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Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 04


Authoress' notes: This is a(nother) sequel to the Imperial Prostitute series. I know I'll get a lot of negative feedback on this story, but I don't care. I really enjoy writing this, especially the character Ta'tan'ia. If you don't want to read it, don't. I really, really want to end this series, as I do feel as though it's going on too long. However, besides this 30K word story, I already have about forty-eight-hundred words of the next one written. Since Daala isn't COS in the books anymore, I'll have to end it soon. Please read and enjoy all all of my stories, and vote me a five! Also, please leave me feedback, public or via email.

To summarize the story thus far. . .

After Jedi Knight Jaina Solo kills her twin brother, Darth Cadeus, she leaves the Galactic Alliance for the Empire. Jag has just been made High Moff of the Empire, and soon after arriving, Jaina agrees to go through Imperial basic training, with the plan to take command of the Imperial TIE-Fighter Corps upon graduation.

Instead Jaina is mentally coerced into joining the Prostitution Corps, and becoming an Imperial Prostitute. Jaina is very susceptible to the conditioning, and quickly becomes a fantastic sexual servant to the Empire. Eventually Jaina helps recruit Syal Antilles into the ProCorps, as well as Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo. After helping keep the Hapes Consortium in the Empire, Jaina is sent to the Jedi Temple, to recruit more Jedi to the Empire.

Jedi Master Cilghal discovers the Empire's conditioning however, and the Jedi manage to cure Jaina and the other affected Jedi. Luckily only human Jedi were affected. They also force Moff Jag Fel to free the Hapes Consortium from the Empire.

In spite of being extremely upset at the Empire virtually brainwashing them, a few of the female Galactic Alliance Heros continue to serve the Empire. Tahiri Veila remains as High Moff Fel's personal assistant. Jysella Horn and Myri Antilles remain as Colonel Drasi's—the Commandant of the ProCorps Academy—mutual lovers and submissives. Jaina Solo becomes Kyp Durron's personal assistant. Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia—a Twi'lek—becomes Chief of State Natasi Daala's Jedi liaison. . . and submissive.

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chapter 4 of 8 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ta'tan'ia and DP awoke to the sound of their chrono alarms. They quickly keyed in the password to shut off their alarms, then got up, stepped into their clear plastex heels, and began straightening up their room. Then they pulled on their robes, DP's in blue and Ta'tan'ia's in white, and headed to the main room.

On Chief Daala's instruction, DP had reserved an hour for the three of them in the Galactic Alliance wing's gym, when Chief Daala woke up. While they were waiting for that, they began straightening the main room and kitchenette.

Half-an-hour later, Chief Daala, along with DP and Ta'tan'ia left for the gym, accompanied by a pair of security officers. All three of them were wearing comfortable Galactic-Alliance-Blue sweats. Ta'tan'ia's tracking collar, chrono, and comlink were visible, as usual. She was wearing her durasteel head harness too. DP was also wearing her chrono and comlink, but not her durasteel collar. She was carrying a small gym bag too.

Once they arrived at the gym, the female guard went in with them, while the male stayed outside. Ta'tan'ia and DP happily stripped off their sweats to reveal their ProCorps inspired outfits. Both of the officers knew about Ta'tan'ia and DP's chastity belts and collars, but Chief Daala didn't like her male security officers to watch her work out.

As Chief Daala's Jedi liaison, Ta'tan'ia wore a Galactic Alliance blue sports bra and hot pants. The words Galactic Alliance were printed across the back of the hot pants, and the Chief of State's seal was over her left breast. Ta'tan'ia was also wearing black gym shoes with ten centimeter wedge heels. The waist belt and top few centimeters of the crotch strap of her chastity belt were visible above the waistband of her hot pants. Her tracking collar, chrono, and comlink were also visible, as usual.

DP's outfit matched Ta'tan'ia's. The waist band and top few centimeters of the crotch strap of her red durasteel chastity belt were visible as well. As soon as she was out of her sweats, DP reached into her gym bag, pulled out her red durasteel collar, and locked it around her neck.

Ta'tan'ia, DP, and Chief Daala stretched, then began working out. The three women didn't quite work out together though. Chief Daala did her own routine, both because she was quite a bit older than her PA and Jedi liaison, and because it just wasn't proper for her to work out along side her staff. Since Ta'tan'ia was a Jedi, her routine was much more advanced than Syal's, even though the former fighter pilot and ProCorps trooper was in excellent shape.

Chief Daala finished a half-hour later, but gave Ta'tan'ia and DP permission to keep going. Ta'tan'ia and DP worked out another twenty minutes, then did there cool down routine, and put their sweats back on.

