tagGroup SexJB's First BJ

JB's First BJ


JB called me, frustrated. That was nothing new, JB is always frustrated. JB's sex life sucks. Well so does mine. I fixed drinks while I waited for JB to show up. I figured we would need a drink today.

"I want to suck a cock so bad" were the first words out of JBs mouth.

"Hello to you too" I responded as I passed a drink over.

"Thanks." JB took a drink and flopped into a chair, legs over the arm.

"I wouldn't mind that myself JB" I responded. I enjoy sucking cocks.

"No, you don't understand….I REALLY WANT TO SUCK A COCK!!!"

I sighed. "Do you want me to help you?" I asked.

"Would you? "

"Yes, if that's what you really want. I will help make it happen for you."

This wouldn't have been a strange conversation between two girlfriends but JB was a happily married man and father of 3 gorgeous boys. The last person you would expect to want to suck a cock.

Knowing JB as well as I did, I knew that he wasn't just some frustrated queen hiding in a closet. JB loves sex. In fact JB would come over to see me when ever he was so frustrated he couldn't stand it and we would make love for hours and hours. He was a great lover, creative and attentive. I was never left unsatisfied. But if JB wanted to see what sucking a cock felt like, I would help him out.

"If I could suck my own cock I would be happy" he said with a laugh.

"Take you yoga" I suggested. He stuck his tongue out at me. I laughed and crawled onto his lap, putting my lips to his, I pulled his tongue Into my mouth and sucked it. His hands started roaming over my body and before long he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. Hours later we lay in bed snuggling and I asked him again "are you sure that's what you want?"

"Yes, I sure" he laughed "why, are you going to grow one for me to suck?"

"No I laughed" sticking my tongue out at him "but if that's what you want I will help to make it happen for you"

"Really?" he asked surprised.

"Yes JB, what are friends for?"

"I'm surprised," he said, "knowing how you feel about same sex sex"

I don't believe same sex sex is proper and JB knows this and that hasn't changed but if he's going to be safe in this endeavor, I better help him.

JB hugged me tight, kissing my forehead "When?" he asks.

I laughed "well now that its decided, let me ask a few guys I know and I'll let you know. Don't worry about it happening, just let me spring it on you "

"Ok" he laughed back, knowing that I'm good at my promises to spring things.

I give JB a few days to "stew" about it, as I ask a couple of bikers I know who enjoy sex no matter who it's with, but who I know are careful and clean. No need in JB getting something he has to explain to his family doctor OR his wife.

The following Friday I call JB at work close to his lunch time.

"Hey hon, what's up for this weekend?" I ask him as casually as I can.

"This weekend?" he asks and I hear a tremble in his voice. "Actually, the wife and kids are going to grandma's for the weekend and I a free man" he laughs.

"Ok JB come over to my house directly from work" I say and hang up before he has a chance to question me more.

That night JB shows up at my door so soon after the end of his work day that I know he was speeding. I knew that he was excited about the prospect of what I have planned.

As soon as he's had a sip of the drink I have waiting for him I lead him Into the bathroom and tell him to do the "3 S's so that he will be clean and ready.

When he comes out of the bathroom, he's naked because I've taken his clothes away and I can see that he has shaven his pubic hair off.

"Well, that's what I call getting prepared" I say, laughing.

"Where are my clothes?" I can tell he's nervous.

"I bought you a special outfit to wear tonight hon." I tell him. "Come to the bedroom".

There laying on the bed are a pair of skin tight black leather jeans, a black silk shirt and a black leather vest. His boots he wore to work match the outfit perfectly.

"Where are my briefs?" he asks me.

"Don't wear any" I tell him "the lines would show with these jeans"

He sits on the bed and pulls on the socks laying with the pants and then the jeans, struggling a bit to pull them over his cute little ass. After tucking the shirt in he zips them and turns around. His package is outlined by the soft leather jeans and his ass is accentuated pleasingly.

"You look great "I tell him as he sits on the bed and pulls on his boots and the vest.

"Are you sure about this?" he asks me. I know he's concerned that there's no mystery to what's in his jeans, but that is exactly the effect I wanted.

"It's perfect" I tell him, grinning. "Now let me get dressed and we can go."

