tagFetishJen & Dean Discover Samantha

Jen & Dean Discover Samantha


(Jen) It was the first day of my annual summer two-week vacation. I woke up with that delicious feeling of knowing that I could either get up and make coffee, or just lay in bed and soak up the feeling of having absolutely nothing to do all day long for fourteen days straight.

I opted for coffee. I wanted to get a nice spot on the beach by midmorning.

I leisurely drank my black coffee in a hot shower. I shaved my long tan legs and came to the conclusion that it was time for a fresh coat of toenail polish. I changed my mind back and forth about five times between hot pink and electric blue. I decided to go with the blue to match my blue and green Hawaiian bikini. My toes are pretty important to me.

I patted my feet dry and took off the old polish with several cottonballs. I rubbed raspberry-mint lotion on my legs and feet and prepped my cuticles for the pedicure. My feet were tingly-cool from the minty lotion. I brushed on the blue polish and the effect was sexy against my tan toes. Being a girl is so much fun! I giggled at myself for polishing my toes in the nude. What fun a man would have living with me! But, as it was, I was very single at the time.

I tied on my favorite blue and green bikini and threw on a pair of cutoff jean shorts over the bottoms. I turned around several times in the mirror making sure I was safe to wear such tight short shorts out in public. They looked nice...I was good to go. Well, almost.

Time to pick out footwear. My favorite part! I had actually bought a pair of sandals to go with the bikini the day that I purchased it, but I was really leaning towards a pair of thin flip-flops that were bright blue with little silvery flowers on them. Yep, they would be very comfy for a relaxing day at the beach.

I slipped on the flippies loving the feel of the little thingy that was between my big and second toes on each foot. Someone should really come up with a name for that thingy. Well, maybe there is a name for it and I just don't know it! Maybe it's the "flip" and the other part is the "flop".

I grabbed my steamy book I was reading for the pure purpose of smut only, and dropped it into my beach bag. Next stop, sun and water.

I found a glorious spot with few people around and began laying my towel out on the sand. I peeked over my sunglasses at a cute guy walking from the water to the beach. I averted my eyes as he got closer and finished spreading my towel out.

(Dean) I had just come out of the water and was heading for my towel. I spotted this blonde chick in a sexy blue and green bikini laying out her towel...and well, it was a nice picture seeing her bending over and making her towel lay on the sand just so. Her jean shorts did her mucho justice. I immediately checked out her feet. She had on the thinnest little sandals and her toes were all ablaze in this great bright blue color. My dick acknowledged the polish with equal amounts of fervor, as did my mind. Man, what a great set of toesies this girl has, I thought to myself. I almost walked past my own towel for lack of paying attention to where the hell I was going.

I decided to lie on my towel stomach side down so that I could check out this girl's face as well as her feet. This is one of the beauties of sunglasses. Or at least I think I'm being inconspicious when I stare with my sunglasses on.

When a man like me has the insatiable desire to worship women's feet, one must be very careful. You can quite seriously fall in love with a girl's feet and not even have looked at her face. This can be pretty dangerous. Not that I'm shallow, but a pretty looking face is a nice bonus five feet and six inches from gorgeous toes. But, one look at this girl's face and I knew that it was a little too good to be true. She must be married, or engaged...like to a senator or at least a neuro-geo-doctor-lawyer-body-builder guy with a big paycheck. Girls like that are usually attached. But, sometimes, girls like that like to play, so what the hell...I may go for it.

(Jen) Once I got my towel laid out, I slipped off my jean shorts and flip-flops and laid down. I rubbed on my oil, and was ready to relax. I didnt even get out my book...I just stretched out under the rays and felt the sungoddess stroking my body with heliotherapy. Ahhhhh.

