tagLoving WivesJenny at the Glory Hole

Jenny at the Glory Hole

byTony King©

Three years of marriage and already she was fucking around behind my back. She didn't know that I knew and kept up a real front, the perfect little wife. "Oh John, I really love your cock up me, I'll do anything for you, oh yes baby, that's it, harder, deeper." As deep as David's, I thought to myself, fucking her harder. David was one of Jenny's lovers, his cock was almost twice the length of mine. How do I know, easy, I set up a hidden video camera last time I was working away. In fact, I've built up quiet a collection over the last few months. Yeah, Jenny sure can fuck.

"Here, put these on," I said throwing the package on the bed. She gasped when she opened it and found the black stockings with matching suspenders, the under the nipple bra that would clearly display her 36" tits, the 6" heeled fuck me pumps that would make her 5'6" frame seem that much taller and the neat black button up the front dress that finished just below see level. "Wow, where did you get these," she asked rolling a stocking on. "Never mind where, just put them on, oh, and fix your make up, I want it real tarty."

There's no way she would question my actions, she had lots of kinky clothes and just loved to dress up. It meant she would get fucked, and Jenny just loves to fuck. Ten minutes later and she joined me in the lounge. She looked stunning. Her tits struggled against the thin material of the dress clearly showing her prominent nipples. If she sat down, the short dress rode up exposing her stockings and suspenders. She wasn't wearing panties. "Drink this," I said handing her a large scotch. "What, trying to get me drunk before you take advantage of me," she asked giving me that innocent schoolgirl look. Jenny can't take scotch and gets drunk on it very quick. She still had no idea what was going on and thought it was one of our many games. I stood her against the wall and gently fingered her shaven pussy while she reluctantly drank a second tumbler full.

"That should keep you nice and relaxed, come on, lets go." She looked a little shocked as I grabbed the car keys and headed towards the door. "Where are we going, I can't go out looking like this." She made an attempt to pull the hem of her dress down. "Just get in the car," I said, steering her towards the front door.

During the short drive down town, I kept playing with her pussy, making it wet and bringing her to the verge of an orgasm but stopping just before she got there. Jenny sat there with her eyes closed enjoying the attention. By the time we reached our destination she was begging me to finish her off. I killed the engine and walked round to the passenger side. "OK, out." It was dark in the parking lot and I could see she was a little nervous as I locked the car and headed towards a nearby building. "Where are we?" she asked, "You'll see," I replied entering the building. The corridor was bathed in a red light and pictures of naked women adorned the walls. As we approached the desk, Jenny stopped abruptly. It was our neighbour from across the street, Mr Dean, an old boy, fat, ugly, unshaven and in need of a wash, his eyes flew open when he recognised Jenny and he made it obvious he was looking her up and down.

Jenny had many a run in with the old git and she really hated him, saying how he made crude comments when she passed and was always undressing her with his eyes. She had him pegged as the neighbourhood pervert. "An hour," I said throwing some money on the counter. He gave me a swipe card, looked at Jenny again, smiled lewdly and said to take my pick.

Through a heavy curtain and along another dimly lit corridor, only this time it had rooms left and right. "Number 6," I told Jenny, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor. We entered the small room and I could see Jenny looking around. The cubicle was about 4' x 6' with a wooden bench running the length of one wall and a large TV set into the facing wall. I closed the door and locked it. "What the hell is this place," Jenny asked as I slipped the card into a slot beside the TV. It sprung to life with the image of a white girl sucking a large black cock while two other blacks guys played with her tits and a forth one fucked her. Jenny's eyes were riveted on the screen. "Look at the size of that," she said as the guy fucking withdrew a prick that must have been at least twelve inches long. "Like big cocks do we?" I asked, standing behind her and playing with her tits through the dress. "How would you like that reaming your tight little cunt?" Jenny pressed her arse back against my now hardening prick and simply sighed. I undid the buttons on her dress and laid it on the bench. Still standing behind her I pinched and tweaked her exposed nipples while she watched the action on the screen. The guy fucking the woman's mouth was about to cum and withdrawing until just the tip of his cock was resting on her bottom lip he shot spurt after spurt of warm white spunk into her mouth. She allowed it to collect on her tongue before swishing it round and swallowing the lot. "Hmmm, fancy doing that?" I asked Jenny.