"Don't forget to take off your collar, DP," Ta'tan'ia reminded her with a smile as they were about to leave.

"Oops, thanks," DP said with an embarrassed smile. Then she frowned. "It's locked on," she explained, her frown turning back into an embarrassed smile.

DP promptly commed Chief Daala, but got no response. She and Ta'tan'ia concluded that she was probably in the 'fresher. Since only Chief Daala could unlock her collar, DP decided to wear it back to the room. She picked up her gym bag, and they went back to Chief Daala's suite.

Once they arrived, DP and Ta'tan'ia reported to Chief Daala, who was just getting out of the sanisteam. DP explained that she forgot to remind her to program her collar to unlock after her workout, so she had had to wear it back to the suite. Ta'tan'ia smiled as she took responsibility for Chief Daala's mistake. She would have done the same herself. Their ProCorps training had taught them that they were always wrong, even when they were right. Ta'tan'ia couldn't imagine even implying that was wrong about something, even without her ProCorps training. She was her Chief of State after all! Chief Daala responded by telling DP to remind her to punish her for the mistake later, then told them to take a sanisteam and get dressed.

A while later Ta'tan'ia, DP, and Chief Daala headed to the Royal Conference Room for the talks with the Empire and Tenel Ka. Ta'tan'ia was wearing her ProCorps-style Jedi uniform, while DP was wearing her ProCorps-style Galactic Alliance uniform. Chief Daala was wearing a dark gray military-style uniform.

When they arrived at the conference room, Tenel Ka was already there, along with one of her cousins, and Ducha Ta'i Shume. Tenal Ka was wearing a dark lizard-hide bodysuit, with her silver durasteel belt, and lightsaber. Her crown was on her head.

Her cousin was wearing a maroon bodysuit with black trim, and black crotch-high boots. A wide black nerfhide belt hung low on her hips.

"Good morning, Your Excellency," Tenel Ka said when Chief Daala entered the room. "Ta'tan'ia, Syal," she added with a nod towards them. "I hope you slept well?"

"Good morning, Your Majesty," Chief Daala replied. "We slept wonderfully, thank you."

Ta'tan'ia and DP both nodded their heads in agreement. They were used to Chief Daala answering things like that for them. Ta'tan'ia had greatly enjoyed sleeping with DP anyway.

"I'm glad, Your Excellency," Tenel Ka responded. "This is Trista Zel, and Ducha Ta'i Shume," she said, gesturing first towards her cousin, then the older Ducha.

"Nice to meet you again," Chief Daala told them. "This is Syal Antilles, my personal assistant, and this is my Jedi liaison, Ta'tan'ia, who will be observing matters for the Jedi Order, as we agreed with Master Durron."

The Hapans greeted Ta'tan'ia and DP, and the six women chatted while they waited for the Imperials. A few minutes later Moff Wynessa Fel arrived, accompanied by General Lovvel.

The Imperials exchanged polite greetings with the Hapans, then greeted Chief Daala.

"By the way, Your Excellency, allow me to compliment you on your brilliant idea of locking tracking collars on your Jedi," Moff Wyness Fel said to Chief Daala. "It will make them a lot more controllable, and must say, Ta'tan'ia's looks very nice on her," she added, smiling at the purple-skinned Twi'lek. Then she glanced at Syal. "And yours looks nice on you too, DP."

Ta'tan'ia felt herself flush with embarrassment. . . and arousal. She saw DP blushing as well. Ta'tan'ia also noticed that Moff Fel had called Syal DP.

"Thank you, Moff Fel," Chief Daala replied with a smile. "I do wish more of the Jedi would accept them, but I know that Ta'tan'ia is happy to wear hers, aren't you Ta'tan'ia?"

"Very, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied with adoration. Then she turned to Moff Fel. "I'm thrilled to show my loyalty and trust in Chief Daala and her government by wearing a tracking collar, and turning my lightsaber over to her," she explained sincerely.

"Very good, Jedi Ta'tan'ia," Moff Fel responded with a surprised smile. "Chief Daala is lucky to have such loyal Jedi as you serving her."

"And we are lucky to have such a wonderful Chief of State, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully.

Then Moff Fel looked back towards Chief Daala. "And I hope DP here is serving you as well as she always has, Your Excellency?"

Ta'tan'ia saw DP blush again.

"She certainly does," Chief Daala replied proudly, with an affectionate pat on DP's shoulder. "The Empire trained her well. Now that she's given up that silly notion of following her father and piloting starfighters, she is happy to serve a greater purpose. Aren't you, Syal?"

