tagNovels and NovellasJennifer's College Years Ch. 06

Jennifer's College Years Ch. 06


The tale of Daly Parker

November winds were particularly cold this year, Daly thought. Having closed the music store early, she decided to walk the four blocks to the accountant's office where her accounts were. She needed to confer with her CPA Eric Thomlinson about an expansion loan to increase the size of her store.

Daly clasped her coat closed around her as a gust threatened to tear it from her frame. Her breasts were already chilled, her nipples standing painfully at attention from the cold. She wished she wore a thicker shirt this day, as well as pants instead of a thigh-length skirt and 3 inch heels, for the wind chilled her thighs, and whipped past her pussy in such an erotic way that she felt wet, and the wind making her pussy even colder.

She finally got to Eric's office and stepped in. There was a mirror in the lobby, and Daly looked into it as she smoothed her hair, and despaired from the wind rash across her cheeks. She decided to call a cab when she finished her business.

"May I help you?" came a voice from the front desk.

Daly turned and walked to the desk. Eric's secretary, a woman named Sherry, looked at her, and then at her appointment book as Daly told her her name. Sherry found the appointment and marked it off.

"Have a seat, Ms. Parker," Sherry said. "Mr. Thomlinson will be with you shortly."

Daly thanked her and sat down. She unbuttoned her coat, and sighed. It was warm in the lobby, and she wanted her body to acclimate. Her nipples were still painfully erect. Daly decided to surreptitiously rub her tits to warm them. She knew she would be making herself horny by doing this, but it was better than her nipples hurting. She put her left hand in her coat and started to massage her right tit. The sensation was electric, and Daly could feel the tingle of heat and horniness building in her pussy, but the motion warmed her chest to a bearable degree. She kept thinking of the cold, and what it did to her in an effort to keep her thoughts from running away as the erotic feeling mounted.

She had just switched hands when Eric came out.

"Daly Parker?" Eric asked.

"Yes," she said. She quickly removed her hand.

"Nice to see you again, Daly. This way, please."

Daly got up and followed Eric to his office. Her fantasies, ignited by the rubbing of her right tit, sized up Eric as a possible lover in her mind. She had not been laid for the last six months, and her frustrations were at the breaking point.

She liked what she saw from the back. His ass was perfect and round; he had broad shoulders, and arms that could crush her tits to him...She had to viciously cut the chain of thought before it made her a basket case.

When they entered his office, Eric showed her to a plush chair in front of his desk. Daly sat, not taking her eyes off this hunk of a man. When he rounded the desk, her eyes shot directly to his crotch, and she whistled in her mind. His basket was HUGE to her!

"So, what is the nature of this equity loan you want to pull?" Eric asked her as he sat down. "You asked for this appointment about your finances, and I get this letter from your bank on your application, inquiring if you have enough equity to cover it."

"Well, I intend to expand the store," Daly said, "and I need to know if I have enough equity built to cover it. I asked the bank to send you the papers, and I wanted to discuss its feasibility with you. Here's why I need it..."

Eric didn't hear much of the story, having already pieced it together earlier. He was looking at Daly's figure as it moved with her motions in the story. The coat would show just a glimpse of a wonderfully full breast in a thin shirt before being covered again by another motion. Eric felt his lust rising a bit at the sight. He looked her over. She was about 5'7" in height, and shapely. Her hair was brown, with blond and red streaks in it. Her eyes were a rich chocolate brown, and her lips were puckered ever so slightly. Her legs, what he could see of them, were smooth to the sight, and looked firm.

Daly could see that Eric was not listening to her very closely. Oh, he asked the right questions and all, which told her he was aware of her situation, but his eyes looked -glazed over? - as she talked. Then she noticed that his head would weave a bit as she moved around in her seat.

A wild though occurred to her. She repositioned herself in the chair, keeping her legs uncrossed, and opening her coat a little, pushing it off her legs. Yes, she thought, his head definitely moved with her motions. She decided to spread her legs just a little...

Eric had to chide himself for being so obvious to his voyeuristic behavior. He did not want to scare his client away. He decided to pay more attention to her story...wait. "What is she doing?" Eric thought. Daly had moved, and she had spread her legs a little. Now he could see more of her thigh and the hint of garters as he could now see the tops of her hose. She had also opened her coat a little more, and now he could see the outlines of two beautiful breasts, her nipples pushing against the restricting fabric. It looked like she wore no bra, not that she needed to...

