tagMatureJessie: Hot Child of Dallas

Jessie: Hot Child of Dallas


Late this Summer I was in Dallas taking care of some business and attending some meetings. It was there that I met her. At first glance my heart stopped and my cock got hard. Now she wasn't one of those fashion magazine beauties as she was far sexier than any of them. She was only five feet one inch tall but boy was she put together just right.

She had brilliant green eyes and beautiful blonde hair down to her shoulder blades. Oh yes, she was a vision of sexy sinfulness with her 36C titties that pointed straight out from her chest, a nice full round ass, and a Texas drawl that turned this northern man on.

For about three days I saw her around the stupid meetings before getting the courage to even speak to her knowing that if I did my cock would swell to full arousal and I wouldn't be able to hide it in my trousers. I had gotten close enough to read her name badge and find out her name was Jessie and that she was from Dallas.

During the morning break I walked up to her and confided that I was tired of eating the food at the hotel and was wondering if she could recommend somewhere different for lunch. I knew it was a pretty lame excuse to talk with her; I just hoped she was interested in me so that she didn't care how lame my excuse was.

She named a couple of places in walking distance. Then going for it I asked her if she would join me at her favorite of the places she had named; my treat. We had a very nice lunch getting to know each other. There was very little sexual tension but a lot of laughing as we had apparently had a lot in common other than our big age difference as I was old enough to be her father as I was 48 and she was 23.

"Jessie, this has been fun. Can we continue this at dinner tonight?" I was nervous as I asked while my cock sprang to life as the words came out. Thoughts of what could happen raced through my mind as I waited the unbelievably long three seconds for her answer.

"I'd love to Gene, but this time it will be my treat," she replied happily. The afternoon session seemed to drag on and on. I thought it would never end. Then the two hours waiting for Jessie were absolutely grueling. Finally at 7:00 exactly there was a knock at my hotel room door. Opening the door I saw her carrying two large bags.

"Well, Jessie come on in and put those down. I'll be ready in just a moment as I need to use the restroom before we leave." I ushered her into the room and closed the door behind her watching her ass sway as she walked past.

"Actually, I brought dinner with me if that is ok. I brought some real Texas style barbeque and some beer for you to try." We had argued at lunch about whether Midwest or Texas barbeque was better. Of course she loved her Texas kind and I was a big fan of the Kansas City style. Her idea sounded wonderful to me.

An intimate dinner for two in my hotel room with a 12 pack of beer sounded just perfect. The ribs were great and I devoured them with her. I had to break the news that I still preferred the Midwest ribs. As we licked our fingers we kept talking and laughing as we downed beer after beer. Soon our bladders were full.

Jessie was the first to excuse herself to use the bathroom. I couldn't help myself and as she got up from that small little table they put in hotel rooms her rump was almost in my face. Reaching up I gave it a little swat as she walked away. She just looked back and smiled at me

While she was tinkling I straightened up and threw away the food containers and beer cans. When I heard the bathroom door open I walked toward it. Meeting her just outside the entrance I gently put my arms around her waste and pulled her short body tightly against mine.

Looking into those shimmering green eyes I leaned in and put my lips on her hers. She parted her full lips slightly and I stabbed my tongue inside as the kiss grew in passion. After about a minute we came up for air and I went to the bathroom. While in the restroom I told myself to take it easy and Jessie would amply reward me; no need to rush things as she appeared to be as horny as I was.

I hadn't thought that I could get anymore aroused until I came out of the bathroom and saw her on the edge of the king size bed. She was leaning back on her elbows with one foot dangling from the side and the other propped up on the edge of the bed. All she was wearing was her sexy black bra and matching panties as she cooed, "Gene, I didn't want to wrinkle my dress as I need it for tomorrow."

"No, you sure wouldn't want to do that," I responded as I gulped hard. I walked closer kicking off my shoes as I approached this virtual goddess of lust. When I was about two yards away she held up her hand as a stop sign.

"When you used that goofy line about finding a restaurant on me were you actually hoping to find a young thing to be your sweet baby girl?"

"I wasn't looking for a baby girl type; you just turned me on so much that I had to take my chances. Don't misunderstand me, I would love to have a sweet baby girl to play with and teach some valuable lessons to." She smiled broadly at me as I must have given the correct answer. She motioned for me to come a bit closer to her.

