tagIncest/TabooJennifer's Passion

Jennifer's Passion


This story was prompted by seeing a dancer in her thirties at a rehearsal. She was accompanied by a boy in his late teens who she introduced as her stepson - she obviously adored him, and kept touching him and stroking his face, and rubbing her body against him. She was wearing the most revealing leotard I'd ever seen, and the effect on the boy was obvious from the bulge in his jeans throughout the rehearsal, and when it ended he followed her into the showers ...

I've tried to write it from a woman's point of view, and I'd be delighted to hear from female readers on whether I've got it right, plus any suggestions, hopefully constructive!


Jennifer finished her barre, and reached for a towel to mop her face and throat. It was a hot day late July, and even at this time in the morning the temperature was in the high 80s, and the humidity was even higher. She patted the towel on her chest, feeling perspiration trickling down between her breasts, and then smiled a welcome when her step-son appeared.

'It's another scorcher today, darling!' she said. 'But it's great for loosening up everything. I could dance all day!'

As she looked at the boy, she noticed yet again how mature - if that's the right word - he was becoming. Very attractive too, she admitted to herself. She loved his long eyelashes, and his smooth downy cheeks: almost like a girl's, she thought, and she often stroked his face affectionately. Then there were the fine hairs on his wrists - for some reason she found them strangely erotic, and she found herself touching them more and more.

'Right - I'm off for a shower!' she said brightly, moving towards him, but he stopped her.

'No, Jen - what about doing that study thing I like first?'

She was working on a solo dance she'd promised to perform at a dance festival that was coming up in a couple of months - the organiser was an old friend - and lover - and the boy had sometimes stopped by to watch her.

'Well - OK, Chris - why not?'

He stood by the table on which she kept her tape machine and all her cassettes, watching her search for the tape, and she glanced at him again and smiled.

Christopher's mother had died when he was nine, and his father had re-married two years later. He was much older than Jennifer, and in fact she was only fourteen years older than the boy. His father had died two years ago, leaving her the large house and outbuildings, and more than comfortably well off, and since then Jennifer had looked after the boy alone. She treated him more as a brother than a step-son, and they'd always got on well together.

As she rummaged through her cassettes she saw him staring at her body: he'd been looking at her quite a lot lately, she'd noticed. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to dance for him, she thought: her green leotard left little to the imagination - supported by a couple of narrow straps, it was cut low on her breasts and high on her hips - it tapered to a narrow vee over her pubic mound, while from the rear it left her back bare to her waist, and strained ineffectually to contain the cheeks of her bottom.

She'd converted the loft of an old barn into a studio - the wooden floor was ideal for dancing, and the sunlight streamed in through a skylight in the sloping roof. Her body was coated in a sheen of perspiration, and her skin gleamed as though oiled when she passed through the beams of sunlight. She glanced down at herself and noticed that her nipples were clearly delineated through the tight material: she saw him staring at them, and she was suddenly embarrassed when his scrutiny caused them to stiffen involuntarily. He's not looking at me much like a brother at the moment, she thought, but then the music started. and she immediately forgot everything else.

The boy watched her intently: the piece was by a French composer - he couldn't remember his name - and her movements matched the music perfectly. Her body spoke of exhilaration, freedom - sudden curiosity, and then the mood changed and she began to move sensuously, running her hands over her body and glancing over her shoulder enticingly. Christopher felt himself becoming aroused, and studied her body as, barefooted, she circled an imaginary lover, reaching for him and then pulling away abruptly, to suddenly crouch in front of the boy like a sprinter at the starting blocks, staring into the distance. Was she about to flee? Or was she preparing to pounce like a wild animal? She was panting with exertion, her skin glistening with perspiration and her breasts heaving as if trying to free themselves from the confines of her leotard.

Suddenly the boy bent down and gently gripped her upper arms to raise her to feet. Jennifer was momentarily startled, her concentration broken, and then she was standing in front of him, looking at him curiously. He gazed down at her body once more, seeing the deep valley between her breasts - as his eyes dropped she was once again conscious of his long thick eyelashes that almost brushing his cheeks, and then he was staring at her face as if for the first time. He saw her high cheekbones, her full, generous mouth, and eyes that reflected the colour of her leotard. Her auburn hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat, and he lightly brushed it aside, before resting his hands gently on her shoulders, feeling her damp skin warm beneath his fingers.

