tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJen's First Nude Beach Trip

Jen's First Nude Beach Trip


"Oh God, Oh God, Oh Gawwwwwd." Claire screamed as I walked in the door. I figured by the sounds coming from her bedroom that John was over. John was Claire's new boyfriend. She had met him at our nudist club years ago. He was a long time friend of hers, and they had finally became more than friends recently after he started at our school.

I had met John on one of my first trips to the club, and was introduced to him by Claire. When they started dating it was a little weird for me because John and I had fucked a couple times late at night at the club. Claire was present both times, and she was involved in both, but now that they were dating it was a bit weird to know that I fucked her boyfriend. Claire was totally fine with it, a little too fine maybe.

"Fuck me in the ass." I heard Claire say as I took off my coat and slipped off my flip flops leaving me nude. I dropped off my books and sat down at my desk to check my email.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Claire sounded almost out of breath. I could hear the sound of their flesh slapping against each other as they fucked. I was just trying to concentrate on an email from a lab partner.

I finished reading and got up and made my way to the living room to relax. "Suck my cock baby." Her bedroom door was wide open, which was not uncommon in our house even when we were having sex.

Figuring I might as well say hello, I got up and walked over to her room. John was laying down on the bed while Claire was on her knees on the floor with John's cock halfway down her throat.

"Hey guys. I think the whole building knows you're fucking." I said as I watched Claire pull John's cock out of her mouth.

"Who cares, as long as they know its good." John said smiling.

"Yeah this tastes so delicious." Claire said as she held John's cock on her lips.

"I know it does." I said laughing, as I thought back to the times I had been in the same position as Claire right now.

"Do you want a taste?" Claire said as she motioned me over to her.

My pussy twinged with excitement as I said, "Sure."

I made my way over to John's waiting cock. Claire moved aside as I knelt in front of him and grabbed his cock. I pumped it a few times and looked up at John.

"Mmmmm... I do so love how your cock tastes." I said.

I then took his cock in my mouth and slowly licked the head, flicking my tongue across the tip. I pulled it out of my mouth and licked the entire length of his shaft a couple times. John at this point was going wild.

"It is so delicious." I said looking up at Claire.

"Let me help you with that," she said.

Claire then took John's cock in her mouth while I licked his shaft. Up and down, from tip to base, while his cock was being devoured by Claire. We each took our turns sucking and teasing John with our tongue's pretty much all over his body. Claire and I were having a good time tasting John, when I just had to have my pussy filled.

Looking up at John I said, "I need your cock inside me."

I then climbed up onto the bed and lowered myself onto John's cock.

"Ohhh.... gawwwwd," I moaned as he entered me.

John's cock is pretty big. It's pretty much the first thing I noticed about him when I met him, of course it helped that he was naked at the time. His cock is usually 8 inches soft, but when he gets aroused it grows to 10 inches, and is thick. Getting him all the way inside me always takes some time, but it's always worth the work.

After several attempts, John was finally all the way inside of me. I couldn't imagine fucking anyone any bigger than him, because its all I can do to get him all the way in. But once he's in, its great.

John slowly starts fucking me. Taking his time not to hurt me while getting my pussy used to his size.

"Ohhh... its so fucking deep," I moan. "So deep, so deep... ahhhh."

I could feel his cock twitching inside me. I never felt so full before. I just so love his cock.

"Errrr, god!" John grunted as he started fucking me harder and faster. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as we bounced higher and higher on the bed.

"This is quite the show, but I need someone licking my pussy," Claire said as she climbed up next to us. Claire then took it upon herself to straddle John's face, placing her cunt right at his open waiting mouth.

"Ohhh... right there. Lick that cunt," Claire said as John started licking her clit.

We must have been quite the sight. John was busy taking care of Claire while I was happily bouncing on his monster cock.

I could feel John's cock tensing up inside of me, and I knew he didn't have much more time left. All the teasing must have taken it out of him. Knowing that he was so close to cumming I started fucking him harder, making each stroke as long as I could. The combination of me using his entire cock and Claire was all he could take and I could feel him explode inside of me.

"Ahhhhh..... " was all John muttered as he started cumming.

