tagIncest/TabooJen Joins the Family

Jen Joins the Family


"Jen would really like to go on this cruise with us."

Brian looked up at his wife with an expression of surprise.

"Jen?" he asked.

"Yeah. She's never been anywhere, you know. Paula and Ben can't afford a trip like this," Brooke said.

"Then how could an eighteen year old girl afford it?"

Brooke smiled and inched closer to her husband on the couch. "I've been thinking about ways to make this work."

Brian's look acted as approval for her to go on.

"Either way, we'll pay for her trip," Brooke said. "It's only another fifteen hundred dollars. I'll just spend less time in the casino. But I thought we could, maybe, you know, let her pay for it in other ways."

Brian didn't look convinced. "Like what?"

Brooke put her hand on his leg. "I told her this was our twentieth wedding anniversary cruise and that I wanted to do something special for you."

"You've already talked to her about it? Without even asking me first?"

"Listen to me, will you?" Brooke begged him. "You can be such an asshole sometimes. Anyway, I asked her if she was available that week and if she'd be interested in coming with us. Well, she's always available, of course, because they never go anywhere and she said she'd love to go. I asked her if she'd still want to go knowing she'd be sharing a cabin with us."

She stopped and watched his reaction.

"She'd be sharing a cabin with us?"

Brooke moved her hand up Brian's leg. "You don't want a gorgeous, recently graduated high school cheerleader to share a cabin with us?"

"She's our fucking niece!"

Brooke fingers slid across her husband's cock. "We talked about that, too. She kind of likes the idea."

Brian squirmed. "Cut the crap. Tell me what's going on here."

Brooke rolled over until she was sitting in Brian's lap, facing him.

"I asked Jen if she'd be interested in joining us on the cruise, staying in our cabin, and providing you with a special twentieth wedding anniversary gift," Brooke said in her sexiest voice. "I asked her if she would be willing to pay for her trip by offering special services throughout the week."

After a short pause, Brian repeated, "She's our fucking niece."

"Now you're catching on."

Brooke felt the cock under her hardening. She didn't care if it was because of her stroking it or because of Brian's mental images of their blonde niece.

"Doesn't the fact she's our niece just add to the excitement?" Brooke asked, her hand picking up speed and pressure.

"What about Paula and Ben?" Brian said.

"They'll never know. Jen won't say a word."

Brian stared blankly over Brooke's shoulder into space, deep in thought. He barely noticed it when she opened his zipper and pulled out his long erection. Brooked slid down and licked the underside of the cock from the balls to the tip.

"Just think of it," she whispered before engulfing the cock with her mouth.


"Do you still want to go?" Brooke asked Jen over the phone.

"Oh my God!" the teenager screamed. "He agreed? I don't believe it! Oh my God! I'm going on a cruise!"

Brooke let her calm down for a second.

"You remember the conditions, right?"

"Yes, Aunt Brooke. I remember. I'll do everything you said," Jen replied.

"And let's drop the Aunt and Uncle stuff," Brooke told her. "Call us Brooke and Brian."

"OK. I'll try to remember."

"Don't forget, it's not just what I told you, but this is Brian's present. You have to obey him totally. Get it?" Brooke said sternly.

"I'll walk around the entire week butt naked if he wants."

Brooke smiled to herself, thought about saying something, and then talked to Brooke about packing for a cruise. A very special cruise.


The moment Brian saw Jen running out of the house the morning they picked her up to go to the airport, he knew he was in for a long week. Her t-shirt barely restrained her full, firm breasts as they bounced with each stride she took. As he helped her put her suitcases into the trunk, he couldn't take his eyes off her ass. The entire way to the airport, he was checking her out in the rearview mirror...his cock reacting with each passing mile.

Luckily, Jen and Brooke never stopped talking during the flight. When, or if, Brian would be forced into chatting with Jen, at least he had picked up on a few topics he knew would allow Jen to carry the conversation. The only thing Brian thought he had in common with the teenager was a deep appreciation of her good looks and luscious body.

Jen had spent the last five years or so being told how beautiful she was. Cheerleading was a legitimate means of displaying her body to the masses. Brooke and Brian were about to find out how much she wanted more.

They arrived at the port and Jen was in awe of the ship. At first, it was simply because of the size of it. But once they got on board she was nearly dizzy from constantly looking around at the splendor of the floating city. When Brian opened the cabin door and let the women in, Jen ran straight for the balcony.

