tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessica & Mr. Jones

Jessica & Mr. Jones


Dedicated to my math teacher… thanks for making the grade!

The name is Jessica Wilder

I'm not your typical high school student. I don't hang out with High School boys who are my age, I don't cruise for clothes at the mall, and I don't eat pizza or go to H.S. proms.

I am 18 going on 25. I date guys twice my age, I shop in Victoria secret, I go to bars and dance at nightclubs.

So as you can imagine class for me is a total bore. I'd rather be out finding a 29 year old to fuck then learning algebra or trigonometry – BORING.

The soon I am out of high school the better the only problem was that to graduate I need to pass 4th period math class.

I never did my homework, never paid attention, never gave a shit there was no way I was going to pass, I needed a plan and fast.

That night I went to bed and as usual I started to play with my pussy, lightly rubbing the lips and then spreading them to slide a finger in I tried to think of an older man I wanted to fuck but I was so hung up on my school crisis all I could think about was Mr. Jones, my math teacher, I gave up trying to think of other people and concentrated on the 38 year olds good looks. I decided I knew what I needed to do… with this out of the way I turned my attention to finger fucking my pussy till I came and drifted off to sleep as I worked out the details of my plan to pass.

The next day I couldn't wait till math class (a first for me) my plan was perfect and guaranteed success. Mr. Jones was recently devoiced I figured a little attention from a senior would do the trick.

Class finally started and I started my plan. I wrote a little note and acted as if I was about to pass it, as plan Mr. Jones quickly walked by and took it away about to read it out loud to the class till he glanced over the words I'd written:

What am I going to do?

I'll never pass math but that's

not my fault… Mr. Jones is so hot it's hard to

concentrate when all I can think about

is how badly I want him…

He stopped reading out loud when he noticed the content, he calmly folded the note up stuck it in his pocket, blushing slightly and sitting down quickly to hide a growing bulge.

The bell rang and I flashed Mr. Jones a sweet, innocent little smile and ran out the door. Everything had gone as planned, now to raise the level of attack.

I got up early the next morning, and slipped into a red mini skirt and a low cut black top. I waited yet again for 4th period. Boys wouldn't leave me alone all day, brushing up against me or grabbing my butt, silly little boys I was after a man.

Finally fourth period started and as Mr. Jones started writing on the blackboard I slid my hand under my skirt and spread my legs holding my panties to the side as I started rubbing my dripping slit. I was masturbating in a room with 30 people, I was playing with my cunt in class it was such a rush. I was moved up front two months ago for talking so I figured people would never even notice.

Mr. Jones stood with his back to me till he heard me start smacking my gum; he turned around about to yell but his eyes fixed to my hand now feverishly circling my clit as I smiled up at him.

He swallowed hard and turned back to the board forcing himself to teach the planned lesson, yet looking back frequently to watch me playing and tantalizingly sucking on my pencil. I saw a large outline forming in his pants and enjoyed the power I had over this man. An hour passed and the dismissal bell rang and I was about to leave when I heard a stern voice call out "Jess, you will stay after class sit back down"

BINGO – exactly what I wanted to hear, now I'd wiggle my ass, bat and eye lid and get an "A" without even taking my top off. The most I'd have to do is kiss his cheek and he'd be butter in my hands.

I sat back down in my desk and played dumb till all the kids were out of the room. He locked the door and walked over to me shaking his head and clicking his tongue. "Tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk"

In my sweetest little girl voice I asked "didn't you like my show Mr. Jones?"

His face reddened and the bulge in his pants seemed to harden he reached out and slapped my face, a move I didn't see coming. I realized that I lost complete control of the situation and I was starting to get a little scared.

I tried to get up but he grabbed me by my ponytail and yanked me to my feet, I started to cry but he wasn't listening. He grabbed my tits and freed them from my shirt and bra, he pawed roughly at them. I tried to struggle but that was met with another smack and as he forced me to my knees and released his cock from the confines of his pants.

"Suck" his voice ordered, I was scared not to fearing another slap and slipped his head into my mouth. I starting licking softly starting at the base and working my way up.

"Tease me will you slut?" His words were raspy and he started moaning.

I couldn't help getting slightly turned on by this situation; I was sucking off my mouth teacher semi-against my will. I started working hard to make him cum as I swirled my tongue over his large purple head and used my left hand to fondle his balls.

"Oh FUCK Jess, your so good – Keep it up!" I felt him tighten in my mouth and knew he was seconds away from cumming.

"Swallow it slut" – I obeyed drinking it down greedily savoring the taste.

He pulled his cock away from my mouth and zipped up nonchalantly. I packed up my books and was about to head out when he called me to telling me not to make any after school plans for the rest of the week. I was going to be his "helper" for the next three days and that if I told anyone he would automatically flunk me.

What choice did I have? I got myself into this mess now I'd just have to enjoy it…

*-*-* Thank you for the feedback… and for those who want to know I passed that class and am on my way to College – Freshman Math 101 he,he,he *-*-*

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