tagMind ControlJennifer's Talisman Ch. 01

Jennifer's Talisman Ch. 01


Jennifer actually found it in the thrift shop. It only cost a couple of dollars and it intrigued her. The shop assistant, a dozy spotty face girl told Jennifer it wasn't real silver but Jennifer wasn't so sure, it was far too heavy just to be tin and though it was dirty and needed a good clean there was something under the grime that momentarily made her want it so much it hurt.

She purchased it and took it home to clean it. She was feeling silly by then, why on earth had she purchased it in the first place? Was it the faded piece of paper in the box with it with the words that read, "Get what you want from life, get even, get nasty, get in control of those around you, get everything you desire and more..."

What Jennifer wanted the most in the world was revenge on her cheating, two timing prick of an ex-boyfriend David and her ex-best friend Melanie.

Everyone, even her own mother and kid sister were telling her to "get over it" but she was still hurting. David had been the love her life and she had looked on Melanie almost as another sister.

Well a real sister wouldn't do what Melanie had done to Jennifer; she wouldn't steal your boyfriend from you and then compound it all by getting pregnant!

And to add insult to injury Melanie wanted to make up with Jennifer, wanted them still to be friends, she regularly called Jennifer at home, begging her to come over to her and David's apartment for coffee, but so far Jennifer had ignored the olive branch she was being offered, she was still angry and hurt, and she had no intention of ever forgiving either David or Melanie, that was until her thrift shop purchase because it turned out to be a real good buy, because it actually worked.

The round metal Talisman was the size of a table coaster and it had strange markings engraved on its hard and now very shiny surface. Jennifer had polished it thoroughly before reading the flimsy bit of paper again. The writing was old but it didn't say exactly how you got what you wanted, and Jennifer felt a little foolish as she read the spidery handwriting and fondled the hard piece of metal which was deliciously cold to the touch.

She might have even tossed it away if her sister Kelley hadn't come over to visit her a couple of days after she had finished cleaning the Talisman up and Jennifer ended up using it on her, not intentionally but totally by accident.

Kelley was Jennifer's 18 years old younger sister, a vivacious 5"3" red head with sparkling green eyes set in a lightly freckled round baby face that had soft candy pink lips she was always licking because she put too much lip gloss on them. She was endowed with a petite tight little body that she kept in trim by going to the gym every other day.

Kelley was gorgeous whereas Jennifer was just pretty, with her mousy brown hair, snub nose and long arms and legs that just about matched her not so petite (she wasn't fat) body. However Jennifer had better boobs than her sister, not that Kelley was not well endowed herself, her boobs fitted into a D cup with some to spare.

Kelley considered herself worldly though she was still a virgin. She had made a decision to "save" herself for the right man and she was a little disapproving of her 22 year old sister who had lost her virginity on her Prom night even if it had been to David who then had dumped her ten months ago and now was living with Melanie.

"I thought he was Mr Right," Jennifer regularly said to Kelley but the younger girl always sniffed in a disdainful and said that he obviously wasn't the one for her or they'd still be together right now.

Kelley started to go on about David almost the moment she had set foot in her sister's apartment and that Jennifer should be "getting over it" as it was so "old hat," and she was getting bored with the same conversation every time she came around to visit her sister, Jennifer found herself reaching for the Talisman which was sitting on her coffee table next to a jar of Brasso she had used to clean it up with.

Kelley was flicking her long curly red hair with her hand, half watching the young blonde and well muscled TV Engineer who had also not long arrived at her sister's apartment and was settling down to fix the problem she had been having with her new TV and set top box.

Kelley wasn't remotely interested in him even though he was really cute: Kelley was also a bit of snob; she wanted only to date a professional person, someone who had an office job, not someone who worked with their hands.

"You have to get over him some time Jens," Kelley said and Jennifer scowled at her sister, trying to catch her eye, to warn her that talking about her private life in front of a stranger was not what you did.

Kelley though didn't notice her sister's glowering expression and she continued, "Mom thinks you should go and see them both, I mean come on Jens, Mel has been your best friend since Kindergarten, and you and David were going through a rocky patch, you said as much yourself."