"Oh my God! Look at this!" she exclaimed.

Brian and Brooke had been on many cruises and were used to the standard balcony cabin. Seeing their niece's excitement made it all a little better, though. Brian watched her slide open the door and sprint to the railing. Her ass rose invitingly as she leaned over and looked up and down the length of the ship.

"Unbelievable," she said. "It goes on forever. This is so cool."

Brooke threw all the carry-on luggage on the bed and smiled as Jen flopped onto one of the lounge chairs on the balcony. Two seconds later, she was back in the cabin.

"I'm heading to the pool," Jen said, unzipping her bag and rummaging through it.

As soon as she had her bikini in hand, she turned to head for the bathroom.

"Whoa!" Brooke yelled. "Where are you going?"

"The bathroom," Jen said with surprise.

"Uh uh," Brooke said with her arm acting as a gate blocking Jen's way. "This week you'll do all your changing out here. That goes for all of us."

She looked at Brian, whose faint smile acknowledged the order. Jen also looked at him, but with a more devious grin.

"Sure. Whatever you guys say," Jen conceded.

She kicked off her sandals. Jen grabbed the bottom of her shirt and, at the instant her breasts were about to appear, she turned her back to Brian. The shirt was tossed onto the bed and then she pulled down her shorts, seemingly taking forever to extract her feet while bending over at the waist. Without glancing back, Jen removed her panties the same way and stood naked in the middle of the cabin.

Brian stared at her body without the slightest hint of embarrassment. Brooke watched her husband more than she watched Jen, but appreciated the show her niece was putting on.

Jen took the bottom half of the bikini and slid it on gracefully, making every attempt to prevent Brian from getting a direct view of her breasts. After an erotic tug on the suit that caused it to ride up the crack in her ass, she put everything in place and reached for the bikini top.

She slid it over her head and let it hang in front of her. She gripped the two strings and held them at her side.

"Brian, can you tie this for me, please?" she said.

Just as Brian took hold of the strings, Jen moved backwards until her ass made contact with the front of his pants. Brian moved back just enough to separate from Jen, all the while tying the bikini in a neat bow in the center of her back.

When he was done, Jen quickly turned to face him. She once again bumped against him and reached up with her lips to kiss him on the side of his face. She let her mouth linger while pressing against his obviously hard cock.

"Thanks. This is going to be a GREAT week. Don't you think?" she said with a smile.

"I hope so," Brian said nervously. His desire to take her in his arms was overwhelming, but he didn't want to push it just yet...at least not with Brooke right there.

Jen grabbed her stuff for the pool and headed out in a rush. Before the door was completely closed, Brooke was behind Brian with her hand on his cock.

"Isn't she just the cutest little thing?" she whispered into his ear, rubbing the cock with more and more pressure.

"I guess. If you like gorgeous, blonde, teenage girls."

Brooke squeezed his cock roughly and slapped him on the ass before heading for the balcony.


The rest of the luggage was delivered about an hour later. After Brooke unpacked, she and Brian roamed the ship to get their bearings. Eventually, Brooke told him she was going to sit at the pool and then shop. Brian went back to the cabin.

To his surprise, Jen was on the balcony. She was lying on the lounge chair, completely stretched out in the sun...topless. The sliding glass door was closed and Brian quietly stepped up to it, never taking his eyes of his niece's breasts. They rose from her chest with perfection; the pink nipples extended out more like a child's than a woman's, reminding Brian of her age.

His eyes moved down to her flat stomach and then onto the tiny patch of material that covered her pussy. His cock ached at the thought of what must lie underneath. Jen's legs were long and lean with silky smooth thighs.

But his eyes always returned to the breasts.

In the middle of his inspection, Jen suddenly turned over and laid on her stomach with her head tilted away from him. He studied her ass and back and legs. He was getting harder.

Brian built up his courage for a couple minutes, and then slid open the door.

Jen lifted her head to look at him.

"Oh! Brian. Perfect timing," she said. "Can you put lotion on my back and legs?"

She leaned up just enough to offer a hint of her breasts, but not nearly enough to show them.

Brian wouldn't have refused anyway, but her smile convinced him to do it. She pointed to the lotion on the table and Brian walked around her to get to it. She settled back down onto the lounge chair and he put a small amount of lotion on his hand.

He started at her shoulders and slowly worked down to the top of her ass. Another squeeze of the bottle gave him enough to finish her back. He rubbed it into her incredibly soft and warm skin, purposely avoiding any attempts to get his hands anywhere near her breasts or ass.

