tagLoving WivesJennifer is Taken...Beautifully

Jennifer is Taken...Beautifully


Jennifer was crying out only a few feet away from me as Bruno penetrated her beautiful, struggling body repeatedly. The fear, pleasure, erotic stimulation, and excitement she was feeling had boiled over inside of Jennifer such that her body writhed and shuddered around Bruno's cock, and her utterances became animal cries of pain and pleasure. Her cries were in rhythm with each thrust of Bruno's long, thick cock pushing into Jennifer's wet, hot vagina. Her cries were heightened when Bruno's huge, thick cock dragged across Jennifer's engorged clitoris as he angled his thrusts and retreats for maximum contact with the notch in Jennifer's vulva that sheltered that bundle of erotic nerves encapsulated in Jennifer's very pink and very aroused clitoris.

"Oh, god, Bruno! Please, Bruno. Please don't, Bruno. Unnhhh... unnnhh... unnnhh!! Ohmigod, Bruno. Bruno, please. Oh my god. OH My god. OH, MY GOD. OH MY GOD, HELP ME!!! I can't. I can't. I don't think... I...I....I...I!!! Oh, Jesus, I'm... I'm going to cum again, Bruno. Oh, dear god, Bruno. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES, YES, YES, YEEEEEESSSSS!!" And then it would start all over again with tears streaming down her face, with the wet sloppy sound of her totally creamed pussy still being fucked, and with her hips soon reacting with a will of their own to Bruno's endless, pleasurable fucking. At first she would be tired and lay there looking at me helplessly, begging me with her eyes to make it stop, but then the pleasure would overwhelm her resistance, and she would begin rocking and undulating instinctively against Bruno's muscular body and enormous 10-inch by 3-inch cock. Her small breasts would shake, her slender waist would move against Bruno's stomach, her curved hips would thrust against Bruno's groin, and her shapely legs would open wider and wrap around Bruno's thrusting hips. The light brown hair on her head was damp with excitement and exhaustion and the light brown curls on her belly were flattened and damp as Bruno pressed himself repeatedly against her tender, white skin. She was a woman in incredible heat and was a prisoner to the pleasure Bruno was forcing on her. She hated it with her mind but loved it with her body.

What was I doing during all this? I was strapped down to a chair, naked, with an erection sticking out hard and curved from my own naked belly. I was forced to watch as Bruno, then Carlo, then Vidal, and then Yuri all took turns fucking Jennifer forcibly but expertly. And their mutual friend who had lured Jennifer and I into this situation, the woman who we had thought was our friend...she sat next to me, naked and slowly stroking my cock up and down with her slender fingers, making sure I stayed at attention during the whole series of rapes and making sure I was sexually conflicted about seeing my wife raped by the four muscular men all with enormous penises and all so expert at drawing the crazy erotic out of even a resistant woman being raped. On this first day they took my Jennifer in as many ways as they could. And I was forced to watch as they abused Jennifer almost out of her mind.

Who was the friend who had done this to us? Genevieve was her name. She was a beautiful black woman, of French or French Canadian nationality, erotic temptress, nudist, hot tub voyeur, and incredible oral sex partner to Jennifer and me over the last few months. She had met us on a nude beach, and she and we had become fast friends with Genevieve breaking down our barriers bit by bit. We had been naturists not eroticists, but she had led us down a different path.

Genevieve would tease Jennifer, "You don't mind being naked in front of hundreds of men and women at the beach or at a pool, but you don't want to share a hot tub with several men and women at my club? Oh, silly, Jennifer and Mark! You are naked; they are naked. If something exciting happens, it happens. But no pressure!" So we went to a spa in our city that we had no idea existed. It consisted of private rooms with hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas. It was kind of a Finnish spa with benefits. The room Genevieve led us to had a giant hot tub with multiple couples partaking of the bubbling, hot waters. The group would meet every two weeks in this private setting to enjoy each others' company...naked. It was impossible given the crowd to avoid touching someone.

