tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJessica Alba on the Beach

Jessica Alba on the Beach


This is a strictly fictional story.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm still learning.


It's a warm sunny day and you are walking down the beach looking for your girlfriend, Jessica Alba. She has gone ahead to find a secluded place where you can get some privacy. After a few minutes you get a glance of her behind some reed in the distance. She's lying on her stomach sunbathing on a large blanket spread out in the sand. She has already removed her bikini top to work on her tan as she lies there with her eyes closed. You stand there and watch her, feeling your cock begin to swell as you take in her incredible body, especially her tight round ass accented by the position she lays in.

She's been away for about a week shooting a new movie so you haven't had sex for quite some time now. Just sitting beside her in the car ride down here was extremely difficult, having the insistent urge to simply stop the car on the interstate to jump her right there. After a moment of consideration you decide to surprise her, taking off your shorts so you stand there naked and then slowly start to stroke your cock. Your cock quickly rises to the occasion, sensing what is to come as you gaze on her perfectly shaped body. Then you leave your place behind the reed and walks up behind her.

She rolls over as she hears you coming close. "What took you so... Oh!" Jessica gasps as you almost throw yourself over her. "Wha..." she stops mid sentence as you push your throbbing cock against her where it's trapped between your bodies, a recognizing look spreading on her face, giving you a small sexy smile as she give you a small giggle. You look down at her amazingly plump lips as they separate as to say something, but you can't wait and lower your head, your lips meeting hers in a passionate kiss. Whatever she was going to say turns into muffled moan into your mouth followed by another as you start pushing your cock slowly against the soft skin on her stomach. At the same time you grab her hands and draw them up over her head, holding them there with one hand, knowing she likes it when you take control.

You watch Jessica's face as you continue kissing her, seeing her eyes slowly darkening and her breathing quickening. You let your free hand travel over her soft body, squeezing her ample breasts for a while before slipping down to her well shaped thighs, stopping briefly to press against her bikini bottom before going up to her breasts again. You feel your cock swelling even more, hardening, as you continue to rub it back and forth against her smooth belly. Jessica gasps out in the air as you let your mouth go down along her jaw line to the hollow of her neck, nipping and licking along the way.

"Yes," she gasps out as she starts to slowly rotate her hips against you, making you moan against her neck. You let your hand sneak in between your bodies, sliding in between the tin fabric that covers her womanhood, and you hear her taking a deep breath as you cup her with your hand. She is quite wet and you realize she also must have sat in the car wanting this just as much as you wanted her, knowing that it usually takes much longer for her to get this wet. You groan against her breast where you mouth has travelled too, pleased with the knowledge, knowing that you can't wait that much longer, your body screaming for you to take her.

"Oh! Yes!" she cry out as you push one finger into her tight entrance, curving it upwards as you press you palm softly against her clit making her moan out in pleasure. After a short while you press a second finger into her, hearing her take a deep shaky breath as you begin exploring her pussy walls with you fingers. She resumes thrusting her hips up against your hand, and by the exited sounds coming out of her lips you know she is quite ready for you. You remove your hand, a short disappointed whine slipping out of her mouth and your skilful fingers moves to the side of her bikini bottom, quickly untying it at its sides. It takes only a few seconds as you pull at the strings and promptly yank the tiny cloth off.

You look down at Jessica's face, her hot lips slightly separated as she pants. Moving your hips downward, you position yourself and see her eyes widen as the head of your cock prods at her pussy lips, her breathing hitch a little. Then you just can't wait any longer, pushing forward, making her cry out, her eyes snapping shut as you stretch her open. She arches her back, pressing her body up against you and her arms tightens against your hand. You know that she wants to wrap her arms around you, but you hold them tight, knowing a little desperation only heightens the pleasure for her. You slide into her tight canal quite easy, inch-by-inch, feeling her stretch to accommodate you. She groans as you stop about halfway in, pulling back until only the head of your cock are inside her, and then push back in a little harder. You repeat the motion barely managing to contain a loud moan as you push just a little deeper with each thrust until you have managed to nestle your entire cock inside of her.