Then he moved down to her legs and worked the lotion into her thighs and calves. His bravery grew by the minute and he allowed the edge of his hand to lightly touch her bikini at the top of her thighs.

As soon as he lifted his hands, Jen rolled over onto her back. She looked up at him. Unbeknownst to Brian, she knew when he had entered the cabin and how long he had been staring at her. So, she didn't wait long for his reaction.

"Can you do the front, too?"

"I really shouldn't...," Brian started to say.

"Please," she begged.

Jen saw Brian look into the empty cabin. Then he poured lotion in his palm and leaned forward. His hand landed on the top of her stomach first, but quickly moved up towards her breasts. Jen watched as Brian timidly slid his fingers over one breast, down into her cleavage, and then over the other breast. He twirled his palm over each nipple one more time.

Brian didn't want to stop. He wanted to push down and squeeze the firm tits and roll the nipples between his fingers. He wanted to roughly knead them and push them up and suck on the nipples until she begged him to...

He pulled away from her.

"Thanks," she said with a grin.

Without a word, Brian put the lotion back on the table and entered the cabin.

Less than half an hour later, Jen joined him, her bikini top in her hand. She strode past him one time, put her top on the bed, and walked back over to where he sat on the couch. She stood as close as she could without touching his legs.

"You were hard, weren't you?" she asked.

Brian saw her eyes move to his crotch. He didn't answer.

"Weren't you."

It was a statement this time.

"Yes," Brian replied.

Jen smiled. "Stand up."

Brian felt like a fool responding to the demands of his eighteen year old niece, but he couldn't stop himself. She touched him. His erection started once again.

"I hope we get to fuck on this cruise," Jen said softly. "I bet you have a long, thick cock that would feel awesome inside my tight cunt."

Brian felt her fingers wrap around his stiff shaft.

"Would you like that?" she asked.

Brian nodded.

"Do you like my tits?"

He nodded.

"Lick them, Brian."

"No. Brooke might..."

"Lick them. Suck on my tits, Brian."

She pulled on his erection hard enough to pull him to her. Brian leaned down and licked her left tit. He stabbed at the nipple once more and then put a good portion of her breast in his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, yes. Harder," Jen moaned.

Brian sucked on the tit and rolled the nipple with his tongue. He bit on it lightly and Jen whimpered with pleasure. He moved to the other side and repeated the process until that nipple was twice its normal size. Jen held his head in place until he forced her to let him go.

"Wow. You're good," she smiled. "I bet you're great in bed. Promise me we'll fuck soon."

"We'll see," Brian said as he settled uneasily back onto the couch.

Jen turned away and disappeared into the bathroom. The moment the bathroom door closed, Brooke walked into the cabin.


Dinner that evening was more torture for Brian. Jen wore a sundress with a swooping neckline that offered him, and every man near their table, a tempting view of her breasts. Having now seen them up close and personal, it was even harder for Brian to resist them. He could imagine the nipples; taste them; and, feel them on his tongue.

Brian had experienced half of her offerings. He wanted more.

As they finished dessert, Brooke told Jen, "If you hit the lounges after dinner, try to be in at a reasonable time. Like before daylight."

"Don't worry," Jen said.

"Oh, I'll worry," Brooke assured her. "We're supposed to bring you back home."

Jen kissed Brooke on the cheek and left with nearly every male eye in the dining room on her sleek figure. Brian and Brooke relocated to a jazz bar, and then went back to the cabin. Just after midnight, Brian began to undress for bed.

He was down to his boxers when Jen entered the cabin. She instinctively paused when she saw her uncle in his underwear, but quickly closed the door and walked into the room.

"Did you have fun?" Brooke asked.

"Yep. Never had to buy a single drink," Jen beamed. "How about you guys?"

"Listened to a band; had drinks; came back. That's about it."

Brian was climbing into the bed, on top of the covers. Jen was at the couch.

"I may need help pulling this hide-away bed out," she said.

"No you won't," Brooke answered swiftly. "I think you should join us in the bed."

The statement was so matter-of-fact that Jen couldn't reply at first. She looked at Brooke and then at Brian. The cabin was dead silent.

"Well, I...I mean...," Jen stammered. "If that's what you guys want..."

"It's what I want," Brooke said. "Brian? How about you?"

"Fine with me," he replied with a straight face.

