tagRomanceJenola and Anita Ch. 02

Jenola and Anita Ch. 02



As soon as I walked back into my apartment, I went straight to bed and lay down. I was still very fucked up from the weed brownie and probably would be for about another hour. And my hard on was already back.

This was the first time I'd ever been so simultaneously consumed by two women, and I loved it. I wanted to continue to worship Anita's soles, as well as she and I get fucked up and completely explore our sexuality together. I hoped that she would eventually let all those things happen, and I thought the chance of that was good, and I equally wanted all those things with Jenola.

At this moment, however, I decided to masturbate while thinking about Anita, for two reasons - I'd been masturbating while thinking about Jenola several times a day for the last 13 days, and I had seen Anita's full body, particularly her soles, which brought a fantasy to my mind, and one that I was determined would come true - I set her down on all fours and fuck her while starting at her soles.

As that fantasy played in my mind, I slowly fucked myself with my fleshlight, bringing myself to not just one but two phenomenal orgasms, and only imagined how amazing it would feel to fuck her while staring at her soles.

But when I woke up late the next morning, after almost nine hours of sleep, my attention returned to that fucking hot slab of chocolate, who had been cock deprived in a Nebraska women's prison for over half a decade.

I sat down at the computer, lit a joint, put on Missy Elliott, and began typing my response to Jenola's most recent letter, which I received the day before. I wrote:

My amazing black BBW queen Jenola:

Thank you so much for another awesome letter. Keeping up that frequent high quality communication will get us through these two years and three months until we're finally together in person!

I'm so happy that you see the differences between me and your exes. And I see lots of differences between you and my exes as well. It's great that we understand what went wrong with our past relationships and know what it takes to make a relationship work, and are willing to do it. That gives us a great chance to make things work out between us.

I'm glad that you played basketball and had a lot of success with it, and thankful that you got something much greater than a career in basketball - your precious daughter. And yes, it's awesome that you became a black BBW - that "one fucking hot slab of chocolate" that I talked about!

I'm so happy to see your enthusiasm for my invitation to take you to as many WNBA games as you want. And I'd love it if you moved out here! I'd not only take you to every game and a hookah lounge afterward, we'd find cool stuff to do together every day! There would never be a dull moment with us!

It'll also be a blast sharing our WNBA crushes together, and yes, lots more hotties have joined the league since you've been locked up, and I look forward to sharing them with you!

I'm glad you'll enjoy teaching me your hobbies! I'm glad you feel sexy when you dance, and I know I'll always think you're sexy no matter what you're doing!

I'm also very happy that you like my compliment that you're "one fucking hot slab of chocolate" like Missy Elliott! And your idolizing Missy says a lot of awesome things about you! Please be assured, you will always live up to my expectations, as long as you just keep being yourself!

I understand your concern, but I have no doubt that your and your daughter's relationship will be just fine, especially as she sees all the positive changes you've made in your life. I think that the day you get released, you should simply sit down and tell her the whole story, why you did it, and that you'll never do it again. After you do that, everything will be fine, I promise!

I figured you'd be glad to know that I already know about your crime and still accept you. I'm happy that you're relieved and more confident in our relationship as a result, both exactly as I hoped!

Thanks for explaining the circumstances around your decision to participate in that crime, and what you learned through your counseling. That helps me understand you a lot better, which is very important for our relationship.

And it's awesome that you now realize exactly who matters in your life, and that you're free from the prison of peer pressure! All those four people want you to do is just be yourself! I'm so proud honored to be part of that elite group of four people!

Yes, smoke is sexy! What a shame that it's bad for you! A hookah every few weeks isn't too bad, though! And I'm glad we'll think it's sexy to watch each other do it!

I'm so thankful about our complete honesty and openness with each other. Ours is the first relationship I've had that was perfect in those areas, and as long as we keep that up, we'll do great!

Hey, we all have our own tastes and there's nothing wrong with that! I love watching two black girls together, and also a black and a white girl together! As long as you're into older white guys, whatever else you're into is fine with me!

