Jenny's Curiosity

byval wrangler©

"Are you going to cum soon, my love?" the voice cooed close to her ear. "If you cum hard enough, it will make me real, allow me to come to you and make you mine. Would you like to be the lady of my manor?"

The poor girl was too far gone into a sexual haze to realize just what the voice was saying. Her body was totally in control of her mind, its needs and wants superseding her intellect.

"Oh yes, yes! Make me yours."

"Say it again, my sweet Jenny. Then all you have to do is cum hard, and you will be mine," the voice whispered directly into her ear, and she could almost feel its tickling breath.

So strong was the voice's hold on her mind, Jenny could almost see him, and remembering how he'd mastered her in her dreams, she gripped the phallus more strongly. It felt huge inside her, filling her completely as she plunged it in and out of her cunt faster and faster.

"Oh God, Archibald! Yes, yes, yes! I am yours! I'm going to...I'm going to...I'm going to cum...I'm going to...AAAARRRRRGGGGHHH."

The young woman's body writhed and thrashed uncontrollably as wave after wave of bliss washed through her, sending her to a pleasure beyond anything she could have imagined.

Jenny lay there panting, spent, the limp hands still holding the phallus partially inside her cunt. It felt much smaller again and she wondered if she'd imagined it all. Her juices continued to drip down onto her slack hands and then to the concrete of the dais.

A sound to her left made her turn her head. She felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck.

It was Sir Archibald Fairchild.

"'re here?"

The figure moved into the light, tall and commanding, dressed as he'd been in the portrait.

"You brought me back, Jenny, by what you just did. And now I can truly make you mine."

Her lust slacked, the woman was more aware, more cautious. "How can you do that?"

Archibald looked sad. "You said that you were mine and I have said I was yours. Don't you wish to be the Lady of Flamborough Hall?"

Part of Jenny realized that none of this could be real. Sir Archibald was dead and he'd died an old man. His estate had been given to the country. She couldn't be the lady of anything.

But his dark eyes held hers, drawing her in, confusing her thinking. This was all a dream, but it felt so lovely, perhaps it was all right to live in it a bit longer.

"Now, Jenny, just lean back into the chair and relax. Close your eyes. That's it. Relax. Good. Now those two buttons under your right hand, press them both at once."

Jenny did as she was told and felt clamps snapping closed over her wrists and ankles, fastening her to the chair.

Her eyes flew open as she felt the restraints, and she immediately began struggling. Realizing the vulnerability of her situation, she madly pressed the buttons in a futile attempt to make the chair release her.

"What's going on!" she shouted. "Let me go!"

"I will very soon, little Jenny. But first, I want to make sweet love to you. It's been so long since I've had a girl as lovely as you."

"No! I won't do it. Let me go!"

"Jenny, Jenny," he said coming right up next to her. "You have no choice. Surely, after your dreams and reading my special book, you knew what would happen if you came here. I know your appetites. You really do want this."

"I won't while you've got me fastened to this bloody chair," she said, twisting her body back and forth as she tried to pull her limbs free. "You bastard! Let me go!"

Sir Archibald waited until she'd exhausted herself. "Now all you've done is made yourself tired and sore. I know how to make you feel better."

He knelt between Jenny's outstretched legs and began kissing up the insides of her thighs. At first she continued to thrash around, but soon realized it was futile. What Sir Archibald was doing also felt very good. As he moved closer and closer to the junction of her legs, she began to get aroused once again.

After many minutes of teasing, she could feel his hot breath on her lips and when his tongue finally touched her swollen clitoris, she came massively. He barely let her come down before he started licking again. Sliding two fingers into her hot cunt, he touched a spot that made her body sing. Soon, between his fingers and his lips and tongue, Jenny was in an almost constant state of orgasm.

Then suddenly, as she was approaching the highest peak yet, he stopped. She fell back into the chair, panting and very, very frustrated. Her body ached from straining against Sir Archibald's onslaught, but she wanted more.

Silently her lover began removing his clothes.

His cock, stuck straight out from his groin, hugely swollen and an angry red colour. The head was a big as a good-sized peach and the shaft was as thick as the girl's wrist. It had to be over a foot long.

He moved forward until the massive head of his cock nestled into Jenny's slit, pushing the lips far apart. Taking the jar of oil, he spread some of its contents over his manhood and rubbed the bit on Jenny. Her hips thrust up at his fingers with a mind of their own.

Stepping forward, the girl looked down as his cock touched her opening. Almost idly, the aristocrat began pulling and tweaking her nipples, again inflaming her lust.

"Do you want this, Jenny?"

She looked down at his massive tool, resting against her slit.

