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Jen's Bitch


She was a little out of the main stream in school. Not quite a rebel but also not in the super popular crowd. Guys didn't know what to make of her. One thing for sure is they certainly did try. Why? She had a hauntingly gorgeous presence, she had quietly, maybe unknowingly driven all us guys crazy for 4 years. It was like Boo Radley in the movie to kill a Mockingbird, she was simply mysterious and for me, a little scary to even approach.. Now that we were all seniors and of legal age, knowing she'd be gone after graduation, guys tried harder but all of them crashed and burned and left her alone.

She kept to herself but was not a loner, just not an initiator, by choice. For me she was a siren. I couldn't resist looking at her when she passed. She was in my Science class and I tried to make sure to sit in a spot where I could see her. Luckily I was not always successful or I'd get nothing done in class. Months had gone by and I was really starting to go crazy. I frequently had very short conversations with her but something was going on that I could not put my finger on. Oh! Yeah I thought about fucking her all the time. She was easily a D cup maybe larger; she was very fit and had beautiful legs. Her hair was black and screamed dominance. Her eyes were green. She was mesmerizing to talk to and I decided if I ever got my chance I'd definitely do whatever she wanted. Little did I know....

It started late in the trimester, in 2 weeks we would be out of school. Jen and I happened to sit together and an assignment was given in Science class. After the bell ranged she touched my arm and said, "I think this assignment would be easier if we did it together, you interested?" Oh MY GOD!!! My balls dropped right there. Her voice probably sounded normal to someone else but I heard something very sensual, I said yes immediately, stuttering a few times. She smiled, I got hard.

"I'll give you my address and phone number tomorrow and by the way..."

"Yes" I said

"You better hide that beast," she said and motioned down.

Damn I knew I was getting hard but hoped it was not showing yet. I looked down and I was huge, fully erect, major tent. I felt my face get hot and red as she walked away with a little smirk/smile, I'm not sure.

I hide the beast uhhhhh my coc.... Errrr I mean myself and rushed to the bathroom locking myself in a stall. What just happened? I yelled to myself (in silence mind you). All year long just tiny nibbles of conversation lots of.... Ok stalking at lunch and endless glances then all of the sudden BAM! She blindsides me and I'm left hiding a hard on that won't go down.

Well the last class I probably did not hear a word and I had to tie the beast uhhhh.... Oh never mind. I tied the beast under my belt and my t-shirt hid me the rest of the day. The next day I could not wait until science class but I was also nervous for it to come plus I had not seen her in the halls all day which was a little unusual.

She walked in and her skirt showed off her tanned legs. She pretended not to notice. Here she said as she sat down, handing me her address and phone number.

"Why don't we start tonight then we'll have the weekend. Will your parents allow that?

"They leave today and will not be back until Monday morning" I said.

I thought for a moment, why would they mind, were doing an assignment of course they won't mind. The comment was a little odd.

"Perfect, why don't you come over at 8:00 pm?"


I raced home, I don't know why, perhaps to start waiting until 8:00. The faster I get home the sooner I can start waiting. Well time seemed to fly which in and of itself was surprising.

I knocked, she opened the door. Come in her soft voice said. Let me change, I just got here. She came downstairs in a spaghetti strap top that seemed 2 sizes too small because it stretched across her breasts straining to contain her. I started getting hard, luckily I was sitting down. Her belly showed and she had a beautiful shiny jeweled navel piercing that swayed across perfectly flat slightly muscular abs. She wore a tight skirt just above the knees .... And on her feet were a pair of black 6" heels. OH MY GOD I thought. She snapped her fingers a couple times and I realized I was staring just a few seconds too long.

Sorry, I've never seen you like this... I mean you never wear that to school so how could... uh I mean my homework cloths are boring but yours...

I finally stopped trying to figure out what to say and said, "I'm sorry for staring."

She smiled and said "that's ok; I'll take it all as a compliment"

I was way to consumed with my own thoughts to even realize there was an entire conversation going on in her mind as well.

She smiled to herself thinking perfect, now for something a little more enticing.

"Check this out, it's new", she said as she strutted to the sofa stopping beside me. She lifted her top to the bottom of her ample breasts, even though her belly already showed, and started playing with her piercing a little.

