tagLesbian SexJelena Meets Jodi Ch. 05

Jelena Meets Jodi Ch. 05


Hi gang! Jelena here, back to talk to you. That is, if there is anyone left hanging in with Jodi and I.

I should say, I reckon I'm only sorta back, because after the mind-blowing cum Jodi has just given me in chapter 4, I'm sorta fuzzy. Her and I are relaxing for the moment. How long that moment will be, given how hot I still am for this older lady, we'll just have to see, won't we? After two eye-popping cums, how can I still be so hot to go some more?

And how can Jodi, at her age, still be ready to have another go at me?

Wanna join us . . .?


Sometime later, I don't have a clue how long later, I feel warm breath on my ear and a tender tongue tickling me there. That soft tongue evilly curls around my ear, licking all around it. I feel hot breath being blown gently into my ear and then some teeth nipping mischievously at my ear-lobe.

"Jelena-girl," I hear a soft whisper, "Hello there. Is there anyone at home? Are you still with me, lovely-one?"

After-cum thrills are still moving through me, making me shiver. It's delicious. I'm very warm and content and peaceful but I try to move anyway. Ah. The rag-doll body I collapsed here with has regained some semblance of bone structure at least. I roll onto my back, my tired arms go around the neck of whoever is with me, whispering to me, and I pull their lips to mine. That move uses up all my available energy and I don't have enough left to open my eyes to see who it is. Doesn't really matter if I open my eyes, now does it? I know there is a hot, sexy woman here with me. Who else would it be, besides a hot, sexy woman? And I'd have had to close them right back up for kisses! The kisses I give her, whoever she is, are long and passionate. I want to thank her for the free rocket ride to heaven.

I'm wonderfully warm and comfortable. It is so soft lying here. Am I lying in my bed or on a cloud? Is this a woman here with me or an angel?

Still kissing her, I tell myself, 'I know your brain is really a mess right now, Jelena, what with you still jerking and shaking with your cum but I really hope you didn't say that out loud. Because it sounds pretty corny. You've been telling the ladies all night about how tough you are.

Don't make yourself sound now like some wimp-pussy-girl. All your nattering to the ladies all night, in between telling them all about Jodi and the fun you two are having, probably has them already suspecting that maybe you aren't quite as tough as talk.

So, yeah, ladies. I was just funnin' with you there. I know I'm in bed with an older lady named Jodi. She just fucked me again and gave me a wonderful cum.

Not bad, Jelena. You're right. She 'fucked' you. But then, I spoil it by this silly thought popping into my brain.

'I think she really is an angel!'

Oh, Jelena, go soak your head in a pickle barrel or something. I'm saying that to myself but I can almost hear you ladies saying it for me. But, give me some credit, please, won't 'ya? At least I'm trying to be honest with you all.

Jodi, being so much older than me, it makes it a first for me. Maybe that's what's causing me to have all these uncharacteristic thoughts? All I know for sure is, she has seemingly bewitched me, all evening and night, into strange behavior along with some very un-Jelena-like thinking. But, she has also sent me right into orbit. Twice! So far. Well, even more than that. Two enormous, major-league cums and whole buncha littler ones! The two must be connected although that kind of silly way of living, that is, cums affecting sober thought after the cum is finished, is exactly the kind of stuff I disdain when other girls exhibit symptoms of that disorder.

Anyway, my body is still going through involuntary jerks of after-cum shudders from my last blast-off. So I reckon I couldn't have laid here that long. At long last I ease off kissing her and opening my eyes to look at her, I tease Jodi. "What the fuck did you do to me, you old bitch?"

No other girl has ever sailed me as far away as lovely Jodi. Some blood is going back to my brain now, I think, but how can I be sure? I am still in that wonderful, hazy world of after-cum-fun and our kisses are keeping the thrills moving through me.

See what I mean? I didn't have to say to you, 'lovely Jodi'. Her name alone would have sufficed. I've warned myself about this before, haven't I? At least I didn't say it out loud, for her to hear. My actual words to her were all right, but I must keep reminding myself, it's dangerous, girl, even thinking such thoughts. We had a little discussion along these lines in Chapter 4 of this journal. For those of you that might have read it, you might recall my thinking on the subject. Sloppy thinking can lead to sloppy sentiments being blurted out, which can result in the wrong girl misunderstanding something. Or, at the very least, the wrong girl hearing, 'what she wants to hear'. Even if you didn't exactly say what she 'wants to hear'! And now, you got a problem.

