tagSci-Fi & FantasyJezebel's Tale Ch. 05

Jezebel's Tale Ch. 05


Chapter 5 -- Answers for Jezebel and a threesome.

Jezebel woke up feeling much better. She was a little out of it last night she knew, mentally drained and she was ravenous as well. All the energy usage from last night knocked her out and she needs to feed, soon.

She leaned over and stared at Sandy, thankful for the company last night preventing her from breaking down in shock. Hmmm, she thought, Sandy did volunteer for feeding, she started to caress her back and her ass cheeks until she woke up.

Jezebel kisses her and then gives her a naughty smile which makes Sandy smile back and say, "What are you thinking?"

Jezebel leans down and suckles her earlobe and says, "I am thinking I am going to turn you over and pleasure you until you collapse."

Jezebel sees Sandy's eyes widen before she flips Sandy over on her stomach and turns around on her knees. Jezebel leans across her back and down, resting on her right elbow and starts to lick down Sandy's ass crack.

This makes Sandy gasp in pleasure and thrust her ass up against Jezebel's face allowing Jezebel to slide her right arm under her body and between her legs to palm Sandy's mound as her tongue starts to rim her lover's puckered star.

Jezebel starts to fuck Sandy's ass with her tongue and tease her clit in light circles with her index finger on her right hand. Jezebel feels pussy juice leak down to her fingers on her lover's clit and knows it's time to start fucking Sandy's pussy with her middle and index finger on her left hand.

Sandy starts to scream, "Lick it, yes baby lick my tight ass and fuck that pussy." She bites the pillow, the intense feeling of being licked in the ass, finger fucked and the manipulation of her clit all at the same time is beyond over stimulation and her first orgasm hits like lightning.

Sandy's whole body convulses and clamps down on Jezebel's tongue and fingers. She feels Jezebel let off her clit while she peaks but continues to finger her pussy and tongue her dark pink star. When she feels her body relax a little bit, her now oversensitive clit gets one hard flick which launches her into another even more powerful orgasm.

Sandy can feel tears running from her eyes as she screams into the pillow then she feels her clit flicked again and her body explodes again in pleasure so powerful it hurts. She wants this to stop, and to continue at the same time.

When the fourth hits Sandy completely collapses and rolls in a ball on her side, shaking with tears running from her eyes at the intense over stimulation. The aftershocks hitting her and she just tries not to move.

Jezebel lightly licks her ass crack and puckered star, slowly bringing Sandy down from her orgasms. Between that, feeding on some released energy and getting off herself through the connection Jez was feeling better but still hungry but was careful not to push too far, afraid Sandy's reaction could still turn sour.

Jezebel got up and put on a matching set of red lingerie and put on a pair of denim shorts and a red strapless tube top. She grinned at herself in the mirror and knew Sandy would appreciate the ensemble.

She headed into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee then started cooking up an omelet the way Sandy likes it. She was delighted at the fact that she would no longer need to eat all the time to hide who she was from her roommate.

Sandy shuffled into the kitchen still half asleep, wearing nothing but a robe, to the wonderful smell of coffee and food. She headed over to the coffee and poured a mug and moaned after a sip. "Thanks love," she grunted sleepily. Jezebel smiled and winked at her as she sat down at the table and attacked her omelet.

Jezebel was nervous, and while not starving she was still hungry. She wasn't sure how to broach the topic of feeding with Sandy, the together part of their relationship was fresh, fragile. She knew there was a chance for jealousy here. "Sandy, can we talk about us for a minute, and ummm, my dietary requirements?"

Sandy smiled and nodded. "This could get a bit complicated couldn't it," she remarked with no small amount of amusement in her voice. She asked tentatively, "I guess the first step is how we feel about each other?"

Jezebel nodded and spoke softly, "Emotionally I don't want anyone else, I think I fell for you a long time ago, but it didn't really hit me until recently. I love you, and it's possible for me to be just with you, but highly impractical. You would be asleep all the time from exhaustion."

Sandy looked at Jezebel thoughtfully. "I love you too," she said eyes filled with emotion. "How can we get you what you need and avoid it poisoning things?" She smiled sheepishly and continued, "Plus I am not sure I can live without cock either."

