tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJedirotica Ch. 04

Jedirotica Ch. 04


"It would appear the Sith have declared war on the counsel."

All eyes in the room turned to face Master Skywalker. All things considered, this was probably more eyes than Luke was used to having on him. Every Jedi they'd been able to locate and no small number of associates had been summoned to Coruscant for an emergency meeting. The entire counsel was present, as were those students who'd escaped the attack on the academy. A number of Jedi knights had arrived from all corners of the galaxy, the current emergency outweighing their normal duties.

Relegated to the back walls were the non-Jedi, the members of Radiance, Eclipse, Phoenix, rogue, and Black Sheep squadrons who had been dragged into the midst of this growing Sith-Jedi conflict.

There were some notable absences however. Jedi Knight Wyonne Niedar and Master Jendrix remained missing. Ruben St. Clair and Atim Kai were in the infirmary recovering from injuries inflicted by the Sith in their attack on the Jedi academy. Also absent was Jedi Master Phobos, unreachable while off on a private mission of her own.

"It would seem that all the recent events are related, the disappearance of prominent Jedi and the attack on the Jedi academy, constituting an organized campaign aimed at hurting or destroying our efforts to restore the Jedi knights to the galaxy. Furthermore, this plot seems to be orchestrated our old advisory Clarice. Any thoughts on how she was able to put such a force of Dark side adepts together so quickly?"

Towards the back of the room, Jedi master Spencer Vespers stood up and addressed the room. Spencer was a trim, severe looking oriental man, former commanding officer of Eclipse Squadron before discovering his force potential.

"There seem to be a number of sources Master Luke. Our recent defeat of several Sith Lords, Queen Amidala, the Malary'ush, and the Emperor's clone among them has left many of their former minions at large. Also, we received reports over the last year or so from several of our new students that they were approached by mysterious individuals before we discovered their force talents. We dismissed this at the time but it seems now to represent a pattern of recruitment in the outer rim by Clarice's agents."

Jedi Knight Trunks Darkwood, an imposing black human man known for his impulsiveness chimed in.

"Maybe some of those clones from the Imperial palace survived or maybe there was another batch." Everyone in the room looked worried at that possibility, none more so then the young Jedi Knight Mace Windu. When the Jedi and their allies had descended on the Imperial Palace to destroy the cloned Emperor, they had discovered a small army of cloned Jedi standing in their way, including some of them. Most had been destroyed but a few, such as the cloned Mace Windu had been embraced into the fold.

The room buzzed quietly as the assembled heroes discussed the possibilities presented by their fellows. There seemed to be a general air of scepticism surrounding these possibilities. They just didn't account for the sudden onslaught. A handful of evil Jedi might have slipped through the cracks but the counsel had been diligent in tying up loose ends. Just as it seemed that this objection would be given voice, a door at the back of the hall was pushed suddenly open and a cloaked figure strode into the room.

Pushing back the hood of the blue-grey robe she wore, Jedi Master Phobos surveyed the crowded briefing room. She could see the face of almost everyone she had ever fought beside. That was good, because with the news she bore, every hand would be needed. Master Luke looked her way and a smile creased his aging face. That smile faded at the severe look on Phobos' own.

"Master Phobos, we are thrilled you were able to join us. I trust you were able to resolve your personal matters." Phobos nodded before responding.

"Master Skywalker and my assembled friends, I am afraid I have some rather unpleasant news. My journey was not, strictly speaking, a personal matter." A surprised murmur played through the crowd.

"I travelled to my home world of Vollarhia. I realize I am a bit of a mystery, being the only Vollarhan any of you have ever met. There is a reason for this, one which I have never discussed with anyone, even Master Skywalker." Sensing that some grave secret was about to be divulged, the assembled warriors grew suddenly silent, many leaning unconsciously toward Phobos.

"I am the only active member of my race. While several hundred thousand yet live, they do so in stasis on our hidden home world. While this seems strange one must realize that every one of my people is at least as powerful in the force as I. Many years ago, during the Jedi purges of Palpatine's rule, we realized that the Empire would soon come for us. By placing ourselves in stasis we were able to hide our nature from Darth Vader and his killers." Phobos paused and Trunks chimed in.