Vigilance is the watch-word. Vigilance as to watching for random crazy thinking and real tough, thorough vigilance as regards any words uttered to my bed-mate. Any bed-mate but, I believe, especially this one. After all, only Jodi has ever gotten these kinda silly thoughts swirling in my fevered brain.

I hear Jodi laugh at my teasing. My characterization of her as a 'bitch'.

"Oh, I'm just an old bitch that likes to fuck younger girls!" she says, wiggling closer under the duvet with me and wrapping her arms around me. "Tell me, Jelena-girl, did you enjoy that? I think you did. Don't try to deceive an old woman!" She chuckles. "So tell me, girl? Does 'this old bitch' know how to fuck a younger chick like you or doesn't she? Did 'this old bitch' fuck you as good as all the other young chicks you're used to bringing home? Was it good enough for you that you'll let 'this old bitch' fuck you again?"

See, Jelena. She uses the word 'fuck'. She says things like, 'Jelena-girl', not, 'lovely Jelena.' Jodi's not getting all mushy. Why are you?

For an answer to another of one of those rhetorical questions Jodi likes to ask – at least I assume it was rhetorical - will you let me fuck you again? - I grab both her lovely, big tits and mash them together. They haven't shrunk any; they are still too large for me to get both nipples into my mouth at the same time, but, I try. I fail, but it is still fun to try. At least her titty-tops are close enough together now that I can rain kisses on the both of them and suck on their tasty centers without having to barely turn my head.

Jodi really likes that. Her hands hold my head in place, tightly to her fantastic bosom. Then she lies back on the pillow, drawing me on top of her.

I kiss her breasts some more, each kiss sending a little shiver through me. I'm actually enthralled at how kissing her bosom sends thrills right through me. Then I just lie my head on her girls and rest there on her dreamily, my silky blonde hair fanned out all over her. I feel Jodi stroking my head. I feel utterly content.

"Jodi," I say finally. "You really aren't an old bitch. I didn't mean that. I was just funnin' with you. Witch, now. That might be the word for you. A magical witch. I've never cum like that, never. Twice! Twice, you worked your witch magic on my body. I've had tons of orgasms in my life. But I've never felt like this, never, ever. That's why I asked, what the heck did you do to me?"

Not bad, Jelena. You only complimented her fucking. That's acceptable.

"Jelena-baby," Jodi whispers back, kissing the top of my head. "You'll think, after all the pussy you've fucked that I'm silly to say so, but I suspect you've never achieved your full sexual potential. Keep in mind no matter how much pussy you've had in your bed, I've had more in mine. You've got lots of great cums in you, girl. I repeat, great, powerful cums. Just like the ones you've had for me tonight. For all the pussy you've had in your bed, I suspect that you've been settling for less-than-great cums. Now, of course, probably every single cum can't be a god-I'm seeing-paradise-end-of-the-world type cum, but I'll tell you a little secret about achieving the great cums later, if you want me to. Remind me. Meantime, our night isn't over yet, is it? I'm still plenty hot for you, babe!"

She wants to know that our night isn't over? How can I tell her, ladies, without sounding like some sissy, silly pussy-girl, that I want this night, my night with her, to never, ever end?

So instead of answering any of her questions or acknowledging any of her observations directly, I put it off. So what does super-brain Jelana do instead? I hear these un-Jelena-like words come out of me.

"Please, for now, just hold me, please, Jodi? I feel so warm and safe! I don't ever wanna move!"

Oh, yeah, that's just great, Jelena. Big improvement on the 'not-wanting-the-night-to-ever-end' thing you thought would be too mooshy to say. You don't think that begging her to 'hold you because you feel warm and safe' doesn't make you sound like some wimpy pussy-girl? The kinda girl you don't really fancy in your bed? The kinda girl you were denigrating before to the ladies? When some girl sounds all google-ly-eyed like you do right now, you usually banish them from your bed.

Question: Ladies, if I'm gonna continue to talk like the silly pussy-girls I look down upon, do I now have to banish myself from my own bed?

As I suspected, having Jodi in my bed is doing weird things to me. Arousing strange, what'd'ya call 'em, oh right, I figured it out before, they're 'feelings'. My only 'feelings', as regards having some nice hot pussy in my bed, such as they have always been up 'til tonight, usually revolve only around the pleasures involved and usually end with my cum. As I said earlier, maybe I am the callous bitch so many pussies have accused me of being.

