tagBDSMJessica's Taming Ch. 03

Jessica's Taming Ch. 03


Hey everyone, thanks to all of you who have been reading my stories thus far. If you are a new reader, I suggest starting with part 1. Things will make a lot more sense. Due to some emails I've gotten, I feel like there's something I need to make clear. Feel free to comment on my story, even send me an email; however, I will not have cybersex with you so don't bother asking, m'kay? And now on to the story! This is the second and hopefully last edit of this story :)


Alicia sat stiffly in the uncomfortable movie theatre seat. She angled her body deliberately away from the small man she was sitting with. She kept her big green eyes focused on the screen, pretending to be indifferent to the palpable frustration emanating from the seat beside her.

She smiled as she heard her boyfriend sigh. It always gave her such a feeling of power to have this control over him Playing the same game that she always played with him, she pretended to relent enough to lean against him a little. He immediately, with obvious desperation, put one arm around her slim shoulders and reached his hand down, slowly, towards her breast.

She heard his breathing speed up as he reached his goal. She, with expertise gained from long practice, gauged when he was most aroused, when his hand was moving most frantically on her clothed breast, then she slapped him, hard, across the face and moved away from him. His gasp of frustration was music to her ears.

She spent the rest of the movie alternately letting him touch her and pulling away as if insulted. She felt herself getting more and more amused as his breathing got more uneven. Too soon for her taste, the movie ended.

They stood up and walked into the lobby together. Alicia was pleased and very amused to see that he had an obvious erection that he tried vainly to cover with his coat.

"Alicia," He said urgently, "We need to talk."

She looked over at him, surprised. He had spoken in a strange, almost commanding way. He was usually so subservient, almost obsequiously so, to her, and she felt a little threatened when he spoke to her that way.

She laughed nervously, trying to make it sound more confident than she felt. "Well, Matt, I guess I can pencil you in for a few minutes, but only if you buy me some ice cream." She felt like she was back in control, as she started dragging him over to the nearby Baskin-Robbins.

He stopped her. "Listen, Alicia, I need to tell you that I will not put up with your crap anymore. You treat me horribly." His voice took on a flat tone as he continued, like he was reciting something from memory. "I know you probably don't realize what you are doing, but, after research into the subject, I believe that you are being emotionally abusive to me." He stopped for a second, and when he resumed speaking, his tone had become pleading. "What was that all about, in the movie theatre? Why do you tease me so much? And why," his voice cracked and got louder, "won't you have sex with me anymore? It's been almost six months!"

He realized with horror that his voice had turned whiney and pathetic. He had meant to be strong, to make her realize he was not going to allow her to control him with her teasing anymore. He'd read books about being assertive and practiced the speech he was going to give her for days to make his voice sound confident, but he knew he now sounded more like a 12 year old boy then the strong, dominant man he wanted to be.

Alicia smiled. She had been worried there for a second when Matt started to show some balls, but his annoying whining proved that she was still in control after all. Her scare made her decide to be a little more careful in the future. She renewed her pull on his arm and said in a sweetly placating voice, "Ok, honey, let's talk about it over some ice cream."

She knew she'd won yet again as he yielded, muttering under his breath, and allowed her to pull him into the store.

Neither of them noticed Jerry curiously, and a bit incredulously, watching them as she led him off by his arm.


"Hey, Jessie!" Alicia said with slightly forced brightness as her co-worker walked into the store. "Looks like it's just the two of us working again tonight! This is gonna be great fun!" Alicia fought hard to keep the sarcasm out of her voice as she spoke, mostly succeeding.

"Hey, Alicia," was the careful reply. "How are you doing?"

The two girls chatted, and Jessica slowly relaxed enough over the course of the evening to have a decent enough time with the little blonde. She thought idly that it was too bad that Alicia was normally such a bitch when she could apparently be so nice. She was a little curious about the change, but was too cautious to ask and spoil the mood. She also couldn't help but hope the change was genuine. Work was a lot more fun when you had a friend to talk to during the slow periods.

"So, how's that man you left with the other day? You know, umm, what's his face?" Alicia feigned indifference even as she held her breath waiting for the reply.

Jessica blushed. "You mean Jerry?" she inquired. Alicia nodded, and she continued, "He's doing great."