"Well Gene, I cream my panties for older graying hair guys like you. I turn into a total slut around handsome guys like you. Please be my daddy. Please let me suck your cock daddy, I'll be a good little cock sucker." She was innocently twirling her hair with her fingers. Then the nymph grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. Quickly she found my zipper and started to pull it down. I was already completely in her spell.

"Oh Jessie, yes you can be my baby girl slut. Remember baby that daddy is always in charge. Oh shit yes, pull out my pecker and suck it like a sweet girl should." Her graceful hands had my trousers and briefs down to my knees in a flash. Cupping my balls with one hand and grabbing the stem of my rod with the other she planted a dainty kiss right on the head of my circumcised seven inches.

There was no doubt that Jessie loved cock sucking as she made love to my prick with her mouth. She worked her tongue all around my shaft before sucking the entire member into her mouth. She used the hand that was on my pecker like a pump yanking me up and down with each thrust of her mouth. The hand that had been teasing my balls was exploring my skinny little ass.

She stuck a finger just inside of my rectum and played with my prostate. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. My balls were boiling in excitement. Moaning loudly I shot my cum into her hungry mouth. She was doing everything she could to get it all down her throat but a little stream of the sticky stuff ran down the corner of her chin.

"How was that daddy?" Jessie asked as she pulled away from my erection and licked the cum from her chin. I was unable to respond as I was out of breath. She had scooted onto her side and was playing with her bra. The next move was obviously mine.

"Oh sweet baby that was wonderful but you didn't keep it all in your mouth. Daddy will have to punish you for that. But, let's see what your bra and panties are hiding first." I laid down beside this girl who was 25 years younger than me and couldn't believe my cock was already hard again. Resting a hand on her shoulder I kissed her soulfully.

Our lips and tongue did a carnal dance for several minutes until I reached behind her back and undid her bra clasps. With her help the bra disappeared from her body. Kissing down her neck and upper chest I soon had one of her dark brown nipples in my mouth. Her hands held my face in place as I sucked and licked her C Cups while my hands traveled all over her body until I reached her silky panties.

Reaching between her thighs I felt the crotch of her undies. I knew it would be extra warm, but her cunt was red hot. The big surprise was how wet the panties had become in such a short time. I hooked my fingers in the sides of the bikini panties and started to pull them down. Jessie quickly caught on and lifted her hips off of the bed. The panties slid off easily. Quickly I slung them to the floor and inspected her twat.

She had a perfectly clean shaved pussy. There was not a hair to be found. Her pink cunt lips seemed to be inviting me to them. I did a double take as I looked again and saw her hard little nub of a clit was already greeting me from between the lips. God, I knew I was going to have fun with her. Rather than dive right into her honey pot curiosity got the best of me and I rolled her over to see her back side.

Her ass was so cute. The two perfect cheeks were divided by her deep crack. Pulling her fleshy buns apart my eyes quickly focused in on her tiny little rosebud and I was virtually drooling. Sitting up I grabbed her ankles and pulled her sliding her across the bedspread until her ass was on my lap.

Jessie giggled as I did this; it was kind of a nervous giggle. Obviously my yanking her across the bed hadn't hurt as she wiggled her rump at me once I had it in place. Her hips rubbed against my cock as I wrapped one hand around her chest to hold her in place. I lifted my other hand up behind my shoulder and then threw it down all the way to her sweet ass with a thundering slap.

"Ouch, Oh daddy that hurt," she cried in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Again I raised my hand and smacked her rump. Then again and again I smacked her watching her cheeks get pinker and pinker and then redder and redder. It was such a pretty shade of red.

Do you like what daddy is doing? Does my baby slut want more?"

"Oh yes, please daddy

I am on fire, Oh please spank my crack; I need it!" Jessie let her legs fall apart slightly allowing her labia to come into view. Then grabbing the ass cheek farthest from my stomach she pulled her cheek a part so with each swat my hand landed more against the depths of her sexy crack.

After several more hard swats I began to tenderly rub her ass taking out the sting and making it all better. My hand glided up and down her crack and to her cunt lips. Sticking a finger in her hole I was amazed just how juicy she had become. Softly I asked, "Is this honey in your pot for me, baby girl?"

