tagBDSMJessica's Taming Ch. 06

Jessica's Taming Ch. 06


Kayla hung up the phone, feeling a little disgruntled. Jessica's voice had sounded weird, almost strained, as they briefly spoke. She had refused to tell Kayla why she wanted her to come over, saying only that it was important that she immediately do so. She had hung up the phone after delivering her cryptic message, giving Kayla no chance to question her.

She ran her brush quickly though her long, dark hair, tossing it carelessly back into a ponytail. As she wound an elastic band into it to keep the dark strands from falling into her face, she admitted wryly that there was good reason for Jessica to be acting strange around her. Kayla herself had still not managed to fully deal with what had happened between herself, her little sister, and Jerry.

She quickly slipped out of the stylish business suit that she had been wearing when the phone rang. She had just gotten home from the office, and she hadn't had time to do more then kick off her uncomfortable work shoes before Jessica had called. Carelessly grabbing the first clothes she saw, a ragged but clean pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt printed with the wise-cracking, skateboard-riding, image of Bart Simpson, she quickly donned them and slid her feet into white socks and comfortably worn sneakers. Grabbing her purse, she left her house, wondering all the while what had made her sister summon her so urgently.

* * * * *

Jerry reclined easily on his back, amusing himself by watching Jessica's naked form pace across her small apartment. He liked the way her large breasts bounced as she walked quickly across the room, abruptly spun around right before she stepped into the wall, and continued towards the other side of the apartment.

He knew what was making her so nervous. He could have dispelled her unease by disclosing the contents of the envelope that was resting lightly on his chest, but he knew that she wasn't going to like the information it contained. Besides, he was amused by her obvious anxiety and didn't want to end it quite yet.

She suddenly ceased her restless movement through the room, whirling around to face him. Her brown eyes showed her distress quite clearly as she spoke, "Why isn't she here yet? Please, Sir," her voice turned tentative as she remembered herself and spoke the still unfamiliar word, "Tell me what you need to talk to us about?"

Jerry laughed. He was thrilled that she had remembered the honorific, even in her state of unease. She really was perfect. She had enough spirit to challenge him, yet even under stress, she never forgot her place. He stretched languidly and got to his feet, still chuckling. The smile faded from his face as he realized how close he was to probably losing her. The chances of her being willing to stay with him when she knew the truth were not great.

Sensing that she was about to ask him what was wrong, he fled. He could feel Jessica's eyes on his back as he started walking towards the small bathroom. "I'm gonna have a shower while I wait for her to get here," He tossed the words negligently over his shoulder as he firmly closed the door behind him. He knew he was hurting her feelings by retreating, but he felt that he was doing the best thing. He was coming dangerously close to being overemotional.


Jessica stared at the closing door, her mind still spinning and her body almost shaking with nervous energy. Flinging herself onto the bed, she desperately tried to think of what Jerry could need to tell both her and Kayla.

She was a little surprised at how anxious she was. Considering she had no idea what the issue was, she was reacting a little strongly, even in her own estimation. Taking a deep breath to try to relax, her eyes rested briefly on the manila envelope Jerry had left on her computer table. She remembered him bringing it in with him, and she wondered if perhaps the answer to her questions lay within.

Jerry had not given her permission to look, so she jerked her eyes away from the innocuously innocent orange envelope. Her eyes, without her conscious direction, kept darting back. Feeling like she was being drawn almost against her will, she moved from the bed. Her footsteps were tentative as she walked across her apartment until she stood by her desk.

Wrestling with her conscience, she slowly reached her hand out to rest on the paper envelope. She suspected that she could stop the suspense just by slipping it open and reading whatever it contained. Jerry had not actually forbidden her to read it, and this was, after all, her own apartment. Picking it up, she looked at the Government of Canada seal imprinted on the front.

Swearing softly under her breath, she reluctantly released her grip and let the envelope flutter back to her desk. She couldn't do it. She was more curious then ever, but she knew Jerry would not want her to read the contents. She would just have to wait for Kayla to arrive. Maybe then he would end the torment and tell her.

Just as she had made her decision,she was surprised by the front door banging open. A gust of coldness, accompanied by Kayla, burst into the apartment. The wintry air made Jessica's nipples harden into tight nubs.

"Jesus, doesn't anyone knock around here?" Jessica's frustration erupted, knowing Kayla was a safer target then Jerry to release her nervous energy onto.

Kayla set her purse down on the counter beside the door and turned to survey her sister. Her large green eyes crinkled with amusement, and Jessica belatedly noticed that she was still naked. All of her fine, focused anxious energy turned abruptly to embarrassment.

Blushing profusely, she walked over to her bed, feeling her sisters eyes following her. Gratefully, she sat on the mattress and draped her blanket over her nudity.

