tagGroup SexJenny Ch. 01

Jenny Ch. 01


This story incorporates a 'Story Idea' by Jackolover: Accidental incest by Jackolover.

However it also has lesbian and group sex in as well, including an orgy.

It started out as a normal story and should have been about twenty pages long but I'm afraid it just kept growing. It ended up 53 pages so I have had to split it in two. There is also a lot of scope for a sequel which I may do in the near future.

Chapter 01: Jenny's Input.


'At last.' Jenny thought as she looked at the imposing building before her. After three month's of planning, the building was ready for her and her team to install the new computer network. It had been three month's of programming and testing and then reprogramming and retesting to get things ready, but it wouldn't be truly finished until it was fully installed and operational. They had a week before anyone else moved into the building, a week to get everything running smoothly.

Jenny looked at her team, including her baby brother there were seven men, well boys really. JJ was the youngest at eighteen and Ben was the oldest at twenty-three, which to Jenny at thirty-eight made them boys. They had worked hard to get this far and now they had to spend a whole week together in this building, working eating and sleeping together until the job was done. It was going to be a hard slog. One hundred and seventy five computers all networked and running smoothly by the time the building officially opened in a week's time.

Jenny looked good for her years, a little bit extra on her waist maybe but her body was quite firm from her gym work and until a year ago her dance classes, at least her boob's didn't sag or her bum come to that, over all she felt good about herself. Almost everyone in IT was a kid these days but Jenny could usually hold her own, mind you being the only woman locked up with seven guys for a whole week was going to be a bit of an experience.

As a boss, she was a hard taskmaster, and even though her team were on short term contracts, she had driven them relentlessly. She knew what they thought of her, the fridge queen, the tranny and all the other names they called her, but when thing's were going well they also had some good thing's to say and even had a laugh at times

She hadn't made a conscious decision to be a career woman, it was really down to a stubborn streak she had about being as good as any man. Her commitment to her career however, had made normal life a bit difficult at times. It had taken Jenny eight years to get the post as head of the IT department, eight years of hard, unstinting work. She had put all thoughts of a personal life on hold losing many a boyfriend because of the hours she worked. There hadn't been any man that had meant a great deal to her in that time, she missed the company but even her sex life had always seemed to be missing something. She wasn't a prude and had tried different things in bed but it just didn't light her fire so she threw her life into her work. When this operation came up she totally ignored her boyfriend and it was a week before she realised he was gone.

The building was indeed, imposing. Built into the side of a hill it had ten floors and a parking area at ground level. Jenny's team would set up the network in the basement, which was below the car park and dug into the hillside. The basement only had one 'wall', which was all glass and showed magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. It was the only room to have a full-length balcony, which hung out of the hill and hung forty feet in the air. The other three walls were either brick, or stone carved out of the hill. The space looked all open plan but in fact, it had a whole series of offices along the back wall, divided by one-way glass wall's, to give that open plan feeling. To the left was a large kitchen and to the right were the toilets and a large bathroom. The whole of the central space was what Jenny called her brainstorming area, covered in soft furnishing's it would become the main relaxation area. It had a couple of old settees, a long table with chairs and a couple of rugs on the floor, just to try to make there stay a little more comfortable

Her whole crew had gathered in the car park, "Ok guys." Jenny said, "listen up." she waited till they had all gathered together, "All that over there is food and supplies for our stay including the beer which is not be opened until we have our finishing party next Sunday, Tommy your on kitchen duties so I will leave you to sort thing's out as you please. The next week is not going to be a picnic but we have put furniture and stuff upstairs so we should be able to make ourselves comfortable. The blows up beds are in one of the lorries so when you find them send them up here. Tommy will get lunch ready, but in the meantime I want those lorries unloaded, John and Jake have been here for a week already so will show you where to go, let's get to it."

As she watched them leave Tommy came up to her and said, "So what's for lunch then Sis."

Jenny looked at him, at nineteen he was the youngest of the group, and her baby brother, a little slow but an excellent cook. Like all the others, he had been hired specifically for this job, not that his culinary expertise would be pushed too far with this lot. "I think maybe you should ask them Tommy, they're the one's doing all the heavy work, as for me I'll eat anything."

