tagMind ControlJeffrey's Wedding Day

Jeffrey's Wedding Day


This is my warning!!! Okay, this story contains a lot of mind control and incest, but no mind control on the groom... Don't leave comments that contain a higher use of vocabulary than my stories just so you can feel superior! If you have critiques for me to see, send me constructive feedback... If you've read any of my stories you will see what usually happens in the end and know what to expect. Read my biography too first if you haven't... And although this may be a sequel, you don't have to have read the first chapter to understand this one. This actually is the third part of Jeffrey's story. I will write a story about what happens in between later. But for now, I hope you enjoy this one.

P.S. I have more mother-in-law stories on the way.


Jeffrey Boyd stood staring at himself in front of the mirror. He had conquered his betrayal ways. Jeff had met the perfect woman. Stephanie had the perfect body and personality to his liking. She was a brunette, with D-cup breasts and a voluptuous body all the way down. And here he was on their wedding day. The young man couldn't be happier. He began to think of what their wedding night was going to be like. Steph, as he called her, was very good in bed. However, she was a little more on the submissive side than Jeff preferred. But soon they would be making love without any restrictions. His grin grew with anticipation as did his hard-on.

"Excuse me, do you know where the groom is?" a lady in her mid-forties was poking her head through the door crack. "Oh wait, I found him myself. You must be Jeff. I'm Candice, Stephanie's mother. It's great to finally meet you." She strode into the room with her arms open for a hug.

Jeff opened his arms in acceptance. He had no time to take in her appearance. Candice's large boobs were pressing against his chest and his hard cock pressed against her tummy. She was taller than her daughter. Already, he could tell that her chest was bigger too. Stephanie's mom hugged him real tight as she spoke.

"Sorry, I haven't made it to the dinners. But I knew from the way my daughter and my husband talked about you that you were meant to be in this family, and I didn't even need to see you for myself." She pulled apart from Jeff to get a better look at him. Candice had felt his hard cock pressing against her belly, her daughter had indeed told her the truth. Jeff was huge. "Let me have a look at you."

Candice took in the site before her. Jeff stood taller than her by 6 inches. He was well built, handsome and his hard-on was still noticeable. Her daughter had chosen her man wisely.

"You must come from good stock. You will do just fine." Her hands traveled up and down his arms, feeling his muscles. "Hmmmm... I knew my daughter had good taste."

Jeff took this opportunity to take her in. Stephanie had come from good stock herself. Candice was breathtakingly gorgeous. She had no noticeable wrinkles whatsoever. His soon to be mother-in-law could've passed off as Stephanie's sister. If his wife would look like this in sixteen years, he was one lucky guy.

Candice was wearing an old style dress. It was black with thin straps and splits down both sides of her smooth legs. She also had a white, wide brimmed hat and a long white feather boa draped over her shoulders like a mink. Her arms were covered in smooth white gloves that went above her elbows. The dress hugged her voluptuous body perfectly. But Jeff's fiancé didn't have the rack that her mother owned. Her breasts threatened to rip through her dress. There was a strap that acted like a bridge over the top of her melons extending over a V-shape triangle of tender looking cleavage. She was certainly outfitted to attract. Her husband must be getting lucky tonight, Jeff thought. Her dark brown hair extended down to the small of her back and was lightly curled. Candice's breasts must have been an E-cup, at least. It was a lovely dress, but it seemed to be small on her, only because of her massive milk-jugs.

Jeff finally looked up from her heels and noticed that she was staring at his hard-on. Pressing her body against him earlier had kept him hard still. Then he could've sworn he saw her lick her lips.

"Mrs. Johnson? Oh good, you guys finally met. Jeff, Stephanie would like to see her mother. Sorry, I got to steal her away before you can get better acquainted." One of Stephanie's cute bridesmaids was sticking her head in through the door.

"Okay, Grace. Tell her I'll be right there."

"Alright." Grace closed the door and left.

"See you later Mrs.....uh... what would you like me to call you?" Jeff asked as she turned to leave.

"Well considering that in an hour we will be in-laws, why don't you call me mommy?" she suggested with a hinting smile.

Jeff looked at her face to see if she was serious. Stephanie's father had asked Jeffrey to call him by name. Calling her mom he understood, but mommy? Why did she want him to use the childhood name for mothers?

