tagBDSMJessica's Taming Ch. 05

Jessica's Taming Ch. 05


This is the fifth chapter in the series ... to learn more about Jessica and her friends, you should read the other four chapters. Everything will make more sense. Comments are appreciated as always. This is the second, and hopefully last, edit of this story :)


Jerry smiled devilishly as he read once more though several pieces of off-white paper. Stuffing them carelessly back into the manila envelope, he set it down on the dashboard for a moment as he undid his seatbelt, then picked it up again and opened the car door.

Standing by his car, he placed his backpack on the driver's seat and rummaged quickly but thoroughly through it. He was parked right in front of Jessica's small apartment, and he wanted to make sure he had everything he needed before he walked in.

Everything was ready to go, so he zipped up the bag. He slammed the door shut carelessly, then cursed the loudness of the resulting noise. Moving more carefully, he slowly, quietly, stalked up the walkway towards her house. No sense in warning her he was coming ...


Jessica half awakened in the still-warm water as she heard a car door slam somewhere nearby. She fought down a strange wave of apprehension, telling herself that she was being silly. Besides, she was emotionally and physically exhausted, and the warm water felt so good. Within seconds she was again breathing softly, sound asleep.


Jerry eased the door carefully open, wincing as the hinges creaked slightly, and glanced around her neat apartment. He didn't see Jessica anywhere, but he could feel a steamy heat in the air and guessed that she was in the bathroom, maybe even in the bath.

He could feel himself getting a large erection as he put his backpack on the carpet by the bed. He opened it, and started piling coils of soft nylon rope on the bed. He tied the ropes quickly but expertly onto the futon frame, then set a soft leather flogger on her bedside table. A quick trip to her kitchen area provided him with a wooden spoon, which he placed beside the flogger.

Grateful that he had been given the time he needed to prepare, he started to walk to the bathroom, but stopped suddenly, turned back to his backpack and took out a small piece of fabric, about the size of a handkerchief. He started folding it into a long, narrow strip.

Soon that was done, and he took two sets of leather restraints from the depths of the bag and added them to the jumble of things he was carrying. A black leather leash and collar topped the precariously balanced pile.

He moved slowly towards the bathroom, all these things in hand. Careful to step around the place on the floor that he knew from previous experience tended to creak, he peered around the door frame to see what Jessica was doing.

She was lying on her back in the tub, the water lapping sexily over her breasts and belly. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was deep. He knew she was asleep, but didn't know how long she would stay that way, so, wasting no more time, he eased his body into the room and set the restraints and the folded strip of fabric down on the counter, within easy reach. He kept the leash in his hand, and slowly opened the buckle of the collar.

He moved to stand by the bathtub and took a deep breath. "Showtime," He murmured.

Then he exploded into action. He dropped the collar around her neck and had the buckle done up within seconds. She woke up, spluttering, just in time for him to shove the folded fabric into her mouth and tie it behind her head.


Jessica was shocked awake by something cold settling around her neck. Her still sleepy eyes had trouble focusing at first, and then narrowed with anger as she saw Jerry standing over her with a leather leash in his hand. Her rage quickly became fear as she realized that the leash was attached to a collar that she now wore around her neck, and she immediately opened her mouth, intending to scream loud enough to wake the dead.

Quick as thought, Jerry took advantage of her open mouth to tie a piece of folded cloth onto her mouth, firmly securing it behind her head. Desperately, she tried to scream anyways, but Jerry knew his business well and only a muffled cry was able to escape.

Using the leash, Jerry tugged Jessica to her feet. Having no other choice, she complied. Her brown eyes were fearful and huge over the cloth gag, and grew wider as her feet slid sickeningly over the slippery floor of the tub.

Using his one free arm to steady her, Jerry yanked her out onto the terrycloth mat beside the bathtub. She stood there shivering from cold and nerves as he grabbed a towel from the rack and started using it to roughly dry her off.

