tagBDSMJens Delights Ch. 02

Jens Delights Ch. 02


Dana had just showed up at Jen's door after following her orders to fuck her husband and come right over.

"Hello, my little cum slut. Did you bring your hubby's cum in your hot little cunt?"

"Yes, I did. Please, can we hurry, I have to get back."

SLAP! Jen let her have it across her face and smiled evilly. "You'd better learn to use the term Mistress or you are going to have a very rough time here. And just so you know, I work at my own pace and you will never tell me to hurry again, understand?"

Dana stood there in shock, the slap stinging on her cheek. "Yes... Mistress." She was able to haltingly get it out. She wanted to flee the premises but her feet wouldn't move.

Jen smiled and took her arm. "That's better. You still have a lot of training to go thru before you are a good slut, so let's go into the den."

When they entered the den, Dana's eyes went wide.

The den had a couch and a loveseat set at a 90-degree angle both with a good view of the 50" plasma TV. There was a coffee table set in front of them, and you could see the kitchen just beyond. The TV was one of the first extravagances that Jen and Matt had purchased. As Dana walked in, she could see a very naked Matt sitting on the couch stroking his hard cock. On the coffee table, Christine was draped over it, face down. Her beautiful pale ass was pointed at Dana and she could see her entire crack from ass to clit. But what really got Dana's attention was the TV. Playing on it was the video of her. At that moment it was still showing her from behind. She was staring thru the bushes, masturbating, and her ass was on display. Normally, she would have gasped at all this, but at the moment she just stared and felt her stomach clench.

Of course, Dana did notice that her ass looked very good. What she couldn't figure out was why she was standing there in Jen's den and why she didn't bolt as soon as Jen hit her. Something in her yesterday was aroused more than she had ever been in her life and she wanted that feeling again. Her humdrum life had taken a sudden turn and she was both shocked and drawn to what had happened. She was hoping Jen would continue to provide this. She was realizing that she needed something to shake up her life.

Jen was propelling Dana toward the center of the room by her elbow. She suddenly stopped and let Dana stare at the scene in front of her. Jen moved behind her, put her arms around her, one around the waist pulling Dana to her body and the other across her tits, playing with the nipples. Dana just stood there, still in a moment of shock. Jen whispered in her ear. "You can't deny it now. You are here because you want this experience. You were so aroused yesterday and you are again that you cannot stop at this point. You are curious and have a desire to be dominated by me. I know you are a little scared, but just go with the flow and I will take care of you. You must bend to my will, but if you do so, things will be fantastic and I will take care of you."

Dana nodded. She turned her head toward Jen and Jen gave her a peck on the lips and then started pushing her toward the middle of the room again. Jen walked Dana over to the loveseat and announced for everyone to hear. "Well, my gorgeous slutty MILF, strip those clothes off and show us your creampie."

Dana, still feeling the sting of the slap on her face from when she first arrived, didn't even hesitate and was naked in a few seconds. She stayed standing and looked down at the floor, blushing.

Jen looked over at Matt. "Look at her, Matt. She's fucking gorgeous for... what, 38?" She looked at Dana who just nodded. "Wow!" Jen cupped her tits and thumbed the nipples. The sensation went right to Dana's pussy and she loved it. "These tits are still very nice and the nipples stand up so well. Turn around." She pushed Dana around. "And look at this delectable ass." Jen smacked it. "I bet it's a virgin ass, Matt. I'll give you her ass cherry later." Dana flinched at that, but didn't move. Jen just kept talking. "Her legs are in great shape, too. You must work hard at staying in shape."

Jen had now turned Dana back to her and appeared to be waiting for an answer so she gave one. "Yes, Mistress, I stay in good shape."

"Outstanding. Now lay back on the loveseat." Dana sat down and slouched down a little, knowing what was coming. "That's a good fucking slut. Now pull your legs apart and put your knees up by your ears. I wanna see your hubby's cum leaking out of that pretty little cunt." Dana did so, blushing furiously at putting herself on display like this, but still unable to stop taking commands from this woman. Jen knelt down and looked at Dana's pussy. It was wet and sloppy. "Yeah, he definitely deposited a load in there." She turned toward Christine. "Christine, get up and come over here." Christine rose up obediently and came over to kneel next to Jen. "Can you smell that? Isn't the smell of a man's spunk in a woman's pussy great? It's a beautiful and mouth-watering smell, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mistress. I love that smell."

