tagLesbian SexJenny and Carrie Ch. 07

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 07


Katherine asked Jenny and Carrie.

"Sure. We'll be glad to help you both." They answered. So those 4 women went into the kitchen, leaving the 4 girls watching cartoons on TV. The ladies decided to make vegetable soup and cornbread. As they cooked, they talked, joked and each was laughing way too hard. Finally it was all made, so they let it cook, as Jenny and Carrie put the cornbread into the oven, so their whole meal would be ready together. Those 4 went back into the den and sat and watched TV. With Jenny and Carrie occasionally were and kept check on their meal.

Claude came home at 5:30, and entered the den and said hello to all the females. Then he hugged and kissed Leslie and his daughters. Leslie went into their room with him, while he got freshened up for dinner. Then they both re-entered the den and sat down and joined in on the conversation.

"Where's Ross at?" He asked Katherine.

"He's working late tonight. They finally7 got the Macklin building fixed from all the damage after the earthquake, and finished on repairing all the footing and foundation. Now they are back working on the restoration."

Soon, Jenny and Carrie called everyone into eat. Then after they all had eaten, both ladies took care of the kitchen cleanup, and put the leftovers in the fridge, then they washed the dishes, swept and mopped the floor. Then re-entered the den and plopped down on their loveseat, with big sighs of relief. This made both Katherine and Leslie laugh at them.

"It wasn't that bad was it ladies?" Katherine joked, but she knew it was a very big job. And she and Leslie would have done the very same thing Jenny and Carrie had just done.

"It was. But, we both have cleaned up the kitchen before but, you really don't pay attention to just how many people are here until you have a chance to cook or clean up for everyone." Jenny said between laughs.

"But sis and I can handle it. It's just more good experience for the both of us, for when we have families of our own." Carrie added.

"You ladies are getting very mature for your ages. Both of you are very reliable, responsible, and you both have good heads on your shoulders. Don't let anything change that."

"Mom you don't have to worry about that, we won't. Look, we have been thinking and talking about extending our education. WE both have decided to go to college." Jenny told the 3 adults.

"That's very wise my ladies. Have you decided on which college you ladies would like to attend? Or given any thought as to majors you'd want to pursue?" Katherine asked Jenny and Carrie.

"So far the most we've gotten was where we'd both want to go. But, haven't had the time yet to discuss majors. We both decided on San Francisco State just like you both did." Carrie answered.

"Nice choice ladies. SFS is a great college. I'll talk this over with your dad, and then we'll get you both registered for the fall semester. "Katherine said and smiled at Jenny and Carrie.

"Great! Well it's getting late, so we both need to hit the bed and get rested up for our diving practice. We will both get ourselves back to where we were before this tragic experience happened. And do it no matter what it takes or how long. This is our lives; we both know that this may well be our last competition in diving. And that golf is most likely our career choices."

"Sis, not most likely, it is and will be our careers. We both just want to learn a good trade so; we both will have the training just in case we ever need to fall back upon it." Carrie corrected Jenny. To this all 3 adults smiles at them. The ladies got up and hugged and kissed those 3 and went up to bed with their sisters.

"Those 2 ladies are so unbelievable! The way both talk, think, and do whatever they do. And both are very serious all the way." Leslie commented after Jenny and Carrie left the room.

"I hear you there. I have to tell you, I'm very proud of them. Both Jenny and Carrie have really grown up in the past few years. And I for one love seeing it happen. Sis, if you want to know, they both remind me of both of us." Katherine said.

"Sis dear that is very true I have noticed that too, and it makes me happy also." Leslie agreed. "And I will be really proud if some of this wears off on our 4 little girls."

"It no doubt has to, seeing how all 4 are always with Jenny and Carrie. Those 4 have no choice but to pick up things from the ladies."

"Well dear Katherine, I guess we both will see you in the morning" Claude said as he and Leslie got up and hugged him and headed for bed.

At 1:45 in the morning, Ross finally made it home, to find Katherine lying on the couch watching TV and waiting for him to come home. She got up and they embraced, and sat down. She asked how his day went, back on the Macklin building. So, he happily explained how the first day back went and the progress they had made.

"That's great hun."

"How did your day go? And how are Jenny and Carrie doing?"