I could feel each shot of his cum hit the back of my pussy. This pushed me over the edge and I started cumming with him.

"Oh, i'm cumming, i'm cumming." I screamed. Waves of pleasure hit me and hit me until i collapsed onto John with his cock still buried deep in me.

John finished Claire off with his masterful tongue, and the three of us just laid there basking in the afterglow. The three of us cuddled each other there and ended up falling asleep.

It wasn't until the next morning that I woke up. As I started to stir I realized that John's cock was still inside me. He was fast asleep, Claire was no where to be found, but I giggled to myself as i felt him still inside me. Feeling around with my hand, I could tell he was hard again. He must have been having a good dream. Deciding not to waste this opportunity, I started rocking back and forth on his cock. He was still asleep, but was starting to stir as I started fucking him harder.

I left out a quiet moan, "Ohh....", causing John to wake as he realized that he was fucking me and didn't know it.

"Oh, not done are we?" he said as he grabbed me by the waist and slowly fucked me from behind. With long strokes, he pushed his large cock in and out of my pussy. From behind I could feel his balls slapping my cunt as he rammed his cock home. I was in pure ecstasy as he fucked me from behind, but I wanted to feel all of him. So I got up on my knees and had him mount me from behind. I laid my head down but pointed my ass in the air, so that he could have full access to my pussy. As he entered me again, I could feel his cock twitching the deeper it went in.

John resumed fucking me, holding my ass to keep his balance. In this position I could feel him much deeper inside me.

"Ohhh.... yeah, fuck me harder" I screamed as he pounded my cunt. "Fuck! Your cock feels so good."

John continued to fuck me. The sound of our sweaty bodies slapping together and the smell of sex in the air was arousing. I was in pure heaven with his cock inside me.

John fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. I was very close to cumming again, when in walked a totally nude Claire.

"Look at you two. Fucking again. I'm beginning to get jealous," she said.

In between strokes from John's cock I said, "I can't..... help.... that he's... such a good.... fuck."

"I know he is," she said as she slapped my ass. "Well hurry up and finish, we're supposed to leave for the beach in a half hour."

"Okay.... i'm ready to cum," I said.

"Me too," John said.

John then grabbed me by the waist and started pounding me even harder. I couldn't take much more and I started cumming. John wasn't far behind either, and just as I finished he pulled his cock out from where it had been for hours and shot his load all over my lower back and ass. We shortly thereafter collapsed again from round two.

"Oh John, god that was good. I really needed that last night and this morning," I said. "Its been a while since I've had a good big cock."

"It was my pleasure. Any time you want to fuck, just let me know," John said as he grinded his now deflating cock into my ass and grabbed my tits.

"Mmmmm... " I groaned as i turned around and gave his cock a little tug.

I went to go clean up and grab a shower. Claire was already packing her stuff up in the living room. As I passed through the living room there was a knock on the door and in walked Colleen in just a dress, which was clearly two sizes too small. Every time she moved you would get glimpses of her ass and her pussy lips. But we were going to the beach, so it was not like she'd be wearing it for long.

"Are you guys ready to go?" she asked.

"I need to take a shower and get ready," I said as I walked to my room.

"Jess, by the looks of you i'd say you were having some fun this morning." Colleen said while scooping up some of John's cum from the cleft of my ass. "You have cum all over your ass," she said then licked her fingers clean.

"Her and John were fucking this morning." Claire said.

Colleen said still licking her finger, "Oh, i'm jealous. His cock is something else."

"Yeah it is, but its Claire's cock, and only ours when she lets us have it," I said.

"And you have it quite a bit!" Claire said.

"Oh honey, you know my cock only has eyes for you," John said walking out from her bedroom still naked. His 10 inches was dangling in between his legs, swaying in between his thighs with each step. His cock was so beautiful.

"Glad to hear it. You have it rough honey, dating a nudist who lets you fuck her nudist friends." she said.

"Thats why we get along so well," John said laughing.

Just as John was making his way across the room Colleen bent down and grabbed his cock and swallowed it. She stood there licking the head for a couple seconds before letting go and smiling at Claire.

John groaned in appreciation, "Mmmmmm....".

