tagSci-Fi & FantasyJezebel's Tale Ch. 11

Jezebel's Tale Ch. 11


Chapter 11 -- Getting a handle on things.

They straightened up and dressed quickly when they heard a knock at the door. Sandy released her gravity lock when they were presentable.

Jez called out, "Come in."

Daniel opened the door then headed to the bar. After two steps he chuckled smelling the sex in the air.

Daniel brought the coffee mixed with baileys over and handed it to Jez and commented, "Guess I am going to have to get used to that smell. Sandy you need a drink?"

Sandy blushed at his comment then answered the question, "Wine?"

Jez watched Daniel get Sandy a glass of red then cautiously asked, "So, what are my responsibilities as Arch?"

Daniel said, "Well, you are in charge of all the Angels, so you can direct them of course, but your actual main job is to keep the peace with other supernatural races as much as possible. It is up to you really what you do. I mean you could order us to go kill them all if you wanted, but I doubt you will do that.

"You know, Weres, Elves, Demons, Witches."

Jez noticed Daniel had almost smugness about him so she asked, "Why are you so smug?"

Daniel sighed and said, "Truthfully, I was hoping for this outcome, the last Arch was a complete idiot, and lazy. Not many people like Angels you know, or at least not the ones that actually know us. We are naturally arrogant when we are young, surprisingly we are a lot like Demons are in that respect.

"I am hopeful you will bring good change, changing the perceptions of the other races will take a long time. Forcing the Angels to be more respectful of other races including humans would take us a long way.

"It won't fix everything of course, life is messy, but if we have to struggle it might as well be in a good direction."

Jez resisted the urge to say why me and feel sorry for herself. "What about vampires, I noticed you left them off the list."

Daniel shuddered, "Disgusting undead things, we have standing orders to kill them on sight of course."

"Okay, my first order is to kill in self defense only, can you get that around or do I need to order all the area supervisors like you?"

Daniel nodded and said, "Close your eyes." After Jez closes her eyes he continues, "Now find the command power and embrace it, let it spread out."

Jez felt the power in her and with her eyes closed she reached out with it. It kind of felt like she could converse with many minds at once, but only one way. She located the minds of all the Angels at Daniel's level in North America as her power spread out.

It seemed amazing to her but this power had no distance restraint, she actually had to restrain herself from going beyond this continent.

Once she felt connected she sent out the order and ordered it be disseminated down to the last Angel on the continent.

She opened her eyes and looked soberly at Daniel and whispered, "I don't want this, and it's too much power for one being."

She shudders. "I guess the Human's are right about something, Angels have no free will."

Sandy felt Jezebel's fear at the temptation and dark lure of such power, also the realization of the huge responsibility she was taking on. She leaned over and caressed Jezebel's cheek with her left hand while whispering in her right ear, "I will be your check, if you stray. I will let you know."

Sandy felt Jezebel's relief as she nodded.

Jez said, "Thank you Dee." Turning to Daniel she asks, "What other orders are you currently under."

Daniel shakes his head, "None, the orders broke when he died."

There was a knock on the door.

Jez said, "enter," and watched as a beautiful female Angel came in holding a stack of papers. She had wavy long blonde hair, a little lighter than Sandy's, blue eyes and a petite figure.

She knelt and said, "Arch, my name is Natalie, I have some things that need your signature."

Jez said in exasperation, "Stand, speak respectfully to me but all this kneeling has to stop. Pass the word when we are done here would you?"

Natalie turned red and nodded. She started handing over the paperwork.

Jez started signing and asked, "What is all this stuff?"

Natalie replied, "I am the accountant for North America, basically these documents are transferring all the bank accounts and mansions over to your name."

Jez stopped writing and looked up slowly and said in a weak voice, "Mansions? As in plural?"

Natalie replied, "Yes Arch, you control a little over 350 million in assets including mansions. There is the one here, one in NY and another in Vegas."

Jez giggled, "Wait, the Angels have a mansion in sin city?"

Natalie grinned shyly, "Yes, we have a presence there mostly because the Elves, they love sin city and request we meet them there sometimes."

Jez said, "Nice, how long would it take to move our headquarters to NY instead of here, and is it anywhere near NYU?"

