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Jill Submits


Jill was nervously waiting for the cab driver to pick her up in front of her house. Jill had the required maid outfit on. The trim 5’4” redhead felt foolish. Her Mistress has been very precise about what was to be worn, and when she was to arrive. She was already running late. The outfit was the usual maid outfit. The bodice coming so low in front that most of her size B breasts were exposed. The neckline just reached the top of her areolas. Any movement seemed to shift the tight bodice, nearly exposing her nipples. The skirt was too short to cover the stocking tops. It was embarrassing waiting outside her house for the cab, with the wind pulling her skirt around. She had no undergarments on, and she could feel the wind teasing her shaved pussy. Her feet were clad in 4” heels, and were already beginning to hurt. The butt plug was firmly in her ass. She felt it constantly. She was not allowed to wear a coat, and the air was a bit chilly. Her neighbors, no doubt, thought she was a bit odd. The only other item she was allowed to carry was her purse, which had her collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, a cell phone, and the money to pay the cab driver.

She had been instructed to have her collar and cuffs on when the cab driver arrived, but she hadn’t been able to muster up the courage. What would he think? What would the neighbors think? Her breasts began to tingle, and she could feel her nipples become very erect. Jill was glad that it was 3:00 P.M. on a Friday. Most people were at work, but she could see the neighbor across the street staring at her through the front window. Jill pretended not to see her. Her pussy seemed to twitch, and she could already feel the wetness. She played the odds and decided that she would quickly put her collar and cuffs on after the cabbie dropped her off. Who would know? Her cell phone rang.

“Where are you slave?” Jill’s heartbeat quickened.

“I can see the cab pulling up now, Mistress.”

“What? You are late.”

Jill gulped. “Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, --was unable to get---“

“Enough, slut. Just get here. Call me when you are a block away.” The line went dead. Jill was not off to a good start. The cab driver pulled up. As he looked her up and down, he smirked ever so slightly. “You must have a costume party to go?” he inquired.

“Yes. And I am running late. Could you rush us along a little?” Jill asked as she hurried to sit in the cab. She winced a little when she felt the plug plunge deeper into her ass.

When they were a block away, Jill pulled out her cell and called her Mistress. “We are a block away.”

“Who is this?”


“Who? Before you answer, you better address yourself and myself properly.”

With blushing cheeks, Jill began again. “Mistress, this is your slave.” The cab driver coughed. Jill avoided his eyes. “We are a block away.” Jill decided it would be best to put the other items on, and was beginning to dig them out, when the cabbie announced, “Well, here we are. I hope you have fun serving people today.”

Now, she was humiliated on top of being nervous. There was no time to put the rest of the items on. The cab driver’s snide comment made her blush with embarrassment. She shoved a $50.00 bill into his hand and fled the taxi. She ran up the rest of the driveway, attaching her collar. She paused just inside the walkway, thickly secluded by 3 tall evergreens, and hurriedly buckled her wrist and ankle cuffs. With a racing heart, she forced herself to walk calmly up the remainder of the walkway; thankful that other tall shrubs were planted every few feet to help obscure her. She rang the doorbell, and waited, and waited, and waited. Oh God! She hoped she had the correct address. She rang again, and waited some more. Jill was digging though her purse, looking for the address when her Mistress opened door. She was scowling.

Mistress Karen was a tall 5’8” woman with large breasts. Jill had serviced her in motels, and had quickly learned how to satisfy her Mistress’s pussy, breasts, and nipples. She had never had sex with another female before this. When she had been forced to crawl around on cheap motel room carpets, and beg to be allowed to satisfy her Mistress, she had been incredibly turn on. Mistress Karen had a large frame, but was not fat, and Jill respected and feared her. She had already felt the sting of her Mistress’s hand, crop, and leather paddle. Jill was new at being a sub, and Mistress had taken it slow. The last time they had met was in a classy restaurant they often went to. Jill had been ordered to hike her skirt up under her, so she was bare-assed on the booth bench. She had then been ordered to pull her white panties down around her ankles, leave them their, and masturbate. She had felt completely degraded, with the panties clearly visible around her ankles. She had been thankful for the tablecloth as it somewhat covered her pussy. Jill had followed those orders with some hesitation, and was humiliated when ordered to keep herself in a state of arousal until the food was delivered. The waiter had given the two a quizzical look as he set the food down. Because of her hesitation, when the food did arrive, she had been ordered to continue masturbating until Mistress Karen had been satisfied that her slave was on the verge of orgasm. Jill had been forced to eat her meal, while trying to ignore her throbbing clit and pussy.

Today, Jill shuddered when she saw the riding crop in her Mistress’s hand. Today was different. Today she was staying at her Mistress’s house. Today she would stay the night. Mistress was dressed in normal attire, a jean skirt, heels, and button down blouse. Jill began to feel trepidation, as her own outfit was clearly a “costume.”

