tagLoving WivesJennifer's New Life

Jennifer's New Life


My wife, Jennifer, had become more and more aware of the societal revolution taking place. That revolution is interracial dating, fucking, marriage, and breeding.

Everywhere we go she would point out to me how beautiful interracial couples looked together. She confided in me that interracial babies were beautiful, and she wanted to know what it would be like to have one, too. We are swingers. We belonged to two local swingers clubs, but they were all white. I enjoy watching Jennifer being fucked. She was always the most popular woman at the clubs. She was good at flirting. She went after the male with the largest cock. She enjoyed getting her cunt filled with cum. My wife was a well-built, gorgeous woman of 28 years. She was 34C-21-34. Her legs were long and slender. She worked out every day. Her body was svelte and firm. Her cunt had a nice tightness and a natural squeeze on my five-inch cock. She is five-feet, four-inches tall. Her lips were full and pouty. She always wore bright pink or red lipstick. She has very light, flawless skin. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her narrow waist and flat tummy made her tits and ass look much larger.

She works as a secretary for a Fortune 500 company. She came home and tantalized me by bragging that several black men in her company were hitting on her all the time. She also confessed that she liked it. She also confessed that she flirted back, too. She told me that she was flattered that her black co-workers liked to hit on her. "I hope you don't mind, but I fantasize sometimes about fucking a black man, honey," she said.

"That's hot! I would love to see that!" I said.

"How do you really feel about that?" she asked teasingly.

"Sure! I want you to!" I said. I was serious. I had seen her getting fucked perhaps 20 times in our swingers' parties. I loved to watch her hips meet a lover's thrusts and see her body writhe in sensual ecstasy.

"Oh baby! I would love to!" she said.

"I will get some videos to watch," I said.

"That would be hot. Do it!" she said breathlessly.

I suggested that we get some videos to watch because quite frankly, the thought of a huge black cock plunging in her tight, white cunt really would raise a hard on in me. The thought of a black baby growing in her womb was the biggest turn on of all! I started fantasizing about that day and night. Jennifer loved the videos. She suggested that we subscribe to an internet porn site that she heard about from the black men who hit on her. I let her choose the web site. She chose seven sites. Every site she chose was interracial. She chose the porn sites that showed real white women meeting, fucking, and being bred by black men. At this point, I began to believe that my fantasies were really going to happen.

She would look at the pictures and watch the videos. She even entered the chat rooms. Her handle was Curious_Blonde. When she was not working or not at the swap club she stayed on line. I could always tell when she had been surfing the interracial porn site or chatting. She always became more loving and wanted sex with me.

That led to me buying a 10-inch black rubber dildo-cock for her to "play" with. It was large. It was a big around as her tiny wrist. She used it and fantasized that she was being black-fucked. I had her to get in the doggie position and then fucked her ass with the dildo. I wanted to get her ass slack for black men. I used every sex toy that would stretch her ass out that I could find. After four months, her ass was very slack.

However, what really shoved her over the edge into black sex was her girlfriend's black baby.

Julie, who is 26, never married, and was every bit as beautiful as Jennifer, came over one week day to tell Jennifer that she was carrying her black lover's baby in her womb. Julie was two months pregnant. Jennifer had met Julie's boyfriend, Tyrell, several times. Ty, as they called him, was deep black and had multiple tattoos on his arms, shoulders, back, and abs. His hair was in long dreadlocks. Ty had a scar on his face. Yes! Ty was a thug.

The day that Julie came over to announce her pregnancy, Ty came with her. "Jennifer! I'm pregnant with Ty's baby!" Julie squealed. "Oh! My! That is so wonderful!" Jennifer exclaimed. The two girls began jumping up and down excitedly.

"Hey! What about me? I knocked this ho up! I planted my seed in her cunt. That's my baby baking in her oven," Ty said, smugly.

"Hey! Look at this!" Ty said. He pulled up Julie's top and exposed her belly. He rubbed his black hand over her milky white belly like he owned what was inside. Then he pulled Julie's top up further to expose her tits. I could clearly see more tattoos on Julie's tits. Her nipples were pierced with bar bell studs, too. He wrapped his hand around Julie's tit, placed his mouth over her nipple, and started sucking. He pulled off.

Julie had long fiery red hair. She had magnificent tits and a great ass.

"Have you seen any tits and pregnant belly more beautiful?" he asked me. "Beautiful!" I replied. "Congratulations!" I raised my hand to give Ty a high-five. He ignored me.

