tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJess and Colleen's Night Out

Jess and Colleen's Night Out


The sun felt great over my body as I laid out on a sun lounger on our balcony. The was a slight breeze blowing, which made the humidity at least a little more bearable. But it felt good as it blew over my oiled up body. With school going at full steam, there wasn't as much time for me and Claire to spend outside sunning ourselves. And we wanted to make sure we kept our all over tans going year round, so studying while sunbathing was a popular pass time for both of us.

It was Thursday, and I had a test coming up in my Chemistry class that Friday. So I was cramming away while trying to catch some rays. I went to grab a drink from the glass of water I had brought out with me, when I realized that it was empty.

I made my way back inside to refill my glass when Claire came out of her room.

"Don't you have class in like a half hour?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I do. My art history class," she said. "I'm posing again tonight, so I'm trying to get ready for it."

Claire was an Art major, and the Art department had been looking for students to be models for some of their figure drawing classes. Naturally, Claire jumped at the idea of getting paid to be naked for an hour at a time. I couldn't blame her, it paid well and all you had to do was sit there for an hour. I had thought about posing, but I was too busy to deal with it this semester.

Claire had a routine for getting ready for posing. She usually showered and shaved her legs. She always made sure to trim her pussy hair to a neat landing strip. She always wore a loose fitting sundress with no underwear, so that she wouldn't have any lines on her body after she undressed. At least that's what she said, but mostly it was because she never wore underwear, and preferred not to.

The dress she picked out this time was quite short. In fact if she moved too quickly you could get glimpses of her bare ass.

"Claire, you can see your ass when you move around like that," I said.

"Oh I know. I wanted to try this dress out tonight. I really like it, but hardly wear it cause its too short," Claire said.

"Well, I think you're definitely gonna give a show on your way to class," I said while giggling.

"Oh your one to talk Miss I'm too lazy to get dressed to go to class," she said.

Claire was talking about how lately I had been just wearing a coat and flip flops to class, and went nude underneath. In the larger classes, no ever notices and I'd rather stay bare.

"Yeah, your right. I guess I shouldn't be talking," I said.

"I'm out of here, I'll see you tonight," Claire said. She then grabbed her keys and her books and left out the front door.

I filled my glass and then went back outside to get some more studying and tanning done. I was buried in a particularly confusing chapter in my chemistry book when I was startled from behind by a very nude Colleen.

"Hey Jess. What ya up to?" she said.

In the few months we had gotten to know Colleen, Claire and I had become pretty good friends with her. After that initial nude visit by her, she had started going nude around her apartment as much as she could get away with. Jenn wasn't terribly keen on her walking around like that, and it started to have an effect on their friendship. In the end Jenn had to start dealing with it cause Colleen was as hooked as we were to being a nudist. We took her to our nudist club that first weekend and she's been hooked ever since. In fact sometimes I think she's more hooked than we are. It was Colleen that gave me the idea of wearing just a coat to class and staying nude underneath. She even bought us sarong's to wear when we go from each others apartment's so that we wouldn't have to get dressed. She was quite the little nudist.

"Cramming for my chemistry test tomorrow. I didn't do well on the first exam, so I need a good grade on this one," I said.

It was starting to get late in the day and the sun was starting to set, so we moved inside.

While following Colleen inside she said, "All my classes are done for the week, I'm bored. You want to go out tonight?"

"I don't know, I really need to study," I said.

"Where's Claire tonight?" she asked.

"Oh, she's got class and then she's posing again tonight," I said.

"Lucky her," she said.

"You should have seen the dress she walked out of here in. Every time she moved you could see the bottom of her ass," I said. "And of course, she went without underwear."

"Of course," Colleen said smiling.

"So what are you wearing to the halloween party tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Your looking at it," Colleen said putting her hands on her nude hips. "I'm going as Lady Godiva. I got a little plush horse doll, and i'm going to tape my hair over my tits like this," Colleen then demonstrated how she was going to part her hair.

"Wow, I never thought of going as Lady Godiva. Thats such a great idea," I said.

"Well, what are you going as?" Colleen asked.

