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Jennifer and the Tentacle Monster


Author's Note:

I was originally going to release Britney 2 before this, but I inadvertently made the same plot points in this that I was going to make in that, so it doesn't really matter which you read first (or the fact that I haven't finished Britney 2 yet). Feel free to check out all of my other submissions. I hope you enjoy the story, and feedback is always welcome.


Jennifer Love Hewitt just got off of the plane at a Hong Kong airport and was immediately picked up by a long black limo to be taken to a movie set just outside of the city. She was starring in a brand new East-Meets-West movie boasting a lot of action, adventure, martial arts (which she had been trying to keep up with since she was in The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan), and big special effects sure to knock you out of your seat. The producers were also very up front about wanting a lot of voluptuous, energetic, bouncy women to be in the movie, and even the lead female role. It was quite chauvinistic, but it sounded like a fun movie. She was playing an English teacher in a Japanese school in Hong Kong. Her character was going to get caught up in a Chinese vs. Japanese gang war, and get into a lot of fights along the way.

The driver delivered her directly to the hotel where the rest of the cast was already setting up. She was arriving late due to a snowstorm in New York that kept all flights grounded for a half a day, and delayed her another few hours as the airport caught up to the demand of passengers. There was then another delay in LA where she had to catch a connecting flight, but with all of the delays in New York it was near impossible to schedule a flight that she could actually make the take off for. She finally made it to Hong Kong, and her hotel room, and was just getting comfortable on the bed over the covers when she heard a knocking on the door.

"Room service." Called a young heavily accented voice from across the door.

She had forgotten about calling for some dinner when she checked in. It had only been a few minutes ago, and it had already escaped her memory. "Just wheel it in here" she called back from her place on the bed. She didn't want to get up. She was exhausted and wouldn't be moving anywhere other than the bathroom until she was very well rested.

The bellhop used his key to open the door and enter. Jennifer watched as a teen boy walked in with a dinner tray, and then showed her what was under all of the covers on the tray. It was an elaborate dinner, and it looked scrumptious, but she just stared at what was going on in front of her, choosing to stay put for just a few more minutes. She continued just watching from the bed as the bellhop finished setting up her dinner and exited the room.

The food smelled too delicious for her to pass up, even in her exhausted state. She needed to eat something before she would be able to fall asleep fully. Jennifer sat up slowly and started picking through the food, sampling everything as she concentrated on not passing out. She didn't need the full meal, she just needed something to tide her over until morning. She ate what she could before throwing herself back onto the bed, shoved off her jeans, and then drifted off into a deep state of slumber until morning.

Jennifer awakened with a start as she looked to her bedside clock at about 5:30 am, wanting to taste cum in her mouth, but there was something in the bed with her rubbing her leg. If she didn't know any better she would have thought it was a snake. She was about to jump out of the bed in the other direction when she felt another one sliding up her other side. It wasn't quite moving like she thought a snake should move though. It was rubbing back in forth, instead of just slithering up in one direction. She slowly reached down to grab onto its side, and maybe throw it out onto the floor, but as her fingers touched it she felt a slime covering its surface. "Snakes aren't supposed to be slimy?" she thought to herself just as both tentacles wrapped themselves around her wrist and leg, quickly pulling her out of the bed and through the window as she screamed violently.

Before she could get a grasp on the situation she was up on the roof, suspended above a pulsing mass of brown flesh, with a couple dozen tentacles about three inches thick each protruding out of its center mass. There was at least one tentacle holding on to each of her limbs, as well as one around her waist, another across her chest between her boobs, and one wrapped around her neck, strangling her. Jennifer's attempts at screaming up until now had been futile, as the tentacle around her neck had a good hold, and was cutting off her ability to breath. She was gasping for air, but was barely getting the volume of oxygen that she needed to stay alive, let alone scream out for help. The early screams that she did get out were barely heard by the sleeping guests around her, and passed off as a fleeting dream in their minds eye.