On our first visit several times I felt fingers curl around my floating penis and stroke it briefly. Jennifer told that several times she felt fingers trail up her thighs to explore her hair-covered triangle...but only briefly. After about an hour of using the tub and cooling off with cool showers next to the tub, one of the women sat up on the edge of the tub and two, one man and one woman, pleasured her orally. I couldn't help it; I got aroused and the head of my cock was sticking up from the water. Jennifer told me later that as the woman climaxed she too began to finger herself under the water. And then it abruptly stopped and everyone left for the showers and their own separate ways as if it were ordinary to see a person get off in front of them.

Several more times Genevieve invited us back to this spa and each time Jennifer and I let our neighbors explore us sexually a little more each time. And then there came the visit when Jennifer no longer resisted someone running their fingers gently between her legs and over her swollen clitoris until she was about to orgasm. Genevieve, seeing Jennifer shuddering in the warm, bubbling water, had the two men who were trading Jennifer's clit between them lift her up onto the edge of the hot tub. Now my Jennifer was the center of everyone's attention as she underwent oral pleasuring for the next half hour, like the women before. And it was Genevieve who feasted on Jennifer with her tongue, lips, teeth, and fingers on her open and engorged labia and clitoris. It was Genevieve who tilted Jennifer back into the arms of the strong man who held her hips up so Genevieve could explore Jennifer's vagina with her tongue and her anus with her deeply penetrating finger until Jennifer let out that little girl cry of helplessness that signaled an incredible orgasm. Then they switched places and it was Genevieve who now held Jennifer in her arms with her breasts crushed against Jennifer's back and her fingers massaging Jennifer's excited nipples and breasts, while the male stranger explored Jennifer's womanly folds and the nub of her clitoris with his teeth tugging on her labia, his tongue bathing her folds with its juices and motions, and placing tender kisses on her damp pubic hair and the thick sets of outer and inner labia that enfolded that tender pink hole of her vagina. Again all this sexual attention bore fruit as Jennifer bucked in Genevieve's arms, and, leaning her face back, she kissed Genevieve's mouth as she shuddered in her arms.

Watching this erotic drama I spontaneously came, spurting streams of white semen up into the air and seeing them splash down into the hot waters of the hot tub. But I wasn't alone. Several of the other men had had similar spontaneous releases of the pent-up seed held in their testicles and released in great, spurting gushes as Jennifer's erotic pleasure turned all of us on. The water was foamy with cum and this soup of semen began to cling to our skin. It was time to exit. And so we exited, showered and dressed.

After this event in which Jennifer so publicly gave herself to sexual pleasure with strangers, Genevieve engaged Jennifer on a routine basis with oral pleasuring and after several times Jennifer began to reciprocate. When the women grew tired of feasting on each other's pussies they would turn their oral attentions to my manhood and suck the semen out of me repeatedly. Finally Jennifer encouraged me to taste Genevieve's bald pussy. Unlike Jennifer Genevieve had no pubic hair and was smooth to the touch from her lower belly to her anus. Repeated laser removal had left her smooth as a prepubescent girl but with the genitalia of a fully sexual woman.

Jennifer's body was slender and lean with a pale white skin dotted with several beauty spots. Her breasts were small and firm and her nipples were a reddish brown color and were almost always erect. Her hips and her butt were deliciously round for a slender woman and her belly was flat. At the bottom of her belly she enjoyed a thick patch of light brown curls that covered the lower third of her belly and covered her pouty labia and clitoris. Her legs were slender as were her arms. Jennifer was slender but full of energy and strength.

Genevieve's body was fuller and rounder than Jennifer's and more hairless. Her skin was a deep chocolate brown, her nipples and her hair was a jet black. The hair on her head she kept close cropped. Her breasts were fuller than Jennifer's but were tipped with nipples that remained as erect and excited as Jennifer's. Genevieve never wore underwear of any kind so the state of her nipples was always out there for anyone to see. Her belly and hips were rounded and she had that firm, rounded butt of a woman of African descent. As I said her belly was hairless so the pinkness of her genitals stood out like a neon sign against her chocolate skin. When we were at the beach together Genevieve always advertised her state of arousal or rest; she never closed her legs in false modesty. She instead enjoyed men and women studying her folds and bumps and yes even the visible hole of her vagina along with the moisture that collected at her opening when she was getting aroused. Especially when we were at the public nude beach together she would often roll her index finger across her clitoral hood. This would fold her genitalia back like a beautiful pink flower against her dark, shaved skin. Again she enjoyed the attention her state of arousal attracted.