"Okay." He agreed, only because he wanted his wedding to go smoothly. He would talk to Stephanie later, when she is his wife, about her mother's odd request.

Candice stared at him as if expecting him to say more. Jeff realized what it was.

"Okay... Mommy."

Candice smiled, "I knew we would get along." And she turned to leave. As she walked towards the door, Jeff watched her luscious ass, she seemed to add a sexy sway in her walk. When she opened the door, she stopped. "Oh I hope Stephanie isn't asking me over to her room because she might be having second thoughts. Cause I would hate to lose you." Jeff didn't necessarily understand her phrasing.

"Oh and one more thing." She stuck her head in through the door crack again. "Since we probably won't talk to each other until after the ceremony, I should warn you to put your dog on a leash. It seems to love barking at old ladies." She lightly laughed while she walked down the hall. Candice was obviously referring to his penis that was hard before and after she left the room.

This woman was really odd, Jeff thought. He hoped that Stephanie wouldn't be like her mother 18 years from now, but he did hope that she would look like her mom.

"Stop it!" Jeff said to himself. He looked into the mirror. He could see it. The lying, cheating and horny devil in him was starting to resurface. His cock wanted inside Candice, his soon to be mother-in-law. The groom began to envision her riding his cock in his honeymoon bed, while Stephanie slept beside them, in her wedding dress. Candice had a wicked smile on her face as she was bouncing up and down on his fuck-stick, telling Jeffrey to call her mommy. "Snap out of it!" Jeff slapped himself. Finally, after sitting in a chair for 30 min. he was able to clear his head of Candice's body, and his dick went soft.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. It was Stephanie's dream wedding. Jeff looked into Stephanie's eyes and all thoughts of her mother were gone. They kissed and became husband and wife. Although, something seemed to be amiss. Half the people in the audience were staring at Candice. All of them seemed to come from Jeff's side, his family and friends. Stephanie's side of people looked funny, almost as if they weren't paying attention. But Jeff couldn't really care, he was too happy with Stephanie.

Jeffrey and Stephanie Boyd stepped into their limo ready to move on to the reception. Jeff felt the urge to consummate their marriage early by ripping open Stephanie's wedding dress and fucking her in their limo.

Knock! Knock! Stephanie lowered her window so that her mother could stick part of her head in. Her milky smooth cleavage was there for Jeff to see as she spoke to the two of them, "Well, it seems that the father of the bride has started the reception early. He's already wobbly, in no condition to drive. Honey, I hate to ask you to do this, but I don't have my license. And you know how paranoid I am about anyone I don't know driving my car. I need you to drive your father to the reception."

"Mom, are you kidding? Jeff paid a fortune for this limo. I think that you could let one of Jeff's friends drive Dad, or one of mine. Make an exception for once?" Stephanie pleaded. But Jeff knew that if Candice put her foot down then that would be it. His wife had told him that her mom was very authorative and insisted that her children do as their told and they did. Then Jeff saw Candice lean into Stephanie and whisper something in her ear. It then seemed that she had her daughter's complete attention.

"No, I've put my foot down. You are driving your father. Here are the keys. I know that you have your license inside. Make sure you grab it before you leave." Candice handed her daughter the car keys and opened the door for her. Stephanie looked into her husband's eyes for forgiveness. He couldn't believe this was happening; they were going to have drive to their wedding reception in convertible with his drunken father-in-law. They kissed and Stephanie stepped out of the car. Jeff began to follow her when a white gloved hand of his mother-in-law's pushed him back into the limo. "Ugh, ugh. If you spent so much money on this limo, then you should use it. And besides, my car is only a two-seater. At least, we can get to know each other better, son-in-law."

Candice joined Jeffrey in the limousine. Jeff looked out the window at Stephanie, wishing there was something they could do. "I'm sorry, baby. See you soon."

Candice closed the door and settled in across from Jeff. "We're ready driver." She said to the chauffeur while eyeing Jeff oddly.

Jeff buckled his seatbelt and looked out the window.

"I'm sorry about this, but we shouldn't let this ruin the day or spoil a fancy limo ride. Let's have some champagne!" she grabbed the bottle from the side panel and poured a glass for the both of them. "To new family members," Candice held out her glass, and Jeff, with a forced smile, clinked it with his and took a drink, "May we be closer than a mother and son."

Jeff gulped at that last phrase she had slipped in there. This woman was really starting to creep him out. He didn't understand her intentions. But he was about to.