Natalie smiled and said, "About 15 miles, maybe a half hour commute with traffic. You could always stay by campus and just come out to the house a few times a week if that would bother you."

Jez nodded in agreement and asked, "Anything else going on that I need to know now? Meetings or what have you."

Natalie and Daniel glance at each other and Natalie replied, "Not that I know of, the other races are fairly quiet right now."

Jez said, "How about staff?"

Natalie looked up in thought, "Well mostly your area supervisors will handle all the Angels, so at your level it is mostly delegation. I handle the finances, which basically means if you want something it's my job to get it for you.

"You also have a second who handles your schedule and passes any complaints or issues he can't handle up to you. His name is Gene. Other than that no one really important, you have human servants and property managers but I deal with them.

"Oh, you also have 20 body guards. There are usually 4 of them with you at all times."

Natalie asks, "Let me see your phone please?"

Natalie takes the phone from Jez and programs in her and Gene's numbers then gets Jezebel's number for herself and Gene.

Jezebel is starting to feel overwhelmed again. What has she gotten into?

Jezebel says, "Wait, back up a second. I can't have 4 Angels following me around all the time. That would be annoying."

Daniel answered that one, "They can keep a discreet distance if you wish it. They can monitor from outside class and not even enter your apartment and still be seconds away."

Jezebel looking stunned says, "It's time to head back to NY I think, we have classes in the morning."

Looking to Natalie she says, "Let me know when you and Gene get settled in NY and I'll come out to the mansion."

As they get up a strange feeling in her stomach causes Jezebel to gasp and everyone looks at her.

"Damn it," Jez says, "Apparently with my Angel side in balance I need food again, I haven't had to eat food since I came into my succubus powers. Two powers, two races and now two stomachs. Great."

Sandy snickers, "Is my baby hungry?" Looking to Daniel she says, "Restaurant on the way back to the airport please."

Sandy whispers to Jez, "Is it just me or is it a real shame Angels are so hot, I mean, what's the point?"

Jez agrees, "Yeah, its weird being attracted to someone that doesn't or can't have sex."

Jez was troubled, she figured out quick that she may be able to command Angels but that was pretty much an empty power because she wouldn't use it unless she had to. Or at least she was determined not to.

The Angels had pretty much gone from a problem to a responsibility that would add multiple problems with races she really didn't know about. Not to mention more Demons, who she considered her kind, would probably want to kill her now. She wasn't looking forward to the traitor abomination comments.

Elves and Weres, she would need to get help on how to deal with them, maybe her father.

They stopped at a steak house and had a wonderful meal. She enjoyed getting to know Natalie who had a no nonsense attitude to business but a wicked sense of humor. To her surprise even though it shouldn't have been, she found her and Daniel to be entertaining company.

Angels are people too, who knew? This actually made her feel a lot better about things. At least that she could like some of the beings she was in charge of. This Arch business would be a lot more unpleasant otherwise. She had a feeling it would be enough of a pain in the ass without hating the actual people she ruled.

Sandy was her rock and grounding point, Jez would have broken down hours ago if she didn't have her. She resolved not to take her for granted, ever. She gave her sexy Witch a very sensual massage on the flight home, showing her just how grateful she was to have her in her life.

Multiple times.

It was hard to verbalize feelings sometimes but she took comfort in knowing it wasn't necessary in Sandy's case. The beautiful Witch could read every feeling and tender thought that Jez had about her.

Jez had Daniel drop them both off at the club so she could give an update on what went down. As soon as she walked in the door her father and Tony teased her by going down on their knees and looking like supplicants.

Wise ass demons, as if she didn't have enough fun today. Jezebel told them the complete story; obviously they already knew the basics. She figured Daniel must have called them or something.

Tony was short people tonight so they both decided to work a shift as long as they were there, neither of them being even close to full up on energy after their fight this morning.

By the end of the night they were both brimming with energy and felt a bit more safe. Sandy's lightning stone was charged, and Sandy gave two other stones to her as well.

Jez took the stones and said, "Thanks. What are they and how do they work?"

Sandy said, "Hold the smallest one and think of me."