Eric decided to go for broke. After all, the only thing he had to lose was an opportunity, and he was sure he was not misreading the signs. He got up.

"May I take your coat, Daly?" Eric asked solicitously. "We're going to be here for a while, and the office is warm enough."

"Thank you," Daly said as she pulled off her coat.

Eric helped her. His hand brushed her shoulders, and he felt her shiver. He wasn't sure if it was from horniness or the cold, so he let it slide...for the moment. He didn't want to take this one too fast. He took her coat and hung it on the coat rack at the door.

Daly watched Eric as he went back to his desk. His touch caused an involuntary shudder through her body as he helped her off with her coat. He acted as if he did not notice, which she appreciated. She was not sure if she wanted him to know her growing lust for him.

Eric depressed the intercom. "Sherry, put up the 'closed' sign, and cancel my last appointment," he said. "This case will take a little longer than expected. Also, pull the Parker account and the bank loan papers and bring them in here, please."

"Right away, Mr. Thomlinson," Sherry said. Eric clicked off the intercom.

In a few moments, Sherry brought in the paperwork. She glanced at Daly, then turned back to Eric, and winked. Eric smiled in answer as he thanked her.

Eric and Sherry had worked out a system to signal each other when a potential lover was in the office. If it was a man that Sherry wanted, she asked for time in the archive room for research on some corporate account she would make up. If it was a woman that Eric wanted, he asked Sherry to reschedule his appointments for the next two hours. If it was a woman they both would want, Eric would make the decision, and tell Sherry to cancel the rest of his appointments for the day, and close the office. This system worked very well, and they had used it for two other people, one for her, and one for him. This was the first one for the both of them.

Eric opened the folder and unfolded the bank papers.

"All right, Daly, let's work out your financial strategy for this loan," Eric said, handing her a sheaf of papers.

Even though Eric saw her as a potential lover, he made sure business was done first. Her purpose was to find feasibility for an expansion loan. Eric ran the numbers as Daly researched his questions in the paperwork he handed her, and gave him the answers.

Daly was impressed with his finesse with financing, and she could see the possibility of getting the loan improve with each passing minute. Her passion for him increased at the same rate. She felt wet again. She decided to unbutton her shirt one button. Since there were only five buttons on the shirt in the first place, this opened her shirt to the bottom of her rib cage, exposing a lot of skin at her chest, and her cleavage could be easily seen. She felt like an exhibitionist, and she loved the erotic sensation of it. She would move this way and that, giving Eric an unobstructed view of her tit, or stretch in such a way that it would give him a view up her skirt all the way to her soaked white panties. She had decided she wanted him. Throughout all this time, though, she noticed that he remained stone-faced. She wondered at that, and wondered if she was wasting her time.


90 minutes later, Eric signed the last form, collected the paperwork and placed it in a document envelope.

"I will have this sent to the bank in the morning," Eric said to Daly. "Congratulations, Daly; Looks like you have your loan."

"Oh, thank you Eric!" Daly said, flushing with excitement. She put down her papers. As he reached to pick them up, she stretched her shoulders. This opened her shirt enough to expose her right breast. She mentally crossed her fingers at this.

It had taken a Herculean effort for Eric to keep his mind on business. She was flashing him with parts of her body throughout, and he could now smell her excitement. Her flash of panties earlier looked completely soaked. Her nipple was erect on a perfectly formed breast.

Eric put the papers back in the folder and placed it in the bin behind him for refiling. He then quickly sat down, and positioned himself so that his raging hard on felt more comfortable.

"Now that business is done," Eric said, as Daly adjusted her shirt, "I think it is time to put the cards on the table. What have you in mind?"

Daly was thunderstruck. Eric placed the ball in her court! She felt nervous all of a sudden.

"Uh, I find you attractive," Daly stammered out.

"I see that," He said. Eric was getting a thrill watching her sweat about her attraction to him. He already had the hots for her!

"And I was wondering...Eric, I haven't been with a man for a while, and you look so-good. I was watching you walk, and work. I love your quick mind, and I must've looked like a slut flashing you..." Daly lowered her head. "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that. Oh! I feel like such a fool!" She started to rebutton her shirt. Her embarrassment made her fumble a bit.