Ty rubbed Julie's pregnant belly and tits. They started kissing. Jennifer looked at me and grinned. I knew Jennifer wanted some of that action. My cock was getting harder.

Ty and Julie's love making became more and more passionate as we sat in chairs in the living room. I imagined Julie's body was pumped full of momma hormones. It was like we were not in the room. They were engaged into some serious face sucking. Ty's tongue was literally down Julie's throat! Ty freed Julie's swollen tits and sucked hard on her beautiful, long nipples. "Look! Ty's sucking on my nipples has made them grow!" Julie giggled.

Those nipples were very long. Her areolas were beginning to get that baby color -- dark brown. Her nipples were at least an inch long, much like Jennifer's nipples too. I started to imagine Jennifer with a swollen belly with a black baby and her nipples and areolas growing dark brown. My cock started to swell more.

Ty noticed Jennifer's interest. I believe he saw something in her face. Ty started flirting with Jennifer, too. He pulled her close and surrounded her body with his strong, tattooed arms. At first, Jennifer gave him some little kisses.

"Go ahead! Kiss him!" I encouraged Jennifer.

"Is it alright with you?" Jennifer asked Julie. "Sure, baby, go ahead. I like to watch Ty fuck other girls. I have watched him fuck other girls many times," Julie said!

"I want to fuck this hot white girl" Ty said.

"Go ahead, Jennifer. I want to see Ty fuck you, too!" I said breathlessly. I wanted to say, "I want to see Ty give you an ass fucking!" My heart was pounding. I wanted to see Ty fuck Jennifer in our living room!

Both Ty and Jennifer realized it was OK to get it on with their lovers in the room. They started getting bolder and bolder before me. At first, I pretended not to notice. Then I began to exhort Jennifer to go further. I looked at Julie. She looked at me and sneered," Don't look at me white boy! I fuck black only. I'd laugh at your five-incher." I don't how she knew I had a five-inch cock unless Jennifer told her. I never looked at Julie's eyes again.

"Let the man suck your face. One woman is not enough for this man," I said, almost pleading. They eventually broke it off. Julie and Ty left both flirting up to the very moment they walked out the door.

"That was fucking hot!" I exclaimed when the door closed. "You looked so fucking in love!" I blurted out. If I had ever seen a woman who looked like she was in love, it was Jennifer. "Did you mind? Jennifer asked. The avoided the "love" statement.

"Did I mind? Hell no! It was the biggest turn on of my life! I wanted him to fuck you!" I said. "Oh! It felt so good! I wanted to fuck Ty, too!" Jennifer said.

I showed Jennifer how my cock had grown inside my pants. Jennifer dropped to her knees, freed my cock, and started sucking me. While Jennifer sucked my cock, I fanaticized that Ty was cuming in her hot, whore mouth. I told Jennifer about my fantasy, and she said she was fantasizing that she was sucking Ty's cock. I came in her mouth. She had to masturbate for relief!

Julie had a few visible tattoos that she had acquired since she met Ty. I could see a symbol on her wrist. She had a beautiful design over her shoulders and both arms. She always wore short tops and low-riding miniskirts, leaving lots of bare skin in between. A tribal weave was visible on her lower back. She had an enormous tongue stud. It gave her speech a different tone that was so fucking sexy! All the illustrations and piercings were added since she met Ty. I could imagine Julie's studded tongue running under the bottom side of my cock shaft. I wanted to see the other hidden designs that she let Ty add to her body.

Julie was always further along in her blackening than Jennifer. She dated black men starting when she was at age 18. She did not hide that fact that she was getting fucked regularly. She got pregnant several times, but never become a mom. She hung out only with black men through high school. She briefly dated a white boy, but after a few tries on a white cock, she went back to black immediately. She never used contraceptives. She got pregnant several times by different boyfriends. She never became a mom until she met Ty. Ty loved to knock up white women. He boasted that he had knocked up eight white women. Three women had carried their babies to term.

I fantasized about the sexy tats on Julie that I could not see. I wanted Jennifer to get a few sexy tats, too. "I would like to see you with some sexy tattoos, too," I told Jennifer.

"I would love to get a tattoo. You know, baby. I think if I meet a black man, I want him to have me tattoo'd. Julie said that black men want to mark their women," she said.

"That would be hot! I would love to see you marked by your black lover," I said.

"Julie said to play it cool. When I get hooked up with a black man, let him make the decision on my tattooing," Jennifer said.