I should be a counselor?! Wow, thanks, that's a great compliment! Maybe I went into the wrong field! But at least I can counsel you, and I promise to do my best at that, as well as everything else I do to you! And your mom, Britney, and Kim are cheering for you as much as I am! We're all going to do our best to help you be your best! And together, we'll get you there!

Thanks for your confidence in me being a great conversationalist, and I know that you'll be as well! And I got a huge grin when I saw your reaction to my comment about us kissing! Every day I fantasize about what it will be like - my vanilla lips meet your chocolate lips and our tongues make passionate love to each other - slowly, as if we'd love to go on doing it forever.

Yes, kissing can be as great as sex, but sex between a white man and a much younger black BBW can be extremely fucking awesome as well! I'm so excited that you think I'll be the best kisser you've ever had, and I'll do my best to live up to your expectations! And I'm sure that you'll be the best kisser I've ever had, too!

It's important that we encourage each other, about having kids and all other areas of our lives. That's a great help to both of us. And wow, thanks so much for your amazing offer to be the mother of my kids! That's something I'd love and I very much look forward to discussing it further with you!

Thanks so much for your nice words and encouragement about my sister, Melissa. I so much would love for her and me to share a home together again, but this time each with a happy family.

Yes, the Missy Elliott lyrics that we quote to each other should always be the explicit versions! I can hardly wait to find out which ones you have in mind for me! I have lots in mind for you, as well as several that I've already fantasized about you singing/rapping to me!

I had a thought. I'd love to hear your voice and also be able to communicate with you instantly, rather than waiting several days for a response. In case you're allowed to make collect calls, I'm listing my phone number below and you have my permission to call me anytime and as often as you want!

Finally, I'm glad you agree with me on every aspect of our relationship, especially being willing to hold on until we finally meet in person, making sure that we reach our full potential, and always at least being close friends even if our romance doesn't work out. And remember, every day is one day closer to us being in each other's arms and our tongues in each other's mouths!

Love always,


I set my joint in the ash tray, put on a long T shirt, walked over to the mailbox, dropped in the letter, went back to my apartment, took off the shirt, and resumed smoking.

After a couple of minutes, I realized that I hadn't yet checked my phone since I woke up. I grabbed it off my nightstand and saw that I had a text from a number I didn't recognize.

I opened it and realized much to my excitement that it was from Anita. It read:

"Thanks for last night. Call me and let me know when you're ready for our next session. I'll be waiting and so will these two things."

Below that was a picture of her soles. I almost came instantly. The soles made the picture awesome enough, and making it even hotter was that she was on her knees and her fat ass cheeks were resting on her soles.

I instantly created a contact profile for her and put the picture she sent as the one that would show on the screen whenever she called me or I called her.

I then called her and she answered on the fourth ring, sounding very happy but speaking quickly and softly as if being very discreet.

"Hey Steven, I can only talk a minute because I'm having lunch with my kids. I'm in the bathroom with the fan on, but I wanted to make sure I took your call. What's up?!"

"Oh, I just wasted to thank you for the text and the luscious cock hardening picture of your soles, and to schedule our next session!" I responded.

"Okay, great! Is it okay if I call you back in a little while when I'm alone and have my schedule in front of me?"

"Sure, no problem! I look forward to your call!"

"Great; talk to you soon!"

"Bye, Honey!"


She called me back about 7:30, telling me that she now had her first free moment since our very brief conversation earlier that day. She said that she was stopped in a parking lot on her way to a session and had her schedule in front of her.

I wanted to get together with her on a weeknight for a short session and a weekend night for a long session.

After about five minutes of discussion, we agreed that starting the next week, she and I would get together twice a week - on Tuesdays from 7-10 PM and on Saturday at 7 PM until Sunday at 11 AM. We further agreed that we would get fucked up every Saturday night, since she would be spending the night and thus not driving, and I wouldn't have to work the next day. In exchange for those sessions, I would pay her $200 a week, plus enough weed to get her and her oldest daughter through until our next session.