Jessica kept making little noises through her gag. She knew it was hopeless, but she was quite sincerely terrified. She realized, with a dull sense of horror that twisted through her belly, that she didn't really know Jerry all that well, and had very little idea where this was all going. Was he kidnapping her? Was he going to rape her, or kill her, or rape her and then kill her? Her noises became more urgent and pleading as these thoughts writhed frantically through her mind. Jerry, ignoring her, negligently dropped the wet towel on the floor and grabbed the restraints.

As Jerry fastened the restraints firmly but not too tightly to her wrists and ankles, he could feel his already firm cock getting harder, pressing against the rough demin of his jeans. He had almost forgotten how sexy her little noises were. He found them even more so coming through the gag.

He stood back, running his eyes over her restrained body. He could find nothing to fault. She looked magnificent. Her eyes were wide and frightened, but he didn't worry too much about that. He knew soon they would be clouded with passion, and besides, her overt fear was acting on him like an aphrodisiac. The power he had over her, as always, sent intoxicating waves of pleasure spiralling through him. The black collar emphasized the delicate slenderness of her neck, and the restraints had a similar effect on her wrists and ankles.

Eager to get started, he abruptly pulled on the leash, forcing her to follow him out of the bathroom and into the tiny living area. She made a noise of muffled protest, and he looked back at her.

"You're lucky that I don't make you crawl, you bad little girl." He grinned mischieviously, and then continued dragging her over to the futon which he had earlier prepared.

Jessica shook her head at his unresponsive back, wishing she knew what was going on. Her already huge eyes grew to dominate her face as she took in the setup of her bed. She made an inquisitive noise, which he ignored in favour of throwing her roughly to the mattress. She landed on her back, her limbs sprawling untidily over the bed.

Jessica looked up at Jerry, her breasts heaving with her heavy breathing. She was ashamed to admit it, even to herself, but, now that the first shock was over, she was surprised at how she was feeling. The restraints rested snuggly around her wrists and ankles, making her feel strangely sexy. The collar, caressing her neck with soft leather, made her feel vulnerable and delicate. Confusing emotions ran through her body, and suddenly, overwhelmingly, all she wanted was to make Jerry happy, to please him. She knew, somehow without any doubt, that he would reward her well if she did as she wished.

She also had to admit to herself that she was incredibly turned on. Seeing the way Jerry's eyes rested possessively on her, she realized that she had her own peculiar kind of power over him. True, he was stronger than her and could easily dominate her, but her eyes, roaming down over his body, saw that he was not unaffected by her. He was obviously aroused by her naked, vulnerable, bound body, with the hard outline of his cock obvious even through the thick black jeans he was wearing.

She squirmed on the bed, embarrassed by her increasingly sexual thoughts. Jerry's eyes narrowed with displeasure as he saw her moving, and he snapped, "I didn't give you permission to move, little girl!"

She immediately stopped, compelled by the commanding tone of his voice. As a reward, he stroked her head slightly with one hand. The other hand was still curled around the leather leash.

He ran his free hand roughly down her face, over her full breasts, delightfully curving hips, and smooth legs down to her ankles. He smiled as he heard her breathing quicken. He could tell by her noises that he hadn't been wrong about her submissive instincts.

He quickly fastened the leather restraints to the ropes tied to the bed, then ran his hands back up her curvy body, stopping only to lightly run the tip of a finger over her dripping slit, resting lightly on her hard button. When his wandering hands reached her wrists, he fastened them in a similar manner.

He stopped to admire his handiwork. Jessica lay obediently still; her only movement the rapid rise and fall of her chest. She looked gorgeous, spread eagled, arms tied to either side of the bed. His eyes rose to her face, where the only thing marring her beauty was the cloth gag, making deep gouges to either side of her mouth.

"Oh, baby girl," he said with mock sadness, "I hate to see your pretty face marked like that. I wish you didn't make me gag you. But I don't want you to yell at me again, so I had to. Now, if only I could trust you to not scream ..." He looked enquiringly at her and she emphatically nodded her head.

He, smiling, reached down to undo the gag. She gasped as the soaked cloth came away from her mouth, but made no other noise. Even when the blood started rushing painfully back to her abused face, she managed to restrain herself from crying out at the pleasurable pain.