But, then again, not-so-fast, girls. As evidenced by all the tender thoughts that have been popping into my head about Jodi, maybe I'm not so callous after all. Jodi seems to be softening me up. Question is, Jelena, do you want to be softened? You've been fighting it all night (I think you're losing). Really you've been fighting it all your life, since you were 15-years-old. You certainly have never wanted it before. You've never even considered it.

Jodi interrupts my latest reverie as she laughs at my comment that I really don't wanna ever move.

"I really don't think we can lie here forever, sexy. I think we'll both have to go to the bathroom sometime, won't we? In fact, I need to go now. And we might get very hungry. And we just might wanna change these wet sheets. I don't know about you but I'm lying in a very damp spot. And as far as lying here forever, I don't have to, but won't you have to go to work sometime? Don't you have some kind of a job?"

"I dunno. I don't care." I whisper to her softly.

And, at this precise second in time, I really, really don't. Because it's just like I imagine heaven to be, lying here, warm in Jodi's arms.

Icky, Jelena. That's plenty icky.

I know now, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that I absolutely need to get my ass in gear, give my head a good shake and wake up from this foggy haze I seem to be in.

But, do I do it? No, instead, I somehow melt my body closer to Jodi's and I continue to try to answer her question. Sort of. "A job? What's that? What day is it, Jodi? I forget. You've made me forget. Oh, I know who you are now. You're the woman the Eagles wrote a song about. Witchy Woman." Get what I'm doing, ladies? I'm just babbling, trying to prolong my enjoyment of lying here cuddled up close as I can get to Jodi.

She laughs again. "Do you like the Eagles, Jelena? I would've thought they were more from my generation. Just now, in fact, I was thinking of The Eagles song, 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'. Do you know that one? Because lying here, holding you, that's exactly what I have. Can't you feel my heart beat, lying there on my tits?" She chuckles. "Hey, that's got the makings of some pretty good song lyrics, don't you think, Jelena?"

I smile and hug Jodi tighter. As as matter of fact, I can feel Jodi's steady heart beat. It's right underneath my ear as it is pressed against her boob. And I can feel my own. Mine has calmed down enough now that our two heart beats are almost synchronized. Strange, I can feel my own heart-beat. I'm not sure I've ever noticed it before tonight, unless it was pounding out of my chest during a work-out or a cum. I've often been accused of not having a heart.

I ask myself, 'Besides cums, has this been what this night has been all about? Jodi showing you that you have a heart? Has this witchy-woman been stirring this new-found heart toward having dreaded 'feelings', Jelena-girl? Ugh. Feelings. Danger! Danger! Weren't you denigrating girls earlier who wallowed in their 'feelings' instead of just enjoying their cums and moving on?'

I'm so disgusted by myself right now, even asking myself these kinda questions, that if I wasn't still so hungry for Jodi, (and more of the kinda cums she she dishes out!) I might just summon the energy to jump out of bed right now and show her the door.

All right, I admit, that after this night with Jodi, maybe I need to be asking myself these kinda questions. Thing being, even if my brain seems like it's asking the right questions now, I'm nowhere near coming up with any answers. I don't think I have enough data. So many conflicting thoughts are swirling around in my fevered brain that I think my head might explode. If my brain was a PC, right now I think I'd have a 'Windows Crash.'

I turn my head so I can kiss Jodi right where I can feel her heart beating.

"Right there, Jodi." I tell her. "Your lovely heart is right there. I can feel it beating!"

Geez, Louise! I almost added, 'Is it beating just for me?' Good save, not verbalizing that kinda silly thought but, you're not off the hook, girl. There you go again, telling her she has a lovely heart. I give up. Maybe in a few hours and with a couple of cums, Jodi has really turned you into some kinda mushy pussy-girl.

Jodi pulls me up to her and kisses me right on the lips.

Jodi laughs. Her soft, musical laugh. "Now, Jelena-girl, you can't possibly know whether I have a lovely heart or not. You don't know me well enough." She gives me more kisses. I feel lost in her kisses!

I want to scream at her that I know all I need to know.

Oh, man, ladies, that was really bad. I know I didn't say it out loud but my brain even hosting such a thought means – well, I'm scared to death to think of what it might mean. But I'm reminded of that old joke. Who are you and what have you done with Jelena?

Jodi, however, continues her thinking along those lines, "How 'bout you, Jelena? How's the state of your heart, right about now?"

Another of her rhetorical questions? I hope. But it doesn't really matter. I've just reached my limit. I was starting to wonder if there were any limits to my silliness tonight. But there must be some semblance of the real Jelena inside somewhere because I've just reached it. My limit, that is. Maybe the euphoria of my last cum is finally wearing off! I've sure got no intention of answering this one. I'm being enough of a wimp and a sissy.