That night, about 11, I sent her the following text:

"Hi, Anita! I just want you to know that I'm thinking a lot about you and wish you were here with me right now. I wish that you were massively fucked up, as I am, and that your soles were pressed against my face. I can hardly wait until Tuesday! Hugs, kisses, and sole worshipping to you until then!"

She responded early the next morning:

"Hi, Honey! I wish that had happened last night, too! That would've been a fuck of a lot better than what actually happened! But that's okay, because we'll be doing all that cool fucking shit this week!"

I immediately texted back:

"I can hardly wait!:-D"

She didn't respond to that, but about 8:00 PM, I got a text from her that read;

"Debbie (my 17-year old) and I each had a weed brownie a few hours ago and oh shit, we're both fucked up like we've never been fucked up before! Thanks Honey!"

I immediately replied back:

"I'm very happy that you're both enjoying the weed brownies so much and I'm very much looking forward to sharing many with you!"

She immediately responded:

"Oh me too Honey!"

The next day, Monday, Anita and I texted each other three times each - a mixture of sex, romance, and weed, as well as keeping each other updated on what we were up to. I wanted far more communication with her, but held back as a way of showing her that I knew she was very busy with her sessions and her kids.

After what seemed like a much longer wait than it was, Tuesday finally came. Since waking up on Saturday, I hadn't masturbated, so my libido would be sky high for Anita. From the time I woke up on Tuesday, I was preoccupied with her the whole day. Shortly before my lunch break at work, she texted me saying:

"My soles and I will see you tonight!:-D"

I immediately replied:

"I'm hard as a fucking rock thinking about it and I have a 3 1/2 day load built up!"

She immediately replied:

"3 1/2 days, huh?! I guess that means I'm going to get a mega-blast sprayed all over me!"

I immediately replied:

"You sure the fuck are!"

Anita didn't respond to that text, but a little before 2:00 PM, I got a call from her. I figured she was just calling to confirm the session or some other minor reason.

"Hi, Sole Queen!" I said as I answered.

But much to my surprise and dismay, her tone was much different than it had been in my previous interaction with her. Speaking very fast, she sounded short of breath, hysterical, distraught, angry, tearful, and desperate. "Steven, I'm sorry, we can't do our session tonight! My fucking piece of shit car broke down. I was driving to a session and I called the guy and told him what happened, and I asked him to help me, but the mother fucking asshole called me a fat lying whore and then he fucking hung up on me. I am God damn fucking sick tired of all this fucking shit!"

Understanding and sympathizing with her frustration, but figuring it was nowhere near the big deal she thought, I tried to be comforting and reassuring. "Honey, it's no problem. Just tell me where you are, I'll be there in a few minutes, I'll use my AAA membership to get your car towed to a repair shop, I'll take you out to dinner, we'll do our session, I'll drive you to the repair shop when your car is fixed, and I'll pay the repair costs."

Much to my surprise, that didn't calm her down at all. "No, you don't understand. I'm down in Seymour." Seymour is about 70 miles south of my home in Indianapolis.

My tone also remained the same. "That's no problem, Honey. Just tell me exactly where you are and I'll be there in about an hour and a half."

Suddenly, she calmed down greatly. She still sounded tearful, and also sounded exhausted, but was now coherent. "You'd do that?" she asked in amazement.

"Yes" I said very assuringly.

She broke down and cried while talking in a shaky voice. "No one's ever been this good to me. Why do you do it?"

"Because I'm crazy about you, Honey."

Still very emotional but now with a clearer voice, she replied "I'm really crazy about you, too. And I promise that someday I'll pay you back."

"Honey, I don't ever want any money from you. I just want you to pay me back by always being my friend giving me access to your amazing soles."

"It's a deal!" she said enthusiastically, sounding happy and fully at peace for the first time in this conversation.

She then told me her location - at a BP station right off of I-65. She said that her car started overheating and that she quickly exited and parked at the gas station, being afraid to park on the side of the interstate, especially while alone. I told her to go inside, sit down at the cafe, and wait for me.