Candice pushed her white glove covered finger down on a button and the black screen rose up that concealed the driver's view of his passengers. Jeff's eyes couldn't help but travel up and down his mother-in-law's body. Sitting in the limo with her legs crossed had made the splits in her dress bigger and exposed a lot of her smooth, long legs. Jeff suddenly envisioned the bottom back half of her dress draped over her back as she bent over the outside trunk of their limo while Jeff jack-hammered his cock inside and out of her pussy and calling her mommy. And she had a wicked smile of approval.

Uh-oh! Jeff's cock was hard in an instant. He looked out the window again to try and forget about his voluptuous mother-in-law. The new husband looked at his watch. They had only been in the limo for 2 min. The reception was 30 minutes away, which was why they had got the limousine in the first place. Jeffrey finished his glass of champagne.

"Here, let me pour you another." Candice took his glass and filled it up before he could object. When she handed it back to him, he noticed that the front part of her dress covering her legs no longer rested on her knee. It had slipped to the side. At his first glance, Jeff could've sworn he saw her bare pussy. "So, Jeffrey, tell me about you? What do you like? What do you want to do?" she asked.

"Well... uh those are some open questions." He replied, not knowing how to answer.

"Only as broad as you make it." She handed it back to him candidly.

"Okay... I married Stephanie, and she basically answers all of those questions." Jeff said with a proud smile for his wife.

"Do you love your wife? My daughter?" Candice asked in an inquisitive tone.

"That's a funny question to be asking your son-in-law on his wedding day." Jeff inquired.

"Don't be frightened, it's only a lead-in question."

"Oh, well you're not one much for small talk are you?"

"No." Candice said softly with a smile.

"Yes, I love Stephanie, my wife, very much."

"Why do you love her?"

"Hmmm, she's bright, friendly, she's beautiful, she's witty" Jeff was about to continue when Candice cut him off.

"Does she give you all you want and need?" Candice interjected.

Jeff thought about her question for a second, and being the honest realist that he was, told her his truth of the matter, "I really doubt if anyone gets what they really want and need from another person..."

"Some people get more.... What about yourself?" Candice asked again. Jeff didn't know where this was going.

"I suppose you'd have to ask your daughter that question." He said with a sincere smile. Candice smiled and looked at the limo floor. But now Jeff was curious. "How about you, are you that type of person who gets more?"

Candice lifted only her eyes and replied in a whisper, "Absolutely." She looked into her son-in-laws eyes. "When I get through... there is no more wanting."

Jeff didn't know how to reply to that one. "Hmmm" was all he could muster.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Jeff found himself wanting to catch another look and confirm his first view under Candice's dress; he continued to gaze at her bare legs frequently for the next 5 minutes. There it was, her bare pussy. His mother-in-law had not worn panties to her daughter's wedding! Jeff suddenly got the feeling that he was being watched, he looked up to see Candice staring into his eyes with a wicked, triumphant smile across her red lips.

"My, my, you are a naughty boy. Looking at your mother-in-law's CUNT." Candice said without covering up.

"I'm sorry; it just caught my eye is all." Jeff said trying to tear his eyes away from her open pussy.

"It seems to have caught the attention of little Jeffrey as well."

Damn this penis! Jeff thought, it was getting him into trouble again.

"I'm just over anxious for my wedding night." Jeff replied weakly.

"Well that's understandable." Candice said and finally covered her vagina with her dress.

Phew! Jeff thought. That could've been a disaster. He could swear that Candice, his mother-in-law of only 15 minutes, was coming on to him. But his quick thinking and smooth words had put a stop to that. But his cock wouldn't go down. He looked up at Candice and saw that she was staring right at it, with a look of intent.

"Okay, I think it's only fair, that since you've seen my privates, I get to see yours." She stated bluntly.

"Excuse me?" Jeff asked to make sure he heard her right. Not again, he thought. Why did he always attract the sexiest evil seductresses?

"Show me your cock." Candice said with an increasing look of anger. She did not like to be defied.

"I'm sorry, Candice. But that is not going to happen." Jeff was taking control of the situation before it escalated out of his hands. He was not going to let himself cheat on Stephanie, especially with her mother, his mother-in-law.

