tagCelebritiesJenelle and Anya Ch. 01

Jenelle and Anya Ch. 01


It's Christmas eve and the Deal or No Deal models are having there annual Christmas party, all of them seem to be dancing and having a good time, but at a table away from all the excitement sits Jenelle Moreno, case #17, and she's not alone, sitting next to her is Anya Monzikova, case #10.

"Come on, Jenelle, it's Christmas, let's party, I don't care what the others think, I'm ready to display my love for you!"

"Keep your voice down, Anya, I'm not ready to come out yet, let's just have one more drink, then we'll leave, ok?"

Anya just looks at Jenelle.

"You're embarrassed, aren't you? After all this time, stop being scared, Jenelle."

With that, Anya takes Jenelle by the hand and pulls her out on to the dance floor.

"What are you doing, Anya, stop, take-"

Anya stops Jenelle in mid sentence by giving her a long, deep, wet, passionate kiss.

"I love you, Jenelle." Anya says, kissing her again, playfully sucking on her bottom lip.

"I love you, too." Jenelle whispers out.

"Hey, everyone, we want you all to know, Jenelle and I, we're not just friends, we're lovers, now, we're going back to my home and we're going to have sex, so, Merry Christmas everyone." Anya says, holding Jenelle close.

All the other models just watch them leave, arm in arm.

They get into a cab and tell the driver to take them to Anya's apartment.

Forgetting all about the cab driver, Anya slides her hand up Jenelle's skirt, feeling her panties, making Jenelle squirm.

"Anya, stop it, he can see us."

"I don't care." Anya say pulling Jenelle close to her and kissing her.

"Anya, come on, stop it, wait till we get in doors." She says, finally getting Anya's hand from under her skirt.

They arrive at Anya's apartment a few minutes later, they pay the cabbie, and Anya practically drags Jenelle up to her apartment, once inside, Anya pins Jenelle against the door and tears her top open, exposing her white satin bra which barely holds her tits, Anya then breaks the straps on Jenelle's bra and exposes her c cup tits.

Anya begins kissing Jenelle's breasts, licking around the nipple, sucking and biting on them gently.

"Are you a whore, Jenelle?"

"Yes, I'm your whore, Anya!"

"Good, then unzip your skirt, whore!" Anya orders.

Jenelle unzips her skirt, Anya then practically, tears Jenelle's skirt the rest of the way off, leaving Jenelle only in her white satin thong panties, which now have a big wet spot on them.

"Does my whore want me to take off her panties?" Anya asks.

"Yes, Anya, please remove this whores wet panties, Anya."

Anya takes Jenelle's panties and tears them off as well, exposing Jenelle's smooth, hairless mound, which is dripping wet.

"Beg me to taste you, whore!" Anya demands.

"Please, Mistress Anya, please taste this whore, please, please." Jenelle pleads with Anya.

Anya drops to her knees in front of Jenelle and begins flicking her tongue over Jenelle's already swollen clit, making gasp and moan.

"Oh God, Anya, what are you doing to me?" Jenelle asks.

Anya doesn't say anything, but, continues running her tongue over her pussy lips, and went one step further by running her tongue down to her asshole.

"Stop, that feels weird!" Jenelle yells out.

"Oh, no you don't, whore, bend your ass over!" Anya yells out, shoving Jenelle over the arm of her couch, spreading her ass cheeks open and running her tongue around Jenelle's asshole rim.

"Anya, oh God, that feels fucking good!"

After a few minutes of licking, Anya goes one step further and buries her middle finger deep inside Jenelle's tight asshole.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!" Jenelle screams, trying to get used to having a finger buried in her tight, dirty hole.

Anya slowly begins pumping her finger in and out of Jenelle's ass, reaching underneath her and slowly rubbing her clit.

"Oh fuck, if you keep this up, I'll cum." Jenelle moans out.

"Cum for me, Jenelle, cum for me now, whore!"

And with a scream, Jenelle has a very loud and a very wet orgasm, soaking Anya's fingers and face.

"Good girl, Jenelle!"

"Oh my God, Anya!" Jenelle says, trying to catch her breath.

"My middle finger is all dirty, Jenelle, I think you should clean it off!" Anya says, holding her finger out for Jenelle.

"Yes, Anya." Jenelle says, willingly taking Anya's finger in her mouth, sucking on it.

"Good girl, Jenelle, taste your own ass."

Jenelle sucks Anya's finger until it's clean.

"May I please you now, Miss Anya?"

Anya just gives Jenelle an angry look.

"Miss Anya, may this dirty whore please you, Miss Anya?" Jenelle says, lowering her head.

"Good girl, Jenelle, get on you knees."

Jenelle drops to her knees and watches as Anya unzips her skirt, and pulls down her yellow satin panties, showing Jenelle her pussy, which as a neatly trimmed patch of dirty blonde hair.

"Kiss my pussy, kiss it, you filthy whore." Anya demands.

Jenelle leans in and gives her clit a little kiss, then flicks her tongue over it, finally taking it in her mouth and sucking on it.

"That's it, Jenelle, suck my clit, you filthy bitch."

"Yes, Miss Anya, I'm your filthy bitch!"

"You like being my filthy bitch, don't you, Jenelle?"

"Yes, yes, Miss Anya, I do!"

Jenelle buries her face in Anya's pussy, shoving her tongue in deep, grabbing her ass, and pulling her in close.

"You keep this up, and I'll fucking cum!"

Jenelle says nothing and just continues licking Anya out, harder, faster and deeper.

"Holy shit, I'm gonna cum, OH FUCK!" Anya screams as her whole body shudders, drained, Anya drops to her knees.

"Oh wow, Jenelle, it's never been like that. Do you like me taking charge?"

"Yes, I like it when you make me submit!"

"Let's go to bed!" Anya says, taking Jenelle's hand in hers.

They both walk upstairs, and go to bed.

Later that night, Jenelle wakes up, ready for more.....

To Be Continued.......

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