"The best I could come up with was Eve from the garden of eden. I got some paper leaves. I'm gonna tape them to my tits and over my pussy like this," I said as I demonstrated my costume.

"What's Claire going as?" Colleen said.

"I'm not sure, she was going to go as Eve until I stole her idea. I think she's just going to wear a nightie and bunny ears, and is telling everyone she's a playboy model. I really don't think she cares. Chances are she won't stay dressed for long," I said.

"Well, we're going to be quite the nude group," she said.

"I know, its going to be fun," I said.

It was going to be an adventure and a lot of fun. I was nervous for the party, but at the same time very excited. There aren't many nights when you can just go out dressed as whatever and get away with it. And the 3 of us wanted to see what we could get away with.

"So do you want to go out and get something to eat? You don't seriously want to be cooped up in here all night do you?" Colleen said.

"I'm not really hungry, but I wouldn't mind getting our for a little while. What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"I have to drop off some papers with my project partner for my Psychology class tonight. She lives on campus, I also have to run to the grocery store quick and then to the bank to get some money. Want to come along?" Colleen asked. "It shouldn't take too long. I'll have you back here and studying in no time."

"Alright, that sounds okay. You want to go now?" I asked.

"Sure, I'll drive," Colleen said as she grabbed her keys and her sarong but made no attempt to put it on.

"Let me go put something on," I said as I made my way into my bedroom. I was just going to pull on some shorts and a tank top when Colleen stopped me.

"No, don't. Lets have some fun. Its halloween tonight and we can pretty much get away with wearing what we want. So lets try to do this all nude," Colleen said.

"Its going to be tough to do all those things naked," I said. Even with it being halloween, we still might get in trouble by going out in the nude.

"Bring your sarong, and we'll use them if we have to," Colleen said.

"Okay, lets do it," I sad.

With that I grabbed my keys and sarong and followed Colleen out the front door and down to her car. Both of us were completely naked, we didn't even bother with shoes. It made the trip that more exciting cause your bare feet made you remember you were naked with every step.

Colleen was definitely a free spirit and it was starting to rub off on me. We were hanging out more and more with Claire spending a lot of her nights at school. She tried to get away with doing as much as she could naked. She spent most of her weekends at the nudist club, which allowed her to be naked the entire time. It was when she wasn't there that she pushed her limits. It was only a matter of time before she wanted to do something like this and halloween was the perfect excuse.

I have to admit I wanted to try this as well. Claire and I's dream had always been to be able to do everything we could do clothed, completely nude. So this was a chance to do some of those things. And I was excited to try.

We made it into Colleen's car and started making our way to campus. It was only a 5 minute or so drive, so that gave us some time to come up with a plan on how we were going to pull this part of plan off.

"April lives on the 3rd floor. So we'll have to park on the street and make our way up the back stairs. Don't worry, she knows all about our lifestyle, and she's totally cool with it," Colleen said. "Its getting dark so we should be able to do this without much hassle."

"Hopefully," I said.

"If we get stopped by anyone, we'll just claim its a sorority prank or something. That should cover us," Colleen said.

We parked the car out front of the dorm. We both sat there a second trying to get the nerve to make the first step. This time I'd be the one to do that.

"No chickening out now. Lets go!" I said.

I then opened the car door and got out. I took a moment to take in what we were about to do, then I closed the door and stepped up onto the sidewalk. The concrete felt rough on my bare feet.

Colleen followed me and locked the car and followed me up to the sidewalk. There were other students walking around everywhere and a few passed us by as Colleen made her way over to me. We got a few cat calls but for the most part everyone just thought we were streaking. Most of the people were in a state of disbelief at seeing two completely naked girls in the middle of campus.

"Lead the way," I said to Colleen as I slapped her bare ass to get her moving.

We walked down the sidewalk as if we were clothed to the back entrance. Our asses swaying, our boobs bouncing, and our bare feet slapping the sidewalk. The whole scene was kind of surreal. It was something we had both wanted to do for so long, and here we were doing it. And it was making me so wet. I had to make sure my juices weren't running down my leg as we were walking.