"Oh yes, daddy, I made it all just for you because I know just how much daddy's love baby's honey."

"Then Jessie, how about climbing up on this bed and spreading your legs and serving it up to me like a nasty good girl should." This sexy girl obviously wanted her pussy eaten as she had her head on the pillow where I had pointed in just seconds. Her legs formed a wishbone with her cunt at the center inviting me in.

Teasing her I slowly kissed up her legs. When I reached the top of her thigh I stopped and jumped to the other thigh. I kissed around it for a good minute while I caressed her legs, tummy and boobies. Then, forming my tongue into a scoop I started at the bottom of her twat and began shoveling her sweet nectar into my mouth.

Her body convulsed when the tip of my tongue first touched her larger than normal clit. I teased it with my tongue before returning to scooping out her cunt that was running like a river. Then wrapping my arms around her gorgeous thighs I settled in at her turgid joy button. First lightly playing with and then sucking it into my mouth I did everything I could to bring my new fuck mate off.

I rubbed the button between my lips as I flicked it with my tongue as I sucked on it for everything I was worth. Jessie was slamming her fists on the bed. Her sweet aroma filled the room and my nostrils as she pleaded, "Oh Gene, fuck me, I'll do it anyway you like just fuck the holy shit out of your little slut. I need your cock."

As much as I was enjoying sucking her clit and eating her out fucking her sounded even better. It was a dream coming true; after all, there isn't a man alive who doesn't want to here a sweet little girl beg him to fuck her. Even though she was supposed to be my little slut I couldn't contain my enthusiasm as I blurted out, "You want to fuck do you? Then get on your hands and knees and I'll shove my big cock in this sweet cunt of yours."

Wasting no time, the girl pulled her legs up and rolled over. Doing a single push up Jessie was in position wiggling her hot ass at me. Surprisingly it was still pink from the spanking I had given her but the white was starting to return. Climbing in behind her I lightly stroked her rear end. Getting closer I rubbed my pecker up and down her crack and pussy while my free hand caressed up her back.

Placing my prick at the opening to her pussy I grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and yanked back on her head. Now with her head pulled back I drove my hot poker deep into her very tight little cunt. As Jessie squealed I bellowed, "Is this what you wanted? Is this the way my hot fucking slut wants to get her fucking?"

"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me harder I'm your fucking slut; give it to me!" Now I was pummeling her cunt with thrust after thrust. Her ass was so inviting that I couldn't help myself and swatted it a few times as we continued to fuck. Jessie buried her shoulders in the bed and reached down and began playing with her clit. Neither of us was able to speak as our breathing got heavier and heavier.

Suddenly my balls tightened and I let loose what felt like a massive explosion of cum deep in her love tunnel. But, the young lady wasn't quite finished with my cock. With her still frigging her clit I continued to pound in and out of her. Then with a scream I felt her whole body shudder before she collapsed to the bed having cum herself.

We spent the rest of the evening snuggling and caressing one another. Nothing very steamy as we both were tired from the long day. However, just before we fell asleep for the night Jessie grabbed my cock and gave me one hell of a hand job. Naturally, I returned the favor and we came together laying there arm in arm.

The aroma of hot coffee awoke me early the next morning. Looking over at the table I saw Jessie sipping a mug of coffee wearing only her panties and blouse. She only had about three buttons fastened. A thunderbolt struck me; I would see just how much Jessie was into being my baby girl.

Wiping the night's sleep out of my eyes I went in to the bathroom and quickly relieved myself. Then, splashing some cold water on my face I strutted out heading straight for the sexy fox. I positioned myself directly in front of her as she softly spoke, "Good morning, Gene."

"Good morning yourself Jessie; But, what is the idea of getting up without waking me too? Slide down on your knees for me." Puzzled she did as I asked her. Her face was now at my groin and she started to reach out for my cock but I pushed her hand away. Then taking my shaft in my hand I smacked her forehead with it. Then I proceeded to give her a cockwhipping all over her face as I ordered her to take off her blouse.