Before she could even turn round I had my prick out. She smiled as she leaned forward, bending at the waist, taking the head of my rampant tool between her lips and licking the pre cum from the end. I waited until she was in her stride, taking my entire length into her mouth. "Would you like a big black cock up your cunt now?"

"Hmm," she replied, not taking my prick from her pretty little slut mouth.

I manoeuvred her round until she was pressed against the wall. Her high heels made her just the right height for the hole. I pushed forward, forcing her exposed arse and cunt hard against the hole, my engorged cock deep into her throat. Suddenly, her hands pushed against my hips trying to push me away. She was gurgling and moaning, her pretty brown eyes looking up at me, pleading with me. She tried to move away from the wall but I held her firm, pushing her back with my cock, my pubic hair caressing her nose and cheeks. More grunts and squeaks escaped her and her eyes flew open as though she had been stabbed. I could feel her hands pressing against my thighs, only now they were no longer pushing, they were holding her steady. Her body was being forced against me and the had a surprised look in her eyes.

I waited a few minutes, then pulled my cock completely out, took her head in my hands and kissed her deeply. "Tell me what's happening,"

"Oh god, someone's fucking me. There's a huge cock up my cunt." She was doing her best to push back against the cock, meeting his every thrust. "Do you like it?" I asked, playing with her nipples. "Yes, oh yes, it's so fucking bigggggg." Jenny reached for my cock and sucked it deep into her throat again. She was purring like a cat as the unknown cock stretched her cunt to the limit. I felt her body tense and knew that the cock was filling her cunt with spunk. I pulled out before I came too. "Yessss, oh yes, fill it baby, fill my cunt." Her whole body shook as her orgasm ripped through her. Suddenly, there was a loud squelching plop and she fell to her knees. I turned her towards the hole in the wall and watched as she licked the unknown black cock clean. Satisfied with his secret fuck, the guy withdrew into the darkness of the next cubicle leaving Jenny excited and gasping for breath.

I stood her up, her back pressed against the hole and kissed her while slipping my own cock up her slippery passage. With her fuck me pumps on it was easy to fuck her standing up and meant that my pelvis crushed against her clitoris with each thrust. "Oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me hard, yesssss, yessss, I gonna cum again." I held still after she had cum, resting my cock deep inside her. "Oh fuck, what's going on?" She was trying to get away from the wall but I held her tight up against it. "No, not there, please, no."

"What's he doing?" I asked her. "Oh god, he's got something in my arse, please John, stop him, it hurts, please." Then it happened, a vibration that spread through her body sending immense pleasure through my prick. Jenny started to grind herself against me, whether it was to get away from the vibrator stuffed up her arse or from sheer pleasure I'll never know, but within seconds she was on a wave of orgasms.

I felt the vibrator being withdrawn from her anal cavity but it was quickly replaced with something even larger. I could feel the softness of the guys prick as it slid into her arse separated from my own only by a thin membrane of skin. It went in deep causing Jenny to hold me tight, groaning in my ear with a mixture of pleasure and pain. We soon built up a steady rhythm and I looked at her face as orgasm after orgasm swept through her. Her beautiful eyes were shut tight and her mouth was open as the two pricks filled her. The thought that my lovely wife was being fucked for the second time by a total stranger was too much and with a mighty grunt I unloaded into her warm cunt. As my own orgasm finished, I could feel the prick in her arse pulsing as it too unloaded into her. "God, oh my god," Jenny screamed as hot spunk filled her arse.

As with the first guy, the cock vanished into the gloom. Jenny clasped onto the bench fighting to regain her breath. "So my little whore, are you enjoying yourself?"

"That was incredible, I've never felt a cock cum so much." The movie was coming to an end so I placed Jenny's dress around her and unlocked the door. She started to button it up by I stopped her. "I can't leave like this, what if somebody sees me?"

"Hmm, now that would be interesting," I countered.

The sleaze ball at the front desk was nowhere to be seen and Jenny headed for the door. "Not so fast, give me the dress." She looked horrified. "What if he comes back?"