A deep voice came from behind them. "I thought I felt my ears burning."

The girls both whipped around, and Jerry smiled with sardonic amusement at them. He nodded somewhat ironically to Alicia and then ignored her as he addressed Jessica directly.

"Jessica, when are you off?"

"I guess I'm off now," Jessica said, surprised. She really had been having a good time talking with Alicia, and obviously the time had gone faster than usual. "Just give me a second to finish this up."

"I'll go wait for you outside, by that bench." Jerry pointed. "Don't take too long. You know I don't like it when you're late," he said in a vaguely threatening way. Jessica smiled sweetly and nodded. He then turned and strutted confidently out of the store.


Jerry was surprised to see the mousy little man he had seen with Alicia last night staring wistfully at her though the window. He had been disgusted with the way the boy had allowed Alicia to lead him around by his hormones. Jerry had never and would never allow anyone to treat him like that.

He walked over to the smaller, shorter man. "Hey, man, I don't mean to intrude. My name is Jerry and I'm with Jessica. We were out at a movie last night and we saw the crap that Alicia pulled on you." He smiled charmingly. "Look, I know it's not really any of my business, but you can't let a woman treat you like that. They'll never stop if you do."

Matt spun around, more then a little shocked by Jerry's presumption. After a moment of anger, though, he quickly realized that Jerry was right, and hesitantly decided to trust him. After all, this man exuded confidence and was exactly the sort of man Matt wanted to be. He was also echoing the thoughts that Matt himself had been having for months.

"I don't know what to do!" Matt whined, "She won't even let me get my hand under her clothes! She just teases me. It's driving me crazy!"

Moved by a rare moment of pity for the other man, Jerry looked into the store window. Jessica and Alicia were still talking, and looked like they'd be busy for a while.

"Come sit on this bench with me," Jerry invited, trying not to let his contempt for the smaller man show. "When chicks get started talking, it's takes a lot to stop them. We have a while. Here's what we're gonna do."


Jerry drove through the rain, his cock straining against his jeans as he contemplated the night ahead of him. Alicia, the cold, cock-teasing, little bitch, had a major surprise coming her way this evening. He drove through the pouring rain, his hand resting lightly on, and occaisonally stroking, the bulge in his lap. He stopped the car outside the apartment building that Matt had earlier given him directions to.

It was in an upper middle-class neighborhood, but Jerry didn't allow that to faze him. Jerry knew that, in spite of his meager means, he was worth ten of these rich fucks. Matt had already told him the apartment number, so he parked his car and walked through the rain to the front door. He pressed Alicia's buzzer number.


"Hello, Alicia, this is Jerry. Can I come up?"

He was a little surprised that she asked no questions. Instead, he was quickly buzzed in and taking the elevator up to Alicia's floor. He stepped out of the elevator, and was soon knocking on her door.

She opened it a crack, and he boldly, without waiting for her permission, pushed it open and stepped into the ostentatiously-decorated apartment. His eyes traveled over Alicia critically.

She was wearing a floor-length, silk, low-cut, nightgown the colour of blue ice. The shimmering fabric clung to her breasts and hips, somehow managing to lend soft curves to even her slight build. The light blue was a good colour for her, as it emphasized her paleness. She looked exactly like an Ice Princess from a kid's fairy tale.

Jerry smiled sardonically to himself. All of his experience with women was telling him that this aura of confidence and coldness was nothing but an act. He was determined that, tonight, he would melt the Ice Queen; make her beg for the privilage of sucking his cock.

She shivered slightly under his eyes. She felt strangely vulnerable, powerless, but she quickly dismissed the faint unease and smiled seductively. This was, after all, exactly what she wanted, and she felt she knew how to deal with any man. Jerry, she was sure, was no exception.

She walked slowly over to him to take his coat, making sure to let one of the thin straps of her negligée fall down over her bare shoulder. She moved sensuously, seductively, as she hung his slightly tattered jean jacket in the closet. Making sure to brush his arm with hers, she sauntered over to her couch.

"Please, have a seat," she invited.

He sat down abruptly, much closer to her then she was expecting. She moved away, and he moved himself closer to her. This strange scene was repeated until she was crowded against the wall, with nowhere further to retreat.