"Ok Sis" Tommy said, and then added, "Are you ok? You seem a bit down."

Jenny gave him a smile, "No I'm fine Tommy, really," she said, "just a lot of pressure right now, go on sort out your domain, they will be starving by lunchtime."

Tommy smiled and with a trolley load of supplies went down to his kitchen. Jenny had two other brothers' younger than her but older than Tommy's and a lot more intelligent. Jenny remembered the shock on her mother's face when she realised she was pregnant at forty, it almost destroyed the family. Jenny never did know why her father took it so hard, or why he found it so difficult to relate to Tommy in the same way as the other boy's, she always put it down to her father losing the freedom he so loved. However, she had always been close to Tommy, somewhat maternal really.

Jenny went to her office and sorted out her file's, pinning plans on the wall and getting herself ready for her own task's. She knew that it wasn't going to be easy, and had decided to drive the crew as much as possible from the start, the more they got done in the early day's the more time they would have to fix any unexpected problems.

Once she had sorted out her office, she took the lift and went upstairs to see how the unloading was going. Walking into the car park she felt the wind rushing through, the sweet smell of the countryside warming to the summer sun, she took a deep breath, she just loved it here, away from the city smog and the rush and tear of hundred's of people, yet still within reach of a big town if it was needed.

"How we doing Ben?" Jenny asked.

"A bit slow, but we're getting there." he replied.

Ben was the oldest of the crew and team leader, brilliant with computers, but he wasn't very good at organisation. All six of the guys were loading stuff into one of the two lifts, then going up, and distributing it around the offices. As the PC's could go anywhere it didn't matter what order they went up in but at this rate it would take all week just to unload the lorries.

"Well it's a bit of a bloody mess isn't" Jenny said, "You're gonna have to be better organised than this Ben"

Ben didn't hide his annoyance, "What do you mean a bloody mess, this stuff is fucking heavy."

Ignoring him Jenny said, "Ben, you and Fred go to the top floor with this lot and unload it, don't move it around just unload. You're supposed to be using the walkie-talkies to keep in touch, so have a count how many you need and leave that many on that floor then move down to the next one. Go!"

Ben glared at her and Jenny glared right back, finally he called Fred and they went off in the lift.

Breathing a sigh of relief she turned round and said, "John, you and Jake are the strongest so you can unload the lorries, put everything on the loading bay and leave the moving to these two. Charlie and JJ you two move the stuff into the lift's, as soon as one comes down send the other one up, Ben will let you know when he changes floor's, come on let's get organised or we will never get finished."

They all moved to their new positions and once things looked like they were moving Jenny went back to her office. A couple of hours later Tommy called, "Five minute's till lunch."

Jenny got on her walkie-talkie and let the others know and five minute's later they all arrived for lunch. When they had discussed how they were going to work this massive job they all knew that they would be working at least 12 hour's a day to begin with, so they worked from 8 till 8, lunch was at two and dinner would be at nine in the evening, giving them all time to get washed up.

As they started lunch Jenny said, "So how are we doing with the lorries?"

Ben smiled at her and said, "Yeah ok, the first lorry is nearly empty and I reckon we'll have both trailers finished by the end of the day."

Jenny was glad to see the smile at least he wasn't holding a grudge. The mood was good and, as ever with this crew, a lot of laughing and joking went on amongst the guys. Jenny sometimes got the feeling that a lot of it was pointed at her, but she let it go over her head, they all got on well despite the age gap and Jenny gave them some leeway because of there age.

The day went pretty much as planned and by nine thirty, they were all sitting down having dinner. "How about a beer then Jenny" Jake said.

"No!" Jenny said with a smile, "That's for the finish party."

"Oh, go on." Ben said, "We've done well today and it's bloody hot in here, just one"

"Oh! Alright" Jenny relented, "But just one or we'll run out before the party."

Tommy got up and ripped open a crate, handing a can to each of them. "Not for me Tommy. " Jenny said, "I can't drink beer it goes straight to my head." Not strictly true, it didn't make her drunk it just seemed to have an adverse effect on her self-control so she stayed away from it.