"Well, why aren't you in stasis then?"

"We are a highly advanced people and our technology is almost self-sustaining but someone had to remain awake in case of catastrophe and to determine when to awaken my people. I was chosen."

"I see. Then why are you here with us, rather than on your own world?" Master Wabook, the accomplished Ewok Jedi asked with a puzzled expression.

"Since it was necessary to conceal ourselves from the Empire, we could not maintain holo-links and the like and we had to rely on other, more oblique methods of remaining informed about galactic happenings. Over time, these routes dried up and I was left blind and ignorant of what was happening in the broader galaxy. Without information it was impossible to know when to awaken my people so I was forced to leave our home world. Once I departed, I became embroiled in the Rebellion and the rest is history."

"Well, Phobos, I am a little disappointed that you didn't share this information sooner. But this leads to the obvious question of why you haven't awoken your people." Master Skywalker's usual calm seemed unruffled but an edge of annoyance tainted his voice.

"My apologies for not sharing Master Skywalker but if only I was aware, only I could betray this information. As for keeping my people in stasis, there are many thousands of them, all with talent in the force. I was waiting until this counsel was sufficiently established to deal with such an enormous influx of recruits." That answer seemed to satisfy Skywalker because he nodded sagely and relaxed back in his seat. Jedi Knight Magdaline seemed less inclined to accept this explanation and testily rose from her chair.

"This is all fascinating but what does it have to do with the current problem? I'm glad your holiday was enjoyable but my sister is out there waging war on us and we need to figure out how to head her off." Phobos stared serenely at the younger woman, refusing the bait. All eyes watched Phobos eagerly.

"I was alarmed at the prevalence of Sith activity of late and it seemed prudent to check on my home world. In doing so I discovered something else entirely. I know where Clarice got her recruits- she has kidnapped hundreds of my people and presumably turned them to the way of the Sith." Phobos hung her head slightly and slumped into her chair having gotten the dire news off her chest. The room erupted in chaos, everyone talking at once.

Master Skywalker stood and stared out at the room calmly, simply waiting for quiet. Anger was of the dark side and so Luke simply relied on his presence to bring the fractious room to order. Slowly, gradually, the room quieted down and all eyes turned to him.

"Phobos' news is dire indeed but rather then despair we need to plan and now we know where to start. Several hundred Sith adepts require a great deal of infrastructure to house and organize. Clarice may have made a dire error here, her strength has always been operating from stealth and now she's deprived herself of that option." Luke stepped down from the podium where he had been speaking and began making the rounds of the room, speaking to people in turn.

"Morgana, Trunks, and Magdaline find Wyonne."

"Wabook, Taggen, and Mace you find Jendrix."

"Mara, Ruby, and Black sheep Squadron, you will take the students to a secure location and re-establish the academy."

"The rest of us are going to be looking for Clarice and her student."

The meeting soon broke up and people hustled off to their fresh assignments. Phobos exchanged small talk with various friends for a few minutes but slipped quietly out and headed for the small but lush appointed apartment she hadn't seen in far too long.

Walking through the front door she was reminded of why she was willing to pay such an exhorbenant price for such a small place. The opposite wall was a floor to ceiling picture window that ran the full length of the room and gave her a spectacular view of the Coruscant surface. A billion city lights flickered and glowed below her and a million more vehicle lights traced strange, runic patterns across the night sky.

Turning into the bathroom, she went from a vision of singular beauty to a vision of singular filth as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Vollarhia was deep in the unknown region, a week's flight in an X-Wing at least, and the fighters weren't known for their hygienic facilities. She was covered in travel grime and a smell vaguely like bad seafood seemed to be emanating from her.

Slowly, muscles still aching from the week in the cramped cockpit, Phobos stripped out her flight suit and stood again in front of the mirror. Where her clothes had covered her, she was visibly cleaner. She wished she tanned this well. Aside from the disgusting dirt, Phobos took a good deal of pride in what she saw. She was small by human standards, merely five feet tall and very thin. Her hair, above and below was a pale gossamer silver which caught the light in fetching fashion when clean. Her legs were longer than a human of the same height and her reliance on speed in combat meant they were honed and muscular. She had a narrow, wasp waist, and small firm breasts with pale, almost invisible nipples. Her skin was a white, paler than most Caucasians. Her race was known for their unusual beauty and her fine featured face was an excellent example of this. Small mouth, large luminescent eyes, and elongated ears added to the exoticness.

