tagIncest/TabooJen's Family Affair

Jen's Family Affair


Jen placed a framed picture of her and her grandfather on her nightstand. Putting the finishing touches on her new home, she looked around approvingly. "Whew! Done at last."

It was a modest apartment, just a studio that sat above the garage of her aunt and uncle's house. Jen had worked long hours, waitressing at a local restaurant to be able to buy some independence. The apartment had two key things going for it. First, it was close to the campus of the college she had just enrolled in and secondly, it served to get her out of the house she was living in with her grandfather and little brother Mike.

Jen loved her grandfather dearly, and missed seeing him everyday. But she needed to get away from her Mike and his constant efforts to try and see her naked.

People were always telling Jen how beautiful, how smart and what a good girl she was. This made her feel pretty good about herself. Too good, in some people's eyes. But of all her admirers, no one adorned her like her grandfather.

Her grandfather had raised both Jen and Mike, since they were young. Jen had become an honor student and was the apple of her grandfather's eye. She had also blossomed into a stunning young woman and this combination seemed to fill her little brother with equal amounts resentment and lust. Unbeknownst to Jen, by moving so close to her aunt and uncle, she had gone form the proverbial frying pan, to the fire.

Imagine being able to step out of the shower without having to worry about that little worm lurking about. Or catching him going through my underwear drawer. She sighed.

"Enough of that, the sun is still out and I am gonna go get me some."

Jen stripped off her jean shorts and t-shirt and pulled a small emerald green bikini out of a drawer. As she put it on, she took a moment to admire herself in the mirror above the dresser. Her hair was in a ponytail, which she undid and shook loose. Her long, auburn brown hair swayed as she moved, as did her small, firm breasts. At 19, Jen had developed some sumptuous curves that added incredible accents to her slender, elegant frame. She turned slightly to the side, and admired her flawless skin, long sexy legs, and her best feature, her big green eyes. Jen playfully practiced some sexy poses in the mirror. Seductive stares, come hither looks and a playful a pout, were all part of her repertoire.

After a moment, Jen burst into a fit of giggles at the seductive poses and returned to putting on her bathing suit.

Once outside Jen laid a beach towel on the grass and enjoyed the feel of the sun on her skin. "Mmm, the sun feels so good," she cooed.

She slipped her mp3 player's headphones on and began tapping her foot. Jen felt like she had the world in the palm of her hand. As she relaxed, she praised herself, going over her many accomplishments. Beauty and brains, more than any one girl deserves she decided.

After an hour or so in the sun, she became quite thirsty. Realizing her refrigerator was still empty, Jen wondered if either her aunt or uncle were home. I suppose it really doesn't matter, she thought, they told me to make myself at home. Jen slipped her flip-flops on and shuffled up to the deck of the large house.

They said they usually leave the back door open, she thought. Sure enough, the sliding glass door moved aside and she walked right in.

Jen bent at the waist a bit, leaning into the large refrigerator, searching for a diet soda. Still lost in the music from her headphones, she wiggled her bum back and worth and did not notice that her uncle had just entered the room.

Jen cracked open a soda and turned to find her uncle standing right behind her.

"Oh my god! You startled me. This looks really bad, but the door was open and Aunt Erica said I should make myself at home and my refrigerator is still empty."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's ok Jen. It doesn't look bad at all. It looks quite good actually," he said as he looked his niece up and down.

Jimmy was a large, gruff man in his early 50s, who had once served a little time. Jen didn't think highly of him and in fact, wondered how she could even be related to him. She usually tried to avoid being alone with him.

Jen looked at him askance, wishing she had covered up before she entered the house. I know I'm hot dude, but get a grip, she thought.

As he continued to stare, Jen nervously looked away and tucked some loose hair behind her ear. It fell back into her face and her uncle reached up and tucked it behind her ear for her. Jen recoiled from his invasive touch. It was a reaction that did not please her uncle.

With his ire raised he said, "I'm glad you're here. I deposited your rent check, I know, first, last and a security deposit is a lot for someone so young, but the check bounced."

"What?!? Oh no! I'm so sorry Uncle Jimmy. I had to buy some books for school and thought I still had enough."

"I'm sure I can borrow a little from paw-paw, to make up for it."

"Paw-paw?" He said mockingly.