"Just give me the dress, that's better. Now go behind the desk and lean over towards me, like the guy was when we came in." She did as she was told. "Now, spread your legs wide, put your arms round my neck, that right, OK, now kiss me." Jenny was unsure but did as she was told. "Your going to tell me everything that happens to you, OK." She looked at me and nodded OK. Suddenly, her eyes lit up again. "Some ones running his hands up my stockings," she tried to look round but I stopped her, "he's playing with my pussy lips, smearing all the juices round, oh, he's putting his fingers in my cunt... Hmm, oh yes, he's playing with my clit." I leaned forward and started to play with her nipples as her unseen assailant continued to help himself.

Her eyes were closed as he fingered her cunt and stroked her clitoris. "Oh my, he's... Jesus, that's so big, ouch, urgh, oh yes." She was leaning forward across the counter as the guy fed his large cock into her used cunt. "Is it nice?"

"Yes, it's huge, it feels so fat, I can feel it stretching me."

"Do you like it?"

"Hmm, you bet." The guy was fucking her harder now. "Do you care who it is?" She was close to coming again. "What if it's the guy across the street?"

"I don't care, just fuck me, whoever you are, please, don't stop." But that's exactly what he did. He stopped and pulled out. "What the fuck are you doing, please, fuck me, please, you can't leave me like this."

"You want it baby, you beg for it," the old boy said. Jenny turned round to look at him. His old yellow shirt was stained and hung loosely round his fat gut. He was almost bald and with his tobacco stained rotting teeth he looked a complete mess. I saw the look of disgust of Jenny's face as he leered at her but when she glanced down the look returned to one of lust. Dean's cock wasn't that long, about 8" but it was easily the fattest I had ever seen. "Go on baby, touch it, you know that's what you want bitch." As if in a trance, Jenny reached out and touched his twitching cock while the old boy helped himself to handfuls of tit. Without taking her eyes from his cock she slowly fell to her knees and started to lick it. It was an amazing sight, my beautiful young wife dressed in high heels, stockings and suspenders with her tits hanging out of an under the nipple bra, on her knees sucking a fat cock belonging to a fat gross smelly old man. "I want to fuck the sluts cunt again, bring her in here," he said dragging her off his prick and leading us into the back room. "On the bed slut and spread those legs, I want to look at your face while I fuck you."

Jenny immediately did as she was told, lying back on the grubby bed, her long stockinged legs spread wide open, stretching her cunt lips wide, exposing the pink inner flesh covered in spunk and cunt juice. The old boy climb onto the bed making it creak with the strain. Kneeling between her open thighs and slowly wanking his fat cock he said, "tell me what you want bitch?"

"I want you to stop talking and put that fat cock back up my cunt." He lay on top of her, his big gut crushing her tits under the weight. Jenny was so wet that his cock went straight up her without any resistance at all and I watched as he fucked her missionary style. After a few minutes he raised himself up on his arms, his gut still crushing her, and looked down at her face. "You like me fucking you don't you, you stuck up little slut." Jenny just groaned as he slammed his meat into her. "You gonna let me fuck you whenever I want from now on, right."

"Yes, yes, don't stop, oh God, I'm nearly there."

"Tell me whore, tell me you're my fuck slave from now on."

"Anything, I'll be your fuck slave, I promise, anything... oh yessssssssssss."

As he rammed his fat cock up her she went into an almighty orgasm that saw her entire body lifting of the bed. No mean feat when you realise the she still had fat boy lying on top. "Look at me bitch, tell me you want it." Jenny opened her eyes and looked straight at him. "Yeah, c'mon big boy, fuck me with that fat cock of yours, ram it up my cunt, that's it, harder, come on you fat bastard, make me cum again." He took exception to the fat bastard bit and rammed into Jenny for all he was worth. She was loving every minute of it and despite his weight was pushing up to meet his every thrust. Suddenly he pulled out. Gushers of spunk shot from his cock covering her tits and stomach and some of it hitting her face. There was gallons of the stuff, I've never seen a man cum so much. He finished by climbing up the bed and making Jenny suck his prick clean.

Arriving home in the early hours I told Jenny that from now on if she felt the need for cock then I would invite Mr Dean over. As it turned out, I didn't have to... she did.

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