Jennifer - A Dom/sub Love Story


His voice is softer now, "So you admit to being a little cunt, eh? And just what am I supposed to do with a little cunt like you?"

Still supported by his arm, Jennifer can feel the hardness rising between his legs as it presses against her stomach.

"Perhaps there is something you may do to redeem yourself to me today." Pulling open his robe, the protrusion behind the fabric of his pants becomes quite obvious. "Let me see if your mouth can clean me as your hands did my floor." For the briefest second she thinks, "Now that I can do!

His second arm slides under her to lift Jen off her feet. He carries her to the footrest that was the site of her earlier abuse. This time the landing is gentler, almost as if he were taking care not to wake a sleeping child. The footrest is large so he can lay her on her stomach without her legs and hands touching the floor. He walks around her so that he is in front of her face. Looking up from her stomach, she starts to roll onto her back, but he stops her immediately, demanding she lay still. Reaching into the pocket of his robe, he produces what looks like a roll of packing tape.

"Put your hands behind your back," he commands. The tape is wrapped around Jen's wrists, but she can tell it is not quite the packing tape she expected. It is softer and more pliable, sticking only to itself. Then turning her on the footrest, he raises her legs and secures them to her hands. Hearing the tape pulled as he binds her, her mind drifts to think this is what rodeo cattle must feel like during those performances. A tug of her hair brings her back to reality. He seems to be pulling her hair from the back and tying it as well. The other end is wrapped around her hands and feet, so now her head is permanently propped upwards to keeping her mouth upwards to accept his manhood.

Returning to stand in front of her, he says one word. "Open." His pants are gone and only the robe flutters loosely as his member comes closer to Jen's face. Hands hold her face firmly as the head comes to touch her lips. She is eager to take it in fully, but in moving her head forward, she pulls her tied hair and realizes that this will be done his way. He is slow at first, just testing Jen's mouth for warmth and softness.

"You will learn to give me the perfect blowjob. When I am satisfied that you can do that, I will fuck your little cunt."

"Oh, but I can Sir. If you would only release my hands and allow me to show you!!"

A hard slap on her ass renders his final verdict on the matter. "Suck my cock you cunt!! If you are good at it, you don't need any hands!!"

His grip tightens on her head as he starts pushing his cock in. Each thrust is a bit deeper than the one before. As he hits the back of Jen's throat, she realizes that he intends to go deeper. She tries to swallow and breathe between thrusts, trying to find his rhythm. Now he pushes all the way into her throat, his sweating balls are flush against her chin. She has always deep throated her partners, but under her own terms, able to control the speed and depth, breathing when she needed to. But this time he was in control. This depth is held too long and deep. She begins to gag. Sensing this, he backs off, and Jen coughs in the air she need. Again he presses forward, deep into her throat, but this time as she gags, he will not release, instead pulling her even closer.

"Do not bite me," he orders. "You may think it an easy way out, but you will only feel more misery yourself."

Jen's hands and feet struggle now against the restraints as panic sets in. "I'm going to suffocate like this," her mind screams. But at that very same moment he releases her, coughing and choking, tears streaming down her face.

"Please Sir, please," Jen coughs out!

"More you want," he responds. "You are just a whore aren't you? Then let me oblige you," he finishes, shoving himself into your mouth again.

Jen's cheeks are exploding as she nearly chokes again; saliva drips down the sides of her mouth. Then he starts a regular rhythm. In and out he pistons as Jen tries her best not to throw up. The strokes are shallower, and she is able to use her lips and tongue more. Regaining composure, she focuses on the tools at her disposal. Jen does want to please him, but is not quite sure if it is out of fear or actually being excited by what is happening.

He doesn't make a sound, but Jen feels the shudder in his back and hips. If nothing else, she is absolutely sure of what is to come next. She prepares to swallow his hot juice, relaxing her throat to take him deeper as is her habit. But as the moment arrives, he surprises Jen and pulls out of her mouth. He has chosen to explode all over her face. She struggles to move her mouth to catch it, but most of it misses her mark.

"Just like the dirty fucking whore you are. You deserve no better you cunt!! Your oral skills need much work, but I gather we will have time to work on them when you return."

"WHEN," she thinks? "How about working on IF first?"

Jennifer feels his shrinking cock being tapped on her head. He is milking out every last drop of cum he can on her hair as he presses his balls against her face. Then taking her chin in his hand and she feels her hair come lose. He lowers her head down gently on its side. Then behind her, his hands separate her ass cheeks as the plug begins its final withdrawal from inside her burning ass.

"Ooohhh," Jen exhales when it is removed. "Thank you, Sir for taking it out." The tape is cut and your hands and feet are set free. Grabbing his pants from the floor, he heads out of the room. At the door he pivots and tells her there is a bath at the end of the hall.

"Take a shower and then clean up the bathroom after yourself. Then you may leave. I will send you another email when I want your services again." With that, he turns and heads upstairs. " And make sure the door locks behind you when you leave."

If it weren't for the cum in her hair, Jen probably would have left immediately, but she knew she could not go out looking like this. In the shower all the aches of being abused today began revealing themselves. As she ran her soapy hands across her bottom, the soreness of the spankings made her look around. Her cheeks were red as tomatoes and the water stung as it hit them. In a sleepy dreamlike state, Jen started to rerun the things she had experienced today. The spankings, the butt plug, and the forced blowjob; even the cleaning itself was a surprise. She was unsure how to read his face and mood, except when he got angry, that much was clear. But did he enjoy her time here today? He did say we have time, and said WHEN he wants me again, but do I want him again? That was the real question. Jen's soapy hands were moving over her body, almost taking inventory as she contemplated the day's events over and over. "My ass is on fire, and my knees and back hurt. My throat is raw from his big dick choking me."

Her fingers follow the gentle slopes from her ass to her chest. Her head falls back and her mouth opens, taking in the shower water as if she were swallowing his cock again. "God, I almost puked," she mumbles at the thought, but her hands start pinching her already hard nipples. The thoughts had her quite aroused now, as her fingers roamed all over her body, touching each of her favorite spots as no lover has done for too long a time. Her desire builds as she fondles herself, using the sting of the water on her ass as fuel for her burning fire. Her hands move swiftly, as this fire was quite easily lit. Squeezing and caressing, pinching and probing, she was surprised at the lustful thrusting in her hips. Concentrating between her thighs, she used two hands to fan the flames. Her release was upon her quickly and with its arrival she found her finger had worked its way into her ass. The quivering in her weakened legs almost brought her crashing down inside the tub, but she was able to grab the bar on the wall, narrowly escaping a concussion.

Regaining her breath, Jen turned off the shower, dried herself off, and then cleaned up the room as instructed. In the hall she found herself still alone, so she took her coat and left the house, ensuring the door locked behind her. Walking back to her car, she smiled to herself as she decided she will be back. Jen was determined to figure this guy out, and who knows what else he might do to her. Had she turned around to look at the house, she might have seen him in the upstairs window just behind the curtain. He also had a smile. He was pleased, and already looking forward to the next time.

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