Jeffrey's Wedding Day


Candice returned to Jeff, "Well, lover, all that's left is the band. But first, give Mommy a kiss!" she grabbed her wife's husband and shoved her tongue down his throat. Jeff returned the kiss and they tongue wrestled for a minute, moaning. Then she disengaged from him and turned her gaze to the band. The she-devil walked up to the stage, "Alright boys, all eyes on me for a sec." All the band members looked at her. Yes, she was sexy, but why did she just kiss the groom? They wondered. "You all looking at me? Good. This will only take a few seconds..." Candice began to pull her dress apart and show her tits. "Desire... crave... lust... need... worship... MY BODY!" she pulled her straps aside and the band looked at her tits. Their eyes were instantly blank. Their will was no longer their own. Jeff had no idea that hypnotists could mesmerize people this way.

Candice pulled her straps back into place and turned to look at her daughter. "See what your mama can do? I have taken complete control of your dream wedding. Fitting, since I paid for it.... Now, watch me as the band plays you and your husband's song and I won't just dance with your husband to your song... no... I will fuck him to it."

Candice pulled Jeff's hands to hers and began dancing slowly with him as the band played their song. Jeff couldn't even remember what their song was as his body was pressed into his mother-in-law's voluptuous frame. He looked around again, briefly noticing that all eyes were on them. They were smiling at them as if they were the married couple.

"What do you think, Darling? How do you like my world?" Candice whispered into his ear.

"I think you're an evil person. You've robbed these people, your family and my family of their free will." Jeff responded with hate building behind his eyes but his cock growing even harder.

"Yes, I have. They all belong to me now. I took their free will and made it my own. Just like your cock. I may not be able to manipulate your mind, but I have power over your dick and your desires. You still want to fuck me! Don't you, Son?" Candice grabbed his hard prick through his tux pants.

"Yes..." he answered meekly.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I want to fuck you."

"What's my name, Jeffrey?"

"I need to fuck you, Mommy! Now!" Jeff growled pushing her back harder against him.

"Now? But Baby, what about all these people watching?" Candice mock toned seriousness. She had her son-in-law in complete power.

"I don't CARE!" Jeff grabbed her ass with his right hand and squeezed tight. "OHHHH, YOU FEEL SOOO GOOD, MOMMMY!"

"But Son, what about my husband?"

"I DON'T CARE!!!" he grabbed her tit with his left hand and began groping her heavily with maddening lust.

"But Sweetie, your wife is standing not five feet from us in her wedding dress watching us. If we fuck right now, she will see everything."

"I... DON'T... GIVE... A... SHIT!!!" Jeff pulled her straps aside and exposed her tits for everyone to see. He immediately dove into her cleavage and began slurping and slobbering all over her creamy mounds of flesh.


Jeff whipped his cock out of his pants. His cock-head was oozing sperm at the tip, longing to be inside his mother-in-law once more and forever. Candice quickly raised the bottom of her dress up and wrapped one of her legs around him. "Hurry! PUT YOUR FAT COCK INSIDE MY CUNT AND FUCK ME!"

Jeff obeyed his wife's mother and positioned his prick at her entrance. They plunged into each other and fucked. "Grab my ass, Baby! I'm gonna ride you standing up!"

He held her ass as she jumped onto him and started humping on his cock in mid-air. The front flap of her dress pressed against their waists and concealed his penetration from their view, although his eyes were on her bouncing tits, and Candice was looking right at her daughter with a wicked smile on her face. The back flap of her dress hung down from her ass, touching the floor with every bounce on her son-in-law's cock. Candice yelped with glee as her daughter's husband made her cum with his huge dick inside her cunt.

"Lay down... I want to bounce on your cock! Let Mommy bounce on your fat cock!" Candice said in a ragged breath. Jeff laid down and she sat down on top of him. Her dress flaps once again concealed his penetration. She rode him until he came inside her again.

Candice adjusted herself as she stood up from the dance floor. Her pussy gushed the male's sperm onto his cock from the few feet separating them. Her dress flaps fell back into place and she pulled her straps back up over her large tits. She looked around for someone until she saw one of her daughter's bridesmaids, the cute one from earlier, Grace. She was Stephanie's best friend.

"Clean his cock off with your tongue." Candice commanded her as she walked to the stage. Stephanie's friend obeyed, kneeling on the floor and slurping all over his dick until it was glistening only with her saliva. "Ladies and gentlemen..." Candice took the microphone. "Thank you for coming, that's enough, dear." The bridesmaid stopped and stood up. "You can all leave now, once you exit those doors you will wake up and forget everything that happened here. You will remember it as though it all went as you had hoped... Now if you don't mind... I have a son-in-law to fuck on his honeymoon." She smiled at Jeffrey.

And so the rest of his life went as his mother-in-law wanted. She fucked him on the plane with her daughter sitting next to them and all the passengers under her spell. They fucked all through the honeymoon. Candice was pregnant weeks later. Stephanie thought that all the children her mother had were hers. Stephanie spent most of her life in her subconscious, never able to do anything about her mother and her husband fucking each other everyday and having a total of seven children. And through it all, Jeffrey Boyd was finally truly happy.

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