Alicia was confused. He was not behaving right! He was supposed to sit away from her politely, and then she could slowly move closer to him, teasing him the whole time. Then he would desperately try to get closer, and she would move away. If he got too close to her, she could smack him across the face. It was a game that Alicia had perfected, and it had never failed her before.

Jerry smirked at her. He was not unaware of her confusion, and he had dealt with girls like her before. The trick was not to even let them start their little games. If he read her right, she would be expecting a nice man, so she would be at a disadvantage, since Jerry held no illusions about his own niceness. He knew the only thing he needed to keep control was to keep her off balance, so he reached over and grabbed her pointed chin. Roughly, he pushed her back against the couch and straddled her. He used his body weight to hold her down as he forced his tongue into her mouth.

She gasped and struggled under him. Cruelly grabbing large, silky, handfuls of her blonde hair, he used it to control her head. He felt his erection getting larger and harder as she squirmed under him. Her tiny hands came up against his chest and tried futilely to push him away. He laughed, amused by her pathetic efforts.

Alicia felt very strange. Her breasts were tingling, and that was nothing compared to what was happening between her legs. She could feel herself getting wet, something that didn't often happen to her. She felt a strange urge to stop fighting, to give in to him and let him do what he wanted with her. The feeling scared her, threatened the way she saw herself, so she desperately ignored it and pushed against him with all her might.

He suddenly ceased to be amused with her and slapped her across the face. She got very still, in obvious shock, and he took the opportunity to scoop her up in his arms and carry her to her bedroom. He silently marveled at how small and cold she felt as he dumped her roughly on the bed.

"Listen, bitch," Jerry snapped, "You're nothing to me. You will never be anything to me. I wouldn't normally touch a little cunt like you with a ten foot pole. I'm only doing this as a favor. Now, take your clothes off or I'll slap you again."

Alicia's eyes filled with calculated tears as she fumbled with her nightgown. She had never known a man who could stand up to her while she was crying. She pulled her clothing roughly over her head, messing up her perfect, shoulder-length, blonde hair. She knelt reluctantly on her bed, naked, her crocodile tears still running down her face. She held her breath as she waited for Jerry to melt at the sight of her sobbing, pathetic form. Instead, Jerry smiled. He knew what she was doing and was therefore completely unmoved. He was actually quite pleased by the scene in front of him. Her disheveled hair made her look less the perfect Ice Queen and more human. Her small breasts heaved softly with her forced tears, but he noticed that her nipples were rock hard. Her tears he completely ignored.

"Good girl, for being so obedient!" he murmured, petting her hair softly. His gentle grip on her head suddenly turned harsh as he wound his fingers into her hair. Her ragged breathing filled the room as he dragged her by her hair over to the side of the bed where he stood.

He unzipped his jeans and let his large hard cock spring out. She started shaking her head frantically in denial as it became obvious what he wanted her to do.

"Jerry, no! Eww! I don't want to. I've never done it before, and I think it's nasty!"

Completely ignoring her complaints, Jerry used brute force to drag her to him. He used his other hand to push her head to the right level, and, without any warning, he pushed himself firmly into her mouth.

As he started thrusting, Alicia was surprised by how she was feeling. She had never been treated this roughly, and knew to her chagrin that she was very wet, probably more so then she'd ever been before. She was also shocked by how much she was enjoying the very masculine taste and smell of him. She didn't notice when she stopped crying. She started swivelling her hips instinctively, as she opened her mouth and throat to Jerry's invasion.

Jerry used his hands in her hair to control her mouth on his cock, thrusting harder and deeper into her wet warm, and, he sensed, increasingly willing mouth. Untangling one of his hands from her soft hair, he reached down between her legs and felt how wet she was. She cried out and moved her hips urgently against his roughly probing fingers.

She was so involved in sucking him, so excited by his fingers pumping between her legs, that she didn't even notice when the door to her apartment opened.

Matt walked in through the living room, surprised by the noises he was hearing from the bedroom. It was Alicia, but he'd never heard her sound so wanton before. She was moaning and sighing with sexual abandon, and he could feel himself getting hard at the unfamiliar noises.