"When are you gonna stop using that childish name for your grandfather? Anyway, Dad can barely afford to keep a roof over his and your brother's head. You really should be paying him back for all he's done for you, not sucking him dry."

Jen felt a sudden pang of guilt.

"Maybe we can work something out." He offered.

"What do y'all mean?"

"Well...I take a little off the rent and you take a little...off." He tugged playfully at the strap of the small bikini top. Jen's breasts were thrust up and out and there was nothing she could do to hide them from her uncle's stare.

"Uncle Jimmy!" Jen looked at him disgusted. She tried to back up, but was already against the refrigerator.

"I'm waitressing this weekend. I'll make enough to cover it."

"I want it tonight Jen. Look, I don't care how you get it, just get it, ok? Lets not make this a monthly occurrence. You bounce another check and I bounce your pretty ass outta the apartment."

As Jen laid her bikini-clad body, back down in the yard. She wondered how she could get the money quickly and how her uncle could be so disgusting. Jen understood that most men wanted her, but the realization that members of her family did as well, was shocking to her.

Back in the house, Jimmy continued to stare at Jen from a window. Her body was so young and firm...absentmindedly, he adjusted the crotch of his jeans, which ere becoming quite snug.

"She is a sexy little thing, isn't she?"

The voice was that of Jimmy's wife Erica. Jimmy was so distracted, he didn't hear her come in and walk right up to the window.

"You're home!"

"Just in time, I see," she teased, following his gaze. "I haven't seen you this turned on in a while," she said wrapping her arms around her husband.

"Miss high and mighty's check bounced." He groaned. "I knew this was a bad idea. She was Dad's problem, now she's gonna be mine."

"You can always evict her at some point. But lets make it later, so we can some fun with her." Erica was Jimmy's second wife, having never had children; she managed at 42 to maintain her figure. Erica had a healthy sexual appetite, which she used to keep Jimmy happy, it was what ultimately caused him to marry her. She was also quite mischievous, which kept things lively and that was before the arrival of a new toy for her to play with.

Jimmy continued to gaze out at the gorgeous girl in his back yard. There was anger in his eyes and a bulge in his pants, thinking about how he had opened his home to her and how stuck up she was.

They continued to watch as Jen began climbing the stairs back to her apartment. Both of them fixated on her ass as it wiggled in the small bikini bottom.

"I guess I see the benefits of having her around," Jimmy laughed.

"Darling, you haven't seen anything yet. I got Jen some necessities at the store; think I'll go pay her a visit. I'll be back soon to make you dinner."

Back in her apartment, Jen turned on some music and was about to strip off her bikini, when she heard a knock at the door. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. "Oh god, I hope its not Uncle Jimmy."

She opened the door to see her Aunt Erica standing there, holding a grocery bag.

"Hi Jen. I was at the supermarket and figured you could probably use a few things."

"Oh wow! Thanks Aunt Erica."

"Consider it a house warming gift dear. Erica unpacked the bag, which contained a bottle of wine. How about a toast to your new home?"

"Sure! Sounds great!"

"To your new life," Erica offered.

They clinked glasses and took a sip. While Jen was drinking her wine, her Aunt drank in the vision of loveliness before her. Jen's towel hung right at her chest, just below her cleavage and stopped mid-thigh. It did little to conceal Jen's curves and in fact simply served to draw attention to the wonders that lay beneath it. The women put the groceries away settled into a loveseat for a chat.

"The place looks great Jen."

"Thanks. It's getting there."

"Are you excited about starting college?"

"Totally excited. You know that I'm the first one in the family to go."

"Oh. No, I didn't realize that dear." Damn! This girl really needs to learn some humility, Erica thought.

"There is something I have been wondering about dear. I still don't know why you were so desperate to get away from your brother. Was living with Mike that bad?"

"Y'all have no idea. He is such a little pervert."


"Yeah. I would catch him going though my underwear drawer, or waiting for me to step out of the shower. Ugh! He is so disgusting."

"Why didn't you tell your grandfather?"

"Well, I didn't want to upset him and I guess I was kind of embarrassed. I just want him to be happy."

"You love him very much don't you?"

"I do. He raised me, and I know he would do anything for me. I almost think of him as my father."

"That's so sweet."

"Besides, I thought I could handle it. I could usually tell the little worm off and he would back down."

"So what ended up changing that?" Erica was anxious to hear more.

"Well...as much as I love paw-paw he is sort of old fashioned, right?"

