tagRomanceJenna Gets Comforted by Co-Worker

Jenna Gets Comforted by Co-Worker


I was stopping by one of the homes I work out to check on the staff. I was looking forward to it because she always seemed happy to see me and smiled nice and big when we talked. She was very attractive to. She was about 5ft 10in. I say about 130lbs. She had short red hair and a beautiful smile. I would say her chest was at least a C cup and I loved her big round butt. By the way my name is Jon and this woman's name is Jenna. She is also like 10 years younger than me and has a new baby and a boyfriend. I don't plan on anything happening with her.

I go by the house which is a group home. All the clients are asleep and find Jenna on the couch and she is crying. I went and sat by her. She scooted over next to me and started to cry on my shoulder. I rub her back and consoled her. She started telling me how her boyfriend left her and she didn't know what to do. I tried to comfort and tell her it would be ok. She didn't want to hear that. She said she caught him cheating on her. She said she wanted him to hurt like she was.

Then she leaned in and kissed me. I stopped her and asked if she was sure and she said yes. She then reached down and pulled my cock out of my shorts and stroked it as we continued to kiss. I reached up her shirt and was feeling her chest. We stopped for a sec as she removes her shirt and bra. Her breast was more beautiful then I could imagine. She then got down on her knees and she kissed the tip of my cock. She then looked at me and smiled. She proceeded to take my whole cock into her mouth. She sucked it like a champ and I blew my load really quick. She swallowed most of it but a little was running down her chin. She scooped it up with her finger and swallowed the rest. She then smiled as she stroked my cock hard again.

She stood up and took her shorts of revealing a lacy red thong. She took it off and threw them at me. They were soaked in her pussy juices and smelled amazing. She then got on top of me on the couch and quickly guided my cock into her pussy. I realized this was moving fast and we were at work so I told her we needed to stop and pushed her off of me. She started to think I didn't want her. I explained that it was happy to fast and I didn't want us to get in trouble at work. She understood and walked me to my car and leaned in the window and kissed me. She laid the red thong in my lap as she smiled and went back in the house.

Two hours later my cell phone ran and it was Jenna. She had just gotten home after getting off work. She said she was wearing nothing but a pink night gown that hanged about mid thigh. She told me she could not stop thinking of his gentle touch and how his cock felt inside her. Even if it was just for a moment that she sat on his cock. She told him that his eight inch cock was twice the size of her ex-boyfriends. She had to get off the phone because her ex-boyfriend Shane was at the door. She promised to call back and if it seemed I while it was ok to call and check up on her.

I had just lain down in bed when the phone ran. It was Jenna and she just wanted to tell him goodnight. She explained that Shane wanted to get her back but she was not buying it. She listened to what he had to say and than asked him to leave. She had a feeling he would go straight to that girl's house even after he said he was going to his moms. She followed Shane and he went straight to that girl's apartment. Jenna was glad she followed him and said she was over him.

I asked if she would like to go out to dinner and she said yes. So we set up a date for Wednesday and we went to bed. I woke up Tuesday morning and went about my normal work routine. Jenna called when I was on my way home from work. She said she was looking forward to dinner tomorrow. We talked a few more minutes and she had to get back to work.

I was going to bed and it was about 11pm. Jenna had just got off work and she called. She apologized but her boyfriend had sad he was coming by even though she told him not to. She asked me to come and stay with her and I said yes. I packed my stuff for work and headed over to her apartment. When I got there Shane was pounding on the door and screaming at Jenna. There was a neighbor near by that said she called the police.

I walked up to Shane and told him to leave. He stood right in front of me and looked up. I was 6'2" and 250lb. while Shane was about 5'9" and 160lb. Shane said to mind my business. I told him that Jenna made it my business and that she wants you to leave. Shane heard the sirens so he pushed through me and headed to his car. The cops pulled up behind him and got him out of the car. Jenna came out and the police talked to her, me and the neighbor. They then took Shane to jail.

I grab my bag and then walked holding Jenna's hand up to the apartment. When we got inside she gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming. She than walked me to the couch and she slipped her sweats off and was just wearing her pink night gown she told me about. She then climbed on my lap and we started kissing. After five minutes I told her I needed to get to bed.

We went to her room and I took all but my boxers off. We got in bed and kissed a little more before we fell asleep.

I woke up at 5:30 A.M. and Jenna was smiling at me. I asked if I could use her shower. She said only if I can join you. We went off to the shower. Jenna took off my boxers and me than took off her night gown. We got in the shower and started kissing. I loved the way she loved to kiss with her mouth open as she kissed wildly and deep. Jenna asked me to fuck her. She then leaned against the shower wall and stuck out her ass.

I got behind and slid my cock into her pussy. She screamed as I started to fuck her immediately. I was fucking her hard and fast. I was getting ready to cum so I pulled out and shot a load of cum on her ass. We than cleaned each other off and I got dressed and headed to work.

Work seemed to go by really slow. Finally my shift ended and I headed home to get ready for my date with Jenna. I picked her up at 6pm. She was wearing a pair of skin tight jean shorts. She had a blue sleeveless shirt on with a V-neck that showed her cleavage. I was wearing jean shorts and nice red t-shirt. We went to dinner and had a great time. The food was great and company was even better.

We decided to head to a dance club for some drinks and dancing. She loved to shake her ass and grind with me. Guys kept asking her to dance and she would tell them she was with her boyfriend. After an hour of dancing we decided to go to her apartment. We got in my car and she reached over and undid my zipper. I helped her slid my pants down a hair. She then pulled my cock out of my pants and started stroking my cock as I was driving. Jenna took my cock into her mouth and started to slowly take my whole cock into her mouth. She then would suck it all the way to the tip and than back down. She started to go faster and I cummed in her mouth. She licked up the cum on my cock as we pulled into the apartment.

We went to the apartment and headed straight to the bedroom. We quickly undressed each other and jumped in the bed. Jenna lay back on the bed as I climbed on top of her. The head of my cock was at her lips. She reached down and guided my cock inside of her. She moaned as I pushed my cock all the way in. I slowly pulled in out of her as we made love. She kept telling me to make love to her. She said I could cum inside her if I wanted. Jenna asked me to fuck her a little harder. So I started to slam my cock hard and fast. Her back arched and her eyes rolled back in her head as she exploded with cum. Her orgasm caused my cock to shoot a load of cum inside of her.

I pulled out of her and watched as my cum ran down her leg. We than cuddle and I fell asleep with her in my arms.

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