tagBDSMJessica's Taming Ch. 02

Jessica's Taming Ch. 02


This story is much better if you read the first chapter before you read this. If you are offended by lesbian sex or incest don't read it. You are warned :) This is the second and hopefully last edit of this story :)


Jessica sat on her futon, pondering. The movie with Alicia had been a surprising amount of fun. The little blonde could be quite charming when she tried. "It's too bad she doesn't try more often," Jessica murmured under her breath.

She was still thinking about this when the phone rang, startling her out of her reverie. She dashed across the small room and grabbed the phone just before it switched over to voice mail.


"Hey Jess," a confident feminine voice said.

"Oh hey, Kayla. What've you been up to?"

Kayla, needing very little provication, started rambling on about her job, and Jessica found her mind wandering. First to Alicia, and then her mind returned, as it often did, to the night before last, when she had had Jerry in her bed. She reached under her shirt and started pinching inexpertly at her own nipple, trying to recreate how it had felt when Jerry had done it.

She stilled her hand when she realized that her sister was silent and hadn't said anything for quite a few seconds.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" She asked, red-faced. She was quite glad at that moment that video phones had not yet been invented.

"I just asked if you agreed with me that she is a total bitch for saying things like that about me."

"Oh yeah, totally," Jessica said agreeably "Listen, sweetie, I gotta go."

She hung up the phone and reached down into her pants, closing her eyes and frantically rubbing herself as she thought of Jerry's hands in her hair, him inside her, making her come. Her fingers twisted painfully on her nipple, and her eyes flew open as the sensation caused an orgasm to rip through her. She gasped in surprise as she saw the door to her apartment slide open.


Kayla narrowed her dark green eyes as she heard the phone click down. She was a little surprised that Jessica had hung up on her. Jessica was usually unfailingly polite.

She got up from the chair she had been sitting in. Her long, dark hair brushed against the small of her back as she slowly walked over to the fridge, deep in thought.

As she got a can of Coke out of the fridge she resolved to keep a closer eye on her sister. She hoped nothing was wrong. It had been quite awhile since she and Jessica had gotten together, and she realized that she really had no idea what her baby sister was up to these days. Maybe she'd better go over there and see for herself.


Jerry watched through the window as Jessica talked briefly on the phone. He'd driven up to surprise her with a visit, and had decided to wait until she was done on the phone before knocking on her door. A minute later, he was glad he had waited as he saw her hang up the phone and reach down into her pants to start to play with herself.

Deciding spontaneously to embarrass her by catching her in the act, he walked silently up the walkway, opened the door and stopped, staring right at her as she fingered herself. She gasped when she saw him, and he was delighted and amused to see that his watching seemed to heighten her orgasm.

As she blushed and stammered in a most adorable way, Jerry said nothing. He just walked over to her and grabbed a handful of her fine, dark hair. He felt himself grow hard as he increased the pressure his fingers were putting on her head. As he pulled her head over to his crotch, his other hand opened his jeans and let out his semi-erect cock.

Calculatingly using just a little more force then he had on her up to this point, he impaled her mouth with his cock. She gasped and almost chocked with the suddenness of it. She felt herself getting very wet, and that confused her. He was hurting her, grabbing her hair and forcing his huge hard cock into her mouth, and she felt that she'd never been more turned on.

He pulled her away from him, and she made a little moan of distress. It was only momentary, though, as he quickly stripped off both of their clothing. Soon he was buried deep in her throat again. She made a low noise of sastisfaction, and this turned him on so much he thrust especially deep into her warm mouth. Her instincts took over and she jerked her head against his hands, trying to pull away. He let go of her hair, suddenly furious.

"Ok, little girl," he said roughly as she stared at him blankly, "It's time to set some things straight." He slapped her across the face, hard. Her eyes widened, appearing to take up half her face. "If you want me to fuck you, there are some rules you have to follow."

Her hand belatedly went to her cheek and she watched him with those enormous eyes. He held his breath, and let it out when she nodded her assent. He had been worried that his outburst would drive her away, but, in the end, his instincts had been correct. He decided to let them take over at this point, since his conscious thought seemed only to be holding things back.

"Good girl!" He petted her hair. "Now, you are a beautiful girl, and I like you, but you got some things we need to work on. Are you willing to fix these things for me?"

He held his breath again as she thought. He knew he'd taken a big risk. She might be scared off, but, damn it, he just wasn't any good at this slow seduction thing. He let his breath out as she nodded.

"What was that?" He asked sternly, not letting his relief show.

She took a deep breath. "I am willing to fix anything you want me to"

He smiled, almost gently. "Then your training begins now."

He reached for her silky hair, intent on renewing his assault on her mouth, and ... the door opened.