(Dean) When she wiggled out of her shorts my cock yelled praises to the gods. Yipes, I hadn't felt this kind of lust since about the 12th grade. My dick was hard as a rock under my body and I had to shift my weight a bit to get comfortable. I didn't think that she had noticed me yet and it was a good thing, cuz I was now staring right at her. Even with my "sneaky shades" on, I was full on staring and it was probably obvious. When it comes to lovely peds like this, my "smooth" goes right out the window. Not that I have that much "smooth" to spare, but now all I needed was a kleenex to dab at the drool sliding down the corner of my mouth.

(Jen) As I laid there in total relaxation, I noticed the cute guy was staring brazenly at my legs. Since he had just come out of the water his tan body was glistening with drops of the salty ocean. He was on his tummy and his back muscles looked nice and toned under his freckly tan. Yum. Nice yummy beach boy. I tossed my hair to the side and slid one leg up so that it was bent at the knee. I flexed my ankle a bit like it had a little cramp in it or something and my gold anklet caught the sun and sparkled.

To my left lay an attractive brunette on a lounger. She had really nice feet. Her toenails were all decked out in a French pedicure. She looked really pretty in her yellow and hotpink bikini. I noticed the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed in and out. I think she was dozing. How could I reasonably relax being sandwiched in between two bathing beauties like the ones to my left and my right?

(Dean) I finally turned my head to avoid any further hardening of my dick and decided to try and snooze in the sun for a bit. Beyond the blond was a brunette and my mind was reeling at the fantastical possibilities. I don't know if my foot fetish is a curse, or a joy sometimes.

(Jen) I had almost decided to get out my book and flip over to my belly when the brunette from a few yards away approached me.

"Hi! Sorry to bother you, but do you have any lotion with some sunscreen in it?" She asked me sweetly.

"I only brought my oil, and I really need something stronger for my face. I can't believe I went off and forgot it!" She went on.

"Sure. No problem. I have some Clinique 45."

"Perfect...you're a lifesaver!"

I dug out the lotion from my bag and grabbed my cigarettes while I was digging.

"Smoke?" I asked her.

"Well, I have supposedly quit, but what the hell."

We sat and had a cig and chitchatted for a bit.

"I really love your French toes. I have had that pedicure before and I really liked it. So did my ex-ex-boyfriend."

"Yeah, I was hesitant to get it, but my nail tech talked me into it. I loved it once he finished it."

"I love getting my toes done. It's such a treat." I told her.

"Oh, it's like a weekly religious experience for me." She laughed.

"I know exactly what you mean." I replied.

"And furthermore," I went on, "I think that guy laying over there digs feet too. He was staring at mine earlier. Well, at least I think he was!"

"Some men are really into that. I spose it's a sort of fetish."

"Well, yeah it is!" I laughed.

"You seem to be amused, what did I miss?"

"Well, you have gorgeous feet, haven't you ever had a man really really...I mean REALLY dig your feet?"

"Well, not really. I mean, I have had guys massage my feet if that is what you mean."

"Well, that is part of it. But, there's a bit more to it."


"For instance, the last guy I dated massaged my feet a few times, but the guy before that worked my feet into every single sexual encounter we had."


"Yep. And I loved every minute of it. I think there is something really sexy about feet and I really enjoy having feet as a part of sex."

"Well, wow. I think I could get into that."

"Of course you could...just look at how pretty your feet are. And just the fact that you take time to make them so cute and all. Well, let's just say you're a foot fetishists dream come true!"

"No shit?"

I just looked at her with my one eyebrow up in "the knowing" look.

She giggled.

"By the way, my name is Jen."

"I'm Sam. Nice to meet you, Jen. And I must say, I think you have really pretty eyes, and the rest of you goes with them." She said shyly looking down at her hands.

"Thanks honey. I think the same of you." I said to her lightly touching her knee. Yummy girl.

(Dean) I couldn't help it. I am a weak, weak man when it comes to sexy feet. I turned my head back in the girls' direction and low-and-fucking-behold; the two were smiling and chatting away! Right next to each other. What, when, where, how? Did they know each other? They sure looked cozy. The blond was laughing and once in awhile she lightly touched the brunette on the leg as they laughed together. How nice. My dick was a freakin iron rod under my body. Now...if she would just slide her hand down the brunettes leg and over her fooot…

"He's looking at you again."