The entire time she was being hoisted up onto the roof the creature's protrusions were touching, rubbing, and poking at her flesh, and her body was starting to subconsciously react to the stimuli being inflicted upon it. Her heart was already beating fast from the shock, and she looked flush, but her skin was starting to warm to the feel of the tentacles wrapped around her limbs. There was nothing erotic about the situation, but her body longed to be touched and was getting just what it wanted, only instead of the touch of a warm loving human being, it was the touch of a purple/black tentacle monster hoisting her nubile young body up to the roof of her Hong Kong hotel.

"What the fuck is going on!" she thought to herself, trying to keep her hold on reality. "This can't be real! Things like this don't exist! This has to be a dream... this has to be in my head..."

She was about to pass out when the creature slammed her petite frame hard up against the stairwell wall leading up to the roof from below. It loosened its grip on her neck for just a moment, allowing her to take a deep breath and save her life. She was no good to the creature dead, and it had plans for that opening as well. She took that breath, and another. She filled her lungs with precious oxygen, and felt her senses come back to her. As her eyes focused, and she remembered the predicament she was in, she focused on the creature before her, and prepared for a spine-chilling scream for help. She breathed in deep, and just as she was about to release her call, the creature did what any good tentacle monster will do and filled her mouth with one of its protrusions, stifling her voice and restraining her at the same time as giving itself someplace warm and tantalizing to rest for a moment. The tentacle pumped in and out of her mouth, fucking her face like a man would with a cock. It nudged the back of her throat, but made sure not to cut off her air path for too long at any time. The other tentacles around her body pulsed and throbbed as the one in her mouth did its best to get off in her panicking body.

Jennifer tried to pull her arms away from the fleshy vines holding her, and she even tried biting the one in her mouth, but her efforts were of no use. They were too strong, and the flesh too tough for her to puncture with her teeth. She started crying with the thought that this creature was going to have its way with her and there was nothing she could do about it. She had never heard of such a thing, but a large tentacle covered blob was molesting her up on the roof of her hotel. All that she could feel were tentacles rubbing her skin and throbbing against her body.

She could feel the one "arm" around her waste moving around a lot more than the other ones holding her down against the wall. It was slithering around the front of her belly, and then shifted lower to glance over the tops of her thighs as it rubbed against her pubic mound. She whimpered as it probed her private parts through her gray bikini panties. The one over her chest started curling up around one of her boobs and pressed in against her nipple as it rubbed back and forth, further stimulating her body.

"Why me..." Jennifer cried to herself. "Why did it choose me of all of the people staying in this hotel..." She didn't realize that she was the perfect type to fall victim to a tentacle attack. She had never seen a Hentai movie, and was unaware of the busty schoolgirls that got taken advantage of regularly, and just how similar to them all she was. She was also unaware that she wasn't the only victim it had gotten it's tentacles all over, and that it was stealing a different woman from a different room every couple of hours, trying to find the one that would be strong enough to mother it's children.

Jennifer's struggle had stopped up until now. She was just giving in to the touching of her body, and the pulsing member in her mouth, but when the lower arm pushed under her panties and then snapped them of her body, she renewed her efforts to free herself again. She pulled with all of her limbs simultaneously, and immediately shut her legs together as best she could with the two tentacles holding them still wrapped around her up to the tops of her thighs. She pulled with all of her might to keep her pussy concealed, but they pulled with little to no effort to spread her legs, and pulled them even farther apart than before. She was held open to the creature, suspended in the air with her legs spread wide when the tentacle around her waist pushed into her crotch and penetrated her vagina.

"Oh god! Oh god, stop! Stop that!" her mind was screaming, revolted by the actions of the creature as it slid into her up to her cervix and started pumping in and out of her at a rapid pace. Her body on the other hand shook and convulsed as it was hammered hard by the thrusting appendage. The one inside her mouth had mostly just been throbbing and pulsing with an occasional thrust into her mouth, but now it was forcing its was down into her throat as it thrust into her over and over again. The creature was fucking her hard from both ends, and it wasn't finished with her yet.

