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Jenni's Visit


Author's note: This story is fantasy, yet deals with a woman I am very much in love with. This story is a love letter to her. All comments are welcome.


* * * * *

I had never been more nervous in my entire life. I was meeting my girlfriend Jenni, whom I had met over the Internet, at the airport. She was flying to New Hampshire from Texas and I was getting ready to meet the woman I had fallen in love with, getting ready to hold her for the very first time. I was preparing to smell her perfume, preparing to feel the satiny softness of her hair, preparing to finally taste the soft texture that was her lips. I was excited, and for the entire 45-minute drive all I was thinking of was what we would do when we met face-to-face.

We had discussed meeting each other every day in Instant Messages or during our long phone conversations and finally we would be together. We counted the weeks and days until we could look deep into each other's eyes and say how much we loved each other. And that day was finally here.

Her plane was set to arrive in Manchester at 10:29 p.m., so I left my house at about ten minutes before ten o'clock: I really hate the airport and just wanted to be able to drive in, grab Jenni and her bags and be off for home. I told her to two-way me when she got off the plane and I'd be able to give her an estimated time of arrival for when I'd get there.

My cell phone's two-way radio chirped just as I was preparing to turn onto the connector that would take me to the airport.

"Welcome to New Hampshire," I said, when I replied to her message.

"Hi sweetie! I'm in the baggage claim area, you can't miss me!" Jenni said, sounding tired yet astonishingly perky after the eight-hour flight.

"Okay honey, I should be there in about five minutes. I can't wait to see you," I said.

"Me either, babypunk. I love you."

"I love you too, cuddlebrat. See to you in a few minutes."

The next five minutes flew by. For some strange reason, quite possibly it was fate, I got all the green lights to go in my favor and before I knew it, I was pulling into the parking garage. Popping an Altoid into my mouth, I took a deep breath as I tried to slow my heart rate; my heart was beating wildly from my nervousness. Getting out of my car, I locked the doors and set off for the terminal. I walked fairly quickly, my brisk gait feeling like an all-out sprint. It was only a matter of seconds before I would see her.

I walked past a New Hampshire State Trooper and said good evening to him, and he replied in turn. Well, I thought, that is taking away some of the nervousness. I started for the door and opened it, walking right through fairly quickly. Scanning the crowd, I found her staring directly at me from the moment I walked in. She was standing not twenty feet away, and seeing her was the greatest sight these eyes have ever taken in.

It was if I had strayed into a dream, one I did not want to end. I was looking at her and I was burning a picture of her in my memory. Just the way she looked as she stood there in the crowded airport lobby made me want to never forget this moment. A smile began to cross my lips as soon as I saw her, her eyes wild and alert despite the flight. She looked absolutely stunning and was everything I imagined her to be. She was wearing a business-style skirt that encased her incredibly long legs, as well as a woman's dress shirt that was untucked. For a minute I just stared at her and at that moment, I knew one of the reasons why I fell in love with her: she could look great under any circumstances. For that moment, I was falling in love with her over again.

I finally made my feet move toward her: I was afraid that if I moved my feet too quickly, I would run right to her and knock her over. But my feet, although feeling like lead, started to move. I saw her, too, begin to move toward me, as if in slow motion. Even when she walked slowly, she made it look sensual and erotic. Halfway there, my arms started to spread and just like that, I was in her arms. I never wanted to let her go as I was gripping her body close to mine. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck, mine around her abdomen and her upper back.

We began to laugh, like two friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time. But soon the laughter turned to tears, two sets of happy tears from the emotion pouring from us. I picked Jenni's 5'9" frame up and spun her around, her feet kicking backward at a 90-degree angle from the backs of her legs.

While I was in her embrace, my senses sought out many different things, my memory cataloguing and filing everything. Her short, dirty blonde hair smelled like apples, her perfume the sweet smell of roses. Her body felt so soft against mine. But then, she loosened her grip on my neck and pulled away slightly. I looked into her face for the first time at point blank range and I saw her smiling, but I also saw her sparkling hazel eyes brimming with tears. A solitary teardrop was running down her right cheek and with my left hand, I brushed her tear away. She continued to smile as I looked hard into her eyes, before I pulled her close to me once more.