We made our way inside and up the back staircase to the third floor. We passed one girl who almost tripped on her way down the stairs when she saw us. She was very attractive, and wasn't wearing much more than we were in a tank top and a mini-skirt. Her tits were huge and strained the shirt she was wearing.

"Oh my god. Are you guys alright?" she asked.

"We're great. Just heading upstairs," Colleen said back.

Once we got to the third floor we opened it and made our way down the hall to April's room. She was about half way between where we were and the other side of the building. This particular dorm was coed by floor, so this floor was all girls, but the second and forth floors were guys. The hallways were not carpeted so our feet slapped loudly against the floor as we walked. We passed several more girls as we made our way down the hall. Most didn't say much, a few giggled. Most probably thought we were just coming back from the showers.

April's door was closed once we got to it, Colleen knocked, and we waited for April to come to the door. As we stood there a group of guys and girls walked by and complimented us on our state of dress.

"Looking good ladies," one guy stated.

"Why don't the girls do that in my dorm," another said.

Just then, the door swung open and April greeted us.

"Oh my. Look at you two. Did you come here like that or did you just get naked now?" she asked.

"Oh no, we came here like this. We figured since its halloween, we figured it was alright to dress up, or not dress up," Colleen giggled.

"Come on in. I don't want to make you stand out there for the entire world to see," April said.

We walked in to her room which was quite small. She had a single so she didn't have to share her room with anyone. Her room was carpeted which was a relief on our bare feet.

"Wow, so you guys are really brave. I could never do that," she said.

"We're not that brave," I said. "It took some guts to make it all the way up here from the car."

"I can imagine," April said. "I heard you guys are nudists. So you do this often?"

"Oh god no," I said. "This is the first time we've ever tried anything this bold. We've always wanted to try it, and it seemed like a good night to do it."

"Yeah it is," she said. "I'm no nudist, but I do study nude every once in a while. The freedom of having a single allows me to do that."

"Thats why we got our own apartments off campus," I said. "This lifestyle is hard in the dorms."

"I bet," she said. "So do you have the report for our project?"

"Oh crap!" Colleen exclaimed. "I forgot it in the car."

"Guess you'll have to go get it," I said smiling.

"No its alright, I'll go down with you so you don't have to make that trek up the stairs again," April said.

So we left the safety of April's room and headed back down to the car to get the report. We passed more folks and even one girl who complimented us on our all over tans. We got to the car, and Colleen gave her the report, and we then said our goodbyes.

"Well thanks for bringing this over. Next time I'll stop by your place so you don't have to do this again," April said.

"Oh, it was no problem. It was a lot of fun," Colleen said.

"Glad to hear it, see you in class on Monday," she said. "Hopefully dressed."

"We'll see about that," Colleen said with a wink.

We then got into her car before we made any more of a commotion. By the time we made it back to Colleen's car, we had quite the following and a few guys were hanging around just watching us to see what we'd do next. So we got out of there and made our way off campus.

"Wow that was fun. I can't believe how easy it was," Colleen said.

"I know, no hassle at all. A dream come true," I said.

"Definitely. I really wish it was legal to go nude," she said.

"Me too. It would make life easier," I said.

"Well, next stop I guess will be the grocery store. I just need to pick up a couple things. I'm not sure if we can get away with doing this one nude. What do you want to do?" she asked.

"Lets do it nude. Lets just stuff our sarongs in your purse, and we'll see if we can get away with it," I said. "If not, we'll just put our sarongs back on again."

"Wow, I can't believe we're about to do this," she said.

"I know. I'm really wet from the last walk. This is gonna make me explode," I said.

"I'm really glad you said that. I'm glad I'm not the only one," she said.

"You are definitely not the only one," I said as I started to play with my pussy a bit.

"Don't get yourself off," she said. "Wait till we're home."

"Ohhh, alright," I said. "I really need to cum after that though."

"Me too, just wait and it'll get better," she said.

I was so turned on after our walk thru April's dorm. I needed to cum or I was going to explode. But I waited like Colleen said. I didn't want to ruin this little adventure for her.