Ty and Julie kept coming over. Ty took every opportunity to flirt with Jennifer. I knew he would eventually fuck her. I desperately wanted it to happen. On the next visit, they got really serious.

"I'm going to watch the football game. My team is playing," I announced.

I left the room to "watch" a game. Actually, my team was playing, but I really didn't care about the outcome of the game as much as the "outcome" between Jennifer and Ty. I wanted this to be Jennifer's "cumming out" with a black cock. Well, they got after it on the couch. He had Jennifer's panties off in no time. He finger fucked her while he removed his clothes. He pushed her down on her back. Jennifer gasped at the size of his 10-inch cock. He lay down between her legs. Julie sat down beside them and took Ty's cock. She guided it into Jennifer's hungry cunt. It took several thrusts to get it in balls deep.

"Don't worry baby! You will get used to a black cock. I did," Julie said.

I peeked in from the TV room. I could tell from the look of ecstasy on Jennifer's face that Ty had his black cock deep in her tiny cunt. If she hadn't gotten some "practice" with that black dildo, she would be in pain now, I thought.

I could hear Jennifer's moaning getting louder and louder over the cheers from the football fans all the way in the TV room. I was ecstatic! Julie was stroking her clit. Wow! What a erotic scene! I went back to the TV room and started stroking. I shot one of the biggest wads of cum ever!

I looked again and saw Jennifer with her arms around Ty. She was on her back with her legs spread wide. Ty was fucking her. She was looking directly into his eyes. She had an expression of deep love on her face. Ty was slowly moving in and out of her love hole.

Jennifer was meeting each thrust with her hips. I could see Ty's cock disappearing inside Jennifer's pubic mound. It was the deepest a cock had ever been in my wife. I could imagine her cunt squeezing down on Ty's cock and Ty's pre-cum lubricating her cunt walls.

They fucked for 30 minutes. Jennifer kept moaning when she wasn't kissing Ty. Soon after, I heard Jennifer shout, "Oh! My! Ty! I'm cuming! Cum in me, baby! Cum in me! I want your cum in me, baby!"

I watched as Ty gave a loud moan and shoved his cock deep inside Jennifer and freeze. I could see the muscles in his ass ripple. The base of his cock was pulsating. He was draining his balls into my wife! Both were breathing heavily and perspiring profusely. My heart was pounding! She's a slut, now, I thought.

It seemed like another 30 minutes of kissing after Ty ejaculated his cum in Jennifer. They continued to kiss. He pumped his thick cock in her all the while. I looked and could see how his black fuck tool was stretching Jennifer's tight cunt wide. I wondered if she would be permanently wide.

Ty got off of Jennifer and stood up, leaving a huge creampie in my wife's cunt. His cock was coated in cum and still erect. Julie went to her knees and started sucking him.

"Hmmm! Baby! I love the taste of Jennifer's cunt juice mixed with your cum," Julie said while looking up at Ty.

Ty lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. He handed the cigarette to Jennifer, who took it and put it to her lips. I had never seen Jennifer smoke. I didn't know she could. She took a short drag, inhaled some air, held it, and slowly blew it out. It looked so sensual! I was watching my wife turning into a tramp before my very eyes!

Then Ty handed the cigarette to Julie who took a deep drag and exhaled a big cloud of smoke. She handed it back to Jennifer to took a deep, deep drag, inhaled, and held the smoke a while, then exhaled a big cloud through her slightly parted lips and nose. It was hot! Jennifer was still lying on the couch in a dreamy afterglow and smoking when Julie and Ty left. She stayed on the couch for a while, smoking the cigarette. When she got up, Ty's jizzum dripped out of her cunt and ran down the inside of her thighs. Oh! My! It was everything I wished for! I wanted to suck it up, but I hesitated. "How did that feel?" I asked Jennifer after Ty and Julie left.

Jennifer took a drag on her cigarette and exhaled smoke. "Wonderful!" she said and took another drag.

"You look so radiant. Your face is glowing," I said.

"I feel like I am floating. It was the most wonderful orgasm I have ever had. And his cock was so fulfilling. Baby! I felt his sperm hit my cunt walls. I have never felt that when you cum in me. Oh! It was so sensual," she said. Jennifer took another drag. I was imaging Ty's sperm racing into Jennifer's body to find her egg.

"Your cunt was stretched! Do you think it will ever be normal?"

"Normal! What is normal? Being stretched out by a black man's cock is the new normal," she said smiling. She took another drag and blew it toward me.