"I think the only way is honesty," Jezebel says thoughtfully. "No men on the sly. No leading them on, just for fun, and food. Friendship can be involved of course but they need to know it won't go anywhere relationship wise. We share if we are both around, if we are alone we tell the other about it." She questions, "Does that sound ok Dee?"

Sandy grins at her new nickname and mulls over Jezebel's idea a bit. She can't think of any other way to stay emotionally faithful to each other but still take care of her lover's needs, as well as her own desires.

She nods blushing slightly. "Sounds like the only way, I would just add we need to tell each other if it is not working in practice. Don't let it fester," she said seriously.

Jezebel walks over to Sandy and leans down for a kiss. Her soft lips brushing lightly as she runs her tongue along Sandy's lips.

Sandy tries to recover her train of thought and blurts out, "Hungry." She gasps softly, pulls her thoughts together and tries again, "You're hungry after last night aren't you? Should I see if Scott and Steve can come over, or do you want to go out?"

"I am starving," Jezebel admits. "Unless you're in the mood to go dancing we can order in."

Sandy groans at her pun and spanks her ass then giggles. They look at each other and start laughing uncontrollably, releasing their tension from the serious discussion.

When they were able to recover themselves Sandy still grinning manages to say, "I'll call Scott this afternoon, if he can't make it we will go out." Feeling flush from the laughter she innocently asks, "Did you need a snack to tide you over?" She waggles her eyebrows at Jezebel in exaggeration.

Jezebel starts kissing her, and then lifts her up off the chair and turns around to sit her on the table. Carrying on with the banter she says between kisses, "I was.. Always taught.. To eat.... at the table." She kisses Sandy into insensibility then starts to kiss her way down her body.

Sandy leans back on her hands and gives herself over to the sensations as her lover starts to blaze a trail of kisses across her flesh. She let herself be worshipped by Jezebel's lips, tongue and hands. She moaned in pleasure at the feeling of fingertips parting her robe and sliding across her milky skin.

Sandy started Gasping when the soft lips enveloped her swollen nipple and started suckling softly, her breath catching at the feel of teeth biting down on that hardened nub while the other was tweaked between thumb and forefinger.

Jezebel was lost to the world around her, focusing on this wonderful woman who accepted her for what she was. Never had Jezebel felt such a powerful connection, feeling what her lover feels and knowing what was needed to increase that pleasure. She went at Sandy with abandon, nothing more important than bringing her pleasure.

Sandy's moans got louder as she reached the peak of pleasure possible from the stimulation of her breasts and felt Jezebel continue her southerly course. She could smell her own juices as she was taken to a peak of need. Shortly before she could scream out her need in desperation Jezebel answered that silent cry as she felt her clit being sucked into her lover's mouth.

At the first and slightest touch of Jezebel's tongue her body locked up as her center convulsed powerfully. She felt an impossibly long tongue slide between her lips and into her canal.

Suddenly her G-spot was being stimulated and a wet finger started rubbing between her ass cheeks against her dark star. As her orgasm extended then blurred into a second more powerful one she screamed out in awe, "My god, cu... cumming.. ho.. holy... shit.. cumming"

Jezebel felt a massive flow of life force. It took all her will to only siphon part of that off. She would not feed off Sandy's life force more than she had to. She started to softly kiss Sandy's inner thighs, allowing her tongue to shrink back to normal size.

She licked Sandy clean of her juices, moaning in pleasure as she coated her tongue and throat. She looked up and saw Sandy looking down at her with a mix of tender affection and awe.

Sandy headed off to the shower so Jezebel cleaned up the mess they made in the kitchen. She wondered when her father was going to show up to explain what the hell was going on.


Andrew sighed. He dreaded the task ahead. He loved his daughter and knew this information would put her in danger, although after the show she put on last night he guessed that was pretty much a moot point now. He regretted disappearing from her life like he did, but at least it kept her safe another 6 years.

He was bursting with pride as well. Jezebel took that guy down no problem last night, granted with the advantage of suprise. He couldn't have done it. Well, at least not as quickly as she did. He made his way to the student apartments drawing a lot of looks from the coed's who he just ignored. He wasn't hungry after all, and after 150 years of life flesh was flesh.

