Jess Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – Shea Butter

Marti was right. After our dinner last night, Jon was much more attentive the next morning.

Being late September, the evenings had turned cool, and this morning showed signs of winter to come. It must have been in the low 40's outside, and since we had not switched the thermostat from "cool" to "heat", it was a bit nippy in the house. While I luxuriated in the down comforter (I really like the mixture of the soft high thread count cotton and the light weight warmth), Jon brought me coffee in bed. Although he has been known to do this before, you could tell he was trying to impress me with his service.

The soft music sound coming from the Bose sound machine next to the bed only made it more delicious to stay under the covers and enjoy the aroma and sipping pleasure of the coffee. The velvety taste and feeling as I slowly drank it cleared my head a bit. I could hear that Jon had finished his shower and was now dressing for work. He had to be there by 8:00, and could not afford to be late. It was a big day as clients were coming into town for a review of the products his company sold.

I decided to get a start on my day by heading for the shower myself. Crawling out from under the warmth of the covers, my silk nightgown did not provide much protection and before I could take more than a step, I shivered as chill-bumps took over the otherwise smooth texture of my skin.

On any other morning in my life, I would not have given this much thought, but this morning I noticed that my nipples hardened into the biggest chill-bumps I had. I don't know if I just never noticed them before, or if the were actually larger than before, but to me they were far more noticeable than what I normally displayed on mornings like this. Whether they were more prominent or not was debatable, what was not was their sensitivity. I could feel the silky material of the nightgown sliding over them and it tingled.

The bathroom air was far warmer upon entering and I found Jon in his suit pants and dress shirt, working on his hair.

"Sleeping beauty has arisen I see." Jon said giving me a long look, which I noticed seemed to linger on my form showing breasts.

"Yeah, I could stand the comfort no longer. It was killing me." I said as I walked up to Jon and gave him a good morning kiss. You know the kind, a bit tight lipped so you don't share morning breath further spiced with coffee.

As we parted, I saw that Jon stole another glace at my chest, which was partially exposed from the hang of the gown and fully outlined by the extension of my nipples. Even though the warm air had killed all my chill-bumps, my nipples continued their morning show. Between the silky material brushing over them and the thought that Jon was stealing looks at them made them want to be seen and my nipples were leading the be-seen parade.

I turned on the water in the shower and waited for the hot water to finally make its way to the showerhead. I allowed the gown to slip off of my shoulders and expected them to hit the floor as they do every morning, however this time, the gown hung up on my nipples like they were hanging pegs. I laughed to myself out loud as I pulled the material away from my body to "unhook" it, if you can imagine. I had my back to Jon and the shower door open as the gown slowly slid down the length of my body. I could see from the corner of my eye in the mirror that Jon was looking me over with a bit of lust. I knew he only had about ten minutes left before he had to go to work, but the thought of him admiring my physical form was turning me on.

The water felt wonderfully warm as it cascaded over my cool skin. The clear glass of the shower enclosure provided Jon with an unobstructed view as I stood under the flow. I could see that he was trying very hard to complete his morning routine while at the same time peeking my direction for a view. I know he was looking at my shaved pussy because if it were me out there, that is what I would have been looking at! Its interesting how powerful a turn on it is to know someone else is watching and admiring you. It is a rush to know they are having sexual fantasy thoughts as they glimpse flashes of your nakedness.

I was getting hot and Jon was about to get a show.

Taking the shea butter soap, I lathered up the front of my body. Using only my hands I worked it in, in a sensual way. The slippery nature of the soap made it fun to play with my breasts. Gathering them in my hands from underneath, squeezing them, pinching the hard nipples and lifting the ends by pulling on them. This made Jon stop occasionally while brushing his teeth. I acted like this was something I did in every shower, glancing his way in a casual sort of way occasionally, but obviously intent on myself.

The lather flowed from my chest down the contours of my feminine form and gathered at my pussy. It did not take long for my right hand to find the slickness between my legs and start to "wash" the area with slow moving, deep cutting movements, while my left hand continued to "clean" my breasts. I could see that Jon's eyes were never moving from the show now, although he was still able to comb his hair.

I grabbed my razor and started to shave the very small stubble of hair that was starting to form on my otherwise perfect mound. Jon stopped combing his hair. I worked the razor over each side of my slit, removing the covering soapsuds and giving it a glassy smoothness. Placing my right foot on the small ledge in the shower, I pulled on my lips to get the hair growing in the folds. By the time I was done shaving Jon was no longer even moving or attempting to hide his stare.

I turned my back to Jon and bent over to wash my feet. I wanted Jon to see my pussy the way I saw Marti's from behind. Slightly parting my legs and pushing my butt upwards, I could feel my now swollen vulva sliding into Jon's view. It must have been quite the sight, as I could almost swear that I heard Jon take in a short breath. Before I stood up, I ran my hand up the inside of my thighs to my pussy and drew a finger down the length of my exposed labial punctuation allowing the end of my index finger to disappear in its folds. I felt incredibly sexy. Although it would have been nice for Jon to join me in the shower, I was enjoying his watching me even more.

'How is a man supposed to go to work with his wife showering like a sex goddess?" Jon muttered as he forced himself to head out of the bathroom.

I found the shea butter again and lathered up once more, only this time it was for me. Running my slippery hands from my breasts down to my pussy, I ran my finger fully inside the folds. I leaned back against the cool marble sides of the wall and slowly fondled my labial lips and clitoris until I reached a subdued but powerful climax. What I hoped would stop a couple days ago; I now was enjoying way too much to ever want it to end. I reached up and took the showerhead off of its hook and started to wash the soap off of my body slinking the hose around my body and flooding my skin with its sensual warmth. I changed the dial to the pulse setting to get a little shoulder massage. Soon the pulsing action had found my subconscious target, and I allowed the water to play with my clit. What a great feeling! I wished immediately that I had figured this trick our a long time ago.

The steady beat of the water flow created a rhythmic pattern that zoned me out to the land of sexual plunder. I was fantasizing in my mind of Jon coming home to find me in the nude on the couch masturbating to the sound of an afternoon rain shower. I saw myself totally unaware of his presence as the rain covered all sounds of his entry, and I was naked, my eyes shut, my hands moving around and over the curves of my body. I was in pleasure heaven, with no inhibition on what I was doing. In my fantasy, I was dreaming of sucking Jon's cock again, and my mouth was in the open "O" position, running a finger in and out of it occasionally to simulate Jon's presence.

The water continues to beat on my fully uncovered clit, and the passion of a climax is starting to grow inside me. In my mind, I see Jon stripping until he is completely nude, but not making any sound. The sight of his wife secretly fondling, sucking, rubbing, and fingering herself is causing him to gain an erection that needs attention. Jon quietly approaches the edge of the couch and without alerting me, he runs his cock head into my mouth in a single slow thrust, while at the same time reaching to my cunt and pushing three fingers effortlessly into my pussy. In my fantasy I am not even startled y Jon's sudden appearance and the presence of his cock between my lips, it just seems right, and I double my own efforts on the way to a stunning climax. I shudder forcefully as the water from the showerhead brings me to a nice climax in the shower. Leaning forward against the glass, my right cheek is mashed and I am not even aware of its protests.

Although I did not want to get out of the shower, I knew I must start my day. With one final effort, I open the shower door and exit. I dry myself off with sensually slow movements, reveling in myself, and wonder if this new life is just a dream like I just had. All I know is that I do not want to pinch myself into awareness. I want this feeling of sexual pleasure to go on forever.

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