"Isn't it beautiful? I just got it."

Her eyes sharply looking for the signals she wanted.

"What's more beautiful is what's behind it" I said.

I quickly looked up panicked; I couldn't believe that just came out so bluntly.

GOTCHA!! She thought as she licked her lips. Now an equally sexy response to keep him hard.

"WOW! I may have to start calling you babe. What a hot thing to say."

Now a gentle touch of his face to direct his attention, lean over for a kiss making sure to tease with sensual parted lips, then...... pull away at the last minute.

"Oops that was really a tease wasn't it. Sorry I won't do that again."

I won't need to baby she thought, you're putty in my hands now.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear "Your beast is back." She switched ears and with a purposeful hot breath said "and I bet it is very hungry this time, what do you think?"

She secretly delighted at the look of disbelief knowing I was raging with horniness now.

Time to hit him hard she thought.

"Forget about the homework baby, I'm hot for a FUCK! By the way I have seen you stalking me for months, I see your glances and I bet you have not even noticed I have been stalking you as well".

My mouth fell open. She raised her eyebrows, "yes baby I have stalked you. I like your ass. I'm an ass girl; I want to do things to your ass. But now I am also a cock girl because you're fuckin huge," she said as she nodded at my crotch.

I know she saw the weakness on my face and the light shaking of my hands.

"Take off your cloths," she said with the tiniest bit of dominance.

I don't want to spook him so I'll stay playful, use my smile, flip my long hair, and give him some cleavage.

Now I was in complete disbelief. She could practically hear what I was thinking. Probably something like did I just hear what I thought?

But she was not about to let me have time to think.

"Come on BABE I've been waiting for this," she said interrupting my thoughts.

I began to undress in earnest.

She hid a smirk and thought this top is deadly, my boy is rock hard, turning a deep shade of red and a little purple. She licked her lips.

I throbbed with hardness bouncing my cock almost uncontrollably my eyes glued to her body and face.

"Oh yes that's sweet," she said in a perfectly sensual tone of voice as she stared at my cock.

"That's a hot cock".

I was so nervous but she was so amazingly beautiful I didn't care. I got the strong sense she never expects anyone to not do what she says. THIS is what I could not put my finger on. She had me completely under her control, willingly. I was ready to do anything.

"Have you fantasized about me a lot" she said

"Yes constantly"

"Do you masturbate? Come on sweetie, you do don't you."

I looked down, "Yes"

Mmmm now to see what he'll do for me she thought.

"Climb on this counter," she said patting the kitchen counter top playfully. Let me get a good look at you"

"Really" I said

"Yeah let's have some fun" She patted it again, secretly hoping.

I felt like a dog or something but you bet I climbed up.

This boy is allllll mine she thought as her heart raced with excitement as she struggled to maintain her composure.

"Face me. Now spread your legs and sit on your heels like you do when you masturbate on the floor. She checked me out and said I bet you look at an x-rated magazine when you jack off don't you." She smiled

I blushed, "Yes" I said

Perfect, I knew he was a nasty boy she thought; now I can get a little nasty myself and get him ready.

"That's ok; I like my boys nice and dirty. By the way you do pick a picture where the bitch has DD's don't you?," she said cupping and squeezing her breasts together as my mouth fell open.

"Yes" I said and my face felt like it was burning now.

"YES"! She repeated louder to make sure my secret was out

"You see me as your BITCH"

"Uh I mean no, no ahhh......"

"Shhhhhh," she said putting a finger on my lips smiling. "We'll get clearer on that later".

Now that completely came across in a way where I was just an object. I didn't care. I realized at that moment that guys don't care about much when they think they'll get to start fucking soon. In retrospect there were warning signs that I ignored.

She verbally assaulted me again "Do you like my breasts?"

"I was stunned as a little drool dripped out of my mouth to my embarrassment."

"Ooooooooo very good boy, just stare, I like that"

"They are gorgeous" I answered

"They're the best in the school aren't they?" she asked

"By far, no one's even close to you." I was going to say exactly what she wanted to hear.

She smiled, "thank you" she said as her hand slide over her nipples feeling herself up.

I completely gave up trying to maintain my composure and outright stared.

