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Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 06


"I'm so sorry I made you change your stories," Ta'tan'ia told her.

"Forget it," she replied with a smile. "It worked out okay in the end.

Ta'tan'ia considered that a moment. "It's still wrong," she finally said. "I never should have done it in the first place," she explained as she scooted a little tighter against her.

They relaxed on the bench and chatted a while. Ta'tan'ia made her promise to be careful since she wasn't on Chief Daala's good list anymore. Finally Madhi said she had to go.

Ta'tan'ia walked her back to the Main Entrance. Now Turi Altamik and two new padawans were on duty in the security foyer. The same YVH droid was still present though. Ta'tan'ia stopped Madhi and gave her a quick goodbye kiss. Ta'tan'ia sensed the surprise from the two padawans, and mild amusement from Turi.

"Hey," Madhi said with an embarrassed smile as she nudged her away.

Ta'tan'ia gave her a wink in reply. Then she walked out with her, and watched her descend the steps outside.

As Madhi climbed into the speeder that was waiting for her, she turned and waved goodbye. Ta'tan'ia waved back from the top of the stairs, then watched the speeder pull away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 6 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple of days later, Ta'tan'ia tried to talk to Master Durron about her beskar restraints and bicep cuffs again. He was sympathetic, but told her she would have to be patient. He did give her permission to contact Chief Daala about them though. Ta'tan'ia retreated to her room, ran through several Jedi calming exercises, and commed her with her wrist comlink. Even though it was programmed to go straight through to the Chief of State, it was several minutes before she finally answered.

"Ta'tan'ia," Chief Daala greeted her simply when she finally responded.

"Good afternoon, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied nervously over the voice-only link. "How are you doing?"

"I'm managing," Chief Daala answered. "When will you be back at your proper place, serving me?"

Ta'tan'ia ran through a quick Jedi calming exercise. She had hoped to ask her to unlock her restraints before that came up.

"Um, I'm not sure, Your Excellency," she told her. While Ta'tan'ia didn't really think she could work for the woman that had had Kani murdered, she didn't want to say no outright. Always in motion, the future is.

"I see," Chief Daala responded. "So why did you call then?"

"Well, Your Excellency, I was hoping that you would please unlock my chastity belt, and maybe my head harness," Ta'tan'ia explained. She would worry about her tracking collar later; especially since she was pretty sure she wouldn't unlock it—no matter what.

"You look so beautiful in your cute chastity belt and head harness with my Seal on them though," Chief Daala replied. She paused, then asked, "Why do you want me to unlock your chastity belt anyway?"

Ta'tan'ia let out a small groan of frustration. "You know why, Your Excellency," she answered.

"I'm sorry DJ, I don't" Chief Daala responded innocently. "Tell me."

Ta'tan'ia could feel the wetness between her own legs. The fact that her pussy was locked behind an impenetrable barrier of beskar only made her even more aroused. She couldn't believe she was going to make her say it.

"Because I'm horny, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia admitted.

Ta'tan'ia could practically see the evil grin on Chief Daala's face. She definitely heard her delighted laughter.

"Well, when you return to your duties we can discuss what you'll have to do to earn a short release from your chastity belt," Chief Daala answered calmly.

Ta'tan'ia remained silent a few moments, to see if she would mention the head harness, or bicep cuffs, or even her tracking collar. "Please, Your Excellency?" she asked again.

"You made your choice, Ta'tan'ia," Chief Daala said. "Live with it."

With that the link went dead. Ta'tan'ia shut off her comlink with a sigh of frustration. She couldn't say she was really surprised though. Master Durron had warned her something like this would happen when she agreed to become Chief Daala's Jedi liaison.

Ta'tan'ia felt her chastity belt through her uniform. She wondered if she would be wearing it for the rest of her life. The thought did turn her on—a little. Having someone else controlling her so intimately was a huge turn-on, as long as there was the possibility she could earn some relief at some point. It looked like she was going to be a very frustrated submissive before long though—and stay that way for a very long time.

The following day, the Senate issued an official censure of Chief Daala's use of Mandalorian mercenaries on Coruscant, and her lack of an effort to prosecute them. The Jedi also got word that a recall vote was in the works. Master Durron admitted to Ta'tan'ia that he had something to do with the measure.

Wynn Dorvan, Daala's Chief of Staff, resigned just before the censure vote. Ta'tan'ia also found out that Desha Lor had left with him. Ta'tan'ia hoped everything worked out for both of them, they were really great people.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Nearly a week after Kani's death, the Jedi Order held a public memorial service for her. Master Durron even allowed a few holocameras to broadcast the service over the HoloNet.