"Now, Jessica," he continued, easily hiding his relief that everything was going so well, "Do you remember a few days ago we had a conversation? I said you had some things to work on and you said you'd do whatever I want?" Jessica nodded, cautiously, obediently not speaking.

Jerry's rough features lit up as he spoke. "It's time for the next part of your training. You're a bad little girl, talking to me like that and hanging up on me. I don't allow my submissives to treat me that way." He stopped and looked at her. When she remained silent, he continued, "I was going to give you a choice about whether you wanted to be my sub, but you've been bad and I don't think you deserve one."

She lifted her head as much as she was able, her prior rage having returned full force, and she hissed, "I'm the one who's bad? When you're the asshole who cheated on me?"

He smiled and started undoing the ropes holding her wrists and ankles to the bed. As he worked, releasing the ropes and turning her over, then securing her firmly again, he spoke softly.

"Your first lesson will be don't talk unless I tell you to."

He stood back, his erection blatantly straining against his jeans as he surveyed her narrow back and rounded ass. Placing his end of the leash onto the floor, he picked up the flogger and started running it lightly over her back.

She shivered and moaned at the sensation of the smooth leather over her skin. He took that as a good sign and started moving it a bit more roughly, flicking the leather strands at her back. He slowly increased the intensity of the flogging until it was flying against her back and ass, the pale skin darkening to a deep red.

When her moans of pleasure had turned fully into cries of pain, he knew the time had come to let her rest. He put the flogger down and knelt between her spread legs, running his fingers coarsely over her soft inner thigh and up through the downy curls of her pubic hair to her wet, hard clit. She cried out as his finger brushed against her, swivelling her hips to increase the intensity of the contact. He stopped when he sensed, by her breathing and movements, that she was close to coming.

He stilled his hand. "I'm not really a bad guy. If you make me happy, I'll make it worth your while. If you don't," He punctuated his words with a smack of his hand to her tender ass, "You will be punished. Understand?"

She nodded.

"You may call me Master, or Sir if you want. You will always speak to me with respect, even when we are in public. Understand?"

"Yes" She said softly, giving in completely. She wasn't sure when it had happened, but somewhere along the way she had given herself completely to this man. She knew now that she would do anything he wanted her to do, anything that she sensed would please him.

"Yes what?" he grunted.

"Yes ... Master" She felt her body clench near-orgasmically as she spoke. Such a simple word, just two syllables, and yet it meant so much.

"Ok. I think we can consider the first lesson learned. Second lesson," he stopped talking and leaned over from where he was kneeling to pick up the wooden spoon, laying it lightly against her still-pink ass, "Sex doesn't have to be anything special. It's mostly just a fun thing to do when you feel like it, with whoever you feel like doing it at the time. I'm not going to stop sleeping with other people just because we are together. I promise that, when I do fuck other women, I will use a condom and be safe about it. Can you deal with that?"

He held his breath, sincerely worried that she would say that she couldn't. This is where all his other relationships had gone sour, when they couldn't, or perhaps wouldn't, deal with his sexual habits.

She thought deeply, her brow furrowed, for a few minutes. "Master?" she said tentatively, uncertainly trying out the word, "Would I be allowed to sleep with other people as well?"

He managed, with an effort, to keep the surge of joy he felt at her words off his face. She had passed that test with flying colours, the first one who ever had! "Yes, sexy baby girl. You gotta promise to be safe and ask me first, though."

She twisted her head around with difficulty, trying to look at him where he was kneeling between her legs. "Well then," She swallowed deeply, feeling scared but determined as she thrust away a lifetime of conditioning, "I can deal with it."

"Good," He said quickly, trying to disguise the relief rushing through his body. He forced his face to stay impassive. "Now then, I think you deserve a punishment for being so unreasonable about Alicia, don't you?"

She nodded demurely, feeling her excitement mount as he picked up her wooden spoon. She couldn't really see what he was doing, which only added to her anticipation. She was therefore unable to be completely prepared when the spoon bit into her flesh. Jerry laid into her, seemingly knowing exactly when to back off and when to speed up.