I might be struggling, thinking I'm having 'feelings', for Jodi. But, even if that's true, even if some changes are in the cards for me, Rome wasn't built in a day. Right? Or a night. Or on the basis of a couple of cums, I'm sure. Even if Jelena is being transformed tonight, it's not happening right now, this instant. Is it? It can't happen this fast, can it?

No, ma'am! I'm not answering any dumb questions having to do with the state of my heart. I've been accused many times over the years of not even having a heart and up 'til tonight I didn't really know for sure myself if I actually had one or not. I certainly have never wanted one of those pesky things! Leastways, a girlie-type heart. 'Something' was moving my blood around. That's all I cared about. Being around lots of girls over the years who constantly annoyed and bored me talking endlessly about all the 'feelings' they had 'in their hearts', I always vowed I did not want to be like that.

Jelena's simple equation for living? No heart equals no feelings equals never getting hurt equals I'm happy and content living my life on my own terms. That was me until a few hours ago. My pre-Jodi life.

Yes, girls, I've always thought that I've been happy and content. Haven't I? Do all these weird thoughts running through my tired brain right now indicate that I really haven't been? Happy and content, that is? And didn't even know it?

Time to change the subject. How could I possibly in 10,000 years, tell Jodi what I've shared with you ladies tonight? That tonight, because of her, presumably, I'm changing, 'feeling' certain things, certain stirrings in the vicinity of this new-found heart of mine. The heart that up 'til tonight there was no tangible evidence I even had. I am very confused, questioning everything, and, no doubt, when Jodi finally leaves me, I will do some long, long, hard thinking about what has happened here tonight. Hopefully with a clear head.

Question: does anyone know if there is a support group, such as AA, one can attend to get rid of, be done with, unwanted 'feelings'?

And, I know I've probably bored you all again with my rambling but at least all this talking with myself and to you and all this heavy thinking, no matter how circular and convoluted, has allowed me time to get some energy back again anyway.

I dive my hand down to Jodi's pussy and give it a nice cuddle. Wow, it's damp down here! A deft change of subject. "Witchy woman," I ask, slyly and innocently. "Didn't I hear you say something about more cums?"

Jodi smiles, reaches down, takes my hand, draws it away from her pussy back up to her mouth and kisses it.

"Jelena, baby, I'd luv to have more cums with you, but do you know what I'd like for us to do first? A pee! I told you a while back I had to go. Although I'm not sure me peeing in your bed would make it any wetter than it already is! After that, how big's your bathtub? Is there room in it for both of us? I'd love to have a nice, warm, sudsy bath with you. How's that sound, lovely-one? And then, beings as it is still Saturday night and I'm hoping you don't have to work on Sunday, we could come back to this lovely bed for more fun and games."

It is still Saturday night? I vaguely remember I had picked up a girl named Debbi and had a session with her Saturday afternoon. A session I know I survived with my brain intact. Granted, Debbi did not live up to her looks, hadn't been very good in bed and I'd had only one mediocre cum. (Compared to the sugar Jodi hands out!) And I know I had gone back to the club and met Jodi and her and I were still in my bed. But Debbi seemed like a million years ago. And my universe seems like it has been tossed upside-down since then. And it isn't even mid-night yet? It doesn't seem possible.

But, at the moment, living in the moment, which is what I usually prefer to do, Jodi's idea sounds great. I also have to pee.

"Oooh, oooh, witchy woman!" I sing to her. The Eagles would laugh at my rendition but I'm happy with it. I smile warmly at her. She smiles warmly right back. Something intangible passes between our smiles. "You know damn well I'll do anything you want me to do." I tell Jodi. "Come on, sexy. I'll lead the way to my bathroom. Wait 'til you see my tub! When we come back, we'll change these sheets. Although it seems a waste of time. I'm reasonably certain that we'll just wet the new ones up too."

Jodi squeezes one of my tits and laughs. "How can we not, foxy-girl?"

First up, when we get to the bathroom, - long, slow journey, hugs and kisses all the way down the hall - is use the can. We take turns. I let my guest, Witchy Woman, go first. Both Jodi and I comment, as we wipe our pussies after splashing in the bowl, that our cunts are very, very tender. We must have rubbed them too hard together sailing up, up, up, to our first blissful cums tonight. But, we agree, (have we dis-agreed about anything tonight?) it is a very pleasant kind of tender.

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