Eric got up and went around the desk to her. "Relax, Daly," he said, smiling. "I saw. I like. You don't need to feel embarrassed. I also find you attractive. Look at my crotch."

Daly looked up, and gasped at the size of his crotch.

"You did that to me," Eric explained. "There are not that many women that can do that to me in the heat of business, and you did it so adroitly that I had a hard time keeping my composure! Not even my girlfriend did that to me the first time I met her, and she's an extremely erotic woman." Eric leaned on his desk in front of Daly, and secretly flipped the intercom on. "You almost made me break my rule about 'business first'! I congratulate you on such a sexy performance!"

Daly's mind was reeling. So he DID notice! Her confidence came back, and her pent-up passion surfaced. Tears in her eyes, Daly stood up and grabbed Eric in for a passionate kiss.

Eric was a little surprised at this approach, but recovered quickly as Daly's lips made contact with his. Her lips were as soft as he imagined them to be, and they were extremely animated as her kiss hungrily sucked in each of his lips for a nibble, then a tongue snaking its way into his mouth. Her hands were rubbing his shoulders and back, and Eric felt her grind her crotch into his, making his hard on ache with desire. He reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her in even closer.

Daly melted into Eric. Even though it was cold, she was now glad she wore the skirt and thin shirt to work. Her tits were sexily crushed against Eric's chest, just as she imagined. It had been almost 6 months since a man had touched her, and now she was letting all that frustration out, fueling her passion for her sexy accountant.

Eric pulled up the material of her skirt and placed his hand again on her ass. He felt her panties and garter belt. Her ass was extremely firm and solid. He squeezed her cheeks, and used his index fingers to massage her crack down to between her legs. He felt the wetness of her panties, and wet his fingers with the moisture.

Eric broke the kiss and pushed her away a bit. He brought up his index fingers to his mouth and sucked them. He then pulled them out with a pop.

"MMM, you taste sweet!" he said. He looked into Daly's eyes, and was shocked at the amount of lust he saw in them.

Daly heard what Eric said, and it had lit her lust to an almost unbearable level. Without taking her eyes off of Eric's face, she reached over and unbuckled his belt, then unzipped his pants. In one swift motion she grabbed his pants and underwear, pulled him forward a bit, and pulled them down to his ankles as she knelt. His cock bobbed in her face as the material passed it. Daly then grabbed his cock and placed it in her mouth, taking all eight inches in at once.

"UNGH!" was all Eric could say.

Daly was in heaven. She knew she was a great cocksucker, and she put her talent to work. She took his whole length, part of it entering her throat. She liked the feeling, and she was gratified that her body remembered how to relax to let it happen. She brought up both hands and massaged his cock as she took her mouth off of it. She then took his balls into her mouth one at a time, sucking and rolling them around. She then wrapped her lips around the base of his shaft, licking and biting her way up to the head, and then plunged his cock back into her mouth all the way, quickly letting it out while sucking it, then plunged again. She repeated the entire process another 4 times before Eric's knees buckled.

"Oh, Jesus, Daly!" Eric gasped as he collapsed to the floor.

Daly was too far gone. Once Eric was on the floor, she ripped his shoes, socks, pants and underwear off him. All Eric could do was hold himself in place as the assault on his clothing occurred. A low growl emanated from deep within her throat.

Daly stood up and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Her legs quivered from need, and willed herself to undress slowly. She was proud of her 34D's, and she knew how to show them to their best effect. Each button came off, and she parted the material with each one. Once the fifth button was undone, she pulled the material out of her skirt, and then threw her head back, licking her lips and closing her eyes, as she removed the shirt from her shoulders, finally exposing her tits to Eric.

Eric stared open-mouthed at Daly's display. He was right; she had perfectly formed tits and a rock hard body. Her presentation of her tits was so erotic that his cock jumped.

Daly straightened out, then reached under her skirt. She grabbed her panties and pulled them off. She threw them at Eric's face. He caught them and inhaled deeply, savoring her scent.

Daly smoothed the line of her skirt, then moved to straddle Eric's head. She lowered herself onto his mouth.