You look down at her face again, seeing the look of concentration on her face, totally focused on you cock inside her, and the feeling of your hard body against her. You bend your head down and capture her mouth again, giving her a deep kiss as you hold you cock buried deep within her. You feel her clench around you and this time you can't keep from moaning into her mouth, holding that position until she opens her half lidded eyes. Looking down into the beautiful brown eyes, you slowly start thrusting into her with long thrusts, watching the pleasure reflected in her dark eyes, her eyelids fluttering, enjoying the delicate sounds coming out of her mouth.

You keep kissing her until you have to come up for air and by now your body almost move by own accord, longing for release and you increase the pace with each thrust until you are thrusting into her with long hard thrusts. You can't keep your eyes open, and you rest you head against the side of her face, hearing her gasp against your ear with each thrust, feeling her soft body trapped beneath yours.

After some time you use your free hand to grab on of her legs, throwing it over your shoulder without loosing rhythm. The new angle makes your cock go deeper into her and you hear her cry out with the initial thrusts. Her pussy feels so good, so damn tight and wet, and you keep slamming into her as she squirms under you, her arms struggling harder against your hand now, dire to touch you.

The heat in your body keeps building, your control dissipating with each thrust. Lifting you body a bit, you look down at her flushed face fallen to the side and her breasts rocking each time you plunge into her. You let you gaze wander down her body to where your bodies are joined, your cock going in and out of her perfect hole, and you just think she has to be the hottest woman on earth, wishing you could just keep fucking her forever. You finally release her hands, to far gone to play around anymore. Her hands immediately goes around your back, racking her nails across it as you bend down and draws one of her nipples into your mouth, squeezing the other breast tightly with the other hand. A small groan full of pleasure escapes her mouth and her pussy clench around you, making you groan as you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge.

You fall down on top of her again, letting her leg fall down to the side as you wrap your arms under her shoulders, grabbing both sides of her head with your hands and then push your mouth down on top of hers again, pushing your tongue into it. You let its movements match the powerful moves of your hips and Jessica opens her eyes opens to look into yours, her legs wrapping tightly around you back as her hands grab your strong buttocks, clenching and releasing.

Feeling your balls starting to tingle, you let the last of your self-control fly out the window, or in this case, the sea, and you start giving her everything you got, slamming into her, your balls slapping against her ass as she gasps and whimper into your mouth. You bury your head against her neck, letting her scream freely as you relentlessly fuck her, not caring if anyone hears you or even stands there watching.

"Oh... god..." she gasps in between thrusts and she buries her head against you shoulder, her legs tightening around you waist, pulling you deeper into her, a sure tell that she is about to come. And then you let yourself go, exploding as you hammer into her with hard, erratic thrusts, filling her pussy with your seed. She comes a few seconds later, her pussy milking you for all its worth as she press her whole body against you. With a last deep thrust you collapse on top of her, both of you breathing hard.

Slowly her body relax until she is like pudding beneath you and as you return to reality you lift yourself off her a little just to make sure she is still breathing, which she is. You turn to your side and flop down on your back, catching your breath. Both of you lay there for a few minutes, just revelling in your incredible orgasms.

After some time Jessica turns towards you, rolling onto her side, giving you a beautiful smile accented by the blush on her cheeks and chest. "Thanks, that was amazing. I thought about having you all day," she says, her voice filled with content.

"Yeah, me to," you respond smiling back at her, meeting her gaze and then letting it slowly wander down her curvaceous body. She notices it and returns the favour, looking down at your well-defined body. Your cock is now a little limp but is still quite engorged, and you can feel the blood slowly starting to return while you lay there admiring each other's bodies.

Jessica also notices your rising cock, and then much to you delight she graciously moves up onto all fours, slowly starting to crawl down around you looking incredible hot. Arching her back, she gives you a great view of her firm ass and tender pussy, covered in your mixed juices as she slowly moves around your leg. Then she turns to crawl up between your legs as you spread them wider apart.

