tagBDSMJenny Goes to Dinner

Jenny Goes to Dinner


Jenny had rushed home after work that day, eager to get home and get ready. Indeed most of the day her mind had been filled with thoughts of tonight. Steve had asked her out to dinner. Asked her? Well yes but he had done it such away that she was in no doubt she was not going to refuse.

She had met Steve online in mydungeonspace chat room. It had taken a while for her to get to know the polite and self deprecating man known as Snowdog. But as soon as she had started to chat privately she had immediately noticed how he subtly changed and seemed so much more commanding. It was almost imperceptible and rather than ask her for pics, tell her to use her web cam, demand her underwear sizes and then call her 'slut' and the like, he had been every inch a gentleman.

He had posted her his picture and then to assure her of his authenticity had let her see him on web cam. He was about five feet nine, he said. It was hard to tell on cam, but he did look very broad built. He had explained he was a rugby player and worked as a 'bouncer' part time so had to keep in regular training. His mousy brown hair was kept short and he was clean shaven. Each time she had asked to view his cam he had been dressed in shirt and tie.

Jenny was interested in the idea of submission and was looking to experiment to see what it would be like after her years of fantasising and dreaming of being bent to the will of another. Steve professed to have been a Dominant for many years. He liked 'rope work' he said and loved to make a woman submit to him do as he asked. He always said asked she noticed never told or ordered as most of the other Dominants in the chat room seemed to.

Then last night he had asked her to meet him at 'Vista', a very nice restaurant in town. He had told her to wear the new red dress she had told she had got for he friends wedding last month. He had not really even waited for her answer but she found herself sending him a holiday snap she liked so he would know her. It was the first time Steve had seen her and so by this act it seemed she had indeed agreed to meet him. She did worry a little but he seemed to already know this.

He told her to contact a good friend and tell her that they were meeting and where and when. She was to arrange to phone her friend when she got the restaurant at 1900 hrs then again after an hour and again at 2100 hrs when she got home. He assured her they would not leave the restaurant.

So she fond herself dressing for dinner with a man she had never met, at least in the flesh, but a man she knew through the chat room. She wondered what he would be like in real life. She felt excited, he was very attractive and well built, he certainly was dominant and she wanted that so much. He seemed to be caring and most of all she thought she would really prefer to be serving him rather than going for dinner. But who knew what it might lead to in the future?

So it was that a short time later she found herself, heart racing standing outside 'Vista'. Jenny took a moment to compose her self but she couldn't help feeling skittish. Part of her wanting to run and the other part needing to find out if Steve was what she thought he might be.Taking a deep breath she walked in as the door was opened from the inside for her.

"Miss Jenny?" a dark suited man asked.

"Why, yes. Yes I am." She could feel the blood pound in her ears and all semblance of calm for a moment was gone.

"Come this way please, we have been expecting you." The man, perhaps the head waiter she thought led on into the Restaurant.

It was indeed a fine place, very 1920's and she felt as though she was in a film. Chandeliers glistened and a golden light fell over the room. She followed to the rear of the establishment and the man turned to her.

"May I take your coat Madam?"

"Huh? Ohhhh, yeah, I mean, yes, please do."

She took of her coat and duly handed it to the man. He draped it carefully over his arm and went to pull out a seat for her. The table was next to the wall which had large mirror on it. It was a few yards from tables either side and next to it and she sat down facing the rear of the room.

"Excuse me?" she said. The waiter turned his eyebrows raised. "Where is ... ummm..."

"You mean Mr Black Miss?"

"Errr, yes I guess so."

"Mr Black will be here soon Miss, but in the meantime he asked me to give you this." He took out a little box about the size of a paper back but twice as thick and place it before her on the white tablecloth. "Will that be all?"

"Yes, I guess." she said thoughtfully as she picked up the box.

Jenny turned the box over in her hand feeling the weight of it. It was light and she was curious about what was inside. She laid it down on the table and considered the black package with a purple ribbon tied about it. Slowly she pulled the ribbon and it fell to the table. She had now forgotten all about Steve and was engrossed. She slowly lifted the lid kind of expecting a jack in the box to leap out or something but of course no such monster was inside. Instead there was a black cell phone and another smaller box.