"You are so horny. That's just the way I like you". Straighten your back and sit up.

I felt like a trained dog but I was definitely going to do every single thing she wanted.

"Now be a good boy and spread your legs a little wider for me I want to see every inch of this savage piece of flesh between your legs. My my, you are a big one; I bet you can really rip a girl up with that. Can you get harder?"

I thought she was kidding. My cock felt like it was ready to rip through the skin already. Suddenly she pulled off her top to reveal firm breasts riding high on her chest with sharp contrasting tan lines. (I think I got harder in that second and my cock was aching.)

She reached under me grabbing my sac forcing my swollen balls into the end. Her hand clamped down on me like a vice. I doubled over into her chest.

"Let's stop this one right now," she whispered as my cock frantically spasmed trying to cum. My hips started jerking around as I frantically tried to pull free of her hand or push the cum through her grip. I whimpered as her free hand gently held my head against her breast.

"Whimper boy," she urged into my ear "go ahead, its ok I know it hurts a little."

I whimpered freely as my loins were on fire. It was getting overwhelming.

"That's it baby, let it pass, you're just in heat honey but I know what to do." I leaned into her panting and whimpering softly; in pain.

"You have a very powerful cock she whispered, it truly is a beast but I know how to control it and how to tame you".

The intensity in my cock and balls finally subsided and she released me. It will be back but not for a little while. Keep your legs spread sweetie. I was panting and sweating as she handed me a wet cloth to wipe my face. She fiddled with something in a drawer...

Now for one last little distraction and a little reward for him so I can move in she thought.

She leaned in real close and started a long sensual kiss. Then I felt her reach under me and her lotion filled hand cupped my balls and the cold felt soothing. As she caressed she let her middle finger slide over my anus spreading the lotion, slowly rubbing and teasing me. It felt good, nasty and scary at the same time. When her finger slipped in my ass I started panting in uncomfortable fear but her breasts pushing into me and her tongue in my mouth pretty much assured I was not going to pull away.

"Squeeze my finger baby," she coaxed, "Mmmmmm very nice, very tight" she whispered

Turn around she commanded. I turned my back to her and her finger slipped in me again. She noticed I was getting too scared at the weird turn of events and whispered "It's just you and me no one will ever know, relax baby and let it happen."

Now her hard nipples and breasts teased my back and her other hand reached around to caress my chest and gently tease my nipples. Wherever her hand caressed, a whole rush of sensations followed. She was an expert at manipulating my body to react. She kissed and caressed me as her warm soft body came into full contact with mine. I slowly calmed down a little.

You like this don't you she said?

She must have noticed the ever so slight shift on my heels that pulled my cheeks open a little more.

"Very good baby," her finger probed deeper and started working my hole loose. She worked on me for a little while with non stop whispering in my ears, touching my body as she finger fucked me. Humiliating, demoralizing........ actually I realized it was just someone doing what I always knew I would let them do if they forced it on me. She played with my hole, sometimes gently, other times hard. I think you're ready she said. I had no idea what she meant.

She was still behind me and said take a deep breath, now exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale mmmmm very good....

Ummmpf she thrust 2 fingers up in me. My body jumped as she held me tightly around the chest for a moment.

"Let me in babe," she cooed in my ear kissing my neck. She tilted my head back kissing my lips as her finger jabbed hard and I mean really hard as if to hurt me. This was her first really rough action to dominate me. A worried moan left my mouth and went into hers as she kissed me deeply.

She whispered

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Scoot your ass back to the edge of the counter, that's it put your hole over the edge, Good boy."

Now I felt something different on my hole. Suddenly she stood up, leaned into me and thrust. My ass split open as a huge object rammed up inside me. Feel my cock baby? She grabbed me around the middle pinning both arms to my sides. She knocked the wind out of me as her next thrust stretched me open more. Her 6" heels enabled her to lift up into me with each thrust.

"You see I love to fuck my boy toys in the ass with my strap-ons," she whispered. "I want you to feel what it is like to become a woman's BITCH."

She started fucking me hard as I whimpered and in time tears started running down my face. It hurt but I also didn't want her to stop, she was so................. caring and sensual almost like she was sorry but she had to do this. What a strange thought to have as this girl pounded my ass.