Her breasts sway in the air as she reaches you, stopping just above your cock lying on you stomach. Her ravishing soft hair frames her face, looking a little tousled as it falls down and tickles you stomach and cock, making it twitch. You lift yourselves up on your elbows to get a better view and she leans forward to give you a slow kiss before she returns down to you cock. Leaning down, she captures the head of you cock with her mouth pulling it up into a standing position without using her hands. Looking up at you with her sensual eyes, she lets her tongue explore the contour of your cock inside her mouth, making you groan as you feel it thicken in her warm cavity.

Jessica's hands caress your thighs and stomach as she releases your cock and lick her way down your shaft until she reach your balls. She doesn't hesitate, drawing the soft sac into her mouth, letting her tongue travel over it as she works on it for a while. You close your eyes, just loving when she does that, as one of her hands wraps around your cock slowly starting to caress it. Her other hand wanders down to her pussy, rubbing it gently and you groan as her following moan vibrates through your balls.

Then her mouth starts to travel up along your length pulling into her mouth, this time letting it sink down into her mouth as her hand leaves the shaft and starts massaging your balls. By now you cock is rock hard again and since you already came once you can keep this going for quite some time. She keeps working on your cock in the most skilful manner, alternating between sucking you into her mouth and licking down your shaft. Reaching forward, you let you hands travel over her soft body, kneading her breasts, caressing her arms, going up to her head and gently caresses her neck as she bobs up and down, still having you eyes closed, savouring it all.

You are just about to suggest that you do the 69 when you suddenly feel the loss of her touch, pulling away from you and you open your eyes. Apparently she has gotten a different idea as she straddles you, her knees on either side of your body, raising herself above you hard cock and you are not about to protest. Once again she gives you a seductive smile as she push you down on the ground so you lay completely on you back, one of her hands steadying herself on you chest as the other go down and grab your cock. She position it at her opening, rubbing it a couple of times before she sinks down on your length. You both groan as she sinks down all the way to the hilt, stopping there. The wet warmth surround you and you just give a deep sigh, thanking the universe for letting this happen.

Jessica sits there slowly grinding her hips, moaning softly and enjoying the feeling of fullness having your cock buried deep within her. After a while she starts moving up and down as you just lean back, letting her be in command for now. She has a blissful look of concentration on her face and the sight of her beautiful breasts heaving with shaky breaths and bouncing with her slight increase in pace, looks incredible hot.

Soon you just can't keep you hands of her, letting them run over her smooth thighs, her waist, up to her breast, stopping there to cup them in your hands, squeezing them. Letting one hand remain at her breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples, you let the other wander up to her slender neck, over her jaw line, stopping at her mouth. You let your thumb graze over her lips, hearing a whimper like sound escaping her lips, and then you push it into her mouth watching as her lips close around it, starting to suck on it. Her pace increases until she is bouncing up and down on your cock, her ass softly patting against your balls.

Removing you hand from her mouth, you let it slide around her neck before nestling it in her hair pulling her down to you, your mouth meeting hers as it comes down. She slows down for a moment as you let your tongues explore each other's mouths. Then as she comes up for air she leans her forehead against yours and start moving her hips back and forth, grinding on your cock.

Then Jessica puts her hands down on the ground, lifting her body just a little and resume thrusting up and down, and this time you help a little as you thrust your hips back up meeting hers, quickly finding a rhythm. Her face is close to yours and in between thrusts she leans forward and give you light kisses as she keep fucking you, moaning as you separate. Your hands, now at her waist, guides her up and down, occasionally moving down to squeeze her ass and up to cup her breasts.

Continuing this for a while, you can see that she is getting a little tired and you decide to help her out, steadying your feet on the blanket as you push up harder against her. Slowly with each push you take over the pace and soon she is mostly sitting there revelling in the feel of you cock pounding up into her, crying and moaning into the free air.