To the Jedi's annoyance, the Chief of State attended. She even took it upon herself to speak, no doubt relishing some time in front of the holocameras. As she approached the podium, Ta'tan'ia wondered just who's idea the holocameras were.

Chief Daala denounced the Mandalorian attack, and expressed her sympathies for the victims. She also announced that she had expelled all Mandalorian mercenaries from Coruscant as soon as she learned of the attack, and that they were gone. She then implied that the Jedi Order was partially to blame for the incident. She even shed a few tears as she spoke about Kani's fierce loyalty and dedication to the Galactic Alliance.

In spite of the distance between her and Master Durron, Ta'tan'ia could feel a strange sense of indignation and . . . smugness from him as Chief Daala spoke. She got similar feelings from the other Masters as well. A double handful of Knights also had similar reactions, although all of the Jedi kept somber faces. Ta'tan'ia was definitely curious about what she sensed, but she knew Master Durron would tell her if she needed to know.

As the service ended, Ta'tan'ia thought about trying to talk to Chief Daala about her chastity belt again, but quickly discarded the idea. It was too public a setting, and the Chief of State was surrounded by a ring of advisors and security officers.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Mere hours after Chief Daala's speech, the Jedi Order revealed the locations of more than two hundred Mandalorian mercenaries that were still on Coruscant—all within a few dozen kilometers from the Jedi Temple, which was about the same distance from the Chief of State's offices.

Master Durron even produced several live holofeeds of the Mandalorians with their assault craft. Most of them were in full armor.

Admiral Bwua'tu promptly deployed a brigade of space-marines to surround the Mandalorians. His forces were backed up with full air support. More than a hundred Jedi, led by Master Sebatyne, joined them. A similar number of Noghri commandos were with the Jedi as well. Master Durron kept the rest of the Noghri in hiding, along with the Jedi's YVH droids.

Since Ta'tan'ia was still wearing a tracking collar, she wasn't allowed to join the assault team though. In fact, even though her comlink and other restraints had been examined repeatedly for spy devices and programing, Master Durron asked her to stay in her room, and out of all sensitive areas of the Temple. Ta'tan'ia really didn't want to sit the battle out completely, so she asked if she could assist Master Cilghal in the Temple Clinic with casualties. Master Durron agreed, and Ta'tan'ia reported to the medical bay.

Once the space-marines and Jedi and Noghri were in position, Admiral Bwua'tu issued an ultimatum to the Mandalorians. Stand down and leave Galactic Alliance space immediately, or face the consequences.

The Jedi had discussed pressing for Kani's surviving murderer to be turned over, but decided that if the Mandos left, that would be enough.

Less than twenty-four hours after the Jedi revealed that the Mandalorians were still on Coruscant—and that the Chief of State had lied about it—the Senate issued a vote of no-confidence in Chief Daala. Before the vote was even finalized, she disappeared.

Soon after the vote was made official, Ta'tan'ia found out her tracking collar was broadcasting in the open. That meant that anyone with a basic comlink could find her. Apparently Chief Daala had left her a little parting gift to make her life a bit more difficult. It would be almost impossible for her to ever go on a mission for the Jedi now.

Both Admiral Bwua'tu and the Jedi knew that Belok Rhal was in charge of the Mandalorians. Apparently he had disappeared with the former Chief of State though.

The current Mandalorian leader quickly accepted Admiral Bwua'tu's offer, citing the simple fact that with Chief Daala out of power, his forces were no longer being paid.

With the Mandalorians and Daala both gone, the Jedi returned triumphantly to the Temple. They celebrated well into the night. While a few had been anticipating the opportunity to make a statement against the Mandalorians, they were all happier that everyone was alive to celebrate their success.

As the celebration wound down, Ta'tan'ia told Master Durron that her tracking collar was broadcasting in the open. As she expected, he advised her to stay in the Temple until further notice. He told her that she would have to stay away from all the sensitive areas of the Temple until they could do something about it. Ta'tan'ia assured him that she would.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following morning, Ta'tan'ia was eating breakfast in one of the refectories. She had slept much later than she normally did, and even skipped her morning workout. There were several holoscreens mounted on the walls. While the Holonews was usually on a couple of them, today it was playing on all of the screens. Ta'tan'ia was barely paying attention to it though—until this story came on.