"It doesn't excuse what they both did," Jennifer said between clenched teeth and she gripped the Talisman tightly in both her hands, it had been cool when she picked it up but it was getting hotter, no just warm but extremely hot. Her hands throbbed, and her fingers felt strange, like they were welded onto the metal.

Kelley looked at her with her most critical teenage expression and sighed deeply, "You think far too much, that's your problem," she said and Jennifer felt a surge of rage run through her, "You know that, you just think to much and expect too much!"

"And your problem is that you really desperately need to get laid!" Jennifer snapped suddenly, if Kelley wanted to play embarrass your sister in front of the listening engineer who was trying to ignore their argument, then she would do the same, "In fact I think you should get laid right now, how about it Pete," she called out to the engineer whose name had been on his overalls, "Why don't you and my sister have a nice hot session here on my sofa, I mean you'd really like her, she's a bona fide virgin you know and I know she really wants it thought she says she doesn't!"

Normally Kelley would have jumped up straight away, bright red in the face, spluttered out an angry retort at her sister rudeness and vulgarity and run from the room but to Jennifer's complete and utter amazement she didn't.

She seemed to go rock still, her body went rigid and her hand which had been twirling her hair stopped and dropped to her lap. Not only her but Pete too, he had turned when he heard his name being called and he was staring at Jennifer. His youthful smooth face was immobile and the whole room seemed to be like a void in which all three were sitting in.

Pete was a good looking man, he was about 25 years old, tall and fit, you could see the muscles under his regulation uniform, he took good care of his body and was what an English friend of Jennifer's would call, "a bit of alright top totty."

To Jennifer's further amazement he got up from his knees by the TV, put down his tools and went and sat beside Kelley on the sofa and he kissed her right on the mouth, not only that but Kelley kissed him back. Just like that.

It was a hot deep kiss that made Jennifer's mouth drop open in shock.

She started to speak, to tell him to stop when realised that the Talisman was now pulsating in her hands.

She glanced at it and almost cried out. It was glowing a white hot glow that seemed to seep out through her clenched fingers. She looked up and gasped, Pete was pulling Kelley's tank top over her breasts and she was smiling at him as he did it! Smiling at him and nodding her head and then with both of his hands he started to squeeze and fondle her large milky white mounds

Kelley let out a groan and there was blissful dazed expression on the teenager's face as she hungrily kissed Pete's mouth and it was at that very moment Jennifer knew that the Talisman did what it said it did on the piece of paper that had been in the box with it.

She could have stopped Pete and Kelley, she knew it almost as soon as she realised that Talisman actually worked but her mouth snapped shut, suddenly she wanted to experiment, to see how far she could go.

She did feel a tiny bit guilty, after all it was her sister but Kelley was such a moralistic pain in the ass, that Jennifer put away her own sense of morals and decided to see how far she could make Pete and Kelley do what she told them to do.

Pete obviously liked Kelley's breasts as he was having a real good feel of them both and then he lowered his head and began to suck on the heaving pert pink nipples that had hardened and mottled under his rolling, lapping wet tongue.

Kelley was really turned on, she was already panting and when Pete started to suck on her nipple she let out a long moan, closed her eyes and arched her back on the sofa, pushing her tit into the licking, sucking lapping mouth.

Jennifer heard herself say.

"Tell him to suck your tits harder Kelley."

To her amazement her sister said in a husky voice, "Suck my tits harder, real hard!"

Pete obliged and Jennifer found herself licking her lips as she spoke, "Tell my sister she's a hot and easy piece slut ass and you've always wanted to pop a virgin's cherry in your work time Pete."

Pete came up from giving Kelley's the hard sucking she had asked him for and said to the panting moaning girl who was now looking at him lustfully, "You are such a hot piece of slut ass, and so damn easy, I can't wait to pop your cherry, and in work time too!"

"Tell you can't wait too Kelley," Jennifer heard herself say, "Tell him how excited you are, Pete get your hand in Kelley's panties, see how wet she is down there, I bet you are real wet Kelley, oh you're blushing, I take it that you are real wet, well Pete's going to make you wetter, aren't you Pete?"

"I sure am," Pete was smiling broadly as he spoke, and Jennifer watched as he eased Kelley's cream short pants down her willing legs, followed by her panties to reveal a heart shaped mound that Kelley took great pride in, she was shaved and smooth, as young as she was, she wanted to look good, even in the in the parts that weren't on display.

