tagBDSMJessica's Taming Ch. 04

Jessica's Taming Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter of the story. If you have not done so already, I would suggest reading the other 3 chapters. Things will make a lot more sense that way. Thanks for reading. Comments, as always, are appreciated. This is the second, and hopefully last, edit of this story :)


Kayla put her hands on her slender hips and glared repressively down at the happy couple cuddling on the couch. The man had his hand resting possessively on the woman's small breast, and her blonde head was resting gently against his chest. The steamy smell of recent sex permeated the air. The two were the very image of post-coital bliss.

"Oh, chill out, Kayla," Alicia said dismissively, "No one here has done anything wrong." She smiled contentedly and reached a slim-fingered hand up to run her fingers through Matt's rumpled brown hair. She made happy purring noises as he responded by tweaking her hard nipple lightly though her white, skimpy, tank top.

Kayla rolled her eyes, trying not to get aroused by the hedonistic atmosphere in the room. "Oh, sure," She said cuttingly, "You two didn't have a crazy threesome with my sister's boyfriend, or anything. No, you're right, you totally did nothing wrong."

Alicia languidly stetched and stood, walking over until she was standing very close to Kayla. The two girls were the same height almost to the inch, and looked almost like mirror images of each other. Alicia was very pale, with light green eyes and shoulder length blond hair. Kayla was darker, with tanned skin and freckles scattered across her nose. Her eyes were a dark green, her long hair, nearly black, hung, unbound, to the small of her back. They were both quite slender, with Kayla's curves being slightly more pronounced than Alicia's.

"I've been thinking a lot over the last few days," Alicia stated, her large eyes sparkling with delight as she remembered the events that had started her pondering. "It seems to me that most people, including me until recently, take sex too seriously. I think you and your sister Jessica both fall into that category."

Alicia smiled softly to take any sting out of her words and leaned closer to Kayla until the two were almost touching. Two pairs of smouldering green eyes locked together. "I strongly suspect," her sweet smile turned suggestive as she beckoned to Matt behind her back, "that you would be a lot happier if you learned to see sex as just a fun game to play."

As Matt read her signal, got up off the couch, and started predatorily circling around the girls, Alicia reached out a hand and cradled Kayla's head as she gently kissed her, once, full on the lips. When she didn't pull immediately pull away, Alicia smiled, encouraged by this small victory, and kissed her again, more forcefully, moving her tongue slowly into Kayla's mouth.

While the girls kissed, Matt stopped his circling, ending up behind Kayla and reached around her torso, under her t-shirt, to cup her breasts. His fingers circled lightly around a nipple, causing it to quickly harden. Kayla gasped into Alicia's mouth at the audaciously intimate touch. She realized, with a thrill of something that felt a lot like acute sexual excitment, that she was trapped between the two of them. If she backed away from Alicia's kiss, she would bump right into Matt, and if she tried to pull away from Matt's strong hands, she would probably end up falling on top of Alicia.

She also realized that she didn't particularly wish to back away from either of them. She struggled a little bit with her conscience, trying desperately to remember that she was attempting to defend her baby sister's honour, but she was having trouble remembering exactly what it was that she was supposed to be angry about. Especially since Alicia had just backed off just a little bit, and slipped her white tank top over her head.

Kayla was shocked at the wave of desire that swept over her at the sight of the tiny blonde's naked body. Alicia was not the kind of girl she usually found herself attracted to. In fact, Alicia was the complete opposite of the full-figured, dark-skinned women that Kayla usually pursued. But there was no denying the thrumming surge of desire that shot through her body as she watched the blonde woman standing there, wearing only a pair of white briefs with bright red lipstick kisses printed all over them. Alicia was breathing rapidly, her breasts, with their hard-tipped nubs, heaving.
Kayla mentally told her conscience to go to hell as the other girl stepped out of her panties, revealing that she was, in fact, a natural blonde. She quickly pulled her t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor. Her pants and underwear soon followed until she, too, was deliciously naked.

The girls both turned as one and looked at Matt expectantly, hands on hips and eyebrows raised. He laughed softly and obliged their unspoken demand by stripping quickly. His small, compact body was soon as naked as theirs. He then grabbed them each by the hand and pulled them, unresisiting, towards the bedroom.

There was nothing of the Ice Queen about Alicia now as her hands roamed hotly over their bodies. Kayla and Matt easily kept pace with her, and it soon became quite impossible to tell whose hand was touching whom.

Kayla eventually disentangled herself enough to squirm down the bed and softly kiss the head of Matt's nice small cock. He was very hard, and she licked him once more before she took him into her mouth. He moaned and grabbed a handful of her hair, using it to control her movements on his shaft. Alicia shared a look with her boyfriend then gently, almost tenderly, reached out her small hands to hold Kayla's long hair back from her face.

Alicia couldn't take such a passive role for long, and soon she was lying on her back between Kayla's knees. Alicia had never gone down on a woman before, but she was eager to get in on the action. Placing her small hands on Kayla's thighs, she ran her tongue lightly over the other woman's slit. She was unable to repress a triumphant smile as she heard Kayla cry out around Matt when her lips found, and attached firmly to, Kayla's hard little clit.