"He had some cum leaking out, so I thought I'd help him out," Colleen said smiling.

"Alright guys, enough molesting my boyfriend. Go get ready for the beach you two." Claire said.

"Oh I forgot," Colleen said. "Jen asked if she could come with."

"She does realize where we're going right?" I asked.

"Actually, I'm not sure." Colleen said. "I told her to meet us upstairs when she was ready to go."

John and I grabbed a quick shower, and gathered our stuff for the day. Just as I was pulling on a beach cover up for the ride, there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Jen, Colleen went to answer the door.

"Oh... my..... god." she said. "What are you doing?"

We all immediately stopped what we were doing and looked over at the door shocked to see Jen standing at the door wearing sunglasses and flip flops with her beach bag slung over her shoulder. But that was all she was wearing.

"I thought we were going to a nude beach?" Jen said.

Jen was right, that's where we were headed. But with how she's acted since we've known her we didn't expect her to get anywhere near naked. Let alone drive there nude.

But here she was, wearing nothing but a smile on our doorstep, ready to join us at our favorite nude spot. Jen was always attractive. She certainly had a great body. One you would think she would want to show off, but that was never the case. She was a short girl, just a little over 5' tall with long brown hair. Her breasts were big for her size, they looked to be about a C cup, and she had a nice round cute butt. She definitely looked good in the nude. She had light tan lines on her body from her bikini, something a day out in the nude would fix.

"Come on in, Jen." I said not wanting her to start feeling self conscious considering she was taking quite the step by showing up nude.

"Thanks for letting me come along. I thought I'd try the nude beach for a change," she said.

"You're always welcome," Claire said. "We just didn't think you were into nudity like this."

"Well, I'm trying it today. I wanted to force myself to try it. That's why I'm naked. If I wore clothes to the beach I'd surely chicken out," she said. "I sort of figured you'd all go naked too. I just wanted to fit in with the group."

"Well, we can if it makes you feel better," I said then took off my cover up and handed it to Jen. "Put this on for the ride to the beach, it's easier all around to just have something on you for the ride. You can ride home naked if you really find you like it today."

"Thanks, I wasn't sure what the protocol was. You all go naked around here so often," Jen said tying the cover up around her body. Jen's tits weren't exactly made for a cover up. They seemed to spill out anytime she moved.

"Well, this way you won't chicken out, cause once we get to the beach, that cover up is mine. That way you'll be naked whether you like it or not," I said.

We all gathered up our things, and the few of us that were still naked grabbed something for the ride. John drove us all out there in his truck. The parking lot to the section of the beach we go to was full so we had to park one section away and walk up the road. As soon as we found a parking space, Claire, Colleen and I immediately started stripping. Technically you aren't allowed to be naked out in the parking lot, but that doesn't stop us.

As the three of us strip Jen looks confused until I say, "Off with the cover up, girl. Its time to strut that hot bod of yours!"

"We can get naked out here?" she asked.

"Yep, no one ever says a thing," Claire said.

Jen then takes off her cover up and hands it to me, which I then throw in the backseat. There's no need for it the rest of the day. The five of us then gather up our things and make our way up the road to the crossover to the nude section of the beach. The police can sometimes hassle the nudists at this beach, so we were taking a risk by hiking down the road nude. But the way we saw it, the only people that came out this far were coming to the nude beach anyway, so whats the difference in where they see us naked?

We were quite the sight strutting our stuff down the road wearing nothing but flip flops and a smile. Several cars drove by us as we were walking, a couple slowed down shocked to see us already naked. I was walking behind Jen, she seemed quite at ease being that we were totally nude in public. I watched her ass bounce with each step. She had a faint tan line from what looked like a thong bikini. John was especially interested in that.

Once we got to the beach we set our stuff down, and got set up for a day of fun in the sun. John put out our umbrella, and the 4 of us started putting on some tanning oil. There were a good number of folks on the beach. With several groups playing volleyball, and other games. We all settled in and started in on the girl talk while John pulled out a book and tried his best to ignore us.

"So Jen, what do you think so far?" Colleen asked.

"Well, everyone is so.... naked," she said.

"Yeah, of course," I giggled.