As she was about to pick up the smaller box the cell phone rang. She pressed the talk button and lifted the phone to her ear. She now wished she hadn't worn ear rings as they got in the way.

"Aloha Jenny."

The words sent her heart thudding she somehow knew it was Steve. The voice was steady and low. There was a Scottish accent and it was a voice that you couldn't help but listen to, the sort of voice that had no need to shout. She was lost for words finding herself unable to reply.

"I am pleased with you Jenny" the voice said. "Now we shall see how far you are prepared to go for me Jenny. Do you think you might like that?"

"Yes," she stammered "I will try". It seemed like a long time before she heard herself making the sounds. She hadn't even thought about it. What was she doing? She wasn't sure but it seemed the right thing to do.

"Very good Jenny."

"Now Jenny, Do not open the small box yet. Would you be good enough to answer me a small question Jenny?"

She could here the softness of his voice, but she heard every word clearly, they seemed to cut through her. "Errrrrr... Yes."

Steve was enjoying her discomfort and the way he was making her feel vulnerable. He had grown fond of Jenny over their time on line and he had been pleased when she had sent him a photo of herself. It was just a family snap with the others in the picture carefully cut out. Steve was pleased to see that in fact the photo had not done her justice. He very much wanted Jenny to become his but she was nervous and unsure in general, very skittish you might say. He had never really broached the subject of becoming more closely acquainted but their close proximity to one an other, the same city (what were the chances of that?), gave him an opportunity he was eager to try. He just had to use his experience to push the right buttons but not to far it scared her off. He was going to use her stubbornness & curiosity to get her to take that first step or two. It was just all in the judgement. He was excited and eager to see if he was as good a judge as he believed himself to be. "Well," he thought "we are going to find out."

He waited a moment to heighten the anticipation for Jenny. "Thank you Jenny. Now take your time to answer. I would respectfully like to know if you are willing to allow yourself to learn and to experience new things Jenny? Can you answer that?"

"Oh, yes Steve!" she answered all to quickly. Then she thought about what she had just said, Not so much the what but more the how. She didn't realise what she was doing till she had done it. Was she really so eager? It seemed her subconscious anyway was pretty sure. Again there was silence as if Steve was considering his next words. She had time to wonder what he meant and whether she was prepared to go along with this stranger. She new what some folk in the room got up to in real life and she certainly wasn't going to be led down that route.

"Excellent Jenny, I am very pleased. From now on Jenny you will address me as 'Sir'. Now are you ready for your first task for me Jenny?"

This time Jenny was able to think quickly before answering in a more controlled manner. "I think so."

"I mean, I think so, Sir." She now started to think what it was she was going to be asked to do and if she would be able to do it. She felt so eager to please and to feel some excitement in her life but she knew to that she was timid and frightened of what others thought.

Steve had to progress slowly he thought. So it would be best to minimise her perceived risk making it easier for her to comply if that is what she indeed wished to do. "Look around Jenny, look at the faces. Do you recognise anyone around you?"

Jenny looked about her, trying to see all the faces. She really already knew that there was no one here she knew. "No Sir, I don't recognise anyone Sir."

Steve smiled to hear her use the title Sir so easily. "Good Jenny, now lets see how well you follow simple requests. Do you have a bra on under that red dress of yours?"

"Yes Sir."

"Then I would like you to go to the rest room Jenny and remove it. Tidy yourself up and return to your seat. When you return I will be waiting for you. Please do not keep me waiting Jenny."

She was about to protest when the line went dead, leaving her alone one again. She looked at the phone and pressed the red off button and looked about the room. She supposed he must be here somewhere but she couldn't see him. She considered for a moment. It didn't seem like a difficult request and after all it wasn't as if she knew anyone did she. It was really easier than going to the beach in her bikini and she didn't think twice about that. "Okay" she decided "I will, but I don't need to do anything else if I don't want to."

She got up taking her clutch purse and went towards the rest room. She left the phone on the table with the open box and the little unopened one. Two pairs of eyes followed her, one the waiters and one was Steve who had been watching her table unobserved from the small restaurant bar near the main door. Steve was pleased, sure it was just the first of getting Jenny to comply and soon he hoped it would be a habit for her bringing her and him unimagined pleasures.