I tilted my head to the right and we did something that I had thought about millions of times over the past few months: our lips came together. It was a soft kiss that lasted for less than a second, but that wasn't the only kiss we shared in that embrace. The kisses continued, all soft pecks until we began a kiss that felt like it would never stop, a kiss that grew and lingered until we felt the only things in the world were us. Feeling her lips against mine sent positive energy through my entire body and off in the distance I could hear fireworks shooting off, as if someone was extremely happy to see us sharing our love and wanted to let the world know what we were doing. But I didn't care who saw us. I wanted to kiss her and kiss her and not stop for anything.

Finally we were able to pry our lips apart. I stepped back and extended my hand; she took it and shook it with a firm, lady-like grip.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Jennifer," I said, bowing so I could kiss the backside of her hand.

"Charmed I'm sure, babypunk," she said, giggling at my chivalrous action.

I told her she looked great and she returned the compliment. I had to admit I looked pretty good: I had gotten all dolled up in a white polo shirt and wore a pair of loose-fitting jeans. I also wore a brown leather belt with my cell phone clipped on it.

I asked her to tell me about her trip and she was off, going into a narrative about her experience flying halfway across the country to meet me. The whole tale took no more than five minutes.

"I've missed your voice so much that I don't want you to ever stop talking to me," I said, and Jenni blushed.

"You just don't want to stop hearing me call you 'babypunk,'" she said. Jenni was right, I love how she says it. Because she is from Texas, she has such a cute little accent. When she gets seductive, her voice turns into a soft, sultry melody. When she calls me by my pet name, she makes me melt like no one ever has.

We shared yet another kiss before the baggage carousel started turning. It was a few minutes before her bags came into view. She brought two bags and a carry-on, which she already had with her. I grabbed her bags, slung one over my left shoulder and took the other one in my left hand. I offered my other hand to her, which she eagerly clasped into hers. We walked hand and hand out of the terminal and into the parking garage.

Within minutes, we were at my car. With her bags in the trunk, she turned to me as I closed the hood.

"Sweetie, remember how I told you about that fantasy involving me, you and a parking garage?" she said.

"Vaguely," I said, searching my memory for the many fantasies we had talked about. And then it dawned on me – yes, I do remember that one. That fantasy was a good one. She wanted to be taken in a parking garage on the hood of a car. We were in luck, because my car has a pretty good-sized hood.

And the parking garage we were in wasn't that well lit. I started to formulate a plan while my cock stirred in my boxers.

"Want to make that fantasy a reality?" she queried, looking at me with a sly look in her beautiful eyes.

"Anything for you gorgeous," I answered, as she began to lead me by my hand to the front of my car. She turned to me and began to lean toward me for a kiss, and I felt her soft lips meeting mine. I breathed deeply when we broke the kiss, as if I had never felt a kiss so strong before.

Jenni leaned back onto the car, sitting down on the edge of the left front quarter panel. She rested her hands on the side of the car and looked up at me, her eyes begging me to kiss her again. Her legs began to spread slightly, until they were wide enough to let me walk between them. Our lips collided again as I leaned into her, the soft pecks increasing in tempo and intensity. Her hands left the hood of the car and snaked around my neck, pulling me tighter to her. I nearly lost my balance as she held onto me tightly. It was if she was attempting to pull me down on top of her.

I soon broke the kiss and began kissing her cheek, then her jaw line, and then her neck. Her hands began to slip down my back and began to pull at the bottom of my polo shirt. She soon had it pulled out of my jeans, before she ran her hands under it so she could feel my skin. She swept her hands up before lightly raking my back with her fingernails. This caused me to suck harder on her neck. She moaned softly.

She brought her hands back down my back, not stopping until she was cupping my ass. With a solid grip she pulled me into her, with only the hem of her skirt stopping my crotch. She started kissing my neck while her right hand slipped around to cup the noticeable bulge that had developed: our kissing and her manipulation by her hands had aroused me. Not to mention the fact we could be caught by anyone going to or from their cars had me so turned on that my cock was nearly busting through my jeans.

Jenni's hands were moving back and forth along my bulge and she was looking up at me seductively. I was enjoying what she was doing to me, I thought, as I closed my eyes and exhaled. The sound of her sweet voice snapped my eyes back open. My eyes were then suddenly riveted toward her and I couldn't bear to tear them off her beautiful face.

