tagIncest/TabooJenny Sits on Brother Ch. 06

Jenny Sits on Brother Ch. 06


Note: Whew, finished. Well for now, going to write other stories. I may come back to this, but for now enjoy.


We have been home a week and I haven't gotten anything more than the occasional face sitting. Jenny had told mum of my kink and she had gotten into it. Any time dad was out of the room, an arse or pussy was pushed onto my face for a few precious seconds. But I barely had time to feel up mum or Jenny because of their tight schedules.

Mum worked six days a week and came home the same time as dad. She couldn't just leave him alone or he would wonder why she changed her routine they had had for years. While Jenny was studying, out with friends or doing part time work.

I was doing the exact same thing. Often I would be studying and promise myself I would go and fuck Jenny as soon as I finished the set. But by then I was often too tired or it was so late I was already losing hours of sleep.

I knew once the next test had come and gone I would get more time, but I wanted to fuck now. Everything seemed to conspire against me, even myself.

I promised to myself I would stop seeing my friends, studying or working to mess with Jenny. But every time I tried to drop one commitment I either failed or had another pop up.

Jenny didn't seem too worried about not playing around with me. It seemed the fun was going to end before I could even have my fill. Not that I could get enough of Jenny or Mum.

I was in my room studying for maths, I wanted to be an engineer and so I needed to be good at maths. Luckily I had known what I wanted to do for years and been able to take all the right classes to make university an easy option. Didn't make the maths any easier though.

I was staring at my text book trying to remember the correct formula to figure out the volume of what looked like a stepped on cube. I was trying to figure it all out in my head with minimum use of a calculator. Like those freaky maths kids you see in movies all the time

There was a knock on the door and I grunted. Who ever was on the other side decided I had grunted yes and open my door.

I looked up to see Jenny coming in with an armful of books. She closed the door and I stared at her. She wasn't wearing anything slutty, but the tight pants and shirt certainly showed why so many guys drooled over her, me included. Her tight body was perfectly accentuated by the tight clothes. Showing off her flat tummy, nice perky breasts and shapely legs ending in a mouth watering arse.

She smiled and dumped her books on my desk. It was L shaped and was shoved in the corner next to my bed. I quickly moved my stuff so she had half the desk to spread her books.

"I thought we might study together from now on. I was getting bored studying by myself. Besides I knew we would have fun."

Jenny dragged her hand between her legs and wiggled her hips. She giggled at my surprised face and leaned in to kiss me.

I pulled her onto my lap, my hands immediately moving all over her body. Rubbing her smooth belly underneath her top before moving on to her breasts. I moved my left hand off her breasts and started to rub her back. I moved my hand down until I was squeezing her supple arse.

I groaned into her mouth as she ground her arse on my hard cock. She was making little noises as I continued to play with her body. Which only made me hotter and maul at her body more.

She stood up and pulled her pants down to her knees and I followed suit. While she was bent over I pushed my face into her pussy and began sucking and licking like mad.

My nose was pressed right on her rosebud and I rubbed the tip over her hole. Her sweet juicy pussy and savoury arse made the perfect combination. I moved up to lick her arse a bit before shoving my tongue in her hole. She squealed in surprise and wiggled her arse on my face.

She pushed me off after a minute.

"Later, I need a good fuck first."

She moved over to my bed and lent over the mattress with her knees on the ground. I kneeled behind and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy, coating it in her juices. I pushed my index and middle finger in and started to finger her. Jenny moaned and I pulled my fingers out, licking them clean before grabbing my cock.

I slowly eased my cock into her pussy. I slowly thrust in and out before she pushed me off again.

She pulled a small tube from her pant pocket and passed it back to me. I took the tube and saw it was lube.

"I think you know what to do fucker. And you better be gentle otherwise I won't sit on your dick when we study."

I pushed my cock back into her pussy, making her huff a little and started to work on her arse. I squeezed a generous measure of the lube onto her arse and started to rub it in. First slipping my index finger in and slowly fingering her. I knew Jenny liked it when I played with her arse as we messed around, so I hoped she liked what was coming soon.

I kept on fucking her pussy as I fingered her arse. I pulled my finger from her arse, sucked them in my mouth before shoving it back in her arse again. She tasted nice whatever hole.

I slipped in my middle finger and increased the pace slightly. Jenny was moaning softly into my pillow and her pussy was squeezing my dick deep inside her pussy.

After I managed to get my ring finger in with my index and middle I knew it was time to try. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and smeared more lube on it before leaning down and shoving my tongue back in her arse. I took advantage of the stretching my fingers did to get my tongue deep in her arse, swirling it around inside.

Her smell and taste was driving me crazy and my tongue flicked around inside her arse trying to taste every bit. Jenny was pushing her arse back onto my face.

I straightened up and for good measure put some more lube in her arse.

I put the head of my cock at her slightly stretched entrance.

"You ready for this? Because after this you won't be able to bend over without getting my cock inside you."

Jenny moaned and pushed her arse back so the tip of my cock pushed into her hole. I gripped my rock hard cock with one hand and her arse with the other. I slowly pulled her arse back as I pushed my hips forward a millimetre at a time.

I didn't want her to hurt even for a moment, but I knew it was hurting her. My cock head was slowly pushing her open, her arsehole slowly moving up my cock as I moved in.