"Correction, my dear, he's looking at us."

"You think?"

"Well, what do men love, love, love above and beyond, in all the possible realms of sexual experiences?"

"Yeah, you're so right. He's looking at us. Two girls in bikinis with tan toes!" she giggled.

I was really beginning to like this girl. She was so cute and fun. I adored her laugh.

"Wanna have some fun?" I asked her posing my one brow again.

"Well, sure." She replied.

"Okay, this will really get him...just go along with me, kay?"

"Okay!" she said her dark brown eyes sparkling.

"Do you ever wear toerings?" I asked her.

"No, I've just never thought to buy one."

"Would you like to try one of mine on to see what it feel and looks like on your sexy French toes?" I asked her smiling.

"Yes!" She squealed.

I deliberately glanced over at beach bunny boy and then slowly slid off one of my toe rings.

"Give me your foot." I told Sam.

She immediatly lifted her foot up to my knee and lightly rested it there. She was good...she knew exactly what I was doing and played along like a champ.

I took the top portion of her foot in my hand and slid the ring onto her second toe. Being that she was oiled down, the ring slid on nicely and fitted perfectly on her toe. Touching her foot really turned me on. I had only screwed around with one girl in college, but I had always kindled a strong aversion to pretty girls...and pretty feet on girls. This chica covered both.

(Dean) Well, I should just fold up my towel and call it a day, I thought to myself. That moment was too good to be true and I could probably go home and jerk off thinking about it for the next two days straight. Well, I could do that, or go over and talk to the toe-vixens. They were obviously enamoured with their feet, and it would be oh-so-nice if I could take a picture of their feet together. I always take my trusty Nikon to the beach with me in search of lovely feet. I take pics when I get my nerve up. Being that these girls were already messing with their feet, they had actually already broken the ice for me.

"Hi there." I said to the both of them. They were even lovlier up close. If I wasn't already sweating in the hot sun, I would have started now.

"Hi." They said in unison.

I looked over at Sam and gave her my "see i told you so" look. She smiled at me.

The cute beach boy had a camera slung over his shoulder. This was going to be interesting.

"I was just wondering if you two are like foot models or something? You both have such nice feet."

"I'm not. But, thanks for the compliment." I said smiling up at him.

"Me either." Sam remarked.

"Well, would the two of you be interested in letting me take some pictures of your feet?"

"Sounds fun." I replied.

"Sure." Sam said after me.

"Great. I want to get both of your feet in one picture. Is that ok?"

Sam and I put our feet together and looked up at him the both of us smiling sweetly.

"Perfect. Are you sure you're not models?" he laughed.

We just giggled.

He took a few pictures of our feet and thanked us both.

I had to make a bold move or all would be for not. Sam and the beach boy could end up being a fun event for the first evening of my vacation.

"Listen, if you guys want to, I would love to do more pictures at my place this evening...or anytime this week."

As Sam said, "YES", the beach boy said..."Tonight is good for me."

I gave them both my address and number. Sam had to get home, and I was also in need of a shower and preparation for the evening was definitaly in order. The three of us parted ways. I was very pleased with the morning and looking very foward to the evening. This was what vacation was all about.

Sam and Dean simultaneously arrived at my door at 8:00 sharp. Sam looked incredibly sexy. She had on a thin pale green sundress. Her feet were clad in four-inch strappy sandals a shade darker than her dress. I noticed she was still wearing my toering. Around her ankle was a thin little gold chain with a heart hanging on it.

Our beach bunny friend, whom we found out was named Dean, was also looking yummy in his jeans and white t-shirt. He was wearing a hemp necklace that drew my attention to his tan neck.

I invited them both in and offered them a drink. Dean started getting his camera out and loading it with film.

"Two pretty girls in sundresses...I don't know how I got so lucky!" he teased us.