The tentacle around her chest wasn't satisfied with the feel of her t-shirt, and decided to remedy that. It wrapped itself around her boobs and released a couple dozen tiny prongs to grip into her clothing, and then tore it right off her body. Now it had the access to her that it needed as a separate tentacle wrapped around each boob, holding them tight, squeezing them, and then the end of each one opened up and started sucking on her budding nipples.

A couple of smaller tendrils not much thicker than a finger each sprang out at this point and started sucking on her vaginal lips at various points, with one slightly fatter one stuck right on her clit sucking the hardest. Jennifer's mind didn't want her to, but her body wasn't listening and orgasmed hard at the feel of her clit being sucked as the tentacles pounded into her holes. She was jostled up and down as her muscles tensed and relaxed violently over and over again. The creature took advantage of her distracted state and placed another tentacle at her anal opening, and just as she was at the peak of her climax it forced its way passed her sphincter and inserted itself about eight inches into her rectum, and pumped in and out of her just like the two other tentacles in her holes.

"Nooooooooo" she cried out, or rather moaned around the phallus in her mouth when she realized that there was yet another cock shaped tentacle inside her ass. She had never had anal sex before. It scared her whenever anyone even tried to stick a finger up her but. She usually clinched up the moment she felt anything playing around back there. But the creature had taken advantage of her climax and had slipped inside her when she was most relaxed. It didn't take no for an answer like her boyfriends had either. It just simply pushed its way inside her butt and had taken position to fuck her as hard as its brethren were.

"My god... It's like a gangbang from hell..." she cried as she was ravaged up on the rooftop. Her body quivered, and shook, and trembled as it was pounded mercilessly from all angles. She was being fucked and sucked by numerous tentacles surrounding her entire body, they had brought her to orgasm once so far, and here she was building to another one as they fucked her pussy and ass raw, as well as wearing her jaw out, pounding her just as hard there too.

"I have to get out of this... I have to get away..." she thought to herself as she struggled some more, but was even more unable to break free, tired from all the struggling she had done before, and even more from the fucking at hand. "I have to survive this and get out of here..."

But the creature wouldn't let her go, not until it was finished with her. Its plan was only half fulfilled at this point. It turned her upside down so that her feet were over her head, and she was hanging free from the wall now, as the tentacles switched holes on her. New tentacles replaced old ones, and the pounding began anew. She was upside down and being fucked so hard her tits would have been smacking her chin if they had been free, or if her head weren't being pulled back away from the creature so that she couldn't see it anymore. Her feet were being pulled back and down towards her head as well, though her legs were dangling loose beyond her knee. Her toes curled up as another orgasm shot through her. Her body vibrated and convulsed yet again as she came hard.

"It's almost time," the creature thought to her. She didn't hear it say anything, she just felt what it meant as it continued to assault her sexually. "Just one more orgasm and you'll be ready." It was almost like it was using her own mind's voice to talk to her inside her head. She heard the creature telling her things by way of her own mind. "You just have to cum one more time, and then I will finish and you can go until I need you again."

This last part scared her the most. She would never be with it again. As soon as she was free from it she would be on a plane back to America. She would take a ticket to anywhere though as long as it got here away from here and fast. She didn't care if she would be in breach of contract, or if she lost the movie, she had to get out of here as soon as possible. But she also knew now that cumming would set her free, and so she gave in finally and went with the feelings in her cunt. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth, and as much as she tried to ignore the cock in her ass she gave in to those feelings as well, and urged her orgasm to rip through her as fast as she could get it to.

But the creature was smarter than that. The suckers let off, and became more subtle, the cocks slowed down and became more gentle, and the pace was nice and relaxed now that she wasn't fighting anymore. The creature enjoyed the torment of its victims, and was reveling in her now delayed orgasm. It let her arms go, and relaxed its grip on her legs as well. She was placed on her knees on the rooftop in front of it but she was not allowed to move too much. She tried to pull on the tentacles, and to get herself off as fast as before, but the creature wouldn't let her. She stroked it and humped against it but no matter what she did it still wouldn't give her what she wanted, what she needed, what she was beginning to crave. It wouldn't let her cum until she begged for it in her mind, and her soul.

