tagLoving WivesJill, Dan & Their Friend Larry Ch. 04

Jill, Dan & Their Friend Larry Ch. 04


The reader should read the previous chapters about Dan Jill and Larry to fully understand what is going on.

Wedding Day and Honeymoon Night

As the limo came, picked up the Jill and her bridesmaids she rode thinking about last night and how unbelievable the sex was with Larry, Dan's best man. Not only was it the best yet she had with this big cock man but last night was even more exciting since it was in the spare bedroom with Dan sleeping in the master bedroom. She smiled to herself thinking if either of these men were a master, it was surely Larry!

She remembered how close they had come to being caught with her straddling Larry's legs as she sat facing him on the hard back chair and fucking his big cock as she rode it to the best orgasm she had ever had. If it weren't for Dan bumping into the table in the hallway, he may have seen them finishing their fucking.

Then with Larry faking the being sick part, Dan, as far as she knew, had no idea what had been going on. With her pussy full of Larry's thick cum, Jill went back to sleep next to her husband to be. He held her and told her he loved her and they spooned together while she felt Larry's cum slowly running out of her well-fucked pussy.

As they rode to the church now she was sure she loved Dan, there was no question about that, but God she couldn't get enough of Larry's nice big hard cock. She couldn't have it taken away from her just because she was getting married. Now as she rode to the church she wondered how she could still continue to fuck Larry and still stay married to Danny. "Oh well I'll find a way," Jill said to herself.

As Dan, Larry and the other four ushers all waited at the church, Dan was very happy knowing that after today Jill would be his and his alone forever. He couldn't wait for the church part of this wedding to be over so he could dance, drink and party at the reception with all his friends and family. Then it was off to almost three weeks in the sunny Caribbean with the woman he loved. He had made a pack with himself to fuck her at least twice a day everyday. He wanted her to know and see what a good lover he was and make sure she was as happy as he was. Lately she seemed to be more irritable and on edge. She told him it was the wedding and all the things she had to do. She also told him she loved him and only him. But the real reason was she with Dan all the time planning the wedding and not getting Larry's cock as often as she would have liked it.

While nothing physical happened at the wedding ceremony but Larry couldn't get over how good Jill looked as she walked down the aisle. He never really noticed her beauty only her physical attributes. But today with the hair done and the makeup perfect from the stylist, she almost looked like a different woman. Her dress wasn't full but just tight enough to show off her exceptional figure. He was sure she never looked better and he started to get hard as he too remembered back to last night. He remembered how she had come to him after Dan went to sleep. He remembered how her body looked in that short opened nightie. Her full shapely breasts standing out towards him and her freshly shaved pussy that even Dan didn't know she had yet, all came flashing back into his mind. Then he started to get harder yet when he remembered her straddling his legs and slowly lowering her tight sweet pussy down on his cock. "God she was a good fuck! " Larry said to himself.

He knew he didn't really love Jill and he surely didn't want his friend Dan to ever find out about their affair, but he also didn't want to loose the best piece of ass he ever had. As the minister went through the ceremony with the bride and groom, Larry began wondering if his affair with his best friend's soon to be wife, would continue as before once Dan and she were married. He fantasized about doing her in the church while everyone watched them. His cock was hard as he gave Dan the ring.

Jill and Dan were presented to the church and the wedding part was finally over. As they stood in the reception line thanking everyone Jill felt Larry's fingers touch her hand. She looked at Dan and then at Larry and smiled as she squeezed his hand quickly.

Then it was Dan and she running to the limo as people clapped and cheered. The limo drove to the reception as Dan and Jill kissed and kissed and kissed almost all the way. They both told each other they loved the other one. And Jill had to keep Dan's hands out of her dress. She told him, "No! Danny! Not now!! Stop I don't want my dress wrinkled and the limo driver to see you squeezing my breasts."

Dan sighed and told her he was sorry she was just so very beautiful today it would hard to keep his hands off of her until tonight.. She smiled and kissed him as her hand went to his swollen cock. She squeezed him hard and said, "Well you're going to have to wait. No bride wants he husband pawing her during the reception." Then she was thinking, "Now if Dan were Larry, she just might sit on his hard cock like she did last night as they rode to the reception. She would be the one in desperate need just like Dan was now.