Jessica felt herself losing control, not able to keep her grip on reality anymore. She felt like she was in another world, one where nothing mattered but Jerry and the beautifully painful feelings he was producing in her body.

Jerry, far more experienced then Jessica, knew exactly when to stop. He saw, with a jolt of intense arousal, that his enthusiastic beating had raised welts on her sexy round ass, but thankfully no blood. He knew how important it was to know the limits of the people you were with, and he was certain that Jessica was not yet ready for any bloodplay.

He swiftly untied her, leaving her collar and restraints on. Stopping only to pick up his end of the leash again, he pulled her next to him on the bed, having to use his iron will to ignore his throbbing cock and focus only on her. He softly petted her hair as she, still attached to him with the leash rested against him. He didn't stop murmuring soothing words into her ear until her trembling stopped.

Far sooner than he would have imagined, she surprised him by sliding from her hand from it's position, resting on his chest, down over his stomach, finally slipping it beneath the wasitband of his jeans and touching his throbbing cock.

That one innocent, light touch did him in. All his considerable willpower was shattered, and he sprung to his feet. Tearing his clothes off heedless of where they fell, he reached out, roughly grabbed her head, and forced himself into her willing mouth.

Jessica moaned with desire and opened her mouth and throat to him, allowing him whatever access he wanted. She grabbed his ass and pulled on it, desperately, so that he thrust even more deeply into her mouth. He wound his fingers into her hair and used his grip on it to thrust himself deep into the recesses of her throat. She could tell by the way he groaned and shook that he was close to coming, and she welcomed it, encouraging him with small noises of her own.

He didn't want to cum yet, he wanted to pour his fluids inside her, so he forced himself to pull out of her hungry mouth. Pushing her roughly back onto the bed, he spread her legs and ran his mouth over her, pushing his tongue deep inside her, desperate to taste her wetness.

She was unaware of the noises coming out of her own mouth as she felt herself drawing close to orgasm again. This time, however, he didn't stop and she writhed and squirmed under his tongue as she came violently all over his face.

The noises she made as she came where more than enough to drive Jerry further into his lust-filled frenzy, and unable or at least unwilling to control himself any longer, he moved up her body and thrust his hard, throbbing dick deep inside her. He started slowly moving inside her, and as she tightened around him, he knew he couldn't last long. He wanted to draw it out as long as possible, so, not pulling out of her, he rolled onto his back and allowed her to straddle him.

She gasped as she felt him go deeper inside of her then he had yet. Moving instinctively she rode him, her skin glistening with sweat, to orgasm after orgasm. Her body shuddering and clenching around him soon drove him to the brink of yet again, but he still wasn't ready. He wanted to completely exhaust her before he spilled his seed into her sexy body.

He pushed her roughly off of him, and curtly ordered her onto her hands and knees. Eagerly she scrambled into the required position and presented herself to him. Within seconds he was again buried deep within her, kneeling behind her, his hands using her beautiful round hips to control her movements on his shaft. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair, drawing her head off the mattress, forcing her back to arch, groaning with deep satisfaction as he felt her tense and shudder, obviously coming again, at his actions.

The way she moaned and clenched her muscles around him as she came finally drew him over the edge, and he grunted as he thrust inside her, as deeply as he could, and sprayed his hot cum into her. She pushed her hips back against him, her sex pumping desperately against him as she came yet again, seemingly trying to milk the last drop out of him.

He slowly pulled out of her, smiling tenderly down at her exhausted, prostrate form; she had performed far beyond his expectations. He knew that his instinctive feeling about her was correct. She really was going to be the perfect sub for him.

They arranged themselves into a spooning position, Jerry holding Jessica's back tightly to his chest, and after a few minutes, when their breathing had slowed down and their hearts and quieted a little, he began to speak.

"Jessica." She looked at him inquiringly., surprised by the serious tone of his voice. "I want you to call Kayla, get her over here."

She raised an eyebrow, clearly wondering at his order. He untangled himself from her and got up off the bed. Walking over to the computer table, he picked up the large manila envelope he had previously placed there.

"Do it." His tone was uncomprimising. "There's something I need to show you guys."

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