My cock head popped in and I moaned at the incredible pressure her arse was putting on my cock. It had felt good going in, but this felt even better. Jenny whimpered a bit, but didn't tell me to stop.

I continued to push in then slowly pull out, each time getting my dick a little deeper in her arse. I was in heaven as her tight ring clenched my cock. Even just watching her arse slid up and down my cock was enough to make my balls tighten.

I let go of my cock and moved my hand down to play with her pussy. She already had one hand rubbing her clit and the other playing with her breasts. Trying to make the pleasure grow more than the pain I suppose. I fingered her pussy while she rubbed her clit.

Finally I bottomed out in her arse, my hips pressed up against her soft arse cheeks. I leaned forward and breathed in her ear.

"Your brother is balls deep in your arse. He has already filled up your pussy with cum and will do so again and again. How do you feel?"

Jenny's voice was strained, but she didn't sound like I had ripped her arse to shreds.

"I feel like I need to be fucked. So hurry up and do it already."

I kept my head next to hers to breathe into her ear and use one hand to play with her breasts. I pulled my hips back till her ring was clenched just below my cock head. I slowly pushed back in, Jenny huffed and moaned a little in pain.

I repeated the slow fucking until the moans had turned to pleasure filled ones. I sat back up straight and started to put more force and speed into my thrusts until I was fucking her properly. Not a hard fuck but a decent pace.

Jenny looked back at me, her flushed face was covered in sweat and I could see the pleasure in her eyes. I imagine I looked the same, this was the best I had ever felt.

"Fuck me hard and fill me up with your cum."

I didn't need to be told twice and started to fuck her hard, making her arse jiggle from the impact. She smiled and buried her face in my pillow as she started to moan loudly. I hoped mum would keep dad away in the lounge with the TV on.

I suspected Jenny had told her what we were going to do. Where else would she get the lube?

I dismissed all thoughts except for Jenny's arse from my mind and got down to fucking. I pounded my cock in and out of her arse like I was a man possessed.

Jenny started to get even louder and I could feel her whole body trembling as she started to cum. She set me off and I spewed my hot load into her arse. Grunting and twitching inside of her with every spurt.

I was cumming in my sister's arse and loving every second. I thrust into her a few more times before pulling out. Jenny rolled onto her back and looked up at me with her pleasure filled flushed face.

I lay down on top of her and shoved my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back hard enough to bruise my lips. I pulled my head back and looked at her.

"We better get some study done."

She smiled and grabbed my hand.

"Let's go into the bathroom to get cleaned up."

She stepped out of her pants and walked out of my room half naked, I quickly kicked my shorts off and followed her out. I followed her into the bathroom as my cum started to leak out of her hot arse, along her pussy and down her legs. We only had one bathroom with the toilet inside, so if dad needed to go he would catch us inside together.

I only had one thought on my mind. So did Jenny.

As soon as we got inside, Jenny pushed me onto the toilet and got down on her hands and knees. She sucked my dirty cock into her mouth with no hesitation and started to suck me clean. What she couldn't reach when she held me in her mouth she would lick.

As soon as she thought I was clean enough she stood up, straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She moaned and shuddered.

"That's the stuff. You will have to be content with my pussy for the next few days at least. Mum said I needed to give my arse a chance to recover."

I started to thrust up into her pussy as hard as I could and she was thumping her arse down into legs as hard as she could. I couldn't believe how horny she was.

We didn't last long before we started cumming again. This time my cum was shooting into my sister's pussy, my cock throbbed with each blast. The thought of spunking my sister's pussy made me cum that much harder.

Jenny slowly stood up and moved to the shower, she threw me her clothes and stepped in. Before I could get naked and join her, she had jumped out already having washed off the sweat and giving her arse a tender swipe.

She paused at the bathroom door naked.

"We really have to study, so take a quick shower and come back to help fill me up with answers."

I threw the clothes on the floor, jumped into the shower only long enough to get wet before collecting the clothes and sprinting back to my room naked.

Jenny was waiting for me. She grabbed her clothes and slowly got dressed, somehow seeing her get dressed was sexy as all hell and I got hard. She giggled and nodded.

"This makes the next part easier then."

I got dressed myself, just in case dad came in and sat on my chair. Jenny pulled my shorts down far enough to let my cock out. She pulled her pants down far enough to expose her pussy. She quickly pressed my face in.

I sucked and licked, wondering if I was tasting my cum or if I was imagining it. I didn't care she tasted just as sweet and tasty as any other time. Jenny pulled her pussy off my face and lowered herself down to sit calmly on my lap with my dick deep in her pussy.

"Now we have to actually study, so try not to fuck me for at least an hour."

I nodded. She sat on my lap on a ninety degree angle and leant forward so I could work while she did as well.

I had thought having my cock in her pussy would make study impossible, but it seemed to give me better concentration. This wasn't like in the car with mum, I had already cum twice. Jenny's pussy throbbed and pulsed on my cock, keeping me hard.

We lasted another hour before Jenny started to bounce up and down on my cock. It didn't take long for me to shoot another load of baby batter into her pussy. We studied again afterwards before having one more fuck session in the shower before bed. I was drained in all aspects, but I had finally gotten what I wanted again.

I knew once the latest test was finished we would be spending a lot more time together and I wasn't about to leave mum out of it.

The end....?

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