We laughed and sipped our cocktails.

I could go into detail about him taking the picures of our feet, because it was really fun and sexy, sexy, sexy, but, what happened after we were about an hour into our photo session is probably the better part of the story.

Sam and I were laying on opposite sides of the couch with our legs entertwined for a shot, and Dean must have grown balls the size of Texas, or he was just really, really tipsy, but he asked us if we would sit up and face each other. We both sat up and then he asked us the biggy...

"Um, girls, would you consider indulging my camera with a kissing shot?"

"You mean you want us to each blow a kiss at the camera?" I asked innocently.

"Well, what I meant was kiss each other. I've never been lucky enough to get a shot of girls kissing."

Very bold he was. I was quite amused. I looked at Sam and she just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

"I'm game". She said.

"Sure, we'll do it." I said. "But, I have a better idea. Why don't you video tape it for us? I have a camcorder in my room."

Before he could answer, I hopped up and went to my room for the video cam.

I handed Dean the camera and sat back down next to pretty Samantha. She tossed her hair behind her shoulders and I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and slipped the elastic tie that I had around my wrist onto it. We leaned foward and her cotton candy pink lips touched my dark red ones. Her mouth was so soft and warm. We kissed lightly and then I was shocked to feel her hands around my waist pulling me in closer to her. She opened her mouth and I felt her warm tongue on my lips. I parted my lips open for her tongue to slip into my mouth. I put my hands on her neck and felt her soft hair spilling over her shoulders. I ran my hand down her shoulder all the way down her arm, down her side, her hip and her leg to her little tan foot. I gently pulled away from her and scooched back a bit lifting her foot up to my mouth. Her foot smelled like cucumber melon lotion and was soft and smooth. I licked the bottom of her foot from her creamy sole all the way up to the tip of her big toe. When I got to her big toe, I opened my mouth and sucked it in. I am sure Dean was doing major zoom action of this! Sam closed her eyes and leaned back while I sucked on her toes and licked her lovely foot.

"Put the camera down, Dean and come over here." I commanded him.

He came over and stood next to my legs. I slipped off my sandal and he immediately knelt down and took my foot in his hands. When he put his tongue on the top of my foot I felt my pussy ache and I slid my right hand up Sam's skirt. The way her hips moved ever so slightly towards my hand, I knew she was good to go.

"Touch yourself, honey." I said to her.

She slipped her hand up her dress and under her panties. She was a wild one, this girl. And she had acted so shy at the beach! It's what we girls do best. Well, almost.

By now, Dean was pouring wine over my barefoot and going to town on my girls...my toes. He was having a great time down there. I slipped my other sandal off and started stroking the bulge in his jeans with my left foot.

"Can we just all take off our restrictive clothing?" Dean asked us. He actually looked like he was in pain for having to keep his cock penned up.

Sam and I giggled as we slipped off our sundresses.

So, we all sucked, licked, and kissed each other for quite sometime. The camera was still rolling, and that tape is one of my most prized possessions to this day. Sam turned out to be quite the girl-lover...she licked my pussy and my feet with great fervor, as did I hers. I fucked Dean with my feet, and he sucked both of our toes for what seemed to be hours! I even took some pictures for him of him kissing Sam's pretty feet. Sam was too enthralled to take any pictures of Dean and myself, which was fine with us.

Sam was the first to leave after our tete-a-tete. Dean walked over to the video camera and shut it off.

"Wanna rewind and watch it, baby?" He asked me.

"Need you ask, Dean?" I laughed.

"I'm glad I have such a naughty and equally clever friend as you, Jen." Dean smiled down at me.

I reached around and playfully smacked him on the ass. I was pleased once again with his expertise of skillfully slipping into the role of the "stranger".

"Ready for round two, baby?" I asked him.

"As always." He replied heading for the bedroom for the ropes and toys, as he knew exactly where I kept them all.

Now I would really get my workout. My little toes would too.

Mmm…toes. Go suck some.

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