Kayla followed her to the futon, sitting beside Jessica's blanket-covered form. Her face was lit up with amusement, presumably from Jessica's reaction to her entrance. Jessica knew her cheeks were still red, and that her blushes probably were only fueling Kayla's amusement.

"Listen, Jessica, I think we need to talk," Kayla spoke suddenly. Jessica looked at her and was surprised to see that her normally confident older sister had blushed a deep red as she spoke. She had never seen Kayla as clearly nervous as she was now. Her slim fingers were wound tightly together, and her body was shifting uncomfortably on the bed.

Jessica found the sight a little discomfiting. While they had been growing up together, Kayla had always been the one who could deal with any situation. Jessica had often run to her sister for help with all manner of things throughout her childhood and adolescence. To see the tower of strength that was her sister in such an obviously anxious mood was strange.

She knew what Kayla wanted to talk about. There was only one thing that had happened recently that would require a serious conversation. Jessica had been studiously avoiding thinking about what had happened that night. She forced herself to take it out for examination, and, to her surprise, found that she was getting aroused as she remembered.

Kayla seemed to mistake her thoughtful silence for reluctance to speak about the topic. She spoke all in a rush "No, we need to talk about it, Jessie. It's been bugging me ever since it happened because I liked it! I'm sorry, but it's true. I know it's wrong but ..."

Jessica cut her off, allowing the blanket to fall down off her body. Smiling sweetly into her shocked sisters face, she looked right into her eyes and then kissed her full on the mouth. Kayla's shocked gasp was incredibly sexy, as well as allowing Jessica to slip her tongue into her mouth.

Kayla groaned and slipped her hand through Jessica's hair to cup the back of her head as their tongues moved together. Leaning back against the pillows and drawing Jessica with her, Kayla raised her hand and placed it tentatively on Jessica's breast.

Jessica could feel her nipple hardening in reaction to her sisters light touch. Moaning enthusiastically to show her approval, she allowed her hands to roam freely over Kayla's beautiful, trim body.

"If you liked it so much, big sister, then we should do it again. Right now." Jessica was shocked at the boldness of her own words.

Kayla disentangled herself abruptly. For a second, Jessica was worried that her speech had been to forward, but Kayla soon dispelled her fears. She quickly stripped off her clothing, dumping it into a messy pile on the floor. Naked, she reclined again against the soft pillow, her legs on either side of Jessica, who was still kneeling on the bed.

Reaching out with eager hands, Kayla grabbed handfuls of her baby sister's silky brown hair and pulled her over to look deep into her eyes. Easily communicating without words as they had done since they were both children, Jessica smiled at her big sister and ran her hands down Kayla's body. Her fingers found soft curls and delved deeper, brushing lightly over Kayla's wetness.

"Yes, Jessie, please!" Kayla cried out, arching her back to press her hips against Jessica's hand. Jessica could feel herself growing slick and wet with extreme excitement as she lowered her head from Kayla's lips. Brushing her lips lightly down her neck and chest, Jessica settled her mouth on Kayla's breast, drawing her nipple into her mouth.

Kayla's hands, still tangled in Jessica's hair, tightened their grip Her fingers pressed into her head, encouraging her to go lower. Jessica, more than happy to oblige, continued her journey over Kayla's body. Going down onto her hands and knees, she pressed light kisses over Kayla's smooth skin, caressing her flat stomach with her tongue.

"Jessie, are you sure you want to ...?" Kayla's tentative question was cut off as Jessica fastened her mouth firmly on Kayla's aching clit. Groaning, she ground her hips desperately on Jessica's willing lips. Still sucking on her hard little button, her little sister slid two fingers inside her. They easily slipped inside, and Kayla could feel herself getting close as her sister began to lustily finger-fuck her.

Clamping her legs tight against her sisters head, Kayla started crying out loudly, pumping her hips desperately against her sisters mouth and fingers. Jessica started making low mewing noises as her mouth slid over Kayla's clit, which were muffled by her death grip on her head.

It was then that Jerry pushed open the bathroom door. Jessica, with her head clenched between Kayla's legs, could neither see nor hear him, but Kayla could. Her orgasm receded and her eyes widened as Jerry quickly took in the scene and put his finger to his lips, indicating that she should remain silent about his presence. She was relieved to see an amused gleam in his dark eyes. Apparently he was not inclined to freak out about seeing his girlfriend going down on her sister.

Quite, the opposite, in fact. Kayla watched Jerry carefully as he started walking across the room towards the two sisters. She was relieved to see that he was not angry, and was quite obviously turned on. His cock swelled as he crossed the apartment, until it was large and pointing straight at the ceiling.

Reaching the bed and kneeling behind Jessica, Jerry leaned over to speak directly into her ear.