"Of course, Your Excellency," DP replied with a smile. "I'm much happier serving you than I was flying starfighters," she explained sincerely.

Ta'tan'ia didn't sense as much as a microgram of deceit from DP as she said that. All she felt from her was pride, and arousal. Ta'tan'ia did sense a mixture of annoyance, resentment, and arousal from Tenel Ka, however. She wasn't sure if it was from the conversation, or the fact that Chief Daala and Moff Fel were ignoring her though.

"Um, excuse me ladies," Tenel Ka interrupted. "If it's okay with everyone, I'd like to get started," she suggested politely.

Chief Daala and Moff Fel both glanced at the Hapan Queen a moment, then at each other.

"An excellent idea, Your Majesty," Chief Daala answered after a noticeable pause. At the same time, she stepped towards the conference table. Ta'tan'ia and DP automatically followed, with DP hurrying in front of her to pull out her chair for her.

There were four sides to the talks. The Hapan delegation, lead by Queen Tenel Ka, and the Imperials, lead by Moff Wynessa Fel. Chief Daala was technically neutral, and represented the Galactic Alliance. Ta'tan'ia was also neutral, and spoke for the Jedi Order. Master Durron had also instructed her to make sure Chief Daala enforced the Empire's complete withdrawal form the Hapes Consortium.

As the host, and grieved party, Tenel Ka brought up points and they all went over the details of how the Empire would be leaving, or returning something to Hapes. Ta'tan'ia could tell immediately that Tenel Ka was out of her depth. She spoke to General Lovvel, Chief Daala, and especially Moff Fel like she was still a ProCorps trooper. She barely seemed to be able to work up the courage to make the most basic demands of Moff Fel and General Lovvel.

Moff Fel and General Lovvel both seemed a bit condescending and rude towards Tenel Ka, especially considering that the Empire had already agreed to most of the things they were talking about. Chief Daala repeatedly had to step in and step in and set things straight. It didn't take Ta'tan'ia long to become even more convinced that Chief Daala should probably be Regent of Hapes for awhile.

Chief Daala also made quite a few comments about how the Jedi had messed things up by trying to work out an agreement best left to governments, and now she had to fix it. Moff Fel always promptly agreed with her. Ta'tan'ia simply apologized for the Jedi, and always thanked Chief Daala for her wise leadership. Tenel Ka weakly tried to defend the Jedi. Then Chief Daala would say something offhanded about respecting Tenel Ka's opinion, and get everyone back on task.

After a particularly difficult discussion, Chief Daala announced a two hour lunch break. Then Chief Daala surprised Ta'tan'ia by asking Tenel Ka to stay and speak with her a few minutes. Tenel Ka spoke to Trista a moment, then she left, along with everyone else.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I'm sorry about the Imperials' behavior, Your Majesty," Chief Daala said apologetically once the room was empty except for the two of them. "I would love to help more, but there's only so much I can do as a neutral representative," she explained with a shrug of her shoulders.

Tenel Ka stared back at her blankly. The bait was obvious. She practically said, make me Regent and I'll take care of everything. The problem was, everyone seemed to think she was right, her included.

"I know some of my Duchas have already talked to you, Your Excellency," Tenel Ka finally responded.

"They just want what's best for the Hapan people, Your Majesty," Chief Daala replied sincerely. "As does Master Durron," she added with a hint of smugness. "And as should you, Your Majesty."

Tenel Ka sighed, and ran through a Jedi calming exercise. "One month," she said after several seconds.

"What?" Chief Daala asked in confusion.

"Your Excellency, as the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, I'm asking you to assume power as Regent of the Hapes Consortium for one month," Tenel Ka told her calmly. Chief Daala smiled politely, but Tenel Ka could sense the hint of smugness coming from her.

"I'm honored by the offer, but I'm afraid that's not long enough to ensure the Hapes Consortium has overcame the Empire's influence, or long enough for you to be ready to be its Queen again," Chief Daala replied.

Tenel Ka ran through another Jedi calming exercise. Master Durron and Ta'tan'ia had warned her something like this would happen. The truth was though, Chief Daala was probably right. "How much time do you think you need, Your Excellency?" she asked tentatively.

"Well, Your Majesty, It's hard to put a time frame on something like this," she responded thoughtfully. "Why don't we start with a year, then discuss things with the Duchas?"

Tenel Ka's eyes went wide with shock. "I can't do that, Your Excellency," she answered firmly. Then she paused a moment. The Consortium needed a stronger leader. She needed her.

"What about three months, Your Excellency?" she offered. "Then, if I don't think I'm ready to be Queen again, we will extend your Regency another three months," Tenel Ka said politely. "But the Hapan Duchas have no say in the matter," she stated firmly.