Jennifer stood, her arms by her side, staring into his eyes, her expression impossible to read. He briefly tightened his grip, and she swayed towards him, not knowing whether he was pulling her or if she moved of her own volition. He slowly lowered his face closer to hers, then paused: she was still staring at him, impassive and unmoving, and then his mouth covered hers.

She made a small noise in her throat, and then her lips parted as she returned his kiss, hesitantly at first, and then with growing intensity. Their tongues began an elaborate pas de deux, and their mouths feasted on each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly she felt him slipping the straps of her leotard off her shoulders, and slowly dragging it down to her waist, to reveal her naked breasts. Then his hand was cupping her left breast, caressing it gently, feeling her nipple pebble-hard in his palm. Their kiss grew wilder as he fondled her, and then she pulled back to stare at him uncertainly. Then she touched his face, and he bent his head to kiss her neck, fondling her breast and running his hand over her bare back - she stroked his hair, then her body yielded against him once again.

For the first time she became aware of his rigid penis thrusting against her belly, and she caught her breath, then dropped her hand to grip it through his jeans. He held her tightly, kissing her as he felt her fingers probing and squeezing him gently. Then she pulled her head back slightly and stared at him almost unseeingly.

'I want to see it, and feel it,' she said huskily, and without waiting for a response she tugged the zipper down and inserted her hand into his jeans. She fumbled to free the boy's penis from his underpants, and then she tugged it out and held it lightly. She felt him shudder, and then he tried to kiss her once more, but she turned her face away.

'Not yet, darling - I told you, I want to look at you.'

Jennifer sank to her knees in front of him and stared at the boy's penis, running her fingers over it and then resting it in her hand. In her time she'd seen - and been fucked by - her fair share of penises of all shapes and colours - white, black, brown and even yellow, when she'd spent a sex-drunk weekend in Paris with a Chinese dancer, but somehow seeing Chris's cock was different. Like love at first sight, she thought. It was very white, and longer than she'd expected, although not overly thick, and slightly curved. She stroked the heavy blue vein standing out in sharp contrast to the whiteness of his skin, then rubbed her thumb over the domed head, kneading it lightly. Whereas the swollen purple head of the boy's penis was pliant, its shaft felt like solid gristle, and she tightened her fingers around it to rub it slowly, feeling it throbbing in her hand.

She sighed, and lifted her eyes to meet his gaze.

'Christ, it's beautiful, Chris,' she whispered, rising to her feet and fondling him as she kissed him dreamily.

The boy gripped her naked breast, then released it and tried to push his hand down into her leotard, but she caught his wrist, holding him with his fingers splayed over her bare belly.

'Not there, darling,' she murmured, and gently tugged his wrist. He allowed his fingers to roam over her belly for a moment, then reluctantly withdrew his hand and returned it once more to her breast, and then they were kissing again. Jennifer broke away briefly, trying to catch her breath, and she glanced down at the table - there was a box of tissues next to her tape machine, and she grabbed several and pushed them into the boy's free hand.

'You'' need these, darling - now kiss me again.'

She leaned against him, her mouth opening to try to swallow his tongue, and she began to rub his penis with long, steady strokes, forcing her body to him as he crushed her breast.

He groaned, his hands roaming over her naked flesh, and she rubbed him faster, her mouth working frantically on his as she squirmed against him. It was her turn to moan as he gripped her breast painfully, deliciously, and then his body jerked and she felt him tremble.

Jennifer rubbed his penis furiously: he clutched the tissues to it, but as his semen flooded into it some escaped to coat her fingers, and she felt more spurting onto her bare legs.

She held him to her as she continued to rub him with wet fingers, feeling his body shuddering, and she kissed him repeatedly as more of his semen trickled down her legs.

'Oh, Christ, Jen,' he muttered, and released her breast to put his arm round her to hug her tightly.