This is Perre Needmo of the Perre Needmo Newshour. One of our most gifted correspondents, Madhi Vaandt, has been found dead, only a few blocks from this station. The Coruscant Security Force is treating it as a homicide. If you know anything at all about her murder, please contact the Coruscant Security Force, or this network.

Ta'tan'ia stared at the holoscreen in shock. Somehow she knew Chief Daala was responsible. Suddenly Ta'tan'ia sensed someone next to her. She glanced over to see Yaqeel Saav'etu sitting down. The Bothan quickly gave her a sympathetic hug. As Ta'tan'ia embraced her, she sensed someone slide onto the bench on her other side. She glanced over to see Seha Dorvald. The human Jedi hugged her as well.

In spite of her sadness, Ta'tan'ia was grateful her friends were so concerned for her. The three just sat silently, embracing each other for a few minutes. Both offered to stay with her as long as she need them, to make sure she was okay.

Late that afternoon, after some political maneuvering, Senator Haynat Treen of Kuat was named interim Chief of State. Wynn Dorvan became her Chief of Staff. The following day, the lightsabers that Chief Daala had in the display cases were returned to the Jedi. Neither Chief of State Treen nor Wynn Dorvan could help Ta'tan'ia with her tracking collar though. However, some of the Chief of State's security officers did return Ta'tan'ia's beskar ankle shackles and clear plastex heels to her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Since the new Chief of State and Wynn couldn't help her, Ta'tan'ia decided to contact DP.

"Hey DP—oops, sorry, Syal," Ta'tan'ia greeted her as her hologram appeared in front of her. "How are you and the family, and the Horns?"

"We're okay," Syal Antilles replied with a smile. "And you? Or do I need to ask now that the Galactic Alliance has a new Chief of State?"

Ta'tan'ia grinned back at her. "I'm good," she said. Then she paused a heartbeat. "Hey, do you have any idea where Chief Daala kept the remote for my tracking collar and stuff?"

"I'm sorry Ta'tan'ia," Syal replied. "Chief Daala always kept the remote and codes secret even from me. I'm in the same escape pod myself," she explained, gesturing towards the red durasteel collar around her own neck.

"Yeah," Ta'tan'ia responded. "At least you can cut durasteel though."

Syal grimaced. "If I want to spend a few weeks in a bacta tank afterwards," she said. "Assuming I lived, that is." She paused thoughtfully a moment. "I might have to though. My tracking device is broadcasting in the open—" she raised the red durasteel comlink on her right wrist— "so anyone with a comlink can find me."

"She did the same thing to me," Ta'tan'ia answered, running her hand along her beskar tracking collar. "What a schutta."

Both women giggled, delighting in talking about their former Mistress and Chief of State.

"Dad and Master Horn have decided to stay a bit longer, to see if they can do something about my tracking device," Syal said. Then she paused, and took a noticeable breath. "And Myri and Jysella might be coming back with us."

That definitely surprised Ta'tan'ia. She had thought they were very happy with Commandant Drasi at the ProCorps Academy.

"Is everything okay?" Ta'tan'ia asked with concern.

Syal hesitated a moment. "Yeah, everything's fine. It's just . . . complicated."

"Okay, let me know if I can help or anything," Ta'tan'ia replied.

"I will, and please let me know if you find the remote or codes for my collar and stuff," Syal said.

"I will," Ta'tan'ia assured her. "Although you might have to earn your freedom."

Syal's eyes went wide with shock. Then she grinned. "Sounds like fun, Mistress," she replied.

"Have fun on Bastion, and tell everyone I said hi," Ta'tan'ia told her.

"I will," Syal answered. "And tell everyone we said hello too."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When Jaina Solo had come back to the Jedi from the Empire, Ta'tan'ia had been introduced to a world of bondage and submission. Then Jaina gave her the ProCorps training materials to study, and Ta'tan'ia learned how to serve someone professionally, personally, and sexually, in all aspects of her life. Ta'tan'ia had thrown herself into the training with everything she had. When she had the opportunity to serve Master Durron as his personal assistant, she leapt at the chance.

Master Durron barely tolerated her sexual submissiveness though. Ta'tan'ia had to practically force him to let her suck him off most days. He didn't like her durasteel collar, wrist chrono and comlink much either—at first. Master Durron hadn't even put Ta'tan'ia in bondage very often, and only rarely lightly punished her. He even disapproved of her habitual subservience to virtually everyone she encountered while she was his personal assistant; from the other Masters to the lowest support staff.