As far as taste there was also a difference between the two. Whereas Jennifer's vagina was tart like many women I had known intimately, Genevieve's was almost sweet. I loved lapping at her vaginal opening especially after she grew aroused and her vagina filled with a sweet, creamy mix. Additionally Genevieve was so relaxed about her sexuality that she would actually ejaculate in incredibly full and violent orgasms. So as she reached a climax I would open my mouth to catch the strong squirts of the watery cum from deep inside her spasming vagina and cervix. God, she tasted wonderful!!

Over the next few months of our relationship with Genevieve Jennifer and I began spending whole weekends of oral and manual erotic play with her. By Monday all three of us would be totally satiated as we explored every hill and valley on each other's bodies. Between sexual grapplings we often would lay, the three of us, in each other's arms. But sometimes only Jennifer and Genevieve would curl around each other face to belly and sleep thus, every so often awakening to place tender kisses on each other's genitals or bellies. Jennifer told me that the scent of Genevieve down there was calming and brought her peace. And Genevieve said she loved to play with the light brown curls that tangled over Jennifer's belly and smell the scent of sex that would linger on each curly hair.

Sometimes I would come back into the bedroom, or living room, or guest room, or dining room and find one or the other in full arousal and on the edge of having yet another delicious episode of contraction and release, crying out the other's name and opening up their legs just that much more as if to offer themselves wholly to the other as a sacrifice. It was exquisite pleasure that we shared with Genevieve but it was never intercourse or penetration. Oh, yes, Genevieve would watch and even caress Jennifer and I as we engaged in intercourse, but I never penetrated Genevieve's chocolate body except with my finger tips. That was because Jennifer had set rules about either of us having intercourse with Genevieve.

And it was what frightened me about what was now happening. As I roused from my thoughts I could see that a different man was now positioned between Jennifer's legs while the other three held her down. It was Vidal. Bruno had finally spilled his seed inside my wife. Vidal's muscular black butt flexed as he thrust himself in and out of Jennifer's vagina. His large testicles hung down between his legs and were flushed reddish brown as they occasionally slapped off my wife's naked, exposed butt. Each man had different moves that explored Jennifer's vagina. She was soon covered in perspiration and her hair was damp. In the background they had put "fucking music". It was rhythmic electronic music by!Axl! and other electronic music artists that each man kept time to with his thrusts as he pushed in and out of Jenny. As each man finished they forced her to lick and suck their penises clean. Her lips soon had a white coating of their semen and her own juices. She couldn't wipe it off since they were holding her down on her back.

Despite all this abuse and her terror, Jennifer was sustaining climax after climax as the rhythmic and expert penetration of her body coaxed uncontrollable pleasure out of her hips. It was as if my Jennifer couldn't help herself. She was maddened with erotic pleasure as thrust after thrust drew her vagina into their spider's web of sex. Genevieve, who never stopped stroking my cock whenever she felt it softening, would mutter, "Yes, that's it, give in, bitch" whenever Jennifer would succumb to the constant fucking and begin to fuck back and then experience yet another orgasm. It was almost as if she wanted Jennifer to lose her mind in erotic sensations, and she wanted to demean me by forcing me to watch. She also wanted me to demean myself by being excited watching my wife get fucked unconscious by these men.

At one point Jennifer was able to look over at where I was sitting. Her rapists were exchanging positions; Yuri was centering the enormous length and girth of his red-haired, pink cock on Jennifer's labia and was just about ready to thrust inside of Jenny. They had intentionally pulled her hair out of her eyes so she could see me and Genevieve. When she saw Genevieve stroking my penis and saw how hard and engorged I was she reacted with shock. "Mark, how can you..." but her words were lost as Yuri slid his enormous pink penis inside of her vagina and forced her to lose control yet again. She cried out at first as the girth of his penis forced her vagina wide but his expert thrusts and a little finger manipulation of her clitoris soon had her crying with the realization that she would be his whore in just a few moments. Despite her husband being aroused and played with while she was being forcibly fucked and despite the terror she felt at yet another man pushing himself on her and inside of her she had only a few moments when she began to cry at the helplessness and shame of it all. She knew she would be offering her belly completely to his thrusts and would be calling out Yuri's name as he rendered her helpless to the incessant and unrelenting pleasure of his deep thrusts inside of her.

