now rubbing my base and balls.

She slowly moved down from here, again taking my cock all the way inside and sucking hard until she was deep throating me. I kept two hands at the top of her head and felt it bob up and down, each time with a flick. Every single time she lowered her self onto my cock it felt like the first time, cause me to shake every time she did it. She constantly kept a hand on the shaft and a hand on my balls, working the two of those to perfection as well.

'Are you ready to get fucked in the ass Nessa?' Scott asked as he slowed his rapid movement down.

'Fuck, please,' Vanessa said in the brief moment her mouth wasn't on my cock.

She screamed in pleasure the moment his cock entered her ass hole, causing her to scream all over my cock. I wondered briefly how Zoe could possibly sleep through all the noise, but I decided that I had just fucked her too damn good that day. The next few moments were filled with Vanessa attempting to suck my cock but only being able to moan in pleasure.

'I'm sorry,' Vanessa said before getting pounded again.

'Gives me more time with these,' I said as I leant down and kissed her tits.

'My tits aren't usually an object of desire for men,' Vanessa said suppressing a moan as she did so.

'Are you kidding?' I said while licking and kissing her left nipple and squeezing her right one. 'These are awesome.'

'I'm gonna cum!' Scott yelled out before pulling her cock out of Vanessa's ass and shooting his seed all over her ass and back.

He fell back onto the ground, completely out of energy. 'You alright there bud?' I asked as Vanessa proceeded to take my cock back in her mouth.

'It's been a long day,' Scott panted, now lying on the ground covered in sweat.

'Yes it has,' I mused as Vanessa began bobbing hard on my cock again.

Soon after I could feel an immense pressure in my cock, so I pushed Vanessa's head down hard on my cock and waited as she sucked deeply. I looked her in the eyes as she helplessly deep throated my cock before I came hard, shooting semen deep into her mouth. She quickly and happily sucked the last of my seed down before taking my cock out of her mouth and giving it a small kiss.

'Holy shit,' I panted before kissing her forehead.

'Pretty good huh?' Vanessa said, cocking an eyebrow.

'I'll say,' I said as Scott got up and sat on the couch, reaching over to his bag of weed to roll a joint.

Vanessa got up and sat back next to us, lying down so that her head was in Scott's lap and her legs were resting in mine, the three of us were all completely naked. We sat in silence as Scott rolled a joint and Vanessa drank more of her gin and tonic. I started to fall in and out of sleep, just too tired from the last couple days to really focus.

'Jay, you want a toke?' Scott asked, springing me awake.

'Oh shit, nah I'm just gonna go to bed,' I said as I got up, gently lifting Vanessa's legs as I did so.

'Fair enough dude, one hell of a night,' Scott said as he rubbed Vanessa's exposed tits.

'Good night Jay!' Vanessa called out as I walked toward my bedroom.

'Good night Jay,' Scott said looking at the joint in his hand and laughing at the perceived humour in the idea. 'Coz it's a good night jay.'

'I know baby, I know,' Vanessa said as I closed the door of my bedroom behind me.

'Fuck,' I exhaled as I climbed into bed next to the woman who was waiting for me.

I had nothing to do the next day so I didn't bother to set an alarm, instead I just put an arm around the woman in my bed, she was wearing one of my T-shirts and a set of my track suit pants. I cupped her large breast in my hand and rested my head in her long blonde hair as I drifted silently into sleep.

After days of sacrificing sleep for pleasure, it did feel good to be able to get a normal amount of sleep. I was so tired that I slept through out the whole day, by the time I woke up it was around two in the afternoon. My body still thought it was morning though, so when I awoke naturally I had something to take care of and lucky for me I was sharing the bed with an incredibly beautiful woman.

'Good morning baby,' I said barely able to open my eyes as I kissed the back of the girls head, my cock pressing hard against her ass a hand still locked onto her breast.

'Good morning indeed,' an unfamiliar voice responded reaching back around to grab my naked cock.

'Wait a second,' I was still pretty groggy but I could tell the difference between Zoe's voice and a strangers. 'Blonde? Where am I?'

'You're at home sweetie,' she replied, now jacking my cock.

'Wait!' Something in my brain clicked. 'You're Amanda Seyfried!'

'That's right,' she said, turning over to face me her gorgeous eyes now inches away from mine, her hand still wrapped around my dick.

'What are you still doing here?' I asked, it was certainly a weird situation but I've never been the type to stop a woman from jacking my cock, regardless of how secretly freaked out I was that she was still in my bed from the day before.

'I wanted to thank you, so I figured this was the best way I could do that,' Amanda said before kissing me on the cheek.

I had to admit, it did feel nice to wake up in bed next to a gorgeous blonde with a dynamite rack who also happened to be wearing my shirt and pants. 'A lot of other people would have gotten wine.'

'I'm not other people,' she said kissing me on the mouth.

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