He made his way to the apartment and before he could knock Jezebel opened the door. When he raised his eyebrows she rolled hers and said, "Dad, I can feel you coming for miles." He was surprised by this, he'd only been able to feel her the last 100 yards or so.

"Hi Jez, you look good considering last night," he said with apology. "I guess you have some questions about your mother?"

Jezebel nodded and motioned him in the door. More out of good manners than anything else she said, "Can I get you something, there is some coffee left, or we have a small bar."

"No thanks," he replied. "Not thirsty." He took in the apartment and when offered a place to sit he picked the couch. Tentatively he began speaking with his eyes lost in the past, "I loved your mother, but the truth is we hated each other in the beginning.

"It was about 25 years ago I was working at a bar for about 6 months when a group of nephilim came in. They were all young, about your age, and they always gave me crap, typical angel party line, you know?

"Your mother Stacey, she would join in too and get a few digs in, but over time the tone changed. First it felt like she was going through the motions, then it felt like banter rather than disgust or hatred. I supposed it's a lot like racism here on earth, it's easy to hate a race, hard to hate a person and we kind of grew on each other.

"After about 2 months of this, she started coming in there alone and sitting at the bar to chat with me, in the beginning I think it was curiosity, to discover for herself, rather than the doctrine of her kind. After that it was boy meets girl."

Jezebel looked confused and asked, "OK, but how did she have me when nephilim are barren?"

"Well, full demons have the ability to shape flesh, much like you can change yourself but not nearly as easily, it takes a lot of power and when it's done we are virtually defenseless until we can feed," he explained patiently. "You can imagine not many demons would be willing to risk it to make a nephilim fertile, in fact I don't know of any besides myself."

He went on to say, "I am sorry I hid this from you, but you can imagine most angels and even demons might decide your dangerous, or an abomination."

He sounded concerned as he said, "Especially with the power you displayed last night, I am scared for you. You took out a fairly powerful angel without breaking a sweat. Yes, you collapsed a minute later, but they did not see that. I figured the less people that knew the safer you would be, I had no idea you would manifest angel abilities.

"You need to be careful though, he was surprised when he saw you, I'm not sure how much that contributed to his death, and he was powerful yes, but not that high a level. I really wish I could just keep you safe but you are going to need to practice wielding fire, it wouldn't hurt to enroll for some advanced fighting techniques either despite already being a black belt."

Jezebel got up without a word and headed into the kitchen. She came back a moment later with a tumbler of vodka and tonic and started sipping it. Then she asked her dad, "Did mom die in an accident like you told me?"

"Yes she did," he answered with a pain filled voice. "I promise she wasn't attacked or killed by some asshole. I need you to be careful though, it's a real possibility that someone will come after you, even around other demons keep your guard up, especially if you don't know them."

Jezebel nodded and took another sip of her drink. She smiled gratefully when Sandy joined them and held her hand in support. She wasn't sure what to think, it still boggled her mind. Her mother was nephilim. She slowly unwound from the drink and Sandy's touch.

"One more thing," her father said in a grim tone. "Captain Daniel Price is the name of that officer that keeps sending nephilim to the club. I believe he is the one behind the purge, at least locally to the city, trying to make a name for himself. Stay away from him at all costs, including resisting arrest if it comes up. Do not go with any police, we can deal with the fallout later."

Her father got up and gave her an awkward hug before she walked him out. She missed how close they used to be but that was 6 years ago. She understood why but would have felt safer with him around, reality or not.

Sandy cuddled into Jezebel when they got back to the couch and said with concern, "You ok?"

"Yeah Dee, I'm getting there anyway," she replied softly. "It's a lot to absorb, not being what you thought you were." She started playing with Sandy's hair and asked curiously, "So what's the plan tonight gorgeous?"

"Scott's coming around 9," she said breathlessly, lost in the feeling of her hair being played with. "Steve couldn't make it, has something out of town I think."

"Sounds good," she said softly as she started playing with the back of Sandy's neck through her hair eliciting a groan. Seductively adding, "We have three hours to kill until he gets here, did you happen to bring that whip home? Your demon toy has been naughty mistress."