It was a lesson she had learned from her Imperial ProCorps training materials. ProCorps troopers served all Imperials, so Ta'tan'ia served all Jedi—only not as intimately as she served Master Durron.

While Ta'tan'ia had served Chief Daala as her Jedi liaison—which involved being her submissive sex toy as well—Ta'tan'ia often went days or weeks at a time without being allowed to orgasm. While she was denied, she gave Chief Daala intimate massages, licked her to orgasm, and was punished for any reason Chief Daala chose, or none at all. Ta'tan'ia was almost always kept highly aroused—and frustrated—and she had loved every second of it.

After several months of wearing her tracking collar, wrist chrono and comlink, and chastity belt, it was like Ta'tan'ia's restraints were a part of her. She never even noticed her tracking collar, chrono, or comlink anymore. Adjusting one was no different than adjusting her lekku over her shoulders. She only noticed her chastity belt when she wanted to orgasm—which was fairly often. She was even getting used to her durasteel bicep cuffs and head harness.

Now though, Ta'tan'ia spent her days being a Jedi again, not serving caf, typing, entertaining the Chief of State's visitors, massaging, licking, or being cropped for over fourteen hours a day. Since she wasn't being kept horny all the time, she sometimes went hours at a time without even thinking about her chastity belt. Every so often, Ta'tan'ia found herself missing serving Chief Daala, in spite of what she had done.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few days later Master Durron summoned Ta'tan'ia to a seldom used room of the Temple. At the time she was helping repair one of the Order's airspeeders, so it took her a few minutes to make herself presentable.

When she arrived, she found Master Durron, along with a lanky human male in his mid-twenties, and a Verpine. There was a small portable computer terminal with unusual keys on one of the desks near the insectoid.

"Talon, this is Jedi Ta'tan'ia," Master Durron said as the Twi'lek entered the room. "And Ta'tan'ia, this is Talon Ghent," he added. "He is one of the best slicers in the galaxy."

"Not according to my dad," the lanky human said with a smile.

"Who's probably the best," Kyp added with his own smile. "We gave Crypt Chief Ghent and Talon here a few of the tracking collars Daala had locked on Jaina and Turi, and some of the other Jedi before, and they've been working on the programing. Now we're going to see what he can do with your tracking collar and stuff."

"Nice to meet you," Ta'tan'ia said as she reached out to shake Talon's hand.

Talon was wearing a gray and burnt orange shirt jump suit with scuffed black nerfhide boots. His head was shaved. He looked sort of cute, in a geeky way. He was a slicer after all.

"Likewise," Talon replied with a smile as he shook her hand.

"And this is Piska," Kyp said, gesturing to the tall insectoid standing off to the side. "He'll be assisting Talon."

Ta'tan'ia greeted Piska, and shook his three fingered hand.

Master Durron left the room and the two slicers began their work. As Ta'tan'ia had suspected, they used the portable computer terminal with the odd keys.

"Jedi Ta'tan'ia, I need to attach one of these to your chastity belt, tracking collar, and anything else you want off," Talon told her, holding up a small sensor thing. It had a thin wire running from it to the computer terminal. "So I need you to strip."

"No problem," Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile. Then she realized something. The remote to unlock her nerfhide belt and boots were in her room. "No, wait. Actually there is a little problem. I've got to run to my room real quick," she said, stepping towards the door.

Ta'tan'ia dashed to her room and used the remote to weaken the maglocks on her belt, and the hidden shackles in her boots. Then she took off her tunic, put a tiny tank top undershirt on, replaced her tunic and returned to the room. She supposed she shouldn't show Talon and Piska her tits if she didn't have to. Master Durron wouldn't approve after all.

"Sorry about that," Ta'tan'ia said as she entered the room, without explaining.

Partially to keep him from asking questions, Ta'tan'ia quickly began stripping off her uniform. She definitely noticed Talon's interest when she pulled off her tunic and pants. She smiled at him as she pulled her boots back on. She knew guys loved women in high heeled boots. If Talon could unlock her chastity belt, she would be thrilled to reward him for freeing her.

Besides her boots and skimpy under tunic, Ta'tan'ia left her nerfhide waist-cincher on. She was also wearing her durasteel head harness and bicep cuffs, beskar tracking collar, chrono, and comlink. The waist-cincher helped display her dee-cup breasts and ass nicely, making them seem even bigger compared to her constricted waist. Ta'tan'ia arched her back as she smiled at the human slicer.

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