Pulling her up onto her knees I swatted each of her big jugs with it several times. Grasping one of her tits roughly in my hand I rubbed the spongy head of my cock against her nipple; then did the same to the other nipple. Then resuming the cock whipping of her boobs I was fascinated by how my cock seemed to bounce each time it hit them.

My excitement level was rapidly increasing as was Jessie's. She was wiggling trying to get as much of my cock on her body as she could. Wanting to cum all over her I had her settle back down with her face right in front of my prick still whipping her with it.

Slowing down I let her tongue and lips grab a small taste. She wasn't to be denied as after a couple of minutes she hungrily captured my cock between her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth. Groaning in pleasure I twisted my fingers in her hair and frantically gave her a hard mouth fucking.

Yanking back on her hair I pulled my pecker from her greedy mouth and shot a large load of spunk on to her face. Globs landed in her hair and between her eyes. Another splash landed on the tip of her nose which she licked into her mouth. Withdrawing my hips further I yanked on my cock a couple of more times and covered her large melons with a spray of my stickiness. Using her hands she rubbed it into her sexy chest.

This was one of the sexiest sites I had ever seen in my life! Globs of white sticky gooey spunk all over her face, hair, and chest painted such a perfect picture of my new hot baby girl. Helping her to her feet we kissed passionately and as I pushed her back onto the bed asked, "Was that fun little Jessie? Do you like being my cock loving slut?"

"Oh Gene, that was fucking amazing," she replied as she kept scooping globs of my jism from her face and hair into her mouth. As she did this I dove back between her legs for the breakfast of champions and buried my face into her cunt. Licking and sucking I made sure that I got every drop I could of that wondrous honey.

We were running out of time and I had to get a fuck in before we went off to the damn meetings. Sadly I took my mouth from her twat and positioned my cock at her entrance. It wasn't much of a fuck as my cock had already been pretty well drained. But, we did both manage a small orgasm.

As we got dressed and went to the elevator we made arrangements to spend the rest of the week together. She told me that I would be on my own for lunch as she had to run home and get some clothes if I wanted her to stay with me. I agreed it was worth missing a nooner to have her the next three nights. It was then I found out that she would also be at some of the other conferences I was scheduled to be at later that month; I was thrilled.

It was a long day constantly running into this sexy minx and not being able to touch her as we both had to maintain professional behavior. On her way to lunch I got her a hotel key so she could set her things in the room. Upon my return to my room that evening I noticed that her stuff was there but she had been very considerate as it was put away neatly and not strung out all over the place.

Less than five minutes later, as I was kicking off my shoes, the door opened and in walked a very bubbly Jessie. She threw her arms around me and gave me a tonsillectomy with her tongue. Smiling down at me she asked, "Daddy, please put back on your shoes. I want to treat you to dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight, please. IF you do I'll do anything you want me to when we get back."

As this vivacious pixy stood back up in front of me lustful thoughts crowded my mind. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her. Reaching around her waist I hugged my face into her crotch and sniffed in the aroma of her womanhood before answering, "Ok baby, I'll let you take me out but, remember I expect that you will keep that promise of doing what I want upon our return."

A curious expression came across her face. She wasn't sure what she had gotten herself into. She just giggled and jumped away as I slapped her ass and then put back on the shoes. She had great taste as we went to a fine steak place. The food was great and the company even better. We laughed and flirted all through our five star meal.

From time to time our hands caressed each other's thighs under the table cloth. It was just light touching as I think if we had done much more we would have gotten carried away and kicked out of the place. Jessie pulled out all the stops including a wonderful bottle of wine. By the end of dinner we had a slight buzz and walked back to my hotel.

To my delight we got an elevator all to ourselves. I grabbed Jessie's hand and placed it on my cock motioning her to play with it as we rode up to our floor. At the same time I reached my hand behind her and under her skirt and played with her ass and crotch through her panties. I wanted to do more but the trip was much too quick. Getting out we almost jogged to the room.

The hall was deserted as Jessie dug for the key card to get inside. With one hand I reached inside her blouse and unfastened her bra. At the same time my other hand lifted up her skirt and tucked it into her silky yellow panties. I rubbed my fingers into her crack deeply pushing the material tightly against her crotch as I whispered, "Little girl, you have a fucking great ass and it is mine tonight."

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