I sit down on the bed and pull on a pair of black nylon hose with a seam up the back hooking the tops into a black lace garter belt before pulling a pair of black lace thongs on over the garters. Reaching down to pull on over the knee high black patent leather boots with 5 inch spiked heels, my boobs swayed and glowed in the dim light of the bedside table. Standing up, I pull on a black lace push up bra that hooks in the front, one size too small as is my habit so my boobs look bigger. Then I pick up a black silk shirt to match the one JB is wearing, pulling it up my arms I begin buttoning it over my hips and up to the bottom of my bra, before picking up a black lace and satin wrap around mini skirt which I tie around my waist. I pick up my mini purse and truck keys.

"Are you ready? " I ask him.

He nods and offers me his arm and we walk out to my truck. He opens my door and gives me a hand stepping up, his hands running up the back of my legs and cupping my ass cheeks in his hands before I settle behind the wheel.

"Where are we going? "he asks me.

I smile and drive down the block and out of town. The trip took about 20 minutes but I didn't want there to be any repercussions for him so it was worth the drive. Two towns away from our normal home town I pull into the parking lot of a nice seafood restaurant.

"This will be a long night and we need sustenance" I tell him as I slide out of my truck, any one in the parking lot looking would have seen my thong and garters, no problem at all. JB walked around and gave me his arm and we walked into the restaurant. The hostess recognized us and led the way to a quiet table for four behind Japanese screen. JB looked at me questioningly but pulled a chair back for me and helped me sit down before taking his seat. A few minutes later my two friends arrived and joined us at the table. They were dressed similarly to JB, in black leather jeans and vests but both wore black t-shirts that did nothing to hid their bulging pecs and biceps. They were both clean cut and clean shaven and obviously fresh from showers. I saw JB relax a little as the first round of drinks were brought along with a platter of oysters.

We all settled down to enjoy a great dinner and company and before we knew it we were all old friends. Of course I was already close to all three of them and even though they weren't nervous, I knew JB was. I noticed that he ate less than the rest of us, but he did suck a lot of Oysters down. I could tell he was nervous but he was also anxious to get on with the show.

Finally we are all finished eating and get up. Stopping at the cashier to pay the bill we discuss where we are going to go. My friends have arranged for us to use a small bar owned by a friend. There will be a bartender there but no one else and there is an air mattress waiting in the back room. JB seems a bit perturbed as we walk out to my truck and he helps me in.

"Why do we need to go have more to drink?" he asks.

"JB, don't get your shorts in a wad" I tell him "its going to happen, you just need to relax and enjoy it."

"Ok, you're right. I'm sorry I should be thanking you"

I drive off down a dark back street to a little dive, dimly lit, with no cars in the parking lot. We drive to the back of the building and park by the back door.

My friends, Dick and Don, pull up on their Harleys and park next to my truck. Don walks over to help me out of the truck, running his hand up my leg to cup my ass cheek and kiss my lips. JB glances over at us as he comes around the side of the truck. I know he's wondering why we are at this dead little dive. We all go inside and order beers and get some quarters for the pool table and the juke box. Dick and JB play some music while Don and I get a game started. JB doesn't notice the bartender lock the door or put the closed sign out. We now have the right setting and privacy. Don and I are laughing when Dick and JB come back over to the pool table.

"JB, Don and I have a bet on this game" I laugh "and you're it!"

JB looks at me and raises and eye brow.

"What do you mean? "he asks. Now he is nervous. "If I win this game, Don is going to put me on the pool table and eat my pussy. But if Don wins, you are going to get on your knees and suck his cock until he cums in your mouth."

JB puts a shocked look on his face, but we all know it's just for show. JB trembles a bit as he sits down at the table where the beers are sitting. He picks up a beer and takes a healthy swig. Now that the time is near, he's a bit less sure. Oh well, too late now, JB will have to go thru with the agreement.

Don and I start playing the game of pool. The atmosphere is light and there is a lot of banter, comments about the size of Don's balls and stroking of sticks. Out of the corner of my eye I glance at JB and I can see that he is even more nervous. I am not sure he is ready for this. I whisper to Don and he puts the 8 ball in out of turn. He has lost the bet and will have to perform oral sex on me first. We figure to get JB distracted by watching us and then Dick will walk over to JB and stick his cock in JB's face.