After that night, Jennifer's began getting it on with her co-workers. She had lunch with one black co-worker, Byron, and had sex with him at a hotel after work. She told me all about it. "Byron and I fucked!" she said excitedly. She lit up a cigarette.

"How was it?" I was excited, too.

"He had a 10-inch cock. I could feel his cock head pressing against my cervix. It was so wonderful," she said dreamily.

"I wish I could fuck you that deep," I said.

"No way could you ever fuck me that way," she said. "Byron grabbed me as soon as we entered the hotel room. His lips covered mine. I felt his tongue touch my lips, and I opened my mouth to accept his tongue. My mouth was so wet. We were passing bodily fluids back and forth," she said.

"Your face is glowing," I said.

"He started undressing me. I felt as my clothes came off that my resistance was peeling away. I wanted him to take me and use me. I am becoming a submissive to black men," she said. "I want you to be submissive," I said.

"He pushed me down on the bed. I spread my legs out wide waiting for him to undress. He laid on me. I felt his cock head rubbing my cunt for several moments. I had my first orgasm before he entered me," she said.

"What did he say when you had an orgasm?"

"I don't remember. I just felt his cock enter me. It was so unreal! I wanted it deeper and deeper," she took another drag on her cigarette.

"This is so fucking hot!" I said.

"We fucked for an hour. I could feel his cock go deep in my cunt. It pressed against my cervix." She took another drag. "Then he shoved and it entered my womb! I must have had four or five orgasms. I don't know. I lost count."

"Oh shit! This is too hot!" I started jerking off.

"I felt him lunge deep into me. His cock was in my womb. I was squeezing down hard with my cunt muscles. Then I felt it!" She took another drag.

"Felt what! Tell me!" I pleaded.

"I felt his cum shoot into me. My body rocked! I felt my orgasm start in my cunt and spread all over my body. It was the longest, deepest orgasm I have ever felt!" She took another drag.

I shot my wad!

One night, Ty started kissing Jennifer and Julie alternately. He undressed them and put them down. Ty had Jennifer and Julie give each other head in a lesbian 69. Jennifer and Julie really got into it. It looked so hot. He rewarded them with a blunt, which they passed around until it was gone.

The blunt made Jennifer super hot. She started kissing Ty. I could see their wetness passing between in their mouths.

"Fuck me, Ty! I want your cock in me. Shoot me full of cum, baby. Fuck me!," Jennifer pleaded.

She was hot! Ty pushed her back and fucked her for an hour on our bed. Ty rewarded her with another blunt, which she smoked until Ty left.

On another occasion, Ty bent Jennifer over and fucked her doggie style. Julie got on her knees. Ty pulled out of Jennifer and let Julie suck him for a while. Jennifer started begging Ty for more cock.

"Oh baby. Put your cock back in your momma. I want to feel it in my womb, baby. Fuck me!" Jennifer pleaded.

Ty switched back to Jennifer's cunt and fucked her until he came in her. He pulled out and let Julie clean him off. Then Julie cleaned out Jennifer's cunt while Jennifer came.

"I love giving Ty pleasure," Jennifer told me later.

"You look at him like you are falling in love," I said.

"I think I am! How do you feel about that?" Jennifer asked.

"Wonderful! I feel so tingly and sensual when you fuck him and look at him like that!" I said. I was shaking. She began to throw caution to the wind. We talked about her fucking Ty and a black affair with other black men for her. "Honey! Would you mind if I had an affair?" Jennifer asked.

"No! I want that!" I replied.

"I want to go out on dates. One of my boyfriends at work wants to date me. I want to date him," Jennifer pleaded.

"That's OK with me!"

"I want to go to clubs."


"I want to dance with black men."

"I would love that."

"I want to fuck black men on the dates," she added.

"That would be great!" I said.

"Maybe even stay overnight with him," Jennifer said.

"Yes! I want you to come back and tell me everything," I said.

"I will. I promise," she said. She kissed me passionately.

That is the way that Jennifer got my full permission to be a slut.

She would talk to me about her girlfriend's impregnation as we fucked.

"Julie said that when her fertile period came, she told Ty," Julie explained.

"Yes! So Ty knew he was going to knock her up?"

"Yes! Julie said that when the man and woman both know she is fertile, it enhances the feeling! It's like an entirely new level of pleasure!" Jennifer said excitedly. I knew that Julie had been knocked up several times before.

"So Julie likes that feeling of repro sex?" I asked.

"Yes! It's the most exhilarating, sensual sexual feeling of all," Jennifer said.

"I want you to experience that sensuality, too," I said. We started kissing.

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