She smiled knowing she would rule the sex in their new relationship and in their home. Not anything like when she was with Larry. When she fucked Larry he was the one in charges. Oh well so be it, she knew Dan was in heavy heat and whispered to him, " How about I suck your cock a little will that hold you until we get back to the hotel tonight baby?"

Dan moaned as she continued to squeeze his hard cock driving him more and more with need. He said, "Oh God yes Jill! That would work. When?"

She said, "Well I don't know Danny? Wait a second." She took the phone in her hand and asked the driver if he could drive around a little while and to close the modesty shield between them. The driver smile and then laughed and told her, "Sure lady no problem."

He close the screen and drove on the beltway for a half an hour. Jill smiled at her husband and unzipped his tux's. She took his cock out and knelt on the floor of the limo and began to suck Dan's cock. He just moaned and thanked her over and over again as she worked on him unmercifully. All Dan could do was smile as his new wife sucked his cock like a machine. Again and again Jill took Dan to the edge and then backed of a little. Finally she told him to cum and worked his cock into frenzy and as Dan moaned so loud even with the shield up the driver knew what was going on. And then Dan told her, "Oh God Jill baby! Here it comes suck me hard baby! Suck me! OH Jesus! Oh Jesus! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! Aghhhhhhhhhhh!! Goddddddddddddddddd!!"

His cock let loose with a huge amount of cum. Shot after hard shot pumped down Jill's throat and into her mouth! A small drop dripped down and landed directly between her breasts and on to her dress. It left a small dark mark at the top around the lace between her breasts.

Then Dan was finished and fell back on the seat. He handed her his handkerchief and she wiped her mouth! She smiled and said, "You owe me big time already husband. Happy now?"

He smiled at her and helped her back up on the seat. Then she kissed him and shoved her long tongue into his mouth making him take a some of his own cum. Dan didn't fight it he felt so good and so relieved he didn't care. He held her and she picked up the phone and told the drive to head to the reception.

About twenty minutes later they arrived and were introduced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs. Simmons. And the party began. The first dance by the bride and groom, the cake cutting with Jill pushing her piece into Larry's face a little. Then came the garter being take off of Jill's beautiful long leg, and thrown by Dan and caught by Larry. And, finally Jill threw her flowers and some little girl got them when the tall women dropped them. Everyone had a great time.

It was late afternoon around 5Pm when Larry came over and asked Dan if he could dance with Jill. Dan of course said sure and Jill moved away from the table and on to the dance floor with the best man. It was a slow dance which Larry paid the band to pay longer than usual.

As they moved together close but not close enough for anyone to even think there was anything to their dance Larry said, "Congratulations Jill I hope you will very happy with Dan. I have to tell you that you look unbelievable today, so beautiful. I'm going to miss you Jill. I wish it didn't have to end but I guess all good things eventually do."

She looked at him and smiled. Then she said, "what are you talking about, ending? It doesn't have to end Larry." They moved a little closer and danced some more when she continued, "We just have to be more careful about things. But I want you and from what I hear you want me so we can still be together, just not as often."

He smiled and said, "You are evil! Pure and simple and I love you for it. So our fun isn't over? This is really good news since I love doing you Jill."

She said, "Not so loud! " The dance floor was now crowded with a lot of people dancing. She said, "Look you want me and I sure as hell want you. I'll call you the first day we get back from the honeymoon. Make reservations at the Marriott and have lunch delivered by room service, we'll have some catching up to do and some fun. That is if you will still want a fucked out married women the day after to honeymoon."

Larry smiled and said, "he would be happy with sloppy seconds from her. She told him Dan would be the one who got the sloppy seconds when she had a choice of who she could fuck! She then told Larry to meet her in the men's room on the second floor in fifteen minutes.