Her sharp thrusts were preceded by little orders of what I would do from now on.

You are my BITCH now

Pump, pump

I own your ass

Pump, pump

I'll fuck you whenever I want

Pump, pump

You'll spread and beg for the delicious sensual pain I will give you

Pump, Pump

Finally she slide her long cock out of me. I just rested glad it seemed over. She did something, opened and closed a drawer then said:

"You'll do whatever I want won't you honey she cooed?"

"Yes," I said weakly.

She dipped her hips down under me and a huge knob began pressing hard against my asshole.

"Time to really stretch you out," she said as one hand muffled my mouth. I leaned my head back and a long sustained whimper frantically exited my lips into her hand as she pushed a very thick cock against my rim muscle.

The sustained pressure made me pant hard and shake. She kept nudging hard at me and then it happened, we both felt me loosen. She said, "oooooo feel that baby, you're weakening". She kept nudging me open stretching me and I was really trying hard to maintain some kind of composure but when the helmet of her cock popped through and my rim muscle snapped closed around her shaft I lost it.

I did a little girl scream into her hand as I tried to get my arms loose but she was extremely strong.

"Now baby, let's move your insides around," she said corkscrewing her cock in me like she was churning butter. "Let's complete your transformation." I thought I would pass out when she started ramming as fast and as hard as she could.

The counter shook with her thrusts as my exposed ass was viciously attacked. I don't recognize the different sounds that came out of my mouth; she was shutting me up pretty good with her hand. I had no idea she was so strong, that soft warm body felt very muscular now.

Finally she stopped, fully extended onto her toes, leaning over my back she said.

"Slide your legs back off the counter and stand up."

I did as I was told and was immediately eased into a position bent over the counter and she started pounding again. I was really growing weak and she seemed to only get stronger and more animalistic and it was scary to lose control. I don't remember what happened next but I was standing and being pummeled against a wall. She now took on animal type sounds as she fucked. She had me impaled as I seemed to be guided to a room nearby with her irregular thrusts helping to move me along. I fell onto a bed as she rode me down burrowing deep and hard in me on contact. I cried out. Nothing I could do could get her out of me.

I could not stand it anymore, she had continued to squeeze my balls forcing me to stop coming. Just when I thought my body would collapse she let me cum. Something in my mind snapped and I screamed right as she shoved my face into a pillow, grinding her huge cock deep in my ass releasing my balls. I exploded furiously, screaming repeatedly, pumping for all I was worth, my cock strained in endless spasms. I completely gave up any resistance and allowed myself to be FUCKED like a rag doll.

She finally stopped, her cock balls deep in my ass, both of us dripping in sweat

"Who's the BITCH," she whispered out of breath?

"I am," I said hoarsely

"Who's my boy toy?"

"I am," I said hoarsely

"Who will willingly be on all fours spreading his cheeks for me whenever I want this summer?"

"I will"

With her big pole still spreading me I felt a sharp but manageable pin prick. I was too weak to do anything but lie there. Moments later she held up a mirror and I looked back as instructed. On my stretched asshole rim was the name "Jens" in cursive and the word "Bitch" in bold. With my skin stretched so tightly by her cock the letters were very noticeable but after my hole puckers closed it will be unreadable she said.

"You're now my BITCH; I OWN you and I have marked you as my property. I just love that idea," she said with a smile.

She began to pump again just to make me hurt a little more as she treated me like a pet, being very caring about fucking me unmercifully. She balanced ruthless, deep strap-on play with caring love in a way that assured her I would keep coming back for more.

Finally she began to pull out but the big mushroomed head of her cock was stuck inside my hole.

"This is like a dogs knot stuck in his BITCH isn't it?" she said as she playfully tugged. It felt like she was getting ready to pull my ass inside out.

"I guess there is nothing to do but yanked," she said.

She yanked hard a few times and I chirped in pain but she was out and I let loose a huge sigh of relief. She giggled and caressed me. "I love it when your body spasms wildly like that".

She allowed me to recover a bit then moved me into another position and worked me again. She did this for what seemed like a long time. I didn't resist, I don't know why, it's like it wasn't an option to resist her lust.

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