Phobos luxuriated under the pulse of a real, water based shower for about ten minutes, until she felt all the layers of dirt ground into her normally glowing skin had been blasted away. She briefly rubbed a huge fluffy towel over herself, then stepped into a short silk kimono and dressing gown.

She crossed to her small kitchen and selected an expensive vintage of wine which arrived via the pneumatic tubes which infested Coruscant. Phobos had just uncorked the wine and put it on ice when there was chime from her door. Not expecting any visitors at this time of night, Phobos grabbed her light sabre and cautiously sidled up to the door. Whoever was there was so agitated and conflicted that it was impossible to identify them through the force.

The old fashioned method, the peephole, showed her visitor to be Master Jendrix. He was hardly recognizable. His clothes were stained and his hair dishevelled. Three parallel scratches ran down his face and dried blood was clearly visible on his collar. Even though she knew him from long association and many shared hardships, she was reluctant to admit him. But the look on his face was so distraught, so pleading that she couldn't turn him away. Halfway through the third ring she opened the door.

Jendrix practically scrabbled through the door. He looked around the room like a hunted animal, his gaze eventually falling on Phobos. Seeing her, he rushed over and seized her roughly by the silk lapels of the kimono. Leaning in close it took him a moment of studying her face before recognition dawned. Glancing down, Jendrix had a good view down the kimono and at the sight of substantial cleavage he seemed to become frozen, trembling slightly and faintly moaning. Disconcerted by his behaviour Phobos gentle broke his grip and stepped back.

"Jendrix, where have you been? Everyone's been looking for you." Phobos guided him to the couch and sat him down. He was like a broken droid, willing to be led about but taking no action of his own accord.

"I... hee hee hee... I was doing things. New things. Things I've never tried before. Fun. Yes, so much fun... but awful... so, so awful." Jendrix started to make a thin keening noise and it took Phobos a minute to recognize crying.

"Jendrix, I'm going to call Master Luke. Maybe he can help you." She was shocked by his speed. He leapt up and seized her by the shoulders, pulling her close so that their bodies pressed tight against each other. Phobos could feel a firm bulge where his groin pressed against her leg and she became further disturbed by the moment.

"NO! No.... I'm mean, please don't. Don't trust them. Trust you. Let's talk.... I'll.. I'll be good. Won't do it any more. I can stop...." Jendrix's voice took on a whining, begging tone and his eyes burned with a fanatic intensity.

"What are you talking about Jendrix? What have you been up to?" Phobos stared at him worriedly. "Do you need a drink?" Jendrix seemed able to gather himself for a moment and stood.

"I'll get them. You sit tight..... I need something to calm my nerves and then I'll tell you everything." Phobos stared out the window while Jendrix rattled bottles and glasses behind her. Something was seriously wrong with her friend. His mind was in turmoil and his presence in the force was a senseless jumble. She didn't know what to make of the situation. She was so absorbed in the puzzle that was Jendrix that she almost missed the brief clearing in his thoughts and when she did notice, it was too late to avoid the wine bottle that crashed into her head.

Slowly the haze cleared and Phobos reached out for the force. The attempt simply brought a wave of overwhelming nausea and she sagged back against.... Where was she? The surface under her was soft and yielding on her skin and her head seemed to be resting on a pillow.

Wait that makes no sense! She thought with alarm. Slowly she was able to dredge the memories of the last few hours from the depths of her grogginess. Jendrix had arrived, behaving very strangely, and then... then.... Something had hit her.

Phobos tried suddenly to sit up but found that her hands and feet were firmly bound. Opening her eyes, she tried to cry out in alarm but found even that was made impossible by a gag. She had been stripped naked and tied, spread eagle to her bed. Looking down she could see cooling white semen all over her flat stomach, breasts, and groin and as she took inventory of her body she knew she'd already been violated at least once.