Jennifer went from being sexually tortured to being sexually frustrated in just a matter of seconds. She felt the limbs give her some room to move, but also noticed that she didn't have the ability to escape yet. She grabbed onto the tentacle in her mouth and stroked it as she tried to pull the one in her pussy in deeper. She tried as hard as she could to get it to fuck her to orgasm but it just wouldn't let her. She wriggled and humped it and tried to force it upon her as she rubbed the one sucker against her clit, but she just couldn't get herself off. She was practically crying for it to do her harder, and then she did beg, within her mind.

"Fuck me... Please god, fuck me... Fuck me hard... I need to get off..." she thought to herself, and the creature that was invading her. "Fuck me please I need it..." She called out again and again, and even called to it with her own voice as it let the tentacle fall from her opening for just a moment. "Why won't you fuck me?" she asked as she knelt there sobbing over its limbs. "Why won't you let me get off and go free?"

"You want to get off?" it said through her mind again, but it wasn't her voice this time. It was deeper and more masculine, almost like you would picture God himself to sound, but much more menacing. "I'll get you off..." it said as it lifted her back up into the air just as the sun peeked up over the horizon.

She was lifted up into the air by the tentacles, but not the ones holding her limbs. They were there just for balance this time. The main forces picking her up this time were the cocks in her ass and pussy. When the one in her pussy pulled out a few inches, all of her weight was being supported by her ass around the tentacle. It thrust in just before the one in her ass pulled out, and now all of her weight was on that tentacle inside her cunt. At first this process was slow, tormenting and even painful, but soon they were picking up their pace, and the pain turned into pleasure, and Jennifer was rocketing off on her third orgasm as Jennifer rode the tentacles that were pounding her holes from underneath her.

But the creature still held her, because she was into it now, and she was still fucking it back. She had momentarily forgotten about its promise to let her go after her next orgasm, and she was still fucking it back trying for a fourth cum. It let her try, and it gave her what she wanted. The thinner tendrils started sucking her pussy lips hard again, the cocks fucked her holes with power and speed, and her body shook and convulsed yet again as she came as hard as she ever had in her life.

That was it for the creature. It got what it needed out of her. It got her to come on her own not once but twice, and it got her warmed up to the idea of it finishing inside her. It wasn't any specific influence that it gave her. It was just a general want for cum that it had been instilling in her from the beginning since it touched her in her bed. It made her want it so much, even though she wasn't on any kind of birth control, and now her mind was calling for it to cum with her, and as her fourth orgasm ripped through her entire body the creature let loose all of its cum, and started filling her body to capacity, and then to overflowing.

Jennifer ate it up. She swallowed as much cum as she could as fast as she could and there was just so much more behind it flowing into her. She could feel her cunt and her bowels filling with the stuff and spilling out down her legs. It slipped from between her lips in spurts and fell to her chest and torso. It covered her inside and out with copious amounts of jizm and smeared it across her skin with the tentacles that had let her go before.

When the cum bath finally stopped, the creature wrapped its arms around her one more time, gently this time, to place her into her room through her window again. It soothed her mind, promising not to hurt her again as it carried her down the side of the building and placed her gently on her bed, where she quickly passed back out again for the rest of the morning.

When Jennifer woke up in the morning she felt refreshed and relaxed. She was ready for the world and the movie that she was about to shoot. She sat up happily and rushed into the bathroom to pee, shower, and freshen up for her day. After taking care of all of that she sat back down on her bed and looked over the room service cart, and snacked on a couple of items that wouldn't be so bad cold, but she didn't feel very hungry anymore. She glanced over at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 am, and she was supposed to be ready to leave for the set by 10:00. She opened her suitcase and got dressed quickly, and as she was about to call the director she noticed the open window on the back wall of the room.

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