"Today went happily along. Jenny and Carrie both seem to be making progress towards their regular lives. They both have diving practice tomorrow, because Ann

told them that Mr. Jensen still has their spots saved for each on the USJT team. So, both of our ladies are planning to push themselves as hard and long as they can to get back in sync for their competition. They both said that they knew this was more than likely their last competition in diving, and each knew that golf was their careers. Then tonight both told me, Less, and Claude that they had decided to go to college. They wanted to learn another trade just in case; they needed it to fall back on. The ladies have decided to attend San Francisco State, but as of yet, haven't thought about majors." Katherine explained.

"I swear those two have really gotten very smart. Both are very serious about everything they do, or all they decided to try. Lately, I have noticed that about 95% of everything they do, has a very well thought out reason for it." Ross said. "Look hun, I've decided we could give the ladies cars this year for their birthdays. And It doesn't matter which kind they want either."

"I love that idea honey. And I know the ladies will love it too." Katherine said with a yawn.

"Well let's go to bed hun. I can tell you're as tired as I am." Ross said as he got up and helped Katherine up.

"Well, I can see Liz and Jess are sleeping with Jenny and Carrie." He announced as they entered their room. "It would appear that both you and Leslie have been replaced as their mothers."

"Yes dear. I'll agree that it does appear that way. But really neither of us mined that the girls are always with Jenny and Carrie. Because it does help Les and I out a great deal. Besides, Liz and Jess are not the only ones up there tonight. Carole and Sheryl are up there too." Katherine said happily.

At 6 Tuesday morning, the family all were up and in the kitchen eating.

"Well what does everyone have planned for the day?" Ross asked.

"We both have baseball practice, and then decided to head for the club to swim." Both boys said.

"Just rest until 12:30, when we have diving practice." The ladies answered.

"Well, Les and I both have decided to work on our rapidly fading tans, before fall hits."

By 8, all the males had all left the house for their days, which left all 8 females, who all went and got into their bikinis, and went and laid out in the back yard. Katherine, Leslie, Jenny and Carrie out sun block on the girls, and tanning lotion on themselves.

"Wow! This is fun!" Jessica exclaimed which made the 4 women die laughing. And each could tell the other 3 girls were just as happy.

"Oh no It appears that we both gotten ourselves some natural sun worshipers here

Kathy." Leslie laughed.

"Yes dear sister, I think you got that one right."

"We now, what did you both think would happen? Of course our sisters would be just like the 4 of us are. None of us can deny that we are sun worshipers ourselves." Carrie said.

"How true sis." Jenny agreed, smiling at her little sisters.

At 11:15, the ladies went to get ready for their diving practice, as the others went to get cleaned up and dressed. 30 minutes later, Jenny and Carrie came back down carrying their purses and shoulder bags. Then they all headed for the club.

Once there, Jenny and Carrie went to get dressed, as Katherine and Leslie led their twins out to their table. Ann and Janice came into the pool area and spotted them sitting their table. Both walked over and greeted Katherine and Leslie, then sat down.

Well hi Kathy, Leslie, and hi girls. How are you 6 today? Mainly how are the ladies doing?" Janice asked.

"We all are doing very well, thanks. And both of the ladies are doing really well. We all believe both will fully recover, as both have seemed to have put it all behind them. And they are ready for their practice."

"I'm very glad to hear that. I know that I still feel bad for them. That's a very terrible thing for any women to be subjected to that kind of torture, and even worse if the women are the ladies' ages." Ann said.

"Yes it is. But like Kathy said, it appears that Jenny and Carrie have put it all behind them, and have it all coped with. I don't think it will bother them at all." Leslie said as Jenny and Carrie appeared in the pool area heading for the table.

"Hello ladies. How do you both feel?" Ann asked Jenny and Carrie as she and Janice got up and embraced the ladies.

"We are fine, and are more than ready for anything, to get ourselves ready for the USJT."

By 4:30, both Ann and Janice noticed that the ladies were more than ready for the competitions. That neither Jenny nor Carrie had lost a thing. Both were right where they had to leave off. So, seeing this they called the ladies over.

"Well, you ladies are more than ready. We both will call Mr. Jensen and tell him for you. Neither of you have lost a thing, you both just thought you did."

Car and I figured that one out after the first hour. All we had to do was rebuild our confidence. That's all." Jenny said.