Erica nodded.

"So I was not allowed to have boys over. Ever! I mean, unless he was there to chaperone."

"One day, Chris, the guy I was dating, walked me home. I saw that no one was around, so I let him come in for a few minutes. We were in the living room and started fooling around a little. Just kissing really. He started touching me and I was getting so turned on, I knew I had to get him to leave or there would be no stopping him; besides paw-paw would be home soon."

"It was hard to get Chris out the door. But once I did, I went upstairs, only to see Mike in the hallway with a big grin on his face. I was so startled to see him there. He informed me that he had been downstairs and filmed me with Chris on his phone. I had no idea the little worm was even home."

"In an effort to find it, I pulled out my cell and called his, but heard nothing. Mike laughed that he had turned it off and hidden it."

"We started arguing..."

What would paw-paw say if he knew what a slut you really are? He sneered.

I didn't do anything you little creep, and you know it!

"But that didn't matter, I had done enough to upset paw-paw. I was scared and Mike knew it."

Why don't you come into my room so we can discuss it? "Reluctantly, I followed him. God, his room was such a pigsty."

"What happened next?" Aunt Erica questioned. She enjoyed listening to her innocent young niece recount the events and anticipated it only getting better.

"He...he told me if I did as he said he wouldn't show the video to paw-paw. I didn't really trust him, but he gave his word and I felt like I really had no choice."

"What did he tell you to do?"

"He...he made me...I can't say it. It's so embarrassing.

"What? What did Mike make you do?"

"He said he wanted me to take my clothes off." Jen looked away and took a sip of her wine. Erica quickly refilled their glasses in an effort to keep Jen talking.

As Jen extended her hand to accept the refill, her towel fell open. She reached to cover herself, but her aunt took her hand. "Leave it Jen, it's just us girls." Jen smiled a bit and took another sip of wine, while Erica stole a glance at the now exposed body before her. Erica was filled with lust and envy when it came to Jen. No wrinkles, no sags, nothing but smooth, soft skin.

Erica was desperate to hear more. "It will help to tell someone dear," she placed a hand on Jens thigh. "You shouldn't have to carry this around with you. Did you do it? Did you strip for Mike?"

"Yes. Yes, I did it. I stripped for my brother."

"Oh my!"

"He taunted me as I undressed. Saying that I was finally going to get what I deserved."

"I tried to reason with him. Mike, I'm your sister, this is wrong. But he didn't care...Strip you brat! I remember him yelling."

Grandpa thinks you are such a goody-two-shoes. We'll see about that. He sneered.

"I moved really slow, trying to figure a way out, but eventually, I was standing in front of him in just my bra and panties."

"Describe them to me Jen..."

"Uh, well, they were white, with pink trim and have little kitties on them."

"So cute," Erica purred.

"Then he, he..."

"Tell me!" It was more of an order, than an offer from her aunt.

"He told me to bend over his bed so he...he could spank me."

"Oh, how awful dear." Erica feigned concern, but was really thinking how the spanking was probably long overdue. "I can't imagine what must have been going through your pretty head."

"I felt so vulnerable. I knew he was enjoying himself and enjoying seeing me humiliated. He started playing with my bum, as I lay across his bed. I couldn't believe he was touching me. I just let him have his fun, hoping it would end soon. Then he yanked my underwear down and started to spank me. After a couple of minutes, it was starting to sting, so I asked him to stop. He didn't want to, so I begged him. But first he made me promise to start being nice to him. Then he said I was going start right now."

"Mmm. You probably looked as sexy to him, as you do right now." Erica has moving her hand up and down Jen's firm thigh. Jen took the touch as support and smiled appreciatively. The truth was that Erica was having a hard time keeping her hands off her niece as she sat describing the salacious encounter.

"Mike made me lay down on his bed and he climbed on top of me. I felt trapped. He started squeezing my breasts. Then he pulled my bra off and told me to play with my tits." Jen continued.

"Did you?"

"Yes. I ran my fingers across them; I could feel my nipples stiffen." Jen ran her fingers lightly over her bikini top as she said it. A move that did not go unnoticed by her aunt. She wondered if Jen was getting turned on as well.

"While I did this, Mike undressed. He's such a skinny-little nerd, I wanted to laugh, but then he pulled his...his thing..."

"Say it Jen."