She took a deep breath and drew away from him to look down at his penis as it softened in her hand, then quickly sank to her knees again to kiss it. She stared at it as if hypnotized - rubbing it had felt better than she could have imagined. She squeezed it gently, and saw one final drop of semen emerge from it tip. She let her breath out slowly, then took its head in her mouth briefly, tasting him, before she rose to her feet. She stroked his face and smiled at him shakily.

'I'd better go and have that shower before I start on you again, darling!'

The boy ran his hands over her shoulders and naked breasts.

'Jen - I can't tell you ...' he began, but she stopped him.

'You don't have to, darling - I feel the same, but don't let's talk about it. Now - that shower!'

She lingered in the shower, soaping her body languorously. Her mind was swimming with the thought of his cock, the sight and feel of it, and the effect it had had on her. She closed her eyes and imagined it thrusting into her vagina; taking it in her mouth properly and sucking it until he came; even imagining it glistening with Vaseline and feeling it being eased gently into her bottom. She slipped her hand between her legs, then sighed and slowly dried herself before making her way naked to her bedroom.

She realized that after her initial embarrassment she'd enjoyed the boy staring at her body. And now she knew what the sight of her did to his cock ... she forced her mind back to practical matters, but not too practical - she wanted him to look at her again. She finally selected a low-cut halter top, but decided against a bra. For one thing, she liked to feel her breasts moving freely, and for another Chris had made her breasts delightfully sore - and for yet another, he'd be able to see her nipples poking against it. She hesitated over wearing panties, but eventually slipped on a pair, and then climbed into a short blue denim skirt.

Chris was in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water, and she kissed him lightly on the mouth.

'I've got to go shopping for groceries, darling. Want to come along?'

'I don't want to go shopping, but I'd like to be with you!' he said, and she laughed.

'Come on, then!'

They wandered around the supermarket, chucking whatever caught their eye into the trolley - Jennifer hadn't made out a shopping list, and her mind wasn't really on grocery shopping. They piled the bags into the car, and she grimaced when she climbed into the driving seat. They's left the windows partially open, but even so the interior of the car was like an oven. She glanced at the clock - it was 11.35.

'I know it's a bit early, but in this heat I fancy a lager. How about you, Chris?'

He grunted. 'More like two!'

They pulled into a pub they knew on the way home, and got out of the car gratefully.

'Christ! That's better! I don't care if the stuff de-freezes, and everything else rots!' Jen said, and led the way into the pub. They collected their drinks and headed for the beer garden - there were several picnic tables shaded by overhanging trees, and they selected one close to the wall. It was too early for the pub to be busy, and apart from another couple sitting with their backs to them they had the beer garden to themselves.

Jennifer sat down, and Chris moved opposite her, but she stopped him,

'No, darling - come and sit beside me.' They both took a long swig of lager, and then the boy dropped his hand beneath the table to rest it on her bare thigh. She smiled, and he moved his hand up under her skirt, but she grabbed it.

'Isn't it better to sit next to each other? But that's far enough, sweetheart! You can leave your hand there, but no trespassing!'

He stroked her soft thigh, damp with perspiration, and she took another sip of lager, staring into space.

The boy squeezed her leg. 'You're very quiet, Jen - a penny for them!'

'This!' she said, and her hand closed on his penis through his jeans. 'This is why I wanted you to sit here, so that I can feel it. I just can't stop thinking about it, darling - the look of it, and how it felt to have it in my hand!'

She looked around, but nobody else had come into the garden: she quickly unzipped his jeans and deftly extracted his penis. She glanced under the table, seeing it harden in her hand, and took a deep breath, then let it out in a long sigh. She began to rub him expertly, and she heard him groan.

'Shh, darling! People will wonder what I'm doing to you!' she smiled, and then concentrated all her senses on the feel of his rock-hard penis gripped in her hand.

His body stiffened. 'Jen! I'm coming!'

'Yes, sweetheart!' she whispered and he stifled a cry. She rubbed him harder, then pointed his penis down, and his fingers dug into her thigh as his body tensed.

'Oh, God!' he breathed, and she snatched a quick peek under the table in time to see his semen spurting onto the ground. She continued to rub his for a moment, then released him to catch some of his semen in her hand. He stared at her as she slipped her hand into her top and rubbed it her bare breasts.