Brooke walked behind Jen. "Which means you can't hide those beautiful breasts from Brian anymore," she said.

Brooke unzipped Jen's sundress, thinking she was exposing Jen's breasts to her husband for the very first time. Neither Jen nor Brian were about to ruin her fun. Brooke leisurely slid the straps of the dress down Jen's arms. Inch by inch, Jen's breasts came into view. Brooke held the dress around Jen's waist for a moment, and then let it drop to the floor.

Brian's eyes once again scanned his niece's body. The white panties Jen wore clung tightly to her pussy and ass. Jen kicked the dress aside and ran her fingers across her breasts.

Both women saw the rising erection inside Brian's cock.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Brooke said.

"Gorgeous," Brian said. "Jen, I think you should return the favor."

Jen knew exactly what he wanted. She turned around to face Brooke and undressed her down to her panties. Brooke had fuller breasts than the younger Jen, although not as firm. But for her age, Brooke was a very fit, attractive woman.

They both seemed tempted to do more, but after an awkward few seconds, they turned to the bed and hopped in, one on each side of Brian. Brooke was the first to put her hand on Brian's boxers, encasing his erection in her fist.

"You seem to like it so far," she said, stroking him harder.

"So much that if you keep that up I'm going to cum," he said dryly.

"Then you better get naked."

Brooke pulled down the boxers and dropped them on the floor at the end of the bed. Jen unconsciously slid her tongue along her lips. The few cocks she'd seen in her life were nothing like this. Even when she touched him earlier and let her imagination take over did she picture anything as nice as his rigid penis.

"Still want to stay with us?" Brooke asked Jen.

She giggled nervously. "How many days do we have?"

"Seven," Brooke told her.

"Hmmmmmm," Jen replied.

She reached out and ran her fingers up and down Brian's cock. It twitched at her touch and the vessels along the side grew even more prominent.

"Lick it, Jen," Brooke said softly.

The teenager was well beyond the point of wondering what she could and couldn't do. If Brooke didn't tell her, she would do it anyway. And Jen desperately wanted to suck Brian's cock.

Her tongue slithered up until it reached the tip. There, she circled it and felt the warmth on her tongue.

Brian had kept his hands to himself long enough. He clutched one of Jen's tits and squeezed it. When he pinched the nipple, Jen moaned and simultaneously inserted the entire length of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it for a second before starting to bob her head up and down.

Jen and Brooke made eye contact and, even though Brooke was smiling, Jen pulled back and said, "C'mon, Brooke. Help me."

Brooke leaned down and both of their tongues worked on Brian's cock. Brian grabbed a breast on each woman while thoroughly enjoying the sensation of two tongues fighting over him. He watched the mouths of the two women come together on several occasions, but they hesitated at extending it into a kiss. Brian appreciated what was happening and decided not to push his luck.

"Why am I the only one naked?" he finally asked.

Brooke and Jen looked at each other, and then at Brian. Brooke acted first—removing her panties while sitting on her knees on the bed next to Brian. He watched every move she made and stared with approval at her pussy.

About the same time Brooke was finishing, Jen began to take off her panties. Brian's eyes moved over to his nude niece. None of the images he'd ever invented of her could match the beauty of her body in real life. Even Brooke was caught gazing at the teenager's curves.

Feeling a little self-conscious, Jen returned to licking Brian's cock and was quickly joined by Brooke. Brian now had bare asses to touch and he took full advantage.

Soon, Brooke slid up her husband's body, rested her head on his chest and said, "I'd really like to watch you and Jen have sex. That would be a great present...for you AND me," she said. "What do you say, Jen?"

Jen pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled. "As much as I'd like to make him cum in my mouth, I'd love to feel him inside me, too."

"I think that's a yes," Brooke said.

"You'll get no argument from me with either way," Brian admitted.

"Good," Brooke said, rolling off Brian's body.

"Do you have a preference?" Brian asked his niece. "A favorite position?"

A slight blush came over her face. "I want on top."

"Whenever you're ready," Brian told her.

With Brooke lying on her side and her head in her hand watching, Jen swung her leg over Brian and positioned herself above his cock. She was facing him and leaned her breasts toward him. Brian grabbed her by the sides and pulled her down until he could suck on her tits. At first, Jen laughed nervously. But it didn't take long for the giggles to turn into moans. Brian bit lightly on her nipples and Jen pulled away, fearing he would make her cum before she even fucked him.

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