Dana was sitting there with her eyes closed, trying to get past this part, hoping that they would stop talking and someone would eat her pussy. She remembered how wonderful it felt when her college roommate went down on her and yesterday brought those memories back more than ever before.

"Matt, come over here." Matt rose and went over to the three women. "I don't think there is enough spunk in this pussy yet to make it a worthwhile creampie."

Dana's eyes sprang open. "Wait... no... I can't cheat on John...." The slap on her thigh made a resounding noise and she jerked under the sudden smack from Jen.

"I didn't ask your permission, slut." Jen reached down and put her had on Dana's mound, pushing one finger into her, leaning toward her face and staring at her. "This is now my cunt, to do with as I please. I will put anything in there I want, have anyone I want lick it or fuck it, and you will do nothing but enjoy it. You will also not cum until I tell you that you may do so. You must ask permission to cum. Do you understand?"

Dana stared for just a second, but her body was on fire with desire. All of this; the humiliation in front of them, the recent fucking, the dirty talk, being commanded by this beautiful woman, all added up to making her want it. She really did want to fuck. She really did want to suck other men and women. She knew at that moment that she was there because she really wanted this. She wanted Jen to take control of her sex life and make her do things that she would never do herself. She wanted to serve Jen in whatever way she commanded. She answered. "Yes, Mistress, I understand."

Jen smiled and stroked her face gently. "I know you will be a good slut for Mistress. You just need some training and some time to get used to the fact that you are my slut, to be used as I wish." Dana blushed again, knowing it was true, and Jen smiled.

Jen stood up and walked over near the kitchen and came back with the video camera on a tripod and set it up next to the loveseat. Dana just stared. She was not prepared for this to be filmed. But again, she was frozen in place. She couldn't move. She looked down and could see Christine staring at her hungrily. Matt was watching his wife set up the camera and smiling. 'Oh, fuck!' Dana thought.

Jen got the camera set up and turned to Christine. "Christine, move back out of the way. This is only about Dana getting her first cock in... how long?" She looked at Dana.

Dana blushed and looked down. "Never had another man, Mistress."

"Never?!?" Jen questioned.

"No, Mistress." Dana could not meet her eyes.

Jen continued. "Wow! Were you a virgin when you married?"

"No, Mistress. My husband and I were having sex before marriage, but he was my first and only."

Jen smiled and looked at Matt. He was grinning. "Okay, my pretty little MILF. I want you to beg for Matt to fuck you. Tell him you have never fucked anyone other than your husband and you want him to fuck you hard... pound you. Make me believe it, and say it really dirty, and he will fuck you like that and I will let you cum. Let's see how good an actress you are for the camera."

Dana looked at her for only a second. She wanted this. She wanted Jen to command her and she wanted Matt to stick his big, fat cock in her. She knew she would do it for Jen, but also for her own body, which was aching for sex right now. It was probably aching more than it had ever had before.

Jen said forcefully. "Now, bitch!"

Dana looked at Matt kneeling between her legs, his arrow aimed directly at her bulls-eye. "Please fuck me, Matt. Please fuck me hard. I have not ever had another dick other than my husband's and I want yours right now. Please stick that big cock into my fuck hole and cum in it. Please. Fuck me! Please. I need it bad. I need to be fucked like a slut!"

Jen smiled. Dana was really getting into it.

Matt slowly moved forward and positioned his dick at the entrance to Dana's pussy. She stared down at it like it was the first time she had ever been in this position. Jen wondered if maybe that wasn't true, that maybe she had never been in this physical position even if she had been fucked before. Matt slowly eased his dick into the messy cunt and easily went all the way to the bottom. It was tight, but well lubricated. Dana put her head back and moaned. Matt smiled and pulled back slowly to start fucking her. He didn't go in slowly this time; he started thrusting and pounding her. Jen zoomed in to make sure she captured his dick, slick with her and John's cum, sliding effortlessly into Dana's pretty little pussy. She smiled. This is what she wanted. She wanted control over these women. She wanted them to do her bidding. She didn't know why, but it turned her on to be in control. She zoomed back out and took in the entire scene. Dana's face was thrown back, mouth open in a silent groan; her tits were bouncing in rhythm to Matt's thrusts, but were firm; her legs were still being held well back by her allowing her entire crotch to be visible to the camera as Matt fucked her.