He walked into the room and saw Jerry, his large cock shoved all the way into Alicia's mouth. Alicia's usually perfect hair was disheveled, her face red where Jerry had apparently smacked her. Her cold, superior act was completely abandoned, and, to Matt, she had never looked sexier.

Jerry motioned him to sit in the chair beside the bed. Matt reluctantly, yet obediently, sat. The sight in front of him was making him so incredibly hard. He quickly slipped off his pants and started stroking himself as he thought how much hotter Alicia looked with her lips wrapped around a dick.

Jerry threw a quick wink over his shoulder, then thrust Alicia away from him, onto the bed. She moaned and crawled over the rumpled bedsheets, trying desperately to get back to his cock.

"Please Jerry, let me suck you off! I want to feel you come down my throat! Please?"

Jerry was having none of it.

"You're a nasty little girl, aren't you, Alicia? You liked sucking my hard cock. I bet you want me to fuck you, don't you?" Alicia nodded eagerly. "I knew you were nothing but a horny little slut."

He suddenly turned her onto her stomach. "You know what dirty little sluts get, don't you?" He smacked her ass, hard. "Dirty little sluts definitely don't get my cock in their pussy. You're not good enough for that. There's only one thing you're good enough for."

He straddled her upper legs. "This," he moaned, thrusting the tip of his dick between her smooth white ass cheeks, "is all that bad little sluts get."

She cried out in pain as he slipped just the tip of his cock into her tight, virgin asshole. She was expecting him to just go at her, but he, surprisingly, allowed her to adjust to his size and hardness. The noises she made when he started moving again were more akin to pleasure then pain. Soon he was ramming away at her as she pumped her hips toward him, seeming desperate to get more of him inside her.

Seeing Jerry's cock buried deeply in Alicia's ass was too much for Matt. His light brown eyes narrowed with lust. He acted without thinking, bounding over to the bed and thrusting his cock right in Alicia's face.

"Uh, suck it, bitch?" he tried experimentally, mimicing Jerry. He was rewarded by a shocked look on her face.

"Matt?" At her disbelieving tone, something snapped inside of him.

"I said SUCK IT BITCH!" He took his straining erection in hand and slapped her face with it.

That was too much for Alicia and she started desperately moaning as she came. Jerry's cock was throbbing in her ass, her boyfriend was busy forcing himself into her mouth, and she had never felt so turned on!

Matt shook with mingled disbelief and lust as his girlfriend finally, after refusing for the whole year they had been dating, took his small, but hard, dick into her mouth and sucked it like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. He knew he wasn't going to last long as he felt her soft tongue and lips surround him for the first time. Deciding to make the most of this opportunity, he grabbed her hair and started violently fucking her face.

Jerry abandoned any remaining gentleness he had been employing as he saw the look on Matt's face. He started roughly slamming his hard cock into her body, which made her mouth slide down Matt's shaft, shoving it deeper into her mouth and throat. Alicia's body shook, and she made a low moaning noise as she came again.

"Let's cover this little whore with our cum," Jerry suggested mischieviously, pulling quickly out of her tight asshole and flipping her expertly onto her back.

Matt, needing no further urging, started shooting his load all over her mouth and tits, and a split second later Jerry joined him, covering her stomach. She moaned breathlessly and started running her hands over her cum-coated body, rubbing it over her breasts and belly. Her brain was shocked by how she was acting, but the emotion seemed faint and dim to her. This all felt so good, she felt so warm and sexy, and eager for more.

Jerry quickly did up his pants. Grinning at Matt, he commented, "And that's how you treat a woman. She's all yours now, buddy."

Matt didn't acknowledge his words or even notice him leaving as he turned to his cum-soaked girlfriend. Alicia had a lot of time to make up for, and she was going to do it all tonight, whether she liked it or not.

He smiled lustfully as he saw Alicia frantically scraping the cum off her body and thrusting it into her mouth with one hand as she ran her fingers over her clit. She noticed him and stopped playing with herself. She reached over and took his semi-erect cock in her tiny hand. It looked like she was just as eager for it as he was.


Jessica sat quietly in the lingerie store and sighed as she looked at the clock. She was worried. Jerry hadn't spoken to her in a few days and she was wondering if she had done something to make him angry. She thought over all her actions, and couldn't think of what it could be.

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