Pete eased Kelley's legs apart, his eyes on her glistening shaven crotch and then he began to push his fingers into the slippery slit.

Kelley winced then, she was obviously tight and Jennifer said briskly.

"Relax Kelley, you might be a virgin but you can enjoy it, let him get his fingers inside of you, that's it, kiss him, you like it don't you baby sister?"

"Oh yeeeeeeeees!" Kelley moaned and she jerked on the sofa as Pete's fingers began to move in and out of her cunt, looking for that nub of flesh that would make her jerk and cry out in pleasure and he found it pretty quickly because Kelley's legs widened and she let out another "Oh yeeeeeeeeees pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

"I bet my sister tastes real good," Jennifer was feeling strangely light headed, she was not exactly turned on by what was happening which was surprising in itself but she was enjoying watching, holding the pulsating Talisman and feeling its warmth and power, "You can eat her pussy Pete, eat it before you fuck it."

Pete gave her blissful smile at such a wonderful suggestion and Jennifer watched as her sister got her first taste of cunnilingus.

Kelley's green eyes went huge as Pete lowered his head and began to eagerly lap at her throbbing cunt, she grabbed at his cropped blonde hair and began to stroke it, her mouth opened and shut like a goldfish and her legs widened further to accommodate his head which was bobbing up and down.

"Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Goooooooooooood!" Kelley moaned, "Oh don't stop, please don't stop!"

Pete didn't intend to stop, his tongue rolled and lapped, pushing deep into the throbbing slit, he used his fingers as he licked, and Kelley's eyes rolled in her head and she kept jerking on the sofa, little gasps of delight coming out of her jerking body.

"You are such a slut Kelley," Jennifer said and she laughed, "I never thought you'd be the type of person to do it with someone you haven't even passed the time of day with, and look at you now?! You're having your pussy eaten by a complete stranger and you're loving every dirty slut filled second of it!"

"It's so goooooooooooooooooooood!" Kelley moaned clutching at Pete's head, "Oh Jennifer, it's so fucking goooooooooooooooooood!"

"How does she taste Pete?" Jennifer heard herself ask.

Pete's head came up, he licked his lips and he said, "Fucking wonderful, I can't wait to fuck the slut!"

Jennifer leant into her chair, took another deep breath and said in an even and controlled voice "Kelley I can see you are really enjoying this, well I want you to enjoy it even more, you are going to have an orgasm so big, so fantastic that it will be mind blowing, you're going to come and come and come again, and so are you Pete, and Pete you're not going to withdraw, you're going to empty your balls into my sister and fill her up, and I mean fill her up, and when you've done that, you're going to get Kelley on her knees in front of you and she is going to suck you off, Kelley you are going to be able to get the whole of Pete's cock down your throat with ease, you aren't even going to gag, it will be like a revelation for you and you are going to love it and I mean love it, especially when he comes down your throat!"

Jennifer knew this was mean of her, because Kelley had confessed to her in the past that the thought of giving anyone a blow job when she did finally find "Mr Right" was so totally not on her agenda, they'd have to do without that as the idea revolted her. But Jennifer wanted to see what the Talisman was really capable of, could she make her sister have such an orgasm, not to mention the blow job, Kelley had never sucked a cock much less deep throated one, could the Talisman enable this virgin slut to do what even a pro found hard to do at times?

"And Pete," Jennifer continued, "You're going to have an orgasm as big as my sister's, and you're going to talk real dirty to her because you like it and she likes it, and after you've finished banging her, you'll thank her for the free fuck, and then you will finish fixing my TV, oh you'll take Kelley's phone number so you can get some more of what she is going to give you when you are feeling horny and she won't say no, and you Kelley will be really happy and content and glad you aren't a virgin any more, and you won't be such a stuck up bitch also, going on at me all the time like you do, in fact you will be really sympathetic toward me from now on, I mean really sympathetic!"

Kelley moaned as her body jerked on the sofa, she was plucking at her own nipples with her fingers whilst Pete was eating her pussy and she was not protesting at what her sister was saying to her; her eyes were glazed with pleasure and she was licking her red lips all the time.