Jen moved around to the side. "Fill her up, Matt. I know you've been ready to cum for a while. Fill her up for me and Christine."

Matt grunted his agreement and fucked Dana mercilessly. He was pounding into her, reaching for his orgasm. Dana suddenly looked up at Jen. "Mistress... may... I... cum?"

Jen smiled. She was learning fast. She requested it even though it was the first time she had been told and she was being pounded really well by Matt. "Yes, slut, you may cum on my husband's dick."

Dana exploded. She groaned and thrashed while Matt continued to pound her, almost there himself. Not five seconds later he buried himself fully and started grunting, ejecting his spunk deep into her cunt. Dana reached up and grabbed him around the neck to clinch onto him tighter as they both rode out the final moments of their combined orgasm. She finally finished her spasms and released Matt, falling back against the loveseat. Matt slowly backed up to pull out his rapidly deflating cock.

As soon as Matt was clear, Jen knelt between Dana's legs and stared at her well used and spunky cunt. Christine knelt in front of Matt and cleaned up his dick while she waited. When she was done, Jen pulled Christine in closer. "Christine, we are going to have some good spunk now." She pushed Dana's legs back as far as she could and dove in, taking a long lick at the cum that was already starting to leak down the crack of Dana's ass. "Yum!" She took another swipe and turned to Christine, kissing her and sharing the spunk. Then she pushed Christine's head into the mess. "Clean her up, slut."

Christine dove into Dana's messy crotch and sucked and slurped, trying to clean up the cum that had filled that pussy. It was turning Dana on and she reached down to hold Christine's head, loving the feel of a woman's tongue again.

Jen pushed Dana's hands away. "Do not grab her head, slut. You are not in control here, I am. You will merely submit to whatever I say when I say it. Now just lean back and let her clean you out."

Dana was in sensory overload and fast approaching another orgasm. Jen could see it coming and as Dana got close, she pulled Christine's head up by her hair. "That's enough Christine. Dana has already cum once and has not yet earned another one." She kissed Christine hard on the mouth and then licked around her face, gathering up some of Dana's juices. She turned to Dana. "I want to thank you for bringing your husband's cum over here. Now I want you to go home. You cannot masturbate and you cannot have sex tonight. No cumming. Tomorrow is Sunday and I want you here by 8am sharp. I don't know your normal Sunday schedule, but make whatever excuses you have to if your family is up and get over here. Just come in the back door and straight up to the bedroom. If you are late, you will be punished. Being on time will earn you a reward. Got it?

"Yes, Mistress." Dana slowly started to get dressed, but was interrupted.

SMACK! Jen laid a sharp spank across her ass. Dana jumped so much she almost fell over the coffee table. "I didn't tell you to get dressed here, you little cum dump of a slut! In my house, my slaves are never allowed to wear clothes except on special occasions. You must dress and undress in the front foyer when using the front door or the kitchen when using the back door. Now move that ass!"

Dana picked up her clothes and moved into the kitchen, which had the back door thru the garage. She should have come in from the deck, which had doors directly into the den. She dressed quickly and hurried home. She stopped outside her door and thought about what just happened. Did she really just fuck her next door neighbor and then get cleaned out by his wife's slave? What was she doing? Why did her stomach clench and her entire body flush whenever she was around Jen? She wasn't sure, but she knew she would be back at Jen's tomorrow morning. She wanted more and she knew that was the only way to get it.

Dana entered her house and found her husband still watching TV. She stared at the back of his head for a moment. What was she going to do about this? Also, she had a very impressionable 17-year-old daughter who could never find this out. What the fuck could she do?

She finally realized that if she wanted to be with Jen that there was nothing she could do except follow orders and hope that she could work out some arrangement to keep her family out of it. But she was worried that her husband would wonder about her sex life and why she was acting strange. Of course, he didn't seem to mind the more recent encounter, so maybe there were some benefits to this. Hmmm. Interesting.

Back at Jen's house, Matt and Jen were reviewing the movie of him fucking Dana and then Christine eating her out. It was a great clip and really showed how much she was enjoying it. Jen smiled. "Somehow, as soon as she showed up today after catching her peeping, I knew I had her. She was just too easy and dying to be manipulated."

