tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJen Is Back for Spring

Jen Is Back for Spring


I finally got caught. Not by the police, thank goodness, but by my boyfriend (maybe that's worse!). He had been traveling a lot, and I had been playing online (which he allows), but a girlfriend who accidentally found out about my playing mentioned it to him (I had told her I was playing online with HIM), and he freaked out a little. He found out I was going beyond the rules we had agreed upon (no photo sharing being one of the biggies, plus a few others), and when staying over at my place one time he was home, changed my yahoo chat and email password, and wouldn't tell me what it was. Plus, his job actually kept him around for much of the winter, so I was happy anyway.

But now he's traveling again, and it's spring, so a woman's fancy (at least *this* woman's fancy) turns to risk taking and exhibitionism, potential humiliation, and all of the other freaky things I love.

Here's an update of what I've done in the last week or so (since he left again), plus what I hope to do this spring/summer as he travels.

We finally had a warm and wonderfully sunny day last week up here in the Northeast (I moved from Arizona - did I mention that?). I woke up early and saw on the thermometer that it was actually warm enough to jog... and show off... so I quick changed into my running shoes and decided what to wear. Not too little, since it definitely wasn't hot out, but enough for a little fun. I chose a pair of tight tiny white shorts (a little smaller due to a few extra pounds from the winter) with a bright red thong (not one of my tiny ones - I wanted it to show through). Plus a tight white camisole that is somewhat see through. Not too daring, but it wasn't as early in the morning as I usually run, and I thought I might actually get seen running around the neighborhood... which I did! A man walking his dog was walking towards me and enjoyed the whole bouncing boobs/poking nipple show, and I bet turned to watch me as I jogged past, seeing my thong peeking out and showing through! I got very turned on by that!

This spring I plan to continue my exploits with jogging. Last summer and fall I stated buying old clothes at garage sales - clothes I wouldn't mind throwing away. I have most of them left, and maybe this week (it's supposed to be warm again) I can wear something revealing to jog in (I like my red lace boy shorts from VS that ride up my crack, and maybe a white t-shirt cut off right below my boobs), wear the old dress over it, jog a ways, then throw it out and have to jog either back to my car or home very underdressed!

This weekend I took some zip ties that I bought last year and tied some clothesline between two. I set off for an outlet mall a ways away from me. It's not very crowded, even on the weekend, and I was ready for some bondage fun. I wore the same white cami that I jogged in, and a short skirt with no panties.

I got to the mall and found a bench towards one end. It has vertical wooden slats for the back. I had tied the clothesline to the zip ties with 8 overhand knots, not tied too tightly. I sat down, put the rope around the back of one of the slats, took several deep breaths, and slid my wrists into the zip ties, and used my hands to pull them tight. I loved the feeling of sitting in a public place, barely dressed, while being helpless and tied up! No one walked by as I untied the knots with my fingers, but just thinking they could, knowing they'd see me with my hands behind my back, my boobs in a semi-see-through top with my hard nipples poking out, made me so turned on!

It didn't take long to the rope untied (note to self - a lot more knots next time). I freed my hands from behind my back and walked to a changing room at one of the stores (zip ties still obvious around my wrists!) where I stripped naked, got down on my knees with my ass up towards the door (sorry, I locked it this time - I wasn't feeling *that* brave) and had a huge (though quiet) orgasm.

Next time: more knots, which will take me longer to untie; maybe tie my legs wide to the bench (or a chair) which could show off my pussy with no way to keep people from looking; maybe a button-up dress with most (all???) of the buttons undone - as I untie the knots, if I move too much, what will be revealed?!; clothespins on my nipples on the outside of my shirt? So many ideas! MMM, how about my vibrator on my clit, set to high just as I tighten the zip ties? This is going to be a fun summer!

I also am looking at a park somewhat nearby. It has a tree line on each side of a soccer field. I was thinking of wearing old clothes over something revealing (maybe just go naked underneath!), leaving a scissors on one side of the soccer field, walking over to the other, throwing my clothes into a tree (so I can't back out) and using a zip tie on each wrist and one connecting them in the middle. The only way out would be to get back across the soccer field to the scissors so I could get into my car and drive home!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures!

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