Jez did as she asked and could feel right where Sandy was, Jez couldn't read her mind or anything. The feeling was close to how she felt her already, through her succubus aura.

Sandy nodded, "I tried to make the feelings similar, basically this works over an extended range, and you can find me pretty much anywhere if I am outside your aura range."

Jezebel asks curiously, "And the second rock?"

Sandy giggled and said, "That one is just for fun, it has gravity fields attached and a piece of your hair to read your intentions. Basically you can fly with it."

"Thanks!" she said and kissed Sandy hard, "That will come in handy to if I ever need to jump out of a plane."

Snickering Sandy nodded and said, "I made it for fun but actually it would save you in that situation."

Jez asks, "Want to see if Scott is free to meet up tonight?"

Jez gets a falsely officious and pompous look to her face, "I mean, as Arch, I need to improve Angel and Human relations." She sighs as if she is put upon, "It's a tough job you know, being an ambassador of sorts."

Sandy starts laughing and nods.

Sandy says breathlessly, "It is a hardship. I should definitely be selfless and help you with that 'hard' job."

Jez texts Scott and he replies that he can there in about an hour. They head out and start bantering back and forth on the walk to the car when they clearly hear a snicker from 20 yards away.

Sandy looks at Jez in astonishment and says, "Wow, they do have emotions."

Jez shakes her head sadly and says in a mournful voice, "Yeah, I'll have to send that one back to the training farm."

That one got the guard to actually chortle.

When they got home they immediately showered and changed, deciding to dress up for themselves and Scott.

After getting dressed Jez decided to make Sandy and herself a midnight snack since they missed a meal today. She would have to get better at that, the whole eating on a schedule thing.

She brought out some sliced up specialty cheeses, water crackers and a couple of glasses of white wine. They enjoyed it while talking and waiting for Scott.

Sandy made a suggestion for the tonight that surprised Jezebel, She had never felt this impulse from her before, usually it went the other way. Sandy assured Jez that she was just curious and had never done it before, wanted to see what it was about.

Jez agreed clearly feeling how turned on Sandy was by the thought and hoped it would carry over to the reality, but told her she could switch up if it wasn't working for her.


When Scott got the page he had immediately responded. He was honestly surprised they were calling him for another 3 way tryst. Jez and Sandy were absolutely gorgeous, he wasn't about to say no.

Not wanting to be premature like the first time the three of them got together he rubbed one out about a half hour before he told them he would be there. Granted he had lasted long enough for the second and third round but he was still embarrassed a bit about it.

Feeling more relaxed and a lot more confident he took a quick 10 minute shower and headed out. He was feeling good when he walked up to the door and knocked.

Sandy and Jez opened the door and while not kissing this time he still had to take a deep breath, though he didn't quite freeze this time. Jezebel was dressed in a red bustier so tight it looks like her tits would pour out any moment, and a matching pair of red panties. She had red 5 inch fuck me pumps on that made her almost as tall as he was.

Her raven colored hair was flowing down her back and a small amount flowed down the front of her body as well. Her toned and tanned long legs were bare. She was mouthwatering and staring at him with a knowing smile on her face.

Sandy had on a light blue teddy with white lace and was also wearing 5 inch fuck me pumps that matched. Her light blonde hair was up showing her creamy white skin on her long slender neck. She also had a knowing smile on her face. They gestured him in and both glanced down at the now huge bulge in his center as he walked past.

Scott felt the sexual tension ramping up as they sat and talked, he was really enjoying it though, and these ladies were both fun and smart. He was shocked when they started to dote on him, feeding him from their hands then having him lick the crumbs or a crumble of cheese off their fingertips. They even had him lick crumbs that had fallen into their cleavage. It was really turning him on.

Somehow he missed the signal, but both of them stood up as one, moved in front of him and dropped to their knees. In stereo they both said in a soft submissive voice, "How do you want us sir."

Scott cock jumped in his pants then he opened his mouth, then closed it.

Jez turned her head and said to Sandy, "I think we broke sir again."

That snapped him out of it and Scott chuckled, Jez said the same thing the first time when he was a mouth breather at the door. Like then it interrupted his brain seizure.