Scott was horny as shit, he needed to get a hold of himself before he loses control like some pimply 17 year old. Walking through campus over to the nearby apartment complex the other night runs through his thoughts. He can't get it out of his mind.

Sandy is so damn hot, and best of all she seems to just want a friend with benefits package. It's not that he wouldn't date her, he would, and she's fucking great. It's just he has a lot going on class wise and couldn't keep her happy, this way it is what it is.

What's really screwing with his head is he got so turned on the other day when Sandy was riding his package and her ultra hot roommate walked in. He was hoping she would join but it was still hot when he heard her masturbating in the other room while Sandy bounced on his cock. Sandy said her friend Jezebel would be there tonight, he really is not positive what she meant by that, as he can't help but apply his own fantasies to her subtle comments.

He was still thinking about it when he got to the door and knocked. When the door opened he stopped thinking at all. He thought he was a cool guy, but for a good 10 seconds he became a total mouth breather and froze in place.

Sandy was dressed in a white partially see through negligee with lace white panties. Standing next to her was Jezebel in a similar outfit but bright red. If this wasn't enough to turn him into a drooling idiot, the fact that they were kissing, no... Not kissing, hungrily devouring each other's mouths fit better.

They turned and saw his open mouth, frozen stance and giggled. Jezebel jokingly said, "Uh-oh, I think we broke him Dee."

Finally he snapped out of it and laughed at himself and Jezebel's comment. Then he said a little breathlessly, "Not broken, my brain just skipped a few times." He stepped inside and closed the door, and then boldly kissed Sandy which caused her to melt against him then rub her whole body against his.

When he finished he looked at Jezebel who told him confidently, "My turn." She stepped into him and they started kissing which almost buckled his knees. He had been in a threesome before but never with two such absolutely beautiful women. Jezebel told him to have a seat on the couch and they would get some drinks. He managed to rip his gaze away and headed over in that direction.

Sandy walked with Jezebel to help with the drinks and giggled. "That was great, he was completely pole axed, and this should be fun. I've never been in a threesome before," she admitted.

Jezebel smiled and nodded. "Me either," she confided. "I've never had anyone before you came along I was willing to share with, much less wanting to." She finished mixing 3 Sea breezes and Sandy helped carry them back.

Fake it until you make it he told himself. Scott gave himself a pep talk. He needed to man up before they decided he was the wrong guy. He was feeling more centered and confident when they came in with the drinks and managed a clear voice and said, "Thanks!" They sat on either side of him, turned slightly toward him on both sides. He firmly scolded his cock that he was in control and took a couple of sips from his drink.

They managed a little small talk while drinking, truth be known Jezebel was also a little nervous and wondering how to get things started. She decided someone needed to just dive in so she grabbed Sandy and started kissing her again, much like at the door but inches from Scott's face leaning over his lap.

OMG Scott thought, they are kissing right in front of me. He leaned forward and started kissing Sandy's neck and shoulders. He started to feel hands exploring his body from both sides and he turned his head the other way and started in on Jezebel's neck and shoulders.

He started moaning, caught up in the erotic moment. Sandy started kissing his lips and caressing his face while he felt Jezebel slide off the couch and open up his pants.

Jezebel undid the button and zipper on Scott's pants and with his help by raising himself up pulled them down around his ankles. His large shaft was erect, standing up and looked lonely so she hungrily took him into her mouth.

Jezebel could feel his energy peaking and knew his orgasm wasn't that far away. She had barely started fucking him with her mouth when his legs locked and he screamed, "I'm Cu.. cumming. Swallow it!" and then shot rope after rope of his cum into her mouth and the back of her throat. She moaned in approval as she lustily swallowed his batter and a good chunk of his life force.

She looked up into his eyes, cock still in her mouth and she could see he looked embarrassed at how fast he came. He quickly recovered from that however when he saw the message in her eyes.

She was where she wanted to be, and loving every second of it. She knew it of course. She was not some human slut or whore. She was a succubus. Half or not her body was perfectly suited to give pleasure and she craved giving pleasure like nothing else. She started bobbing up and down on his cock determined to keep it hard.

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