Tenel Ka waited patiently while she considered her offer.

"Agreed, Your Majesty," Chief Daala finally replied. "I will rule the Hapes Consortium as Regent for three months, and if you're not ready to be Queen at that time, another three months."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Tenel Ka replied, greatly relieved. She felt like a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders. She was still a little uncertain about the whole thing though.

"Good," Chief Daala replied with satisfaction. "I suggest we postpone the talks until tomorrow morning, so we can sign the appropriate documents, to make it official, Your Majesty," she informed her. "I'll also need to take care of some other things before we resume the talks with the Imperials."

"Yes, Your Excellency," Tenel Ka agreed, still with some amount of trepidation. She wondered what sort of things she had to take care of.

Tenel Ka summoned her cousin Taryn, and a couple other of her most trusted advisors, and told them the news. They weren't quite thrilled, but they definitely agreed with and supported the decision. Tenel Ka had already prepared a document making the Regency official. They quickly began editing it to match the current agreement she had just made with Chief Daala. Half-an-hour later, they held a brief ceremony, and signed it, making Natasi Daala Regent of the Hapes Consortium.

Ta'tan'ia was on hand to voice the support of the Jedi Order, and to congratulate Hapes' new Regent. Moff Wynessa Fel also voiced the support of the Empire.

Regent Daala spent the afternoon speaking with the Queen's advisors, and the Hapan Nobles. She also prepared several decrees. One stated that all Jedi in the Hapes Consortium had to have a tracking device secured on themselves. She also ordered all lightsabers to be confiscated.

After giving some instructions to Ta'tan'ia, Chief Daala requested Tenel Ka's presence in one of the Royal Palace's sitting rooms, to inform her of the new decrees before they became public. Besides her Jedi liaison, she also had an YVH droid, BD-01, present. BD-01 was the YVH droid that cuffed her every morning when she arrived at Chief Daala's office. She wondered if the droid missed cuffing her as much as she missed him cuffing her. Then she wondered if Bee-Dee would be cuffing Tenel Ka.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The Hapan Queen arrived ten minutes later, wearing the same black and dark gray Dathomiri lizard-hide bodysuit she had been wearing that morning, along with black ankle boots with chunky fifteen-centimeter heels. She was also wearing her silver durasteel belt, with her lightsaber maglocked to it at her hip, and one of the simpler versions of her Crown.

"Good afternoon, Your Majesty," Ta'tan'ia greeted her as she let the Hapan Queen in. She could sense the Queen's curiosity through the Force. She could also sense that she was much more relaxed than she had been that morning during the talks with the Imperials.

"Hello Your Highness," Tenel Ka greeted Regent Daala as a Regent should be addressed. "Ta'tan'ia," she said with a polite nod of her head.

"Hello, Your Majesty, thank you for coming so quickly," Chief Daala replied with a nod. Then she got to the reason she had summoned her. "Your Majesty, I know you might not agree with some of the decisions I make as Regent, but it's important for you to completely support them in public, for the good of the Hapes Consortium; don't you agree?" Chief Daala asked her.

Ta'tan'ia could sense Tenel Ka's uncertainty, and her slight arousal.

"Um, Yes, Your Highness," she replied after a moment's hesitation.

"Good, Your Majesty," Chief Daala replied with a smile. "Now, in the Galactic Alliance, all my Jedi have observers with them when they leave their Temple, or they have a tracking device. Since I rule the Hapes Consortium now, all Jedi will have to have a tracking device, because it's cheaper than having an observer."

On cue, Ta'tan'ia pulled out a six centimeter wide silver durasteel tracking collar, and passed it to Chief Daala. It had a virtually invisible hinge at each side, and closed with a maglock in the back that was almost invisible as well, just like the other tracking collars. Ta'tan'ia could sense Tenel Ka's hesitancy, and growing arousal as she caught sight of the gleaming collar.

"I'm the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium," Tenel Ka protested.

"And you are a Jedi, Your Majesty," Chief Daala answered. "And as the Queen, it's important you support my policies, for the good of the Hapan people." She paused a moment, and glanced at Ta'tan'ia with a slight smile. "Besides, Ta'tan'ia and I both think it would look great on you," she told the Hapan Queen with a smile.

Ta'tan'ia could sense Tenel Ka's arousal, and some remaining reluctance, as she stepped forward and gently took the Hapan Queen's arm. She guided her towards Chief Daala, while telling her to relax, and that she knew she really wanted to wear it. When they got to Chief Daala, Ta'tan'ia kept one hand on Tenel Ka's arm, while lifting her hair out of the way with her other hand.

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