'I wanted to feel it on my skin, darling,' she murmured.

Over the next few days they hardly left the house, kissing and fondling endlessly. At first Jennifer was afraid the boy would be shocked or embarrassed by the insatiable demands she made on him, but he responded eagerly. She was amazed by how quickly recovered after she emptied his loins - it seemed he was ready to come again almost immediately, and she took full advantage of his stamina.

They spent most afternoons naked on her bed; she allowed him to undress her completely, but wouldn't let him touch her between her legs, let alone put his penis into her. At first Chris pleaded with her, but she was adamant.

'If we start, I don't know where it would end, darling. And you're still a little young to fuck your step-mother! And then I keep thinking about your father, and what he'd think about his son fucking his wife.'

'But Dad's dead, Jen! And we're alive! I don't understand - we excite each other, and we both want each other, don't we? Or is that I'm a bit big? I promise I wouldn't hurt you!'

Jennifer smiled. 'It's not that, Chris. And anyway, I quite like being hurt a bit once in a while. No, it's just that - I don't know - I feel confused, and guilty, somehow, but I'll do anything else you want, and you can do whatever you like to me. So let's stick to this, darling!' she said and reached for his penis once again.

'Anything else' covered all her special proclivities: she spent over an hour using her mouth and tongue on him in her own particular heaven, fantasizing about his cock fucking her in every conceivable position, and nudging its way into her backside. She licked it languidly, pausing to take his balls in her mouth, then kissing his cock again and again, and circling its head with her tongue before finally sucking it in earnest. She choked when he exploded, his semen shooting gushing into her mouth and throat, and then she began swallowing eagerly, fondling his testicles and pushing her finger into his bottom.

Another favourite was oiling her breasts and then kneading his cock between them, until his semen jetted up under her chin before she bent her head to let it spurt over her face, splattering into her eyes and over her lips.

To make a change, she sometimes asked him to let her watch him masturbate, her eyes glued to his cock like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. Then she laid back so that he could come all over her body.

Afterwards, she'd get in the bath and he'd wash her sticky body, and then she'd suck his cock as he sat on the edge of the bath.

One afternoon they were lying naked on her bed, idly stroking each other, when Jennifer suddenly remembered that she'd arranged to see a production by a small modern dance company at a local theatre. She was pretty sure it would be ghastly, but she knew the organizer and had promised to go. She touched the boy's cock, thinking that she'd much rather be with him, and decided she'd drag him along too.

He groaned when she broke the news, but she let him kiss her breasts and he grudgingly agreed. Just before they left she couldn't restrain herself, and sucked his cock passionately. She'd put on an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse with nothing under it and a cotton wrap-around skirt, and while she sucked him he put his hand down her blouse and caressed her bare breast, then slipped his hand inside the overlap of her skirt and stroked her thigh, and they both felt better.

In their seats they settled down and looked around them. The auditorium was less than half full, and they had an entire row to themselves. Chris glanced at the badly-photocopied programme and sighed. The work was entitled Wandering, and the notes were both pretentious and unintelligible. He showed it to Jennifer, and she grunted.

'Boring might be a better title!'

The performance started, and seemed to consist mainly of a few dancers moving around vaguely, occasionally jerking their bodies for no apparent reason, and Chris and Jennifer looked at each other mournfully. He took her hand, and she quickly slipped it inside her skirt. She looked around, but no-one was sitting nearby; she'd brought a light cardigan in case it got chilly later, and she draped it across the boy's lap then insinuated her hand beneath it to gently squeeze his cock as he stroked her thigh.

One of the dancers was a voluptuous black girl, and Chris nudged Jennifer.

'Wouldn't mind "exploring" her!' he whispered.

Jennifer sniffed. 'You might as well - she's certainly not good for much else!'

Then she bit her lip - she had a sudden vision of the girl naked, and Chris putting his cock into her, and she felt a surge of jealousy. She closed her eyes, thinking about his body, and conscious that she was getting aroused yet again. After what seemed like an eternity the interval finally arrived, and they thankfully made their way to the foyer.

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