Tommy gave a knowing smile but said nothing. While he had been waiting for the meal to cook Tommy had blown up all the airbeds and laid them around the room. Jenny, being the only woman had hers in a vacant office, a glass walled office, still it was a privacy of sort's and she thought that she should keep a degree of separation from them, give them some space so to speak.

After dinner Jenny went out onto the balcony and enjoyed the clean evening air, some of the others dragged chairs out and joined her. They chatted about nothing in particular until gone midnight then Jenny said, "Well I've had enough, I'm going to bed." she changed into her shorts and tee shirt in the bathroom and then went to her room. She had to smile as she walked back. Jenny always slept in the nude and had to go out and buy these clothes especially for this job, to try to keep a sense of decency she thought, but what would they say if they knew.

Tuesday went well; all PC's were in place but needed to be unpacked and connected. By the end of the day Jenny calculated that they were a day ahead of schedule, so at dinner, as a way of thanking them she let them have two beers with there meal. The mood was getting more and more jovial as the job went on, the conversations more and more about each other than general chitchat. Guys out doing guys Jenny thought and stayed out of it.

Wednesday morning Jenny called Ben to her office, "Morning Ben I've been thinking about how to best plan the connecting, the server is set to go so how about you start on level three with Charlie, JJ and Fred and I will start on level nine with John and Jake."

Ben thought for a minute and then said, "Well JJ isn't much on computers but he could unpack while we do the connections, yes it should work well, do you want to tell them?

"No you do it, tell John to call me if they have any problems I have some stuff to do here first." He smiled, pleased that he had been given some sort of responsibility at last, however small.

By the end of the day thing's were going so well Jenny told Tommy to see if he could order pizza in as a treat. When the pizza arrived, Tommy fell in love. Under the motorbike helmet was a young woman with deep dark eyes, she smiled at Tommy and he was totally besotted.

John went over and gave her a hug, "Hi babe, everyone, this is Paula we met her a few times last week while we were her, fastest pizza girl in the west." he laughed

At dinner, she was all Tommy could talk about, but no one would listen. Once again, the beers were handed round and once again, Jenny declined.

Tommy rushed into the kitchen and when he returned he put a bottle of vodka in front of her, "I asked the pizza guy on the phone if he could get this as well." Tommy said, a little sheepishly, "So you could join in."

Jenny looked a little shocked but she smiled and said, "And a mixer I take it, bitter lemon or something?"

"Oh!" Tommy said a little flustered "I didn't think of that, I've got some orange in the cupboard will that do?"

"Never mind," Jenny said, with a laugh, "This will do nicely."

By the end of the meal, she had drunk two glasses and felt quite relaxed for the first time in ages joining in with the general chitchat. She joined the others on the balcony and drew in the fresh warm country air.

As the days had passed the weather had been getting hotter and hotter, the guy's were now working in short's and t shirt and because it was so hot under the glass they didn't bother with the t shirts in the evening. Ever since Eddie had left, Jenny had been alone. Whether it was the drink or hormone's she couldn't say but she imagined she saw the odd bulge here and there, this in turn made her drink a little more.

"So come on then Jenny." Ben said, "Why don't you drink beer, it's not because you don't like it is it?"

"Ahh" Jenny said, "That would be telling."

"Tommy?" Jake said questioningly.

"Don't you dare" Jenny said, looking at Tommy, "Let's just say we don't mix very well."

"So you can't hold your beer then?" Jake said, "Like some women and wine."

John had joined them now "What do you mean? Women and wine"

Jake laughed, "Well some women get a little carried away when they drink wine" he said, "Jenny doe's the same with beer."

"I never said that" Jenny shouted

"True though" Tommy said with a laugh.

"Oh yes!" Ben laughed, "So what did you do last time you had a beer then, do tell"

Tommy had done his fair share of drinking the same as the rest, "She...." Tommy started.

"Tommy!" Jenny cried, "Don't you dare"

Jake moved over to Tommy and put his arm over his shoulder leading him away from the other's, Jenny went to get up but Ben pushed her back into her seat, "Tommy don't." she shouted, "Ben get off me." She had tried to get up again but found herself bounced back into her chair, which started her laughing.