The grocery store we stopped at wasn't a large one. It was just a small one on the edge of town, definitely not one like you see it large strip malls everywhere. But it was still big and had a good number of people in the parking lot and inside. My stomach was full of butterfly's as we pulled into the parking lot.

"We're here. You ready?" Colleen asked.

"I think so. This is so nuts," I said.

"Yep. I'm excited too," she said smiling.

We both then got out of the car and started our walk up to the front door. I was starting to get used to being nude in public and hardly noticed the stares we were getting and the gasps from some of the people who saw us.

"Do you have our sarongs," I said.

"Yeah, right here," Colleen said as she held up her purse.

The front door was one of those automatic kinds that swing open as you come up to it. I followed closely behind Colleen as we made our way inside. I took my time to notice the curves in her tanned ass as I walked behind her. Her hips swayed with each and every step. You could tell she was enjoying this.

Colleen grabbed a basket as we walked inside and we made our way to the bakery section to get some bread and other odds and ends. People everywhere just stopped what they were doing once they saw us. It was as if we were the only ones in the store. People just stared as we walked by. Not many said anything, mostly they just watched us. It was a bit frightening in that respect.

As we walked down one aisle picking up some stuff, we were stopped by one lady middle aged lady.

"Good for you two. When I was your age, and had a body like that I used to stay naked as much as I could too," she said.

"Thanks," we said.

"Good luck to you both, and stay naked!" she exclaimed.

We were both caught off guard by her comments. Here we were afraid she was going to yell at us for our brazen display. Instead she cheered us on. It gave us a lot more confidence. Which we needed, because even though we had walked thru the dorm earlier, this was a whole different level of public nudity. We were in a very public place, and unlike a dorm a place where people aren't supposed to be naked.

We walked up and down the aisles picking up the stuff that Colleen needed. We were both very nervous yet extremely excited. My legs were shaking with every step and I could see Colleen rushing because she was nervous. We found ourselves walking very fast from aisle to aisle because of our nervousness. And with every person we came across we were nervous that they would scream or get us arrested.

But as time went on, it became apparent that wasn't going to happen. Most people didn't care, and the ones that didn't like it just ignored us. But I could still feel the eyes of everyone all over my body. Both the guys and the girls were taking in our bodies, and it really turned me on. So we tried to enjoy ourselves a bit more. We became a bit more playful and took our time as opposed to running around.

"Alright, I think I have everything I need. So I guess we should check out now," Colleen said.

We hadn't yet encountered any store employees, so going up to check out would put us face to face with a couple of them. Which made us tremble a bit.

"We can do this, just act like its normal to be naked," I said.

"Alright, lets do this," she said.

And with that, we made our way up to the front of the store and to an empty check out line. Colleen started emptying her basket onto the conveyor belt while the female cashier just stared in disbelief at our brazen nudity.

"You guys can't be in here like that," the cashier said. "Is this some sort of prank?"

"Yes, yes it is. We're both pledging a sorority and part of our initiation is to do this. You won't tell on us will you?", I asked.

"Just don't let my manager see you like that. He'll have a fit," she said.

And with just our luck, just as we were finishing and Colleen was pulling out her credit card, the store manager came out of his office and rushed over to us.

"Girls, you can't be in here like that. You need to put something on or leave," the manager said.

"We're leaving. We're sorry for the trouble," I said.

"Don't let me catch you again," he said.

He then walked off in a fluff muttering something about kids these days. We breathed a big sigh of relief at getting away with it, but we couldn't wait to get out of there.

"You just caught him at a bad time. He's normally only here till 5 most days. So if you have any other girls that need to get this done, just make sure they come in after that. Just make sure he's not around first," the cashier said. "Good luck with your sorority."

"Thanks," we both said as we made our way out of the store.

We were glad to get out of there. We were encouraged at how the customers didn't say anything, but the manager freaked us out a bit. We figured Claire would love it when we told her she could try it with the same story if she came after 5.

"I can't believe we got away with that. I for sure thought we'd be putting our sarongs on at some point," I said.

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