Jenny went to a cubicle and took off her bra. She was in actual fact rather disappointed because she had put on her most special underwear for this date. She wasn't sure why, she guessed that really she hoped Steve would sweep her off her feet. The rest room itself was a little chilly but it wasn't long before she was putting her bra in the clutch bag and standing in front of the mirror making sure she looked perfect once more.

It was now that she realised she felt different. she could feel the soft fabric of her halter neck dress against her bosom. She felt like the fabric caressed her as she moved. Jenny felt funny thinking that but the more she tried to put it out of her mind the more she was aware of it. Walking back into the dinning room she became intensely aware of the way the fabric brushed over her nipples now. She felt them stiffen and she blushed deep red. Feeling hot she started to regret giving in to this little demand, no this request. As she walked to the table she was aware of the sway of her chest and felt the entire world was staring at her barely covered breasts and nearly aching nipples.

The walk back felt so long, but of course other than a few males who looked at her as she passed and no doubt thought quick lecherous thoughts before returning to partners conversations no one really noticed. Except, that is for Jenny and, of course Steve.

He waited at the table drinking in the image of Jenny, now flushed red walking back and her dress shimmying with the motion of her body.

"She looks good" Steve thought. "No. she looks Delicious, good enough to eat" he said to himself and smiled at the thought. He could feel the desire, the need in him rising. He was however not going to show that. Over the years he had become most adept at controlling his excitement and looking very in charge of any given situation, in absolute control you might say. He was never in the middle of things shouting, telling people what to do. You would always see Steve Black on the margins. A quiet word here, a gesture there, an encouragement when needed. Yes Mr Black got things done but in an almost imperceptible way. He liked it like that. It wasn't always good to be the at the centre of things. He liked to be able to sit back and take the whole scene in.

Much like he was doing now as he watched Jenny and the reaction she was causing. Yes Steve noticed those quick glances from the males, after all she looked spectacular in the dress with no bra. She looked confident and that was so sexy. He wondered just how confident she really felt. He suspected she didn't, it was something he would change. The real reaction was in the females. They just looked suddenly amazed by this women they had hardly noticed before. Some went to making sure partners were preoccupied so they could not look at her. Some were jealous. A few felt desire, to some a natural feeling to one or two it was a bit of a shock.

As she approached the table Steve got up and went around the table to pull back the seat for Jenny. She looked at him and sat and he pushed the chair, gently in for her. When a moment later he to was siting at the table not a word had been spoken.

Then he said the words which confirmed him to her as the Steve she was waiting for.

"Aloha Jenny." He held out his hand. She thrust hers forward ready to shake but instead of shaking he took her hand in his and getting up he leaned over the table to kiss her hand. She blushed deep crimson now. He smiled. "The colour suits you."

"Thank you."...."Sir."

He chuckled "You look good enough to eat Jenny, but we have to see how willing you are to learn. I commend you for succeeding with such stunning results with my first request. Let see how you get on with my next request."

He paused to see her reaction. She remained impassive but he saw her pupils dilate and she could not hide the deep rise and fall of her chest, especially not now the dress clung to her form so well. Her eyes watched his and he felt that there was something happening between them and she knew it also.

"Jenny, I would be pleased if you would remove your underwear for me."

She stayed still for a moment. "What the hell." she thought. She didn't dare say it she already felt she wanted to please him. "I could of course refuse." she thought, "I could just walk out but he didn't order me, did he? He asked me. what harm would it do?"

She started to rise to get up but Steve caught her hand. "I didn't ask you to go to the rest room Jenny."

"But you can't mean here?"

"First Jenny my title is Sir, please use it. It would make me happy. Secondly I do mean here and I mean now Jenny."

She could see in his face he did mean it. He looked stern and he gave the Jenny the impression this was a crucial point in their encounter.