As Don picks me up and carries me to the end of the pool table closest To JB, the bartender brings out an inflated air mattress and lays it on the pool table. Don sets me on the end of the table where Dick and JB can see the whole show and starts unbuttoning my shirt, his hands working Their way down as he begins kissing my lips, neck and down to the tight warm spot between my breasts. His hands push the shirt down my arms revealing the black lace bra and he begins sucking on my nipples thru the lace, his teeth working the delicate material until he has nibbled a hole and the hard tip of the nipple peeks thru. His lips and mouth move to the other nipple and chew on it until it also has a hole to sick out thru. The nipples hard and tender to his lips, he sucks them strongly as his hands work their way down to the thong. As his fingers slide around the lace to brush my pubic hair I look over to see Dick and JB staring intently, and as I look down I can see the outline of their cocks in the skin tight jeans.

Don's lips leave my nipples and trail kisses down my stomach to the front of My thong, his fingers pushing the material out of the way so his lips and tongue Have access to my pussy. I moan softly as the tip of his tongue flicks across the tip of my clit. Dick stands up and slips his vest off and pulls his t shirt off to throw on the chair with his vest. He walks over to the pool table and reaching around Don, unhooks Don's belt and unzips his jeans. Don's 9 inch cock is already starting to swell as Dick releases it from its confines and slides Don's jeans down his legs. I feel Don move a bit as he removes his boots and jeans with Dick's help, his tongue never leaving my clit. Suddenly he pushes a finger into my moist pussy and begins pumping it in and out.

Dick pulls his own jeans off and crawls up onto the pool table, presenting his cock to me to suck. Another moan escapes my lips as the slide over the head of his cock, sucking it quickly into my mouth. I feel his 8 inch cock begin to swell with in my warm mouth. Dick pumps his cock into my mouth a few times as I continue sucking him and then he pulls away and crawls back down off the pool table. I watch as he walks over to JB and stands in front of him with his cock glistening fresh from my mouth.

"Ok, JB, its time" Dick said softly.

JBs eyes never left Dick's cock, staring as if mesmerized. With Dick's help, JB was soon stripping out of his clothes. As soon as JB was naked, Dick led him back over to the pool table and Dick climbed up onto the table to sit next to me his hard on closer to JBs level.

"Now, JB, suck my cock" Dick orders. JB looks up at Dick and then at me. I smile back at JB and wink as one of Dick's hands reaches out for a nipple and he begins pulling and pinching it Thru the whole Don has chewed in my bra. JB takes a moment to watch Dick and then Don as his tongue replaces his finger in my pussy. Then JB looks back at Dick's cock. He licks his lips and leans forward. His hand reaches out and his fingers stroke the soft head a few times before running down the length of Dick's cock to his balls. He takes a minute to cup the balls in his palms, then leans his head down and I watch as his tongue flicks out and touches Dick's balls. JBs eyes grow a bit wider for a moment and then he almost closes them as he lets his tongue work all around and over Dick's balls. Mean while his hand is stroking up and down Dick's shaft. I'm sure JB is marveling at the soft velvety feel of the head compared to the hot hardness of the shaft.

As I look down between my own wide spread legs, I notice that Don has also paused to watch. Maybe he is also thinking about the first cock that he ever sucked. For a few minutes, the only sound in the room is the juke box and the sound of JBs tongue on Dick's balls. Suddenly JB looks into my eyes, winks and then his lips touch the top of Dick's cock. JBs eyes get a bit bigger as he seems to realize that he is sucking a cock, then he begins working his mouth over and down onto Dick's member. Although Dick's dick is only 8 inches long, it is close to 3 inches across, very thick and meaty. JB takes his time letting his lips relax and stretch over the head, then letting his tongue swish around under and around the head. I see a quick flash of surprise cross his face as he gets his first taste of precum.

Then we all hear JBs moan of pleasure as it sinks in that he is finally sucking a cock. His fingers trail down to Dick's balls and JB begins playing with them as his mouth and tongue work their way down Dick's cock. I look down between my own legs and exchange a wink with Don, knowing that JB is going to get a bit more than he asked for. Don's tongue works its way back into my pussy and begins pumping in and out as Dick's hand moves from one nipple to the other pulling and pinching them almost to the point of pain.

Don's hands slide below my ass cheeks and he pulls me a bit farther forward rotating my ass a bit so that he has access all the way down to my tight little ass hole. His tongue is replaced in my pussy by fingers as his tongue licks and nibbles down to my back door. His tongue works its way into the tight opening and begins pumping there in unison with his fingers in my pussy. As my juices begin to flow, his fingers make a squelching sound. After a few minutes, his fingers leave my pussy to slowly begin working their way into my ass, stretching it out for later.