"The whole point of nudism is to enjoy being free and not be concerned with what others think of your body," Claire said. "Everyone you see here is comfortable with their body and don't have any hang ups about their own body image."

"I definitely feel free," Jen said. "The wind from the ocean feels so good."

"Lets go for a swim, its even better in the water," I said.

I pulled Jen up off her towel and we ran to the ocean and waded out into the waves. The ocean was warm, and felt really good. I could tell Jen was getting more and more into it, as she was becoming a little less shy, and was more into exploring.

After our swim we went for a walk down the beach just her and I. She suggested it, so I assume she was getting into being nude. So we walked down the beach, both of us completely nude, our tits bouncing, ass rolling, and pussy dripping with excitement. Watching Jen strut her bod on the beach reminded me of my first time on the nude beach. How excited I was to get naked that first time, and how even though I spent so much time nude now, that I still got excited to come back here.

"I think I'm beginning to see what you guys see in being nude," Jen said. "Its so liberating. The sand beneath my feet, and not having to worry about a swim suit feels really great."

"The more you're naked, the more you're going to never want to go back to wearing clothes," I said. "You see how Claire, Collen and I are around the apartment. Once you get used to it, you never want to be any other way."

We then passed a couple guys walking the opposite way up the beach. Both of them were checking us out pretty hard.

"I don't think I'm going to ever get used to seeing that," she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Those two guys we just passed. They were totally naked!!" she exclaimed. "I know that's not weird here, but it takes some getting used to."

Laughing at her, "They aren't the only ones," I noted while pointing out the fact that she was walking next to me not wearing a stitch.

Jen said laughing back,"You sort of forget you are naked after a while."

"I know how you feel," I said. Although with her tits, I don't know how you'd forget. You'd be reminded with every step. Like Claire, her tits bounced quite a bit when she moved.

We continued walking till we reached the end of the nude area, then turned around and made our way back. By now Jen was really enjoying the whole experience, and it showed in how she was walking. When we started, she was walking fast and looking around a lot. Eventually that changed to a slow pace.

"Mmmmmm.... " Jen said. "The breeze feels so good."

"I'm glad your enjoying yourself Jen," I said. "Its fun watching a first timer realize how great this lifestyle is."

Jen nodded, and we continued our pace back to our towels. We arrived to find Colleen alone on her towel sleeping.

"Where are John and Claire?" I asked.

"They went for a walk up the beach, they've been gone for some time," Colleen said.

"I have a feeling I know where they are," I said. "Come on Jen, lets go look for them."

Turns out they had walked in the opposite direction we went. Further up the beach there were less people, and more opportunities to be alone. I figured they might be wanting to spend some time together.

The further we walked up the beach the less people we came across. To the point where Jen and I were all alone. We figured the next people we'd see would be John and Claire, and sure enough as we rounded a corner we spotted a couple up ahead. From the distance, we could tell it was two people, but not exactly who it was. As we got closer you could tell it was Claire on her hands and knees with John fucking her from behind. Needless to say, Jen was a bit surprised.

"Oh my god," she said. "Are they doing what it looks like they're doing?"

"Yep, like rabbits," I said.

John was really giving it to Claire. His cock was buried deep inside her pussy from behind, and he was violently thrusting it deeper and deeper. As we got closer, you could hear them moaning.

"Ohhh.... god fuck me harder," Claire screamed.

"Mmmmmm," John said and then slapped her bare ass as he plunged his throbbing cock deep inside Claire's pussy.

"Hey you two," Claire said. "We just felt like fucking."

"You always feel like fucking," I said.

"Yeah, we do," John said as he continued to pump his cock inside Claire.

"Enjoy the show," Claire said as she turned her attention back to John.

Jen and I just stood there watching. It was quite the scene. Claire's large tits rocked back and forth as she bent over the sand with her tanned ass high in the air. Their skin slapped against each other as they both moaned in ecstasy. All 10+ inches of John came into view with each stroke of his cock inside of Claire.

The scene was making me horny, and I subconsciously started rubbing my clit. Claire nodded in my direction as an approval of what I was doing, and then motioned for me to look at Jen who was furiously doing the same to her own clit.

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