"It's too big. It won't fit."

Sir Archibald, using his other hand guide it, began lightly teasing her clitoris with his rampant cock. Despite her unease, Jenny's body shuddered with desire.

"If you want it to, it will. Let me make you mine, Jenny."

He began rocking slightly and the head of his cock pushed at her open. It felt quite amazing as the pressure pulled her clitoris downward, stretching the skin of its hood in a most delicious way.

Finally, her lover flexed his hips and pushed a bit harder. She could feel her body resist for a moment, then the enormous head just popped in. The pain was very harsh for a moment. He did not move further.

"Oh my God. It's so huge. I can't take it. Please, take it out!"

"Little Jenny, you simply need to relax. I WILL have you, so you must relax."

She closed her eyes, willing her muscles to accommodate his girth. Part of her really wanted this to happen and part of her was repelled, but her female desire was in the ascendency once again. Deep down, Jenny wanted to please him.

A mouth closed over one of her nipples, sucking deeply and tightly. She sighed at the feeling. Then a second mouth closed on her other one, doing the same. Her eyes shot open and while she could see the tender flesh being worked and getting wet, the mouths working her over remained unseen.

"What's happening to me?" she asked.

Sir Archibald, looming over her like a dark cloud, said, "I'm going to take you to heaven, Jenny."

The chair moved backward with her body, until she was nearly supine. The cock invaded her cunt a bit farther, and this time it didn't feel quite so uncomfortable. The sensation of fullness was actually quite extraordinary.

"Oh sweet, sweet Jenny. Your cunt is so tight around me."

Her desire flamed upward at his words, higher than ever. "Fuck me, Archibald. I must have all of your cock -- even if it kills me."

Jenny put her head back, and immediately felt something brush her lips. Nothing was visible, but she opened her mouth and felt the hard, yet soft flesh of an invisible erection slide into her mouth.

At first she was shocked, but soon began to enjoy what was happening to her, trying to swallow as much of it as possible. At the same time, she could feel Sir Archibald pressing forward in his conquest of her innermost secrets. With a gasp, she felt the huge head of his cock slide forward, piercing her womb.

It was at this point that she became lost. The flames were being fanned, all parts of her body were beginning to sing with sexual joy as she felt hands, mouths, and cocks servicing every need that she could have. With a final grunt, she realized that her new love had buried his magnificent tool completely inside her. He began fucking her with long, long, slow strokes, as she tried to comfortably accommodate his massive tool.

Jenny slipped into a place where pain became pleasure and pleasure became something transcendent.


The girl was found at 11:00 the next morning. After waiting half an hour for Jenny to arrive, Mrs. Tilbury, called Jenny's home only to be told that she had disappeared the previous night and that the police were searching for her.

Wasting no time, the door to Flamborough Hall was forced and a search of the building commenced. Half an hour later, the key in the metal door was noticed and the room was opened.

Rumours of what the searchers found inside have circulated through the surrounding county since then, but none of the people actually present have ever spoken publicly of what they witnessed.

In the sealed police report, though, can be found a Detective Sergeant Townsend's account:

"We pulled open the heavy door and the smell that assailed our nostrils can only be described in terms of a brothel. Mrs. Tilbury, the representative of the National Trust fainted dead away.

There, on a raised dais in the room's centre, in a metal chair that can only be described as diabolical in its design, we saw the unfortunate girl, fastened to it by bands around her wrists and ankles, and writhing as if being consumed alive. We moved closer, calling to her and received no response.

How long she'd been there, we do not know, but it had certainly been many hours. Her body was bathed in sweat and the skin around her wrists and ankles rubbed raw and bloody by the bands holding them to the chair. Somehow, she must have sat on it and accidentally activated the mechanism it contained, and could not get away. With no one in the house and with the thickness of the walls and ceiling, her cries would not have been noticed in any event.

What will stick in my mind forever was her naked body, covered with many bites and marks. Her vagina gaped open and moved in and out. Although impossible to explain, it was the impression of everyone present that something we could not see was fornicating with the young lady in the most violent way imaginable. Surprisingly, though, she was meeting this onslaught with what seemed to be extreme pleasure.

As I mounted the dais, she cried out as spasms shook her body and she slowly stopped moving. A copious amount of white fluid (later identified as semen) was expelled from her body, and despite our efforts to revive her as we sought to release her from the chair, Jenny Smith soon expired.

I cannot begin to explain what we saw, I can only report it. God rest her soul."

Final note from the police report: Flamborough Hall was struck by lightning during a storm three days later and burnt to the ground. The property was later turned into a housing estate, but no house stands on the spot once occupied by Sir Archibald Fairchild's mansion.

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