Eric saw her pussy. It glistened from moisture. He had an unobstructed view up her skirt as she lowered herself. Her pussy lips opened as her legs split, showing the pink inside, and uncovering an engorged clit. Her smell was thick within the skirt, making his cock even harder with the rising lust he felt. She stopped her descent just inches from his mouth. She then bent at the waist. The skirt now covered Eric's head, so his whole world was her pussy, thighs, hose, and garter. He then felt her mouth encircle his cock once again, sucking hard. Eric reached up and grabbed her waist, then raised his head to her womanhood, instantly attacking her clit. She jerked and lurched at the contact. He sucked as hard as he could, making her squeal with each lick and nibble. His nose was in her pussy as he did this, and his face became wet with her moisture. He used his tongue to lick her crack, then force it up her pussy hole. It was very tight.

He felt Daly grind her pussy into his mouth. At the same time, he thrusted his cock deep into her mouth just as hard.

Eric heard the door to his office open. He knew it was Sherry, entering the room.

Sherry looked onto the scene with lustful eyes. She had heard the ending of their conversation, and the grunts and rustles, over the intercom. She had masturbated to a pleasurable orgasm from it. She had undressed, and crept in to see for herself. She got turned on all over again when she heard Daly growl. She finally decided it was time to join in.

Daly attacked Eric's cock with renewed passion. His tongue was pushing her over the edge, and her whole attention was concentrated on that feeling. She was doing everything she could to keep the feeling going. She was getting ready to impale herself on the gorgeous cock that she was sucking.

Daly released Eric's cock with an audible plop and knelt up, releasing her pussy from his mouth. She then saw Sherry, who was naked and furiously masturbating herself at the sight. Her lust was so high that Daly did not care who saw her, and her animal lust saw Sherry as another potential avenue of pleasure. She smiled at Sherry, and beckoned to her as she switched places to mount Eric's cock.

Sherry carefully walked over to the couple. Her legs were weak from her earlier orgasm. She got down on her knees when she got to them. She looked at Eric and moaned in lust. His face was covered in Daly's pussy juice, and his eyes were closed. His lips were slightly parted, and he was gasping. Sherry bent over and started licking Eric's face clean of Daly's juice. A small pun played in the back of her mind about getting her recommended Daly amount of juice.

Daly watched as Sherry cleaned Eric's face of her pussy juice, getting hornier with each passing second. She found Sherry's body extremely sexy, and the silver collar on her throat contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. She was also teasing Eric's cockhead with her pussy, rubbing her slit with it, and pulling up if he tried to thrust.

Sherry finished her cleaning, then kissed each eye. He opened his eyes and looked deeply into Sherry's. She bent her head down to whisper to him.

"How is she?" she whispered to him.

"Fuckin' excellent!" he rasped. "On par with Jennifer in the passion department!"

"Great!" she whispered back. "Now, would you please eat me to orgasm, Master? I'm so wet from listening and watching you two!"

"Get on," he gasped.

Sherry mounted Eric's face, but kept her pussy out of the reach of his mouth. Some of her juice dripped down, and Eric lapped it up as it fell. Sherry looked at Daly; she had her eyes closed. Sherry reached over and massaged her left tit. Daly's eyes snapped open at the contact, and stared at Sherry with such lust that she backed up a bit. Eric was right; her passion WAS on par with Jennifer's, Sherry's mind made mental comparisons of Daly with Jennifer.

"Are you here to pleasure?" Daly growled.

"I am," Sherry said. "You are poised over his cock, and I am over his mouth. We will drop together. Hold my tits for support, and I will hold yours."

Daly complied She reached over and grabbed Sherry's tits, as Sherry reached over and grabbed hers. For Daly, this was the first time that she had ever touched another woman, although she had frequently fantasized about it. Her animal lust drove away any inhibition about it, and reveled in the feel of her tits. She decided to share some of Eric with her.

"Kiss me," Daly growled to Sherry.

Sherry leaned forward to kiss her. Daly released a bit of moisture to her lips, then mashed them against hers. Sherry was surprised. It was some of Eric's precum, and Daly had held it in her mouth all this time! Smiling and laughing, Sherry used her tongue to lick the offering off her lips, then shoved it into her mouth to taste more. Daly smiled, and teased her tongue with hers as they both tasted Eric's precum. Sherry took some more in her mouth, then both girls swallowed what they had.

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