She smiled and felt him squeeze her tighter. She kissed him on the cheek and held his hand as she walked back to the table where her new husband of 6 hours was sitting talking to one of the old women who was sitting in Jill's seat. When she saw Jill come back she went o get up and Jill told her to stay where she was. She looked at Dan and said, "I'm going to mingle a little while relax and I'll be back in a few minutes.

She walked away and went to a few tables talking and laughing as Dan sat and watched her for a few minutes. He felt very, very lucky to have married such a beautiful and loving women. A lot of folks had told him that Jill looked like every bridge should look on her wedding day. She was perfect. Dan felt the same way.

Meanwhile, Jill took her clothes she planned to change into and went upstairs. She didn't see anyone around and as the music faded she walked into the men's room. Larry was there waiting for her and started to strip when he saw her come in the door and locked it. She saw him beginning to strip and stopped him. She told him this would have to be fast. She had him unzip the dress and she let it fall to her feet on the men's room floor. She was now dressed in only a half bra that was showing her well-defined and full breasts and a white-laced see- through- thong she had made especially for today. She said, "Drop your slacks for me."

Larry released his slacks as they fell to the floor. Jill bent over the sink and said, "Fuck me hard Larry. Fuck me fast and hard! I want to remember this for three weeks."

He moved into her and immediately began to insert his long hard cock into Jill's pussy from behind. He loved o fuck her this way. He could penetrated her deeper than Dan ever could and he was sure she was going to take his load before she went back to the party.

It didn't take long since Larry was hard and had wanted her all day. He rammed her with his 9-ich cock and she moaned and pushed back as he gave her the fastest fucking of her life. But he still was able to make her cum twice before he told her he was going to cum. She told him she wanted it in her mouth! Then she turned and knelt on the men's room floor and sucked Larry's cock down her throat feeling it throb and thump as he emptied his load into her mouth and throat. Most of his sperm went directly down her throat and into her stomach. But, a little of it she took in her mouth. She said, "I want to keep your taste for awhile. Now baby lick me."

Larry licked and sucked on Jill's pussy tasting her cum and sweet sex juice. He worked her ass and pussy with his fingers as his mouth circled her throbbing hard clit and sucked on it! She grabbed his head hard and rammed her cunt against his face. She fucked his face until she finished cumming one last time. Then she dressed as quick as any woman he had ever seen and was unlocking the door to the men's room before Larry had zipped his slacks.

She said, 'See you in three weeks Oh God that's a long time to go without your wonderful cock Larry. She came to him and kissed him one last time. It was a long, long kiss full of passion and desire. She then left the bathroom carrying her wedding dress.

As she was coming down the stairs she saw Bud walking towards her. She smiled as she saw him and wiped her mouth. After kissing him hard and moving her tongue into his mouth she whispered, "You put a drop of cum on my wedding dress you bad boy! Look it didn't come off when I tried to wash it with club soda."

He looked down and saw the small stain on the dress. He smiled and said, "Well that will be one memory of this day I will never forget Jill. God you were so wonderful! You look so beautiful today. Guess I better go change too. Then we can get the fuck out of her and celebrate the start of our honeymoon. I want to fuck you so damn bad my cock hurts for you! "

She kissed him again and smiled then she walked away and Bud went to the car and got his change of clothes. The time he took to get his clothes gave Larry time to finish dressing and to get out of the bathroom and off the second floor. He walked to the other end of the hall and down the stairs on the other side. The only person who really noticed Larry coming down the steps was Jill. She smiled as she took a drink of Champaign and washed the last of Larry's cum out of her mouth. She wondered if her husband noticed the taste when she kissed him minutes after taking Larry's cum in her mouth? Oh well if he did he didn't say anything.

At around 7:30 PM the party was still going strong when Dan and Jill said goodbye to everyone and head off to the Marriott. It was the same Marriott that she and Larry used to fuck each other wildly. She even got the same room thinking it was so funny that she was about to fuck her newly wedded husband on the same bed she had been fucking her lover for the past 5 years.

As Dan carried her over the doorway, Jill wondered how it would feel to not have her lover fill her pussy for the next three weeks? She felt she would just have to be happy with her sweet, loving husband's smaller cock.

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