"Yeah... just like... that," she gasps out, and you wrap your arms around her waist pulling her down completely on top of you. You kissed her for a moment as you slow down. Then breaking the kiss you look up at her as you accelerate your thrusts, her eyes closing, crying out as you start fuck her unrestrained. Then slowing down again, you wait until her heavy breathing slows down and she opens her eyes slightly, looking down at you with her eyes full of rapture. You lift back her hair to get a better view, fisting it at the back of her head, bending her head back slightly.

"Is that all you got," she asks playfully. This is a game you and Jessica play sometimes, and you know exactly what she wants. Tightening your free arm around her waist while you slowly push into her with short thrusts, you meet her challenging look and then suddenly without notice slam your cock hard up into her just once, making her cry out, her eyes shutting as you resume your previous slow pace. She opened her eyes again and look down at you with the same challenging look. Almost immediately you tighten your grip on her hair and repeat your action, pushing deep into her as she gasps, this time holding her eyes opened still fixed on yours.

"Oh!" she exclaims as you then slap her ass quite hard, surprising her. You can almost hear her growl as she with playful anger looks down at you and starts pushing down on you with some fierceness. You release your grip on her hair and smiles up at her as you stop her movements by holding an arm around her back and one hand on her ass and then start thrusting vigorously back up into her as she cries out and arch her back.

Keeping the pace, you slam up into Jessica using the full strength of your body and watch as she just can't keep her eyes open, her mouth opening, uttering some of the most delicate sounds you have ever heard, small cries, moans and whimpers. Her hands claw at you head, shoulders and the blanket as if she doesn't know what to do with them.

Jessica's head drop down, leaning the side of her face against yours as she just let herself get taken. Keeping this up for a good while, you can feel your legs getting a little tired and you have to slow down for a moment. Jessica breathing is heavy and she has a deep blush on her face and then she slowly opens her eyes looking a little dazed, giving you a lazy smile as she starts thrusting her hips down onto you meekly.

You both lay there, enjoying the feel of each other's bodies, but the carnal urge for more soon takes the upper hand. Raising herself up so she is sitting on you, Jessica then pulls up her trembling legs and put her feet on each side of you. Still sitting on your cock as she lean back and put her hands on your legs, supporting herself as she starts pushing down on you again. Having recovered somewhat you start meeting her thrusts, pushing up into her wet hole. Apparently this seems to hit just the right spot for her and you see her eyes travel back into her skull and loud moans full off pleasure escapes her mouth. You let one hand go to her clit rubbing it and it only take a few more thrusts before you feel her clamp down around your cock, her fluids coating you length as her whole body quivers.

Just the sight of Jessica coming bring you close to the brink and you push yourself off the ground, slipping out of her just for a moment as you rapidly move to you knees, letting her legs follow you up over your shoulders as she fall down on her back, still trembling from her climax. You bury yourself without hesitation holding her legs tightly against your chest and start pummel her with hard racking thrusts. You rear your head back and you start grunting as you ram your hard cock up into her, rocking her pliant body back and forth. Then you feel the slight swell of your cock as you are about to explode and a second later you burst, filling her with you seed, grounding your cock hard into her and almost black out in the process. You push against her each time your cock gush its white sperm into her, though it's hard to get any deeper by now.

You breathe jaggedly as you once again empty yourself deep into Jessica until you are completely spent, letting her legs fall to each side. You let your hands move idly over her soft skin as both of you enjoy the afterglow, and you look down at her, again amazing of how incredible hot she is, her whole perfectly shaped body now glistening with sweat, a distinct rose colour on her face and chest. She looks up at you with half lidded eyes, her lips even more swollen now from all the kissing, and her perky nipples just adding to the wonderful sight of her breasts. Your cock slip out of her passage and you look down at the soft delicate pussy as some of your seed trickles out of it and then down her ass, getting a surge of possessiveness by the sight of it.

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