Scott sensed this was not about pain or humiliation. This was about control and submission only. He sent silent thanks to god for his good fortune and got in the right frame of mind.

He stood up so he was looming over them, in the position of power. He could see down their cleavage and almost had another moment but took control of himself and ordered in a stern voice, "Kiss each other now."

He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, pulling his now rock hard cock out.

When they finished kissing Sandy went to grab it and he said sternly, "Stop, did I tell you to touch it?"

Sandy looked surprised, her face in shock. She also looked hot so he said, "Beg me to touch it slave."

Sandy looked up and begged, her eyes pleading, "Please, let me touch it."

Scott looked at her sternly and said, "If your good, wait your turn."

Turning to Jez he orders, "Suck it, now."

Jezebel opened her mouth and enveloped his long cock in her mouth and down her throat, her nose hitting his stomach in one smooth forward motion. He was not sure what she did next, but it felt like a whirlpool of spit encompassing his pole with incredible sensations. She started to swallow milking and massaging his tip with her throat.

He looked at Sandy and said, "Good girl, you may lick my balls and taint."

Sandy was a little shocked, she was used to being either an equal or playing the mistress, but something inside her really got her going following orders. Her mouth was watering by the time she had his ball sack sucked into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue.

She started licking between his puckered star, along his taint then circling his balls. She noticed Jezebel hadn't moved her head at all, she was slurping and sucking and licking and massaging his cock with her throat. She felt Scott's ball sack start to tighten and pull up against her tongue.

Oh God. Scott had forgotten that Jezebel's mouth was magic, this was even better than the first time, and Sandy was doing things amazing things with her mouth as well.

Scott thought rubbing one out would help make him last longer, it couldn't have been more than two minutes with both of the girls attentions that he gasped out in pleasure and shot his seed down Jezebel's milking throat.

They stopped and crawled backwards, staying in a kneeling position. He said, "Good slaves deserve a reward, get into the bedroom and strip each other naked."

They both replied, "Yes sir, thank you sir."

He followed them into the bedroom where they stripped each other down slowly, giving him a show while doing it. They worked their bodies for him sensually as they shed their clothes, occasionally pausing to kiss and shoot sexy looks in his direction. They were very good at it too, being strippers. He was hard again long before they stood before him naked.

Jezebel was extremely hot, her pussy tingling in anticipation. She could feel how much Sandy was enjoying this, Scott was as well. For a succubus that is all she needs to be having a good time as well.

Scott ordered Jezebel, "Sit on the bed slave, up against the headboard and spread those long sexy legs of yours."

Jez said breathily, "Yes sir." She sauntered to the bed and did as she was told.

Scott ordered Sandy next, "Get up there and lick her pussy until she comes."

Scott watched as Sandy obeyed his command, he could see her pussy glistened with wetness when she bent over in front of him to pleasure Jezebel with her tongue. Her back was arched as she started to tease Jezebel with her tongue, her succulent ass sticking up and out. Her beautiful mound on display.

Scott walked over to the end table and grabbed the lube and climbed in to the bed behind Sandy, her mouth watering ass calling to his cock, he wanted her ass bad.

He squeezed the lube and a bunch fell in her ass crack, he wiped it all over her puckered star then slid a finger in. He heard her gasp in need against Jezebel's pussy as the licking and sucking sounds picked up in speed.

He placed the end of his cock against her puckered hole and asked, "Are you ready for your reward for being such an obedient and slutty girl."

Sandy turned around and looked up at him and whimpered, "Yes please sir, give me my reward, I need it bad."

He slid his cock very slowly into Sandy's ass inch by inch, each time waiting until she relaxed and stopped clamping down so hard. A few minutes later he was completely buried in her ass as he felt her trying to relax her body. He teased her clit a bit hoping it would help and it did, she gasped in pleasure and her sphincter relaxed. Still tight but no longer viselike.

"Good slave," he praised. Then demanded, "Tell me what you want slave."

Sandy turned her head around and looked up at him and started begging, "Please sir, fuck my sweet ass, pound into me and use me for your pleasure like a good slave deserves."

Oh god, his cock twitched and he almost came right there. She sounded like she meant every word of that and she had a wild look in her eyes, one that told him she was desperate for a good fucking.

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