"I see, well, I guess you just need a little more persuasion." Candice gave an iniquitous smile while pulling her bottom front dress to the side of her legs and spreading them, completely exposing herself. One of her white glove-covered hands reached down and gently stroked her pussy lips. The other massaged her breast through her dress. Jeff's mother-in-law stuck her tongue out and moaned, looking into her daughter's husband's eyes.

Jeff was captivated. He didn't wonder for a second if this was a joke or if this was a test and if he gave in, then Candice would tell Stephanie. He knew that this was for real. And his cock was longing to break out of his wedding tux.

"Do you like my pussy? It looks nice, doesn't it?" Candice asked. Her pussy had been neatly trimmed so that there was a small triangular patch of brown hair above her vagina. It was just the way that Jeffrey preferred pussies.

Jeff remained speechless. He didn't know how he was going to get out of this one; then again, he'd never gotten out of any of these situations without fucking. His mother-in-law stuck her glove covered fingers into her pussy, while moaning, and pulled them out. Her glove and box were noticeably wet. Looking into her son-in-law's eyes, she stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked her cum off of them.

"Wanna taste of me, don't you." They weren't questions.

Jeff finally gathered enough strength to speak, though it came out in a croak. "It doesn't really matter what I want. I can't go through with it."

"Yes you can. Stop acting like a boy. You want me. You want to fuck me. You want to fuck your hot, sexy, big-titted and dirty mother-in-law. ... And she wants to fuck you. You need to do as your mother tells you. Now... take your cock out... and stroke it for Mommy."

Jeffrey did as he was told. He was completely under the spell of his mother-in-law now. He undid his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock nearly burst out of his boxers. Now, it was out in the open for Candice to see.

"Mmmm, very nice. Stephanie wasn't kidding. You're even bigger than my husband." Candice began stroking her pussy again.

Jeff cringed at the mention of his wife and his father-in-law.

"I said stroke it, Son." Candice reiterated and Jeff followed her command.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked as his hand went up and down on his penis.

"I want to fuck you. And Mommy gets what Mommy wants..." her hands began to travel all over her voluptuous body. "You love my daughter, I can tell, but not as much as you love my sexy body. Soon you will grow to love every one of my body parts more than my daughter. And we will start with my pussy. Come to Mommy now." She motioned him over with her glove-covered finger.

"I don't think I can do this." Jeff stopped himself, and stopped stroking.

"Did I say you could stop stroking? You've got to keep your big cock hard for your mother-in-law. I know what you want and I know what you need. Stephanie told me everything. I could tell by her descriptions that you liked to be controlled, commanded and seduced. My daughter inherited her submissive side from her father. I am the ruler of my family, and you are now a part of my family, so you will do as I say. Now, get over here and SUCK ON MY PUSSY." Candice gave him a triumphant smile as her son-in-law got down to his knees on the limo floor and crawled over to his new mom and her dripping wet pussy.

"That's a good boy. Come to your mother-in-law." She spread her legs open further and gave Jeffrey open access to her snatch. "Lick my dirty cunt."

The mesmerized son-in-law extended his tongue and grazed over Candice's pussy lips. "Oh, don't be shy, dive in." Candice grabbed the back of his head and shoved it into her vagina. His tongue went straight into her fuck-hole. "Yesss, there we go. Good boy. Move it around in there. Ughhhh. Tongue-fuck Mommy! Yesssssssss..." she hissed through gritted teeth. Candice still had her hat on, along with her white gloves up past her elbows and her black dress was still covering her large tits. She threw one end of her white feather boa over Jeff's back and held his head on her mound with one of her hands while the other rubbed the undersides of her tits through her dress.

Jeff's lips closed over her gaping slit, drawing the flesh of her tender old twat into his mouth. He slipped both hands under her still round ripe ass and pulled her cunt hard up against his jaw. As his tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy and stabbed into her dilated hole, Jeff heard his mother-in-law cry out.

"Ohhhhh, yessss, Jeffrey! My Stephanie wasn't kidding. You horny little devil! Suck it! Suck my cunt! It tastes better than your wife's doesn't it? I am so much hotter than my daughter. Ugghh! I've got bigger and rounder tits, longer and sexier hair, better dick-sucking lips, a perfect hourglass figure, a rounder and juicier ass and even though I've given birth to her, I still have a tighter cunt." She let out a wicked laugh at her statement, but Jeff hardly took her words to heart. He was enjoying the taste of her pussy too much to really pay attention.

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