Matt smiled and said sarcastically. "I didn't mind fucking a 38-year-old woman at all."

Jen laughed. "You horn-dog. You'd fuck any woman I threw in front of you."

"Uh... yep!"

"Let's go upstairs and watch a movie in bed. I'm getting tired." Jen stretched and yawned.

"Okay." Matt rose and Jen followed him upstairs. Christine came behind them like she was required to do when they went to bed.

When they reached the bedroom, Jen turned to Christine. "You may sleep in your room tonight."

"Thank you, Mistress. May I watch television?"

"Yes, you may. Just be in our room before Dana gets here at 8am."

"Yes, Mistress."

Jen grabbed Matt's hand and they went into the bedroom, curled up together on the bed, and watched an old classic movie until they fell asleep.

The next morning, Jen and Matt were awakened by a squeaky hinge on their bedroom door. Matt made a mental note to get out the WD-40. It was Christine and she came in and lay down on the small mattress at the end of their bed. Jen looked at the clock. It was 7:45. Christine was amazing with her desire to serve. She required almost no management at all. She just did as she was told. Evidently, she had been considering this for a while. Now Jen thought about the little wifey next door that she was training. She had to consider how to handle the husband and daughter. The husband should be pretty easy, she thought. If they didn't have much of a sex life, she could throw Christine at him and he would be putty. But the daughter, being so young, was a minor problem.

Just before 8, Jen heard the door downstairs and smiled. She was really going to get to dominate the MILF from next door. This was going to be fun.

At almost precisely 8, Dana walked into the room. She was naked. She stopped and looked at Jen and Matt. They were sitting up in bed with their pillows behind them and the sheets just pulled up to their waists. Matt's nice chest and Jen's beautiful tits were on display. At the foot of the bed was a site that Dana had not expected. There was a small mattress at the foot of the bed and there lying on it, curled up, was Christine. She stared for a second, not quite believing that a grown woman was sleeping like this. Then it hit her. She was quickly turning into Jen's slave and she had to admit that she couldn't stop it. She loved the feeling of being submissive and she could very well end up like this. She decided she had better say good morning.

"Good morning, Mistress. Good morning, Matt." She felt it was best to leave Christine out of the greeting.

"Good morning, slut. How do you feel about last night in the light of day?"

Dana hung her head a little. "I liked it... a lot."

"Good. I think you will make a fine addition to my slave stable. Does your husband get horny in the morning?"

"Yes, Mistress, sometimes."

"Well, Matt is always horny in the morning. I think you need to give him a good morning blow job. Christine, you come up here and take care of Mistress."

The two subs approached the bed. Jen and Matt threw back the covers, revealing that they both slept naked. Matt was already hard and Jen already looked wet.

Christine immediately crawled up and started eating Jen's pussy. Dana hesitated a little after crawling up on the bed. She looked down at Matt's dick knowing that this was another first for her; the first dick other than her husband's that she would suck. She looked up at Mistress who was staring at her intently.

"C'mon now. I know you can suck dick. You sucked your husband's yesterday, so get to work or you get the riding crop."

Dana immediately bent over and started licking and sucking Matt's cock. It smelled and tasted like pussy. Was it just hers? Or had he fucked the others last night as well? She looked up at Mistress again as she licked and sucked and saw that Mistress was still watching, even as she guided Christine's mouth over her pussy.

"Let's go you cumsluts. Make us cum. We have other things to do today, so get to work!" Jen looked over at Matt and smiled. She took his hand and they leaned over to kiss each other as the two slaves ministered to their genitals. "Mmmm." Jen leaned back. "Matt, I think I am going to cum now." She started moaning and opened her legs a little wider. Christine picked up her sucking and finger-fucking. "Oh, yeah!" Jen finally shouted and Matt grabbed her and kissed her hard as she was cumming; feeling her spasms and loving their tongue play as she came. He was not far behind.

Matt pulled back and looked down at Dana. "That's it, you slut. Suck that cum out of me.... Oh,yeah... here I cum... fuck... yeah... fuck... ARGH!" Matt was holding onto Dana's head as he rammed his dick into her one last time and started spurting. Dana swallowed and swallowed, trying to capture it all. She knew that Mistress wouldn't want her to spill a drop.

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