Looking over I see that JB has now gotten most of Dick's cock in his mouth. So far Dick has been patient but I can tell that he's reaching his limits. His hand leaves My nipples as he reaches down to grasp the sides of JBs head. Without warning Dick holds JBs head firmly as he shoves the rest of his cock into JBs mouth. We all hear a bit of a gagging sound as JB chokes on the cock. Dick doesn't move, but holds JB and his cock still until JB can adjust to it. As dick let's go of JBs head we all realize that JB now knows that he can handle it.

"MMMMM" Dick moans "That's it JB, very good, suck my cock"

As JBs head starts moving up and down on Dick's cock, we all relax a bit and begin to enjoy the situation. Don's fingers are busy stretching my willing ass. As my eyes glide over to JB again, I see the bartender stripping his clothes off before he picks up a box and walks over to join the four of us. Hmmmm the guys didn't mention this to me. Oh well, I trusted Don and Dick or I wouldn't have set this up in the first place.

As the bartender joins us, Dick introduces him as Long John. I laugh at the name because what I can see isn't very long. I peer into his box and see that it is full of toys and lotions and a big jar of lube. Well, at least Long John comes prepared. He reaches into the box and pulls out a dildo that is about 5 inches long and maybe 1 inch thick. He smears some lube on it and passes it to Don, who starts working it into my ass. Once it's in all the way, he turns it on. I feel the vibrations start loosening my asshole even more.

Don stands up and takes the box from Long John, directing John to begin sliding the Vibrator in and out of my ass slowly. Then Don reaches back into the box and pulls out another vibrator about the same size. As I watch, fascinated, Don slicks up the second vibrator and moves over behind JBs upturned ass. I laugh quickly as JBs head jumps up from off Dick's cock as Don presses the tip of the dildo against JBs ass. But once Don has it all the way inserted and turns it on, I see a look of passion cross JBs face. Having seen that face before, I know that JB is liking what he is feeling. Don reaches in front and strokes JBs cock until its hard and jutting out between his legs. Clearly, Don is going to be in charge.

"Everyone stop and listen to me a minute" Don says.

All of us look over to him expectantly.

"Ok, I'm going to tell you all what to do. Dick, I want you to lay down at the far end of the table. JB, you kneel between his legs and continue to suck his cock." Don reaches into the box and pulls out yet another small dildo which he lubes and hands to JB "work this into his asshole and turn it on"

Dick crawls up to the far end of the pool table and lays back, resting his head on the rail as he pulls his legs up some so that JB has access to his ass. After JB positions himself between Dick's legs, Don hands him the vibrator. Dick pulls his legs farther up for JB to work the vibrator in and then he puts his feet flat on the table so that he has leverage for thrusting up into JBs mouth.

"Now, John, I want you to lay down with your head between JBs knees so that you can suck on his cock. " John hurried to obey Don's wishes. As I watched him take JBs cock into his mouth, I noticed that what I imagined was John's small cock, begin to grow.

"Go ahead" Don said "suck it for him some"

I crawled up onto the table and began sucking on John's cock. As I did, it grew more and more. Before long, John's cock was longer than any of the others, although it was not extremely thick. As I knelt beside John sucking his cock, Don reached up and ripped my thong off me. For a few minutes he twirled the dildo that was stuck in my ass. Then he pulled the small dildo out and stepped away for a moment. I heard him rummaging in the box and then the squirt of lube. When Don came back he had a dildo in his hands as big as his own cock, glistening with lube he placed it at the opening of my asshole and shoved it quickly in. I flinched momentarily at the suddenness of the intrusion and then wiggles and adjusted to take the massive toy in my ass. Don pumped the toy in and out a few times before pulling it out and setting it aside. "Ok stop sucking on John and climb up on top of him." Don directed me.

I did as he told me ....straddling John's long hard cock and gingerly slipping Down onto it. I felt John adjust himself a bit and then he reached up with one hand and pinched a nipple before pulling me down onto his chest. As I leaned down onto John, don climbed onto the table behind me. He edged forward until he could put his own had cock at the tip of my asshole. I did my best to relax now that I realized what he was planning to do, and he put a hand on the small of my back, pushing me down a bit more as he began to work his cock into my ass. As he did, John held me close so that I could not pull away from either of them. For a few minutes, the only sound was grunts and groans as Don worked his 9 inches into my ass.

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