tagNonHumanJennifer's New Career Ch. 04

Jennifer's New Career Ch. 04


As Jennifer spent her afternoon 'tutoring' with Mr. Evans, Susie decided it was time she confronted her friend so as to reveal her feelings. She never knew exactly what it meant, but she knew she was attracted to Jennifer, and her recent appearance change to one of carnal thought-inducing provocation. She decided to tell herself she wasn't a lesbian, but rather in love with a person, not a gender. She approached her friends house and nervously knocked at the door, knowing that Jenn's mom would be at work by now. However, no person answered the door, instead it slowly creaking open revealing a dark hallway. Susie fixed her thick-rimmed glasses and peered into the house, mumbling "hello?"

She entered and took off her shoes -- they were horribly uncomfortable, but part of the school uniform. As she had not time to go home and get changed, she just opted to tossing the shoes aside. The door slammed shut as she took a step, sunlight seemingly blocked out by an unknown entity.

"WHO ARE YOU." Spoke a booming voice. "WHY HAVE YOU COME."

Petrified by the demonic voice in the presence of such absolute darkness, she muttered her response.

"I'm looking for Jennifer..." There was silence from the voice.

"VERY WELL. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE." She hardly believed her ears. "I INSIST." The voice retorted to her hesitance. She shuddered and walked to the living room, sitting in a reclining chair. She sat closed, hugging herself for warmth in the strangely cool air. Of all the things to notice in this strange situation, however, the thing she noted the most was her rapidly hardening nipples. "YOU SHALL BE SEEN SOON." The voice boomed, causing Susie to jump. She looked around the room to get some bearings, figure out what exactly was happening. For a moment, she let herself go, resting her arms on the lazy-boy's armrests. At that instant, smooth tentacles burst forth from the fabric, wrapping her in their grip. While she only had several tentacles holding her in, they were remarkably strong.

Tears welled in her eyes, and she yelled out for help to no avail. Frantically, she looked around for anything to help her get out, but the only thing she could spot in the darkness was a faint mist floating in front of her. The mist seemed to quiver in the air as the voice began again.

"YOU ARE SUZANNE, FRIEND OF JENNIFER?" Susie nodded, and meekly spoke.

"Yes. Please don't hurt me."

"WE SHALL NOT HURT YOU. ONLY OFFER YOU A RARE OPPURTUNITY." The voice proceeded to regale Susie with the tale of Jennifer's current "employment" in the demon realm, describing at great length several particular escapades with the girl. Susie looked shocked, but deep down relished the thought of her friend being ravaged by raw sexual beasts. The ghostly voice recognized this in her body movement. Her top two buttons popped open.

"WOULD YOU, DEAR SUZANNE, CARE TO ENTER OUR REALM TO ACT AS CO-BEAST FUCKER?" Susie didn't know what to do. Speechless, her eyes wandered in desperate search of anything in the darkness, when her eyes adjusted to a form appearing before her. It was a hazy form of some king of years past. White beard and pupil-less eyes, he strode closer to her bound body. The tentacles lifted her into a standing position, loosening their grip as she stood in the presence of this royal spectre. Her small body, countered by her ample c-cup breasts, looked so small against the massive stature of the king, yet she looked calm and prepared when she began to speak.

"Show me your world and I shall consider it." The king smiled, and in a blinding flash, Susie found herself surrounded by a multitude of beasts. There had to be a half dozen various creatures surrounding her in the living room of her best friend.

"On your knees." The king ordered, and she dropped, her face before his crotch by mere inches. He reached down and unfastened his pants, a massive spectral member slapping against her flushed cheek. His penis had to be 12", and she worried with how she would manage that much cock. "You shall orally service my Six Royal Spirits before the night it through in order to prove your worth to our servitude." He looked down at the schoolgirl, her thick black glasses and short black hair arousing his ancient libido. She quickly jammed the cold penis into her mouth, bobbing up and down its ghostly length. The king laughed in triumph, to which he knights chided in with loud guffaws.

Her thoughts turned to panic for a brief moment, suddenly realizing she was would have to blow each of these spirits individually, reviling her on one level. However, these thoughts were quickly pushed to the side as the king thrust into her face deeper. She fondled his ghostly balls, squeezing them. He grunted loudly and pulled out of her mouth, spraying his cum all over her face and shirt. The white fabric of her shirt became slightly transparent, revealing the outline of her lacy bra. Another figure approached her, and Susie looked at this second king spectre, and eagerly swallowed his cock.

Suddenly, in a flash of light, she found herself in the same position, only now having had her clothes instantly removed. The first king laughed again as the raven-haired sprite continued to suck the length of the second ghost's, her nipples pointed in the cool air of the room. Her mouth became filled with cum quickly as the spirit she was working on finished. He spurted over her face and glasses as she tried to swallow as much of his load as possible.

The remainder of these ghosts then surrounded her, each having their cock facing the petite teen. They jerked themselves, and Susie moved from one to another, eagerly sucking them off, jerking off another two at the same time. One ghosts' 15 inch cock was jammed down her throat, and began cumming inside her mouth. She was filled with his huge load, and the other spirits began to spew over her tight body. Layers of the thick, white cum dripped from her chin, creamed over her raven hair, and slicked her bubble tits.

"YOU HAVE PASSED." The ghosts immediately disappeared, leaving Susie alone in her friend's living room. She knew the road ahead of her was going to be unique, but if it was anything like her brief session with these spectres, she hoped to continue.

Hearing the door opening, she quickly reached for her clothes, and attempted to button up her shirt, although it was still soaked through with cum. Jennifer appeared in the doorway of the living room.

"Susie?! What's going on?!"

"I've been hired by your monster friends...we're co-workers!" Jennifer looked worried at first, but from behind Susie, she spied Teddy sneaking into the room. While she was tired from having just got home from her encounter with Mr. Evans, but she knew she could go for a round with her Teddy bear and cum-soaked friend. Stepping towards Susie, she smiled seductively and her friend stood up. They kissed passionately, their tongues swirling, Jennifer tasting the cum on her friends' lips. Jennifer squeezed Susie's ass, and Susie pressed her bare tits against her sexy huge melons.

Jennifer pushed her friend over onto the couch, her back to the cushions. They continued to kiss passionately as Teddy snuck to the end of the couch. With sudden grace, he thrust his huge cock into Susie's tight pussy, and she screamed out in a confused joy. Jennifer moved to the side and Susie saw the plush figure pushing into her with hard thrusts of furious passion.

"Hey babe, suck her tits." Teddy told Susie, to which Jennifer promptly responded by ripping her shirt open. Susie eagerly licked on the hard nipples of her friend. Jennifer's voluptuous tit covered her friends' cum-soaked face, strands of the goo appearing each time she'd lift her tit.

Teddy pounded Susie with sudden quick thrusts, until he suddenly erupted inside of the teenage pussy. Susie, Jennifer and the bear all yelled out in pleasure as they each came. As the girls lay down beside one another, gently stroking each others bodies, Teddy walked along Susie's thigh, his half-hard cock dragging, tickling her young skin.

"I hope you like this, because you've both got missions ahead of you."

"Oh?" Jennifer chimed, "What would they entail?"

"You'll find out when you're on your way. Now lick her up."

The bear left the girls and headed back up to Jennifer's room as the girls lapped up the scores of semen left on young Susie's body.

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