The vibrations of Kayla's cries were too much for Matt, and he desperately wanted to be fucking someone as he poured his cum into them. Suiting thought to intent, he pulled out of Kayla's mouth and crawled around behind her. She sensed his intention, and he could tell she approved by the way she fell onto her hands and knees and presented herself to him.

Matt grabbed her slim hips with both hands and, despite her tightness, slid easily into her. He grunted his approval as he saw Alicia crawl over to Kayla's head. She lay down on her back, and reaching up to lightly, but urgently, cup Kayla's head, imploringly pulled it down towards her dripping nether lips. Kayla willing complied, bending down to take Alicia's wetness into her mouth. Matt thought, as he watched Kayla's head moving between his girlfriend's spread legs, that he was gonna cum just from watching them.
His face flushed with imminent orgasm, he thrust one more time, deeply, into Kayla's tight sheath. Reluctantly pulling out, he walked around the bed to where Alicia lay moaning, close to orgasm herself, Kayla's head still buried between her legs. He knelt by Alicia's face, and she, instinctively knowing what he wanted, turned her head and took his cock into her mouth.

After just a few thrusts into the warm, wet interior of her mouth, he knew he was going to come soon. He removed himself regretfully from between Alicia's lips and grabbed a silky handful of her hair. He used it to move her around on the bed so her head was level with Kayla's groin. When the girls both looked up at him quizzically, he grinned lewdly at them.

"I've always had this fantasy about coming all over a couple of hot girls 69'ing."

Alicia took the hint and buried her tongue deep into Kayla. Matt knelt right by Alicia's hand and she wrapped her slender fingers, wet from Kayla's juices, around it. She briskly jerked him off, her strokes punctuated by soft noises from both of the girls.

The two sexy sluts both suddenly cried out loudly, their moans understandably muffled as they came together once again. With this stimulation, Matt couldn't control himself any longer, and copious amounts of creamy cum shot out of him and all over Kayla and Alicia, splattering hotly onto their sweaty skin.

They all lay quietly for a while, speaking softly and giggling often as Matt helped the girls mop the sticky white fluid off of their flushed bodies. After the enjoyable cleaning job was done, they cuddled together in Alicia's big bed, and soon they all were asleep.


"Go to hell, you cheating bastard!" Jessica screamed into the phone at top volume.

Over the last day since she had talked to Matt she had gone from sad, to despairing, to angry. Once she had hit angry, she had become more and more furious every time she thought about it, which was at least a thousand times an hour. Livid, she had vowed she would have nothing to do with Jerry again.

Somewhat amazed that he had dared to call her, she yelled a few more obscenities into the receiver and then slammed down the phone as hard as she could. She winced as she heard the phone crash loudly into the cradle, and, briefly, she was worried that she may have hurt Jerry's ears. She quickly and angrily shoved that thought aside, stomping through the apartment to her tiny bathroom. A bath, she decided, would be just the thing to distract and relax her.

She put on her favourite Enigma album, hoping that the soothing music would help her relax. As the tub filled with steaming water, she felt her anger inevitably change to extreme sadness. The tears starting trickling down her cheeks as she slid into the hot, vanilla-scented bathwater. She cried fitfully until she had exhausted herself, and then slowly slid into a dream filled sleep, lulled by the warm water.


Jerry let loose a few choice expletives of his own as his eardrums were assaulted. He managed to get the phone away from his ear in time to save most of his hearing, so he supposed he should be grateful for small mercies.

He put down the phone gently, knowing himself well enough to know that in this state he was likely to break the thing if he slammed it down. He paced restlessly back and forth in the small living space of his trailer, his mind whirling, like a frustrated, caged, lion.

His problem was that he had never really understood the whole 'one woman/one man' thing. In his opinion, people simply weren't meant to be monogamous. Unfortunately, the women he had been with in the past had, for the most part, not agreed with his way of thinking. He had left them all without a backward glance. He didn't see why he should stay with someone so fundamentally incompatable with him.

Really, he mused, the best thing would be to do the same with Jessica. He found himself strangely reluctant to do so. The very thought of never having her again, never having her moan under his hands and tongue, was unbearable. The thought of never training her to be the perfect sub was even more so. He was also almost certain about something else; something that would make it even more impossible for him to let her walk away...

The more he thought about it the more convinced he was. He would be damned if he would just walk away from someone so perfect. She had so much potential, and he knew he was the one to help her realize it.

Once he came to his decision, it was only a matter of minutes before he had a plan. He collected a few things from his bedroom and, smiling evilly, left his trailer. Jessica would soon know he was not a man to be put aside.

He stopped to collect the mail on his way out the door, and paused momentarily to open a large, manila envelope with the government crest on it. He skimmed the contents, then smiled broadly and exultantly cried, "Yes! I knew it!" The confirmation he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

He almost sprinted to his car, manila envelope firmly in hand. There was no way Jessica was getting away from him now that he knew for sure...

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