"We're ready! Let's go for it!" Carrie added.

"Well dears, go ahead and get changed and head home. We will call you both later

and relay everything to you." Ann told them as she and Janice hugged Jenny and Carrie.

"We both want to thank you both for everything you have done for us, we both appreciate it all. We both will be awaiting your call." Jenny said and then they headed for the locker room to get changed, as Ann and Janice went to talk to Katherine and Leslie for a few minutes, and then left for Ann's office.

When the ladies re appeared, both were rushed by their little sisters. Those little girls were happy to finally see their both of Jenny and Carrie dive for the first time. Jenny and Carrie bent down and hugged Liz, Jess, Carole and Sheryl, then led them out to the car with their mothers.

At home, Jenny and Carrie went up to their room, to get their showers. Their sisters followed them up. So, both ladies decided to go ahead and give their sisters their showers, so their mothers wouldn't have to do it. So, all 6 got undressed and went into the shower. Where Jenny and Carrie too care of the girls' hair and bathed them, and then washed their hair and started to bathe themselves. But their little sisters took the wash clothes from Jenny and Carrie and did their best at bathing their big sisters. After they all were dried off, Jenny and Carrie blow dried the girls' hair, and them did theirs, then went and got dressed. Both ladies had outdone themselves, because each girl's hair was bright and shiny. After they all were done, they all headed back down to the den, and sat on their loveseat.

"Now don't you 4 look very pretty?" Katherine said to the girls. "Thank you ladies for giving them their showers for us, it is very much appreciated."

"Mom, you don't have to thank us. As we both have said before, they are our responsibilities also. Plus, Car and I loved and enjoyed every minute of it." Jenny told Katherine and Leslie.

"We both will do anything for our sisters, anything at all."

"That's wonderful ladies. I know all 4 are really in love with you both. Because each find different ways to show they each love all you do for them" Leslie stated happily.

"You know, after we told you both about our decision to go to college. But as of yet hadn't decided on majors yet? Well we both have thought of two." Jenny said.

'Really well what are they?"

"We have decided on being nurses in a new born center and Preschool teachers." They both answered. "Seeing we both know we both are very good with both infants and young kids."

"Those are great choices ladies. I'd imagine that both of you ladies would be great in either of those choices, mainly in a new born center, because you both were great with your sisters." Katherine said. They all sat around talking and watching

TV, until it was time to fix dinner for the family. In the middle of preparing dinner, the phone rang. Leslie wiped her hands and answered it.

"Ladies it's for you." She told Jenny and Carrie. They both washed their hands and ran into the den to the speakerphone

"We've got it Les." They said." Hello?"

"Hi ladies, it's Ann and Janice. We both just got off the phone with Mr. Jensen. He said we need to get you both to Miami by Thursday, for the competition on Friday. So, we'll have to leave here Wednesday night at 7:30. Janice and I will pick you up at 6, so we can talk to your family before we leave. This way we can hold a short practice Thursday night, to get you both used to their boards and platform. How does that sound?" Ann asked.

"Perfect! We're ready. How long should we pack for? 2 weeks?"

"Yes dears. Then we have a 3 day break at home then we have to leave for a week in San Diego. This will be the end of the USJT competitions."

"Ok. That will work. But as were both have done every time before, we both will dominate it!" Carrie exclaimed. Then Jenny made her claim to victory also.

"Well now you both just rest up, because each of you will need all that you can get. This competition will be very demanding. We will see you ladies on Wednesday." Janice said.

"Ok. See you both then. Good bye." The ladies said and hung up. Both were hugging and yelling in their happiness. Finally, they calmed down and re-entered the kitchen, to help finish dinner.

"Well, Jen, Carrie what did Ann and Janice have to say?"

"They called to tell us our schedule and when we leave." Carrie said happily.

"Really so when do you leave ladies and where to? Miami?' Katherine asked her happy daughters.

"Yes, we leave here Wednesday night at 6, for Miami, for the first 2 weeks. Then we have a 3 day break back home, and then to San Diego for the last week." They told Katherine and Leslie.

"Well after those 3 weeks, the whole world will know and have seen you ladies in action. That is, the ones who didn't see you both in the Olympics."