"You like this, don't you, babypunk? You like me rubbing your hard cock through your pants? I've been waiting to feel this and I can't wait any longer," she said, sliding off the side of the car, allowing her skirt to ride up slightly, exposing more of her silky white thighs. She was on her knees in front of me when she moved her hands to my belt. Without taking her eyes off me, she had my belt undone before she went after my pants. She leaned in and, with her eyes meeting mine still, kissed my jeans over my cock. I tilted my head back and groaned.

With the top button undone, Jenni pulled the flap of my jeans back to reveal my zipper. She leaned in again and with her teeth, unzipped my fly slowly. When it was down, she reached up and began to pull my pants down to my knees. She then told me to hold the front of my shirt up so she could see all of me. She started to rub the crotch of my boxers with her right hand while she slipped her left up the back of my boxers to feel my ass.

"Honey I've been waiting to suck this cock ever since you sent me a picture of it. Remember what I said? I said I had no idea how I would be able to fit all of it in my mouth. I think now is as good a time as any to try," she said, her voice husky and seductive. My cock was now very hard and it wanted to feel the cool night air all around it, as well as the velvety softness of my honey muffin's mouth.

Jenni slipped my boxers down, revealing my hard cock. She looked at it with wide eyes, licking her lips as she inspected it. Her eyes lingered on the head, which was fully engorged with blood. She looked at my balls, full of hot cum which was waiting to go anywhere she wanted me to put it. She looked at my erect shaft and yearned to touch it. With tentative hands she reached out to grasp my cock. Her touch was soft as she slowly began to rub it, stroking from the base.

"Sweetie it's better than it looks in the picture! I can't wait to have this cock filling me!" she whispered. She stuck her tongue out and licked the underside of my cock from the base to the tip. Using long strokes that seemed to cover the entire width, she bathed me in her saliva before she began to circle the head of my cock with her satiny tongue. She caressed the crown, swirling her tongue around it. Her tongue passed over the sensitive ridge on the underside and I began to moan. Soon she was flicking the head with the tip of her tongue; she had me purring like a kitten and anything she wanted to do to me, she could do, no questions asked.

While she was tonguing me, she was slowly stroking me near the base while her other hand, her left, was cupping my balls. She did not apply any pressure, just held them and caressed them.

Jenni stropped stroking in order to lick back down my cock, before she slowly started to tongue my balls. She kissed my scrotum before sucking on them, one at a time. My baby was pleasing me better than anyone had ever done so before. She began to lick back to the top of my cock before she slowly slid it into her mouth.

It felt like heaven between her soft, pale pink lips. She slowly began to work my cock into her mouth, softly sucking on my hard flesh. She twirled her tongue around my shaft, massaging the underside while her mouth acted like a vacuum, filling her mouth with my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down, letting her tongue dance along the ridges and veins as she brought more inside. She had three and a half inches inside her mouth when she made an all-out effort to get all of me inside. She relaxed her throat muscles and soon, she had the tip of her nose rubbing against my smooth skin. I felt her throat constricting and contracting as she held my cock inside her mouth, letting her feel the power she had over me. Jenni held it there for several moments before she eased it out, then bobbing her head once again as she was making gurgling noises in her throat.

With my cock fully lubricated from her saliva, she pulled it from her mouth and kissed the head, giving the hole one last little lick. Using her right hand she began to stroke me slowly while she got to her feet. She got on tiptoes to kiss me and I met her lips. I kissed her hard. She backed off after a minute and I could see the lust in her eyes.

"Fuck me Sean. I need you inside me sweetie. Fuck me hard baby," she said, before turning around and bending over the hood of the car. She reached back and slid the hem of her skirt up, revealing my baby's sweet ass. I could see all of her and it looked so delicious. I let my right hand go over and caress her ass, which was swaying back and forth under my touch. She moaned softly as my hand made contact with her hot flesh. She was wearing a red thong, with the material snug between her cheeks. I ran my fingertips up and down between her ass so slowly that I actually felt her body shiver. I delved a little further down so I could feel her pussy. It was very damp.