Watching the transformation made me even more aroused. I thought I was going to shoot a load myself, but Genevieve sensed the little spasms of my penis about to cum and whispered, "Calm down, Mark. There is much more your Jennifer and you have to experience. We have to break her down and expose her sexual nature and we have to make you a slave to her pleasure. She will never deny anyone intercourse again...anyone!!"

And she was right. All that first day the four men. Bruno, Vidal, Yuri, and Carlo, kept it up, using my Jennifer as a sex toy. Bruno, swarthy and Italian looking, Vidal an ebony black color, Yuri a pale Slavic looking man with red hair, and lastly Carlo, a burly Filipino guy with shaved head & genitals. All were quite strong and muscular, all were quite expert in the ways of teasing a woman out of her mind sexually, and all were equipped with enormous penises both in length and girth. They let Jennifer and I rest while they had lunch. They strapped her and me down to our bed. When they returned from lunch we were both dozing because the stress had worn us out. Roughly they untied us and let us each of us go to the restroom. Then they strapped me down to the chair facing our bed and then wrestled Jennifer's slender, white body back onto the bed while she screamed for help. They and Genevieve laughed. "You can't be heard, dear, just give up. We own your body and will own your will. We will have you again and again and again. And you will give yourself up to us again and again and again!!"

Jennifer cried out, "Please don't, Genevieve!! Oh god, please don't!! I'm losing my mind. Genevieve, how can you do this to me? Mark, how can you be aroused at what's happening to me?" My guilt, my shame, my helplessness didn't lessen my erection once Genevieve expertly teased it up with her fingers. And so it continued with Jennifer now face down and each man entering her vagina from behind. They had rubbed oil into her labia and inside of her vagina before starting so entry by Bruno, the first one to penetrate Jennifer went easily. Her fanny jiggled with each thrust and occasionally one of the men would slap her bare behind and leave a red hand print on her pale white skin. Occasionally one of the men would reach between her legs and tweak her clit or reach around her chest and tweak her nipples. Because she was face down her screams were muffled in the bedding. But I could still see that the incessant fucking eventually overcame her terror and she was soon pushing her hips back to take all of each man's cock deep inside of her. Her screams would turn into whimpers of reluctant pleasure and then cries of desire as she sought to take in each man's penis as deep as it would go and encouraged the men to toy with other parts of her body. She even began kissing the men who were holding her down. And when their hands caressed her beautiful, bare butt she opened her cheeks as if to encourage them to slide their fingers inside her anus. Finally they did and this just added to her cries of pleasure and the violence with which she reacted upon cumming.

Me...I was embarrassed to watch my dear Jennifer give herself up like she did. She was almost wanton as the pleasure grew deep in her belly and spread out to her whole body. The time between her climaxing, her feeling guilty and begging them to stop, and her begging them to not stop violating her every opening became shorter and shorter. Soon she was in continuous, multiple orgasms. Each man would soon cum and be replaced by one of the others.

It was like watching an incredible porno flick with my wife as the star. I no longer needed Genevieve to tease me into an erect state. I was soon aroused on my own and wanted to fuck this incredibly, beautiful woman who was vibrating like a sexual string before my eyes.

Genevieve nodded at a particular moment and two of the men came and unstrapped me from the chair. Genevieve guided me by my penis to the foot of the bed and as Yuri pulled out of Jennifer's quivering pussy and ass she pulled me down and without much force, I too started fucking my Jennifer for all she was worth. She knew right away that it was another man's penis inside of her but she didn't turn back to confirm that it was in fact her husband who was violating her from behind while being held down by her rapists. Instead she gave herself up to the fucking that I gave her. Because I had been kept erect for so long I kept fucking Jennifer for 20 minutes before I finally let go in an incredible orgasm myself, spraying quarts of semen inside my wife's pussy. During that 20 minutes Jennifer came four times and it was incredible to feel her vagina spasm and tighten around my cock and to feel her get all creamy deep inside and to watch her little anus tighten and release around Genevieve's finger as she pushed in up to her third knuckle.

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