Jennifer watched as Pete took her younger sister almost to her peak, letting her cry out, screech her pleasure, beg him for more, whilst he called her a hot little slut who was going to be his very own personal cum bucket and she cried out and bucked even harder and harder against his hand which was now four fingers deep in her virgin cunt.

She was so juiced up Jennifer could smell the sex in the air, it was hot and raw, filled with musk and pheromones and very soon Pete's trousers and boxers were around his ankles and he was guiding his now hugely engorged cock into her dripping wet slit.

He held it in one hand and ran it up and down the hole it was soon to fill.

It was real tight for the first timer Kelley, as wet and juiced up as she was it was not an easy fit and she groaned in pain and pleasure as Pete began to push to his throbbing member inside her.

"You're to big for me!" Kelley groaned in desperate pleasure as she clutched at his straining back, "Oh God you're going to split me in two!"

Her cunt was stretched before Jennifer's eyes, it was like elastic, widening slowly as the slick, hot rod parted the wet flesh door to make its entry into the eager cunt cavern. Pete gripped the teenager's hips for leverage and Kelley began to move up the sofa with the pressure she strained hard, tears filling her bulging eyes whilst she clutched at Pete's shoulders and grunting out her pleasure and protest.

"Mommmmmmy!" she suddenly gurgled and her eyes were like huge green saucers in their flickering sockets, "Oh GOOOOOD, this feels so damn gooooooood!"

"All the way up to your balls Pete, she can take it" Jennifer spoke softly as she stroked the Talisman, "Let's see you both hump and grunt!"

They did just that, Pete's cock suddenly disappeared up into Kelley's now well stretched and very juicy cunt; there was a loud popping sound, like a pea pod being split wide open.

Kelley jerked spasmodically on the sofa, more tears came to her eyes and her breath exploded from her body as if she had been punctured.

She didn't have time to even let out a wail of pain because Pete's shaft ran up and down her sensitive clit as he began to thrust and a look of sheer blissful amazement crossed over the teenager's face and she instinctively thrust against him, grabbing his shoulder and crying out over and over again.


Pete crowed with her, and he latched on to her heaving tits and began to suck and suck real hard and Kelley held him to her and yelled at him to fuck her to glory and back. His balls slapped against her as he obliged, and he crowed out his own pleasure, whilst calling her a dirty hot fuck that was now so stretched in her cunt that he could probably get his balls inside her too!

Jennifer's younger sister was like a possessed woman, Jennifer watched on in shock, delight, guilt and sheer decadent pleasure and the smile on her lips was real and heartfelt.

The Talisman was certainly living up to what it said it could do. Jennifer felt warm all over, she throbbed from the inside out but she didn't try and sate herself, she felt empowered, strong, clever, and downright wicked as she watched her younger sibling and the TV engineer fuck each other vigorously on the soft leather sofa.

Their fucking session seemed to go on for an age, their young bodies heaved and slapped against each other, sweat dripped off them, Kelley was laughing, gurgling, grunting, crying and begging for more and Pete was giving it to her.

"You're a hot fucking slut!" he shouted as he rammed his spunk filled cock into her cunt, "A real hot fucking slut, go on, say it, say you are a hot fucking slut!"

"Yes I am!" Kelley screamed back, "I'm a real hot fucking slut!"

Kelley's orgasm was worth waiting for. Jennifer felt the Talisman suddenly begin to pulsate harder in her hands, she was resting it on her chest now, holding it close, the glow was increasing as was the throbbing sensation inside herself, it was if she was becoming a part of the Talisman, she could feel it's power, it coursed through her and made her feel like a Goddess.

She heard herself speak.

"Both of you look at me," she commanded them almost imperiously and they turned, their sex straining bodies obedient to her command. They were still heaving against each other, Kelley's legs were now tightly wrapped around Pete's midriff, she was on the sofa and he was on his knees between them.

Kelley's face was almost as red as her hair, she was clawing at Pete's back, her eyes locked onto her sister's face as Pete's thrust became shorter and shorter, as he headed toward his climax, but she came before him, her thrusting stopped momentarily, though he continued to pound into her squelching flesh popping cunt, her eyes seemed to double in size, her mouth turned into a huge "O", her tits heaved forward, she let out a gut wrenching screech, thank God for Triple Glazing was all Jennifer could think of and then she began to thrash against Pete as she climaxed.

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