As the door swung open, Kayla gasped. Her sister, on the bed, naked with a large red mark on her pale face. A tall, dark man, equally naked, standing over her, talking roughly to her, reaching for her disheveled hair. Her sister was being raped! She opened her mouth to scream for help.

Jerry swore loudly at the intrusion and again when he saw the beautiful slender girl in the doorway open her mouth to scream. He knew how it must look to her. He obviously couldn't allow her to summon help, so he bounded over to her, slammed the door to block her escape and clamped his hand over her mouth, dragging her struggling form to the bed. Jessica watched him wide-eyed, no doubt wondering what she should be doing.

Jerry sat with the small girl in his lap, his hand still clamped over her mouth. She struggled and bit his hand, and he swore and slapped her across the face. She jumped to her feet immediately, rushing for the door. Jerry followed close behind her, but they both stopped as Jessica, unexpectedly, spoke.

"Please don't hurt my sister, Jerry" Jessica said, quietly.

Jerry's eyes widened as he looked into Kayla's delicate face. He otherwise ignored Jessica and spoke softly to the other girl, almost gently.

"Here's how things are. I am in control here, and if you don't want me to hurt you, you won't scream. Now, I'm going to take my hand away from your mouth, ok? And you're not going to scream, now are you?" He waited until she shook her head and then took his hand away.

She took a deep breath, but did not scream. "Jess, are you ok?" she asked her sister.

"I'm fine, Kayla. I'd like you to meet Jerry," Jessica replied softly, blushing.

"I haven't given you two permission to talk yet," Jerry growled. "Kayla, is that your name? Interesting. Well, Kayla, you're wearing too many clothes. I think you need to do something about that."

Kayla looked at him in confusion and shock. This stranger had no right to talk to her like that! Her cheeks flushed as she shook her head in denial. "I don't think so," she stated bravely. She was scared of this man who exuded confidence, but she was not going to let him order her around. She didn't know what hold this man had over her baby sister, but she was not about to strip naked for him, no matter who he was.

She looked over at Jessica, who was sitting on the bed, holding her knees, her eyes wide as she watched the proceedings. Kayla's eyes widened as she suddenly realized her sister was not being raped. She looked a little apprehensive, but not actually scared at all. The signs Kayla had first taken for fear were, in fact, at second glance, extreme arousal. Kayla ran her eyes over her naked sister, resting on her breasts. She noticed that they were remarkably perky for their large size. The brown nipples were rock hard. Kayla tore her eyes away, feeling extremely ashamed and dirty for witnessing her sister in this state. She refused to acknowledge her own small breasts tensing, and her nipples erecting in response to the naked woman... no, her sister, damn it! ... on the bed.

"You should do what he says, Kayla. You'll like it." Jessica smiled shyly at her sister.

Kayla shook her head, weakly, in denial. She looked back at Jerry, standing naked and confident, blocking the door. He was extrememly hot, for a man, with his dark hair brushing his strong shoulders and his large-boned, muscular build. It was hard not to notice the raw sexuality he possessed, especially considering the fact that his cock, impressively large, was pressing into his flat belly. Kayla usually prefered women, but she did sleep with the occasional man, when he was attractive enough. Jerry definitely qualified... He interrupted her train of thought by raising a sardonic eyebrow at her, and gesturing once again for her to disrobe.

"Oh Jess, I hope you know what you're doing," Kayla mumbled, mostly to herself. There was no denying, even to herself, that she was getting turned on by this whole scene. She could feel her panties sticking to her crotch, completely soaked through.

"This is so fucked up," she said, loudly this time. She surprised everyone, especially herself, when she suddenly shrugged and reached for the hem of her shirt.

Jerry sat back and watched as Kayla, red-faced, stumbled out of her clothing. Her long, almost black hair got tangled in her shirt as she pulled it over her head. Her bra came off next, revealing perfect little breasts with pink nipples. Jerry sat back and let pleasant thoughts about how they would fit into his hands perfectly run through his head.

Next came her pants, revealing tiny, lacy, white panties. He could tell, even from across the room, that her undergarments were wet with the juices of her arousal. He motioned for her to stop when she reached for them.

"Now," said Jerry confidently, easily hiding the doubts he had been having just moments ago, "we have to do something about Jessica speaking out of turn a minute ago. Kayla, tie her up."

Both girls looked at him curiously as he produced, from his backpack, a coil of nylon rope. Kayla looked at Jessica apologetically and reached for the rope. Jessica smiled back sweetly and held out her wrists, although she wore her misgivings on her face.

Jerry sat down and watched as Kayla started to tie Jessica up. She placed her unresisting sister on her stomach on the bed, then tied her arms together behind her back and her legs to opposite corners of the bed. Jerry's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He had not told her how to do it, but she had done it perfectly. This girl had the makings of an excellent dominatrix.