"Perhaps I was wrong Jenny, perhaps you are not as eager to please as I thought." As Steve spoke she felt a switch throw inside her. She knew he was going to leave if she did not take action. Immediate action. Steve carried on "I am sorry to have troubled you Jenny. I will excuse myself..." He was about to tell her dinner was on him and tell her he would remain a friend but she started to move. She arranged the table cloth and her hands worked under it. Steve took pleasure in seeing her determination written on her face. He knew, for Jenny, this was a pushing of her perceived boundaries. It was just what he had hoped for, he had been right after all.

She looked uncomfortable as she tried to pull her dress up enough to allow her access to her matching thong to allow her to get it to slip down over her hips. She did her best not to draw attention and surprisingly only a few did wonder what she was up to. Once her thong was past her hips it was pretty easy but she hurried as they slipped down to her knees. Jenny then sorted her dress again before allowing them to slip down to her ankles and lifting her feet out of them. She felt fired up and without hesitation she bent down and picked them up. She bundled them up into her hand and held them there. She was sure one of the other diners had seen by the expression on his face but he seemed to be the only one.

She felt triumphant and lifted her lowered head to look at Steve. He smiled and she glowed bright scarlet the flush extending down to her chest he observed. He waved to one of the waiters. "Yes Mr Black, may I help you?"

"The lady has something to give you John."

She swallowed. "What!" she thought.

"Go ahead Jenny it is okay."

Shyly she held out her hand with the garment concealed within. John held his hand as she placed it in his hand.

"Jenny, please look up." Steve said. She did as she was bid.

"Would you like me to dispose of them Sir."

"Thank you John. I would appreciate that."

"A pleasure Sir." And with that he turned and returned to the kitchens the underwear clenched in his fist.

Silence fell between them. Jenny wondered why she had done that, but really she knew. She waited for Steve to speak, she felt hot and breathless like she was in a stifling jungle. She wanted to run but her heart was beating so fast, her mind swirled and she waited.

After a few moments, that seemed liked hours to Jenny, Steve spoke.

"How do you feel Jenny?" He didn't ask so much for his own curiosity but because he wanted Jenny to be aware of what was happening and he wanted her to be conscious of the feelings she was going through.

"Well Ste... Sir, I feel; a little scared. I feel excited in anticipation of something, but I don't know what."

"Excellent Jenny, now I would like you to sit up straight for me," she immediately did so as he spoke, she had been leaning on the table, "place your hands on the table and lower your beautiful eyes for me please."

She placed her hands on the table as requested, the open packaging and the smaller box between them, then she let her eyes fall whilst keeping her head up.

"I am pleased so far Jenny, Now tell me how does it feel to be naked under your dress at my request?"

"It feels exciting Sir, I feel excited and I feel very aware that I have no underwear on." She continued to look down as requested and Steve noted this, it was a difficult thing to do when talking to someone.

"Jenny, I would like you to relax as much as you can and listen to my voice. Block out the other sounds as I talk to you. Now take a long deep breath please." He watched as her chest filled as she did as she was asked. He noticed with relish her erect nipples gliding gently under her red silky dress as she breathed in. "Then slowly let it out Jenny."

He asked her two more times to take a deep breath and slowly let it out. He wanted her to be relaxed and to be able to listen to hear him clearly. Then he asked her to relax. Starting with her head, asking her to release any tension there and then worked through her body, till he was happy she was a relaxed as circumstance would allow.

"This time Jenny I want you to concentrate on how it feels to have the fabric of your dress caress your nipples as you breath in deeply." He waited as she continued to breath. He thought he say her lowered eyes close for a moment but he cold not be sure. "I would like you, for a moment, to be only aware of this sensation and how stimulating the soft caress feels."

He enjoyed watching her. He glanced about to make they were not attracting too much attention. It seemed to him that her nipples were stiffening more but that was perhaps just wishful thinking.

"Now Jenny, I want you to think and feel how this is affecting you. Perhaps you feel excited, turned on. Perhaps you can feel your tummy flutter. Of course it would be unthinkable to find yourself turned on by this Jenny. You must resist the sensations if you feel them. Deny the the warm sensation in your groin. Do not think about the way it feels when you press your thighs together Jenny. Please press your thighs together Jenny so you know what it is you should not think about." Steve knew well that the mere act of asking someone not to do something would in fact be more likely to make it an irresistible thing to do. He enjoyed the idea that Jenny was struggling with herself.

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