"Oh God Sean, touch me baby. I need your touch so bad. I've been waiting for you to touch me for so long. Oh yes, stroke my pussy through my panties honey. That feels so good," Jenni said through clenched teeth and in between loud moans. I was sure we were bringing attention to ourselves, but I didn't care. I was about to slide my cock into my sweetheart, into my love.

I reached down to feel my cock with my left hand. It was throbbing. With my right, I quickly pulled the gusset of my baby's thong to the side, letting it rest on her right cheek. I got a good look at my baby's pussy: it was very puffy and excited and I could see that she was wet. Between her saliva on my cock and her wet pussy, it would be no problem to slide inside.

I stepped a little closer to her and began to rub the head of my cock along her labia, letting the juices seep down and coat my cock. She groaned very deeply as it made contact with her.

"Put it in me baby, I need you to fuck me so bad. God, fuck me so hard!" Jenni wailed, looking over her left shoulder at me. Her eyes were full of extreme lust; her fantasy was coming true. I slowly inserted just the head of my cock inside her and she moaned deep. Her pussy was responding this new invader, but it allowed me to enter. She was so warm inside and felt very tight. I began to slide in deeper and she egged me on.

"Just a little further Sean, just a bit more. Oh baby, your cock feels so good inside me, it feels like it's meant to be inside me. Oh, you're so thick! You're filling me! Oh God sweetie, fuck me, fuck me now!" Jenni yelled.

Without delay, I began to saw in and out of her wet pussy. Rocking my hips back and forth against her, I began to pick up a smooth rhythm. I playfully slapped at her cute ass, which was well-rounded and milky white. I put my hands on her hips as I began to pick up speed, holding onto my baby's body firmly. My cock was tearing through her, sliding back and forth over her sensitive g spot, shooting sparks of pleasure throughout her body as she laid herself on the hood of my car.

Jenni's body was responding to the fucking I was giving her. Her hips were bouncing back to meet my thrusts. She spread her legs slightly apart so my thighs could slap against the back of her hamstrings and the straps to her garter belt, holding up her stockings. And she was very vocal throughout the experience, urging me to fuck her harder. I was very happy to make her fantasy of getting fucked in a parking garage a reality that I completely forgot where we were. I was fucking her so hard that I felt we were already at my house, fucking our brains out.

I was starting to sweat as I continually pounded her pussy. The head of my cock was pelting her cervix as her vaginal walls continued to spasm under the flurry of attacks. Every time I hit her cervix, she moaned deeply. After every few strokes, I slapped the side of her ass and on occasion, slapped the other side as well. I was always sure to rub away the pain after I slapped her cute ass.

I continued to fuck her hard and soon, I felt her midsection lurch. She picked her legs up off the ground and secured them around my waist: we looked like a sideways T as she was leaning on her elbows, her head between them, moaning as my cock pummeled her tight pussy.

I felt her cumming before she announced it to whoever was listening. I was mid-stroke when I felt her pussy start to react; the walls held my cock like a vise and I let go of her hips. Her body was bucking uncontrollably, her ass bouncing against my stomach. She was screaming so loud that my eardrums hurt.

"OH GOD SEAN! I'M CUMMING SWEETIE! OH YES! FUCK BABY! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD! FUCKKKKKKKKKK!" Jenni screamed, but even if she didn't say it, her pussy was doing all the talking for her. Her pussy felt so tight as it continued to ripple along my cock, and I could feel my crotch become soaked with her cum as she ejaculated.

She was panting heavily as the throes of her orgasm ended. I let my cock slip from her pussy, forcing her legs to break their hold on me. She slumped from exhaustion, but soon had enough energy to turn onto her back, facing me.

"Oh baby, thank you! I love you so much Sean. That was so great! You are just totally un-fucking-believable! I don't know how to thank you!" Jenni said, her breathing erratic. But then she noticed my still hard cock.

"My babypunk hasn't cum yet? I think I'll have to do something about that."

Sliding off the car, my baby once again was on her knees and quickly slid my cock between her lips and into her mouth. She was moaning through the mouthful of cock, and I could tell she was savoring the taste. She had told me once on the phone – after I had given her three orgasms – that she loved the taste of her own cum. She was getting a mouthful right now of her own juices.

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