Tuesday, Jenny and Carrie went to the club to practice by themselves for a few hours. Then went back home to rest up. Then on Wednesday, the ladies spent packing for their trip with Katherine, Leslie, and their sisters' help. Katherine could tell that both were nervous, because this would be their first time away from home, this far by themselves since what happened to them. But added to that, she could also tell that both were excited about finally joining the USJT team.

The whole family made it a point to be there to see Jenny and Carrie off, and to be there also to wish both ladies good luck. Ann and Janice had the family reserved seats for all the events, so they could root Jenny and Carrie on to victory.

"Well, ladies ready dears? We have to get to the airport." Ann told the ladies.

"OK." They said and hugged and kissed their family good bye. Where their little sisters, grabbed hold of their legs and cried. None of the girls wanted Jenny or Carrie to leave them. Both ladies, somewhat themselves didn't want to leave their sisters either. So, they bent down, and hugged Liz, Carole, Jess and Sheryl calming all 4 down.

"We have to go sisters. But you all will be with us in a couple of days, so don't worry, ok?" Jenny told the girls. To which all 4 nodded and hugged and kissed Jenny and Carrie, then let go. Then the ladies followed Ann and Janice out to the car, and left for San Francisco International.

When they landed in Miami Thursday afternoon, they reclaimed their luggage, and then got their keys to the rental car. All 4 went out and waited for the bus, which would take them to the lot where their car was. Upon walking out the door of the airport, Jenny and Carrie were surprised as to just how hot it was in Miami. Compared to San Francisco where it was in the low 80's, here it was very humid and possibly in the high 90's or low 100's. The walk from the airport to their bus, all 4 were sweating so much that each of their clothes were actually sticking to them. When they arrived at the team's hotel, got checked in, and went up to their room to get into something quite cooler. After the ladies got unpacked, they laid down on their bed for a few. At a little after 1, Ann knocked on their door. Carrie answered her knock, Because Jenny actually fell asleep. Ann entered to see this, she laughed at Jenny. She walked over and woke her up.

"Tired huh?"

"A little that flight wore me out. Sorry."

"That's no problem honey. I came to get you ladies for a tour of the complex, and to meet Mr. Jensen. Then you both can come back and take a nap until 6:30, when we will hold a practice session, so ladies follow me." Ann said as Jenny and Carrie put their shoes on, brushed their hair, and then got their keys and purses. They followed Ann out, and made sure their door was locked, and then left for the complex. When they entered the pool area, both Jenny and Carrie were amazed at just how huge the place was.

"Wow! This place is really beautiful." Carrie stated.

"T agree sis. That platform appears taller that any we've use before." Jenny added.

"It is dears. You ladies only have experience with a 15 foot. This one is a big 25 footer. That's one of the reasons we need the practice. The other reason is the springboard, it has a lot more spring to it that either of you are used to. But, neither

I nor Janice believes you ladies will take long to get used to them." Ann said and went on with the rest of the tour, she was telling Jenny and Carrie everything they needed to know, then how the USJT worked and all the rules.

"That sounds perfect to us. We both will bring it home with us." Jenny and Carrie said hugging each other. Ann watched this smiling happily. Finally she led both ladies over to where Janice and Bill were at a table talking.

"Here we are." Ann announced as she and the ladies sat down at the table.

"Jen, Carrie this is Mr. Jensen. Bill these ladies are our stars. This is Jennifer Renee and Caroline Renee Hayward, who are the most powerful twin duo of both diving and soon to be in golf." Janice announced.

"Hello ladies, it's nice to finally get to meet you both." He said. "How do you feel?"

"Hi Mr. Jensen, we both are doing perfect, thank you. And for us it's nice also too finally to get to meet you." Jenny and Carrie said and shook his hand. Then he outlined again what Ann had already told each, the rules and everything they needed to follow.

"Neither of that is a problem for either of us. Only thing, are we allowed to have our family in our room mainly our sisters?"

"We have that one covered for you both. I don't have a problem with that at all. Janice has told me that those four girls look up you both as like their mothers. And that it's a major part of who and what you both do. So, if you ladies would like, those four can stay with you at night. And then Janice also surprised me when she also told me that you ladies actually did most of raising of your sisters. Now those dears, I find very admirable. It would also help each of your performances, to keep it feeling as close to home as we can get it."

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