"Oh Jessica, you bad little girl, licking your sisters pussy. And without my permission! I'm definitely gonna have to punish you for that,"

She jumped as she heard his voice growling into her ear, and he could tell she was trying to remove herself from her sisters crotch to figure out what was going on. Kayla, amused by the whole situation, tightened her legs and prevented her from getting away.

Jerry rested both hands lightly on Jessica's firm round ass. Lightly running the fingernails of one hand over her soft skin, he allowed his other hand to drift down to her moist slit. As he began to spank her, he slid two fingers inside and started fucking her with them.

His movements drove Jessica to a frenzy, and she lapped frantically at Kayla while her fingers churned desperately inside her body. This rough treatment soon sent Kayla sailing over the edge, her body convulsing with her climax.

This sight was more then enough to send Jerry into waves of unthinking lust. Roughly seizing the curve where Jessica's waist was most narrow, he pulled her back toward him. When he had her arranged the way he wanted her, he thrust his pelvis forward and impaled her brutally with his hard, throbbing cock.

Kayla, her muscles still twitching slightly from the intense orgasm she'd just had, disentangled her spent body from her sister's grasp. Moving to the end of the bed where Jerry was kneeling, she crawled carefully between his legs until her head was resting between Jessica's knees. Reaching up, she grasped her sister's hips and applied her lips and tongue to her cock-stuffed vagina.

Jessica stiffened and loudly cried out as she came right away from the sensation. Moving with Jerry's pumping cock, Kayla began alternating her licks between her sister and Jerry, tonguing the place where he disappeared into her body.

Jerry, heartily approving of her oral exertions, withdrew from Jessica's tight sheath and plunged himself into Kayla's welcoming, warm mouth. After a few strokes down her throat, he removed himself from her mouth and thrust himself into Jessica again.

With Kayla sucking his cock while he fucked Jessica, it wasn't long until he was ready to cum. Unable or at least unwilling to hold himself back, he groaned and thrust once more, squirting deep into her. His hot cum dribbled out of her hole, splatting over Kayla's face. She eagerly opened her mouth, her small pink tongue darting out to catch all of his fluids as they flowed out of Jessica's body.

Jerry hated to break the mood but he knew it was time. He walked over to the computer table and picked up the envelope, nervously toying with it as he spoke.

"Kayla, Jessica. I'm sorry, I didn't really mean to fuck you again until you'd read this. Inside this envelope, there are papers that will tell you what I already know. I don't think you're gonna like it, but you should know the truth."

He threw the envelope onto the bed where the girls both sat, watching him curiously. A surge of some unfamiliar emotion went through him as he looked at their inquisitive eyes. He knew he stood a good chance of losing them after they had read the documents. When he spoke again, his voice was rough and uncharacteristically hesitant with imperfectly suppressed feelings.

"Before you read it, I want you to know that I want to keep this relationship going. Jessica, baby girl, I want to tell you that I ... love you and want to be with you. Kayla, I want you to come over and have lots of sex with us. If either of you wants nothing to do with me after this, I will understand. I just want you both to try to keep an open mind."

Surprisingly, it was Jessica who was finally brave enough to reach out and take the envelope into her hands. She treated it with extreme care, like someone handling a poisonous snake, and he would have laughed in different circumstances.

The girls linked hands for mutual comfort, expressions of curiosity and dread written on both lovely faces. Slowly, her eyes not leaving his serious face, she lifted up the flap and drew out a sheet of paper.

The intensity of her gaze was slightly uncomfortable and he was glad when she lowered her eyes to read the paper. Kayla sat up straight, straining her neck to try to see what was written. Both sets of eyes hastily scanned the paper. Jessica's nerveless hands dropped it onto the mattress after reading it.

Silence prevailed through the room for many moments as the girls sat on the bed. Jerry felt compelled by the uncomfortable silence, feeling an overwhelming urge to break it. He moved to kneel at the side of the bed, gazing imploringly at them, as he spoke.

"Yes, my two little girls, it's true. I've suspected from the first day I met Jessica. I had to know for sure before I told you. I just got this in the mail this morning. It doesn't have to change anything, unless either of you wants it to. I don't want to let either of you go,"

The two sisters looked at him, both pairs of eyes very familiar to him. Kayla's dark green eyes were the same colour and shape as his mothers. Jessica's large brown eyes were the same as the ones that looked at him from the mirror every morning.

Their shocked expressions were identical, and made them look more similar then they usually did. Again the silence lengthened. Kayla compulsively reached for the paper, re-reading it as if to refute what she already knew in her heart to be true. The girls looked at each other for support, fingers still entwined. Jerry thought they looked very small and young as they sat there.

Finally, just when Jerry thought he was going to have to leave and let them absorb the situation, the two girls spoke in almost perfect unison. The tones of their voices were soft and vulnerable with emotion.


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