I immediately told my boss that an emergency came up and was using personal time off the rest of the day and all of the next day. He approved, I drove straight to my apartment and grabbed my weed, then rushed to the BP, arriving in about an hour and 20 minutes. When I walked in, Anita was seated in the cafe and facing the entrance. She looked very tired but equally very happy the instant she saw me. She immediately got up and walked fast toward me, as I did toward her. Though it was only about 50 degrees outside, she was wearing the exact shirt, shorts, and flip flops she wore when I saw her four days earlier.

"Honey!" I emotionally whispered when we were just a few feet apart. We very tightly embraced for about a minute, then had a quick kiss on the lips, then stood face to face while gazing deeply into each other's eyes as I cupped my hands around her upper arms.

"How are you, Honey?" I asked.

"It's been a really shitty fucking day, but now that you're here, it was all worth it!" she responded.

"I'll do my best to make the rest of the day so great for you that it makes up for all the fucking shit you went through."

"You've already done that, just by coming here," she said assuringly. At that, we had another quick hug and kiss and I then called AAA, who arrived in about an hour and towed her car to a repair shop that was already closed until the next morning. I was very excited that not only was our session still on, it would be an overnight session and we would do weed - two things that would normally only happen on our Saturday sessions.

As soon as the tow truck left, I took Anita to a Ryan's restaurant. On the way there, she called Debbie. Anita said that the car broke down in Seymour, she was staying at a motel there, and she'd be home the next day, but didn't say she was with anyone.

At the restaurant, we both got the all you can eat buffet. Watching her showed me why she's obese. While I ate a fairly healthy meal, she loaded up on high calorie, high fat foods. But even though I wish she ate healthier, her size is a huge turn on to me, no pun intended!

During our meal, I intentionally kept the conversation lightweight. That was tough for me, as I much prefer deep conversation, but as traumatic as her day had been, I decided it would be best to save the heavy topics for another time.

But while Anita was very pleasant and smiled for much of the meal, she didn't say much. At first, I asked her a few basic questions and she generally gave short and vague answers, and spoke so softly that I had a hard time understanding her. I wondered if it was shyness, nervousness, or even if she were simply a shallow person without a lot to say. Even when asking her what her hobbies were, I got little out of her. But she seemed very happy, so I wasn't concerned that anything was wrong with our relationship. And after concluding that she probably wasn't going to say much there at the restaurant, I just focused on eye contact. She and I made lots of it, and the intimacy was wonderful.

When she finished her dessert, a big plate of ice cream, cake, and lots of condiments, I said "Well, you had a very big meal, but you forgot something!"

"What?!" she asked, smiling but seemingly clueless.

I pulled two weed brownies out of my jacket. As soon as she saw them, she grinned widely. I gave her one and kept the other for myself. We each ate ours in less than a minute and finished at about the same time. As soon as we were done, I immediately stood up and she followed suit within a second. "Let's go!" I said, reaching out my right hand to her. She took my hand and I walked her out to my car with our fingers interlocked. There were several motels less than a mile away, so it would be no problem getting to one of them before the weed took enough affect to hurt my driving.

I got us a room at a Motel 6 and as soon as we were in the room, Anita stripped exactly the way she did in my living room four days earlier. As soon as she was nude, I quickly stripped, took her by the hand, walked her to the bed, lay her down flat on her back with her head resting on a pillow, sat cross legged at the other end of the bed, set her heels on my thighs, and thoroughly massaged her soles.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred almost immediately after the massage began. "That feels so good, Honey."

"I'm glad to know that, and it feels so good to me when I'm touching and looking at your soles!" I responded.

"I was thinking about it since our last session, and I think it's cool that you like soles. It makes you unique. I get tired of guys talking to my tits!"

"I'm glad you feel that way! Even though you have a great rack, your soles are by far my favorite part of your body!"

"I'm glad, because you make them feel so fucking good!"

"And your soles make me feel so fucking good, honey!"

"It's a win-win situation, then!"

"It sure is! By the way, were you okay back at the restaurant?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You didn't say much."

"Yeah, I've never liked talking much in loud places."

"I'm glad you told me that and next time I'll take you somewhere quieter!"

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