"His cock. He took his cock out of his boxers and I didn't feel like laughing anymore. Not just because it was kinda big, but also because I was terrified of what he was going to do with it. It was so hard already."

"He straddled me and began rubbing it between my breasts. He told me to hold them together, while he pushed it in and out."

"Oh my goodness, he tit fucked you baby." Erica gushed.

Jen nodded solemnly as Erica stared hungrily at the perky breasts on display just inches from her.

"He was groaning pretty loud. Telling me what a brat I was and how things were going to be different around here from now on. Just then, we heard paw-paw come in downstairs. I freaked, but Mike told me that I needed to make him cum."

"He got up closer to my face and told me to suck it."

"Did you do it?"

"At first I just kissed it. But he kept trying to push it in. I stuck my tongue out and he rubbed it all over my face. It was so gross, but I didn't know what to do."

"Jen, did you suck his cock?"

"Yes. Yes, I sucked my brother's cock. He finally forced it in my mouth. I could hear paw-paw downstairs calling for me, but I couldn't answer."

"Mike started pushing it in and out of my mouth. He went faster and faster and groaned louder and louder."

"He kept calling me a brat and told me to look up at him, so I did. He said something about how sexy I looked, with his cock in my mouth. Oh my god and he...he filled my mouth up with cum. It tasted so gross. I pushed him aside and swallowed it as I ran back to my room."

"Do you have any idea how hot you are making me?"

Before Jen could answer that question, she heard another.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"Uncle Jimmy!" Jen quickly sat up straight and rapped her towel back around herself. She had become so comfortable and relaxed sipping wine and sharing her intimate story with her aunt.

Jimmy stood in the doorway, surveying the scene before him. "I thought you were gonna make me some dinner. And you young lady, you're not gonna earn any rent just sitting there."

Jen was suddenly very nervous. But Erica spoke up quickly.

"Dear, why don't we skip dinner and get right to desert?" She said turning her eyes on the suddenly not so confident Jen. "Pull up a chair."

Jimmy took one of the stools that sat at the kitchen counter and brought it across the room to the loveseat and sat down. Erica handed him her glass of wine and informed him, "Jen was just telling me a delightful story about what a naughty little girl she really is."

"Oh really?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes. It seems our tenant is quite the cock sucker."

"Aunt Erica!" Jen was regretting that she had been so open with her aunt.

"No! Not a good girl like Jen." Jimmy sarcastically replied.

"Yes! I think there is a naughty girl in there, just dying to come out. Jen, do you know what I want right now?"

She shook her head no.

"Stand up."

Jen tentatively rose.

"Give me the towel."

Jen looked nervously over at her uncle. "But..."

"Shhh, do as you're told. You owe Uncle Jimmy a lot of money. Now you either take this towel off or we can send you back home. No easy commute to college, no apartment, no protection from Mike."

Erica stood and turned Jen so that she was facing her uncle. She reached around and slowly pulled the towel open, exposing Jen's hot bikini body. Even though her uncle had just seen her dressed this way, Jen felt self-conscious, in the way she was being exposed to him.

"There. That wasn't so hard, was it baby?" Erica sat herself back down.

Jen stood awkwardly between them, unsure of what to do.

"Now, dance Jen. Dance like a naughty girl for us."

Jen felt trapped. Just this afternoon, everything seemed so perfect. Now she had no choice but to do as she was told, or run home, defeated. She resolved to get through this ordeal.

"Ok, ok," she whispered as she closed her eyes and slowly she began swaying her hips.

Jen was afraid to face her uncle, so she turned towards her aunt. This allowed Jimmy a great view of her firm, plump ass, as it moved seductively.

"That a girl." Aunt Erica encouraged her. "I knew you could do it."

Jen responded by extending her arms up, over her head and began rolling her hips in a more exaggerated motion. Jen looked incredible as she danced, her fluid movements were hypnotic.

"Mmm...you look so sexy baby. Keep it up. I knew you'd like being a naughty girl."

Every time Jen heard her aunt refer to her as naughty, she got more turned on. Jen was always such a good girl, to hear someone say the opposite was having a powerful effect.

Jen ran her hands through her hair, tussling it slightly. Her hands then traveled down her body to her hips. Once there, Jen bent slightly at the waist and began wiggling her ass faster.

"Yeah! Shake it Jen. Shake your ass." Her uncle shouted crassly.

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