She maintained the ability to move her head and looked around. She was in her bedroom and crouched on a chair in the corner was Jendrix, arms wrapped around himself. He was entirely naked and Phobos saw that her long time ally and apparent assailant had an average length cock which stood at full attention. He absently stroked himself and Phobos could see moisture coating it's length, probably from her.

"Mmm....." she tried to get his attention. When he looked up it was as though he'd been snapped from a dream. He hopped down from the chair and walked over to her, mindless of his nudity and stood looking down at her. His cock was mere inches from her gagged mouth and he seemed to be studying her nude form. A hand reached absently out to stroke her belly and to Phobos' incredulous shock, slid down between her legs and penetrated her. Absently stoking a finger in and out of her pussy, Jendrix talked, a rambling monologue.

"She was green.... She was. And she, she wanted to play with us. So I let her. Mistake... bad mistake. Haven't been the same since. Just can't seem to get enough.... Can't FUCK enough. The urge, y'know, the urge is always there. I do it and do it and do it but it never ends. But they end.... So pretty.... So soft and warm.... But I can't stop. They want to but I can't and I won't. I won't ever stop until the itch is gone. But you, you're a Jedi... you'll scratch the itch. Make it all better." Jendrix looked down at himself and seemed surprised. "No, no, no, no....not again... but Phobos, pretty Phobos... you'll make it better."

Jendrix leaned over and ran his tongue down her stomach, tracing a line down from her ribs, past her navel, and over her mound. Then, like a ravenous beast, he leapt into bed with her and plunged his face between her legs, his tongue joining his busy finger. Phobos gasped in shock and writhed, trying to escape the wet tongue plunging in and out of her. She felt revulsion at the violation but she also felt a warming sensation below and as Jendrix continued his frenzied cunnigulus, she could feel an orgasm building. He may have gone mad but his sexual skills remained.

As Jendrix continued his assault, his erect cock bouncing inches from her face, she felt her body give in and she shuddered with a massive orgasm, back arching and fingers clutching at the bed spread. While she was momentarily dazed by her unexpected response, Jendrix took it as a cue.

Leaping suddenly from the bed he stood beside it only as long as it took to reverse his position and then he was on top of her. With a powerful thrust he entered her and seemed to go into some kind of frenzy. Phobos had not been with many men, since the bulk of her own species was in stasis, but in her limited experience she had never experienced the like of this. Jendrix pistoned his hips with a force and speed born of seeming desperation. His cock, average on a human, stretched and filled her quite pleasurably and the rate of his thrusts was overwhelming. Phobos tried to resist another orgasm but it was futile. That kind of focused stimulation was not something the body could beat and in minutes she was shuddering and writhing again.

As Phobos lay there, enduring the aftermath of her involuntary pleasure, a spurt of hot fluid covered her face and she cringed as Jendrix came all over her hair, face, and neck.

"Good.... But not enough... soon I'll have to do that again, and again, and well then you'll be gone...... but you're helping, you really are." Jendrix walked around and sat on the end of the bed, between her legs and stared off into space. Phobos eased one eye open, the other being glued shut but sticky semen. For the moment he seemed spent, unable to do anything but stare and pant.

This gave her and idea. She tested her bonds while he was otherwise absorbed. They were carelessly tied and she believed given the opportunity, she could slip her bonds and free herself. Unfortunately that would mean enduring another bout with Jendrix. It was too late now to free herself, he seemed to already be recovering.

Jendrix gestured and Phobos could feel him reaching out with the force. A large blue candle perched on her night table flew to his hand.

"Sometimes.... Sometimes I have to but I can't... the noises help.... And then I can. I need you to make noises." And with no more ceremony then that, he leaned forward and almost casually thrust the candle into her already abused pussy. If Jendrix was substantial for her species, the candle was enormous and it stretched her beyond simple stimulation, to a place where pain and pleasure merged into one. She couldn't help but moan as the behemoth was thrust into her.

If she thought Jendrix's hips were fast, his hand was even speedier. The candle became a faint blue blur and reality dimmed around her becoming a fog of pleasure and pain. Ever so faintly she could hear herself making noise but a part of her knew she was screaming in utter ecstasy. It was wrong but that little part of her mind that tempted her with the dark side from time to time also enjoyed being used and abused like this. It was so dirty and that was driving this insidious part of her wild.

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