With that thought in mind, he decided what his next step would be. "Kayla, your sister has been a very bad girl. We can't let her get away with that, now can we?" Kayla shook her head, still not completely believing she was going along with this. "I think you should give her a nice spanking to teach her better." Jerry's suggestion was obviously meant as an order.

Kayla felt her breath catch in her throat as she contemplated her sister's fine ass. She really couldn't believe what was happening inside her body. She was as wet as she'd ever been, and her nipples were hard and stiff. She tried to deny that it was the thought of dominating her sister that made her so horny, but she couldn't ignore the rush of warmth that flowed through her as she brought her hand down lightly on Jessica's plump derrière, leaving a small pink mark.

Jessica also was trying to deny the feelings coursing through her body. Her sister's hand felt amazing, and Jessica could feel herself getting wet as Kayla started to get more confident with her spanking, each slap hitting harder until Jessica's ass felt like it was on fire.

Surprising everyone, including herself, Jessica moaned and thrust her hips up towards her sister's hand. This surprised Kayla, and she was surprised also by the feeling of power it gave her. It drove her crazy. She slammed her hand over and over onto her sister's beautiful ass, spurred on by Jessica's cries.

Jerry was so aroused by all this that he, in a husky voice, ordered Jessica to be untied and turned over. When she was securely restrained again, this time on her back, he took a deep breath. He was going to try something, and he wasn't sure he was going to get away with it, but what was one more risk at this point?

"Kayla, look at your sisters legs, all spread like that. Look at her beautiful wet pussy. I want you to bend down and lick it. Go down on her, Kayla!"

Kayla looked at him, her shock obviously overcoming even her now-raging arousal. She started to shake her head, and he frowned. He had made his play and he intended to do everything he could to make it work. He grabbed her and spread her legs, roughly ripping her panties off and forcing his large fingers into her sopping wet hole. She ground herself against his hand, and he was gratified to know she wanted him. It gave him an idea.

He suddenly changed tactics. "Look how wet you are for me, and for her. If you go down on her, I promise to fuck you while you do." He smiled seductively, reaching down to caress his throbbing, hard, long cock suggestively.

Her eyes grew wide, and she nodded, then slowly, ever so slowly, knelt between her sister's spread legs and bent over to present herself to Jerry. Ignoring Jessica's cries of denial, she suddenly bent down and fastened her mouth on her little sister's clit.

Jessica shrieked in disbelief. She couldn't believe Kayla had actually done it! She tried to make herself fight, but the ropes restrained her. She was totally helpless. Her sister's mouth invaded her most private area, and there was nothing she could do about it!

At that thought, she found herself so turned on she instinctively moved her hips slightly. She moaned, feeling herself getting ever closer to orgasm. She cursed her treacherous body, even as she started grinding herself against her sister's willing mouth.

Kayla's tongue was working frantically over Jessica's clit, expertly running over all the places that made Jessica squirm, and Jerry was having trouble not shooting off just from watching. His cock was huge and swollen, and grew even more so as Kayla reached between her legs and started thrusting her fingers quickly in and out of herself. His balls were aching from the pressure of the load of come he wasn't letting himself release.

Jerry couldn't take it anymore. He stood on the floor behind Kayla, pushed her hand out of the way, and, without further ado, pushed himself into her. He started pumping in and out, slowly at first. Kayla moaned, and Jerry lost it. He started frantically thrusting at her wet little hole, marveling at how small and tight she was.

Kayla couldn't believe how good this felt. She moaned and tried her best to resist, knowing that letting this stranger who was old enough to be her father continue to use her body was wrong. It felt so good, and all her resistance was overcome when Jerry reached down and grabbed a handful of her long, thick hair, using it to control her movement on Jessica's clit.

Kayla and Jessica came at the same time. Their combined noises brought him over the edge, and he pulled out and shot his hot cum all over Kayla's ass and back. His second squirt went all over Jessica's sexy stomach and breasts.

Everyone collapsed into a heap on the bed. After a few silent minutes of recovery, Kayla blushed, mumbled something incoherent, and headed for the shower.

After she left, Jerry carefully untied Jessica, murmurming soft words of love and encourangement, and he expertly rubbed at her wrists and ankles to get the circulation back into them. He could tell she had been exhausted by this, albeit improvised, first part of her training, and soon she fell asleep.

Jerry was still awake when Kayla came out of the bathroom, her hair wet from her shower. She looked at him, started to speak, shook her head, and, without any words at all, left the small apartment.

Jerry held the sleeping woman in his arms and thought. He had been worried when Kayla had shown up, but he was nothing if not adaptable. He was still a little surprised that everything had gone as well as it had. Sure, Kayla was freaked out, but he was a good judge of women and he was sure she would get over it. All in all, his plan was proceeding, if not as planned, then certainly very well.

He fell asleep soon after, a satisfied smile on his full lips.

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