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Jay's Day


Candlelight dances across the bedroom floor while a cool breeze blows through an open window. I see you sitting in a chair across the room, sitting tall and smiling. I start towards you wearing a black negligee` and a white satin g-string. I pause briefly to press play on the stereo.

As I stand in front of you, I run my hand down my neck and over my tit making sure to circle around the nipple. Then I carefully straddle your lap and wrap my hands around the back of your neck. I gently kiss your forehead, then lips, and make my way over to your ear. I gently put the tip of your earlobe into my mouth and begin to nibble all while slowly and deliberately rubbing my pussy on your cock, still enclosed in your tight pants. I work my mouth up your ear and then stop to let a little gasp and moan into your ear. I feel your cock begin to get hard so I rub my pussy around on it a little longer.

As I sit on your lap and nibble on your ears, I reach back and between your thighs. I gently rub my hand up and down your thigh being sure to stop just before my hand reaches you cock or nuts. I bring my lips back to yours and begin to kiss you more passionately. I can tell by the way our lips are locked that you want me. I can feel the anticipation build.

So, I stand up and take a step back. Thinking I am about to leave you, you grab for my arm and pull me back. I face you and suddenly drop to my knees. I run my hands up your thighs making my way towards your zipper and then stop. Using my mouth, I un-do your zipper and then tug your pants down. I toss them to the side and make my way back up for your boxers. Those are tossed to the side as well. You sit there completely naked, cock standing at attention. I grab below your ass and pull your legs towards me. Then, I shove your legs apart so I can put myself in between them.

I reach up for your hand and place it on my tit. You slide the top of my negligee` aside and rub on my bare skin, making sure that my nipple gets hard. Then you go for the other one. As you reach for it, I stop you, asking you to please undress me. You pull off my negligee` and add it to the pile of clothes to the side. Your hands firmly caress my tits being sure to tug at the nipples. I moan with excitement.

I watch you for a moment, carefully licking my lips. Then I open my mouth and put the head of your cock in my mouth. You arch your back with pleasure thrusting your cock deeper into my mouth. I push your waist back down, letting you know that at this very moment, I am in control. I lick around the head of your throbbing cock then slide my mouth all the way down the shaft. I have every inch of your glorious cock in my mouth. I begin to hum a little. It tickles but it is still pleasurable. I then start to bob up and down on your cock, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I suck it hard and I suck it soft, after all, variety is good. Then I pull my mouth up and off. I stare at you for a moment and then I go back, this time not to the cock, but to your nuts. I lick on them, slowly. I put one in my mouth, followed by the other. I suck on them while I run my hand up and down on your cock. You moan loudly as I play with you. I bring my mouth back to the head of your cock and begin to bob once more. As I continue to suck, you see my reach inside my panties.

I slide my finger inside my soft, wet pussy. You can hear it slide in and out. Then I pull out my finger and tease you by waving it under your nose. You lean forward so I can out it in your mouth, but I won't. Just as your mouth opens, I quickly pull the finger, sopping wet, away from your lips, take my mouth off your cock, and shove the finger into my mouth. Slightly frustrated, you grab a handful of my hair and shove my mouth back onto your cock. You hold the back of my head pushing it down each time it comes up. Then you lean forward so you can reach my pussy and run your finger between my pussy lips. You can feel the wetness and it excites you. You pull your finger out and suck on it. This is your first taste of me.

I stand up from between your legs and motion towards the bed. I walk to it and sit on the edge. You push me back and shove my legs apart. Then I feel you grab the string of my thong and tease my pussy with it as you drape it up and down inside me. You run your hands down the inside of my thighs and over the top of my pussy, softly placing your finger inside the lips to spread them a little. I arch my back as I feel your warm breath beating down on my pussy. Then you slide your tongue inside, followed by a finger. You feel my clit get hard in your mouth as you circle around it. You slam your fingers inside my pussy harder and harder. I grab the back of your head and hold it firm against my pussy. I begin to move my ass and pussy in circular motions. "Do you like that pussy?" I ask. "That's right baby. Eat that pussy." I moan louder and louder and just when I think I cannot take another minute, you stop.

"Get on your knees", you tell me. So I do. I crawl across the bed, ass in the air and assume the doggy style position. I feel you come up behind me. You slide your cock across my ass and tease the outside of my pussy with it. I beg you to slide it in me. I demand that you fuck me. You pull your cock back and then slam it into my pussy, hitting my g-spot. I let out a scream, not one of pain, but one of pleasure. I moan louder and louder. You slam your hard, throbbing cock in and out of my pussy. I can feel your balls slap against the outside of my pussy lips and it feels so good. As you continue to fuck me, I reach behind me, grabbing for your nuts. I get a hold of them and begin to rub on them. As I rub, you start to thrust harder and harder. You reach around with one hand and grab one of my bouncing titties. I tighten up my pussy around your cock to let you know how good you feel inside of me. Then you stop.

You fall back on the pillows, cock straight up in the air. I lean over and lick the juice off of your cock and then straddle it. I slide my pussy onto your cock and begin to bounce up and down. You reach up and grab both of my tits, tugging on the nipples and rubbing them hard. I lean my body back so that each time I bounce up and down, your huge cock hits the g-spot. This also makes my clit rub against you and I scream out in pleasure. Just before I cum, I get up off of you and return to the doggy position.

You glide up behind me and slam your cock deep inside of me. My pussy tightens up, grabbing your cock with a relentless grip. You thrust deep inside of me, each time going a little deeper and a little faster. I can feel the head of your cock throb on my g-spot and once more, I tighten up. I hear you ask, "Are you ready for me baby? Where do you want it?"

You pull your cock out and stroke it hard while I flip onto my back. I watch you as you slide your hand up and down a little faster each time. I look up at you and say, "Baby, shoot it in my mouth. I want it all in my mouth." You straddle my tits and shove your cock into my mouth. I wrap my lips around it and suck it hard. You grab the back of my head and hold it all the way down on the shaft. You let out an enourmous roar and I feel something warm shoot all the way on the back of my throat. You pull your cock out of my mouth and shoot the next load all over my tits. The third shot is on my face. You watch it as it slides down my cheek and to my lips. I run my finger on it and slide it into my mouth.

Then you force me back onto my knees and shove your face inside my pussy. My clit is already throbbing and my pussy is soaked. You grab my clit between two fingers and rub it back and forth wile you slide your tongue inside that deep hole. Then I see you reach for my vibrator. You turn it on and slide it deep inside of me. This is only for a second though. You pull it out and spread my ass apart. I feel the tip of the vibrator as it massages the inside of my ass. I thrust my ass and pussy back and forth on your face. All of a sudden I arch my back and yell, "Here I cum baby. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" You shove your mouth deep inside my pussy as I squirt my cum inside of your mouth. Then you rub on my clit until I scream. My body drops to the mattress. You lean over to kiss me so that I can taste myself. It's the best I have ever had!

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