"Got it." Jake shouted, "She stood on a table and done a strip."

"Tommeeee!" Jenny cried.

"What!" JJ said "Our Jenny? Doing a strip, our prim and proper Jenny. Neveeeer" and then started singing the stripper tune and walking around Jenny's chair.

Although she was highly embarrassed, anger made her obstinate and defensive, "Well!" she said, "I'm not the first you know, I do have a life away from work."

Ben stood in front of her and started swaying his hip's in time to the tune; Jenny looked away so Ben slipped his thumbs into the shorts and pretended to pull them down.

Jenny nearly choked on her drink, and dived out of the chair, brushing past him, trying to getting away from his bulge, but she ran straight into Jake and John, now she was squashed between the three of them and she could feel a bulge pressing into her back and another into her stomach, a little too low for comfort.

"Ok!" she said quietly, "Jake let me pass, Ben please, let me through. Now!"

She could feel herself shaking, but wasn't too sure why, she was safe, wasn't she? She felt a hand on her hip and Ben said, "No problem Jen, Jake let our very own dance artiste through."

Jake moved aside with a big grin on his face and Jenny walked to her office, all the time trying to appear calm. She sat behind her desk and realised that her pussy was wet, 'God!" she thought, 'has it been that long?'

"Thought you might need this." Ben said, handing her a large glass of vodka.

"Yes, thank you" she said, "And I'm sorry if I got a little....well you know....serious ok."

"That's alright Jen, just having a laugh didn't mean to upset you." Ben said quietly.

Once Ben had joined the others the laughter seemed to get even more raucous, which made Jenny, ponder her reactions. She had to accept that being trapped by three young guys was 'nice' but why panic, or was it the bulge's, no lets be honest, was it the erections rubbing against her that made her panic. Did it turn her on? Yes it did. However, it was just fun and that's how she had to treat it, nothing was going to happen they were much too young and she was the boss after all.

Now all she had to worry about was had her over reaction given them something to think about, did they think they had one over on her and would they try it again. Alternatively, were they chatting about something entirely different, there was only one way to find out.

She downed half the glass of vodka, took a deep breath and walked passed them onto the balcony. Fred was chatting to Charlie and JJ. As Jenny appeared he turned, "Do you follow football then Jen?" he asked.

There it was again 'Jen' not 'Jenny' so they had been talking about her. "No not really a bit too tribal for me." she replied sharply.

Charlie smiled, "So what turn's you on Jen, other than a computer that is."

She instantly got the innuendo but ignored it, "Oh, I like reading travelling, walking in the countryside." she said, "I just love it out here, this area I mean, it's lovely, so peaceful"

"So what do you like to read Jen?" John said from the doorway, "Romance?"

Again the innuendo was unmistakable and this time she decided not to ignore it, "Only if it's hot love" she said angrily, and then realised she may have gone too far, but it was too late.

"So you like a bit of hot love eh," Fred said in that tell me more tone.

"In a book yes it can add to the story I think," she said trying to keep the discussion serious and failing miserably.

"Well I don't have a problem with hot love." JJ said, staring Jenny in the face "How about you John?"

"No not me," John said with a smile, "The hotter the better."

Jenny felt herself flush, "You men are all the same." she said, trying to diffuse things "You only have one thing on your minds when it comes to women." The minute she said it she regretted it, the old 'you men' routine was a woman's last resort when arguing with men.

"It wasn't me that mentioned hot love was it Fred?" Charlie laughed.

"No!" Fred said, "In fact I think it was you wasn't it Jen?"

"I was....Oh I give up." Jenny said and went back in, followed by howls of laughter. Even though she was angry and frustrated with her own stupidity she couldn't help smiling and knew that this was only the beginning, but what the hell; it was all in good humour.

She had a couple more drinks and feeling decidedly heady went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. As she came out all the guys had formed a corridor and the minute she appeared, they started singing the stripper song and giving a slow handclap.

Jenny went bright red but was determined not to allow them to get the better of her; "I only sleep naked at home boys" she said and then with her sexiest walk went to her makeshift room to wails of disappointment.

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