“I’m sorry I’m late, Mistress.” Jill hurried up to her and knelt before her.

“My little slave. You are late. Did you think I would not know that you had not put your collar and cuffs on for the cab driver to see? If you can’t follow these simple instructions, then perhaps you should not be here.”

“Please Mistress, I’ll do better. Please let me make it up to you. I need to be your slave.” Jill’s babbling was hushed by her Mistress’s finger over her mouth.

“For your transgressions, you will have to walk down to the end of the driveway, and retrieve my mail. Then I will decide further punishment.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jill replied and rose shakily to her feet.

“Turn around, slave, and bend at the waist.” Jill followed orders. “Well at least you have the plug.” Mistress wiggled it back and forth, and in and out. Jill began to breath heavy. “Spread your legs. Wider.” Jill was on the verge of falling over, and could feel her pussy juice flow, as Mistress lifted her skirt. The inspection was embarrassing, to say the least, especially when Mistress made her hold the pose, on the front walk. She could hear some traffic, and was again thankful there were bushes for privacy. Jill yelped, and nearly toppled over, when she felt the first sting of the crop on her exposed ass cheek. Barely able to catch her breath, the other ass cheek was struck. Afraid to move, Jill stayed where she was. Mistress walked around to her front, held the crop to her mouth, and said, “Kiss the crop and thank me.”

“Thank you for spanking me, Mistress.” Jill kissed the crop, hoping this would be short lived. She desperately wanted to get inside. What if someone stopped by? “You’re welcome, slave. Put this crop in your mouth while you walk to the mailbox.” Jill was too terrified to protest this demand.

The walk to the mailbox in this humiliating outfit seemed very long. Walking down the driveway she glanced up and down the front lawns. There wasn’t much going on in the area, and she thought she might not be seen. The wind continued to play with her skirt, and she could feel her hard nipples push against the bodice. She was afraid the butt plug would fall out. At the mailbox, she pulled it open and found it empty. It figured. A car went by, and the driver honked, and whistled. Jill absolutely thought she would die of embarrassment, and almost dropped the crop from her mouth. She had never felt so exposed, nor had she ever felt so turned on. She determined that she was not going to disobey her Mistress again.

When she got back to the walkway, her Mistress was waiting for her. There was a small footstool at her feet. On the footstool was a 5 inch ribbed dildo, about 2 inches in diameter at the base. “I am having a small party, which you will be serving. The caterers are due here any moment. You are to sit on the stool, with the dildo all the way in your pussy. Your knees and feet are to be a foot apart. I want you to rub your clit and play with your nipples until they are hard and firm and tender. You may not cum, however. I want you juicy, smelling of sex, and ready to serve me. I will know if you cum. Perhaps if you sit out here a bit, you will begin to learn to follow orders more carefully.” With that she turned and went into the house.

Jill was beside herself with worry and sexual need. The two emotions seemed to feed each other. In order to get the dildo inside her and keep her knees and feet a foot apart, Jill had to lean forward. Slowly sliding the dildo in her, she began to quake with desire. Once it was all the way in, the temptation to hump it was almost overpowering. She could feel it push against the butt plug. Jill willed herself to be still. Lord, how was she going to play with her nipples and her clit and not cum? The squatting position was soon very uncomfortable. It did not take long for her clit to harden. When she felt herself close to orgasm, she began to play with her nipples. Jill began to lose track of time. She was in quite a state. Her knees pointing way our, her pussy pulsating around the dildo, and the butt plug twitching in her ass.

When she heard what sounded like a truck pull into the driveway, she froze. What was she to do now? Was she supposed to stay on the stool? What would they think? Who were these people? Before she could get off the stool, she had the presence of mind to at least cover her pussy; just as two men came into view. They gaped at her. Jill didn’t know if they would call the police, and she would be hauled away for public indecency. She smiled and said a meek “hello.”

“Hello! W e have a delivery for Ms. Beckerman.”

“Oh.” Jill felt her pussy throb. She was close to orgasm, and had to take deep breaths.

“I see the caterers are here.” Mistress Karen said at the open door. “Please excuse this maid. It is hard to find good help. I have been looking for her, and here she is taking a break.” Jill looked at the ground, totally lost in her humiliation. Worse was the fact that she was increasingly becoming hornier and hornier.

“WELL!!! Don’t just sit there, you insolent little slut. Get up and help these two gentlemen.”

“Please. Don’t make me get up,” she whimpered. The deliverymen eyed her warily.

“Why? Does the dildo inside you feel too good?”

Jill went 3 shades of red. She couldn’t answer. The deliverymen shuffled their feet nervously. “I tell you what. Why don’t you just tell us where to put the stuff, and we’ll be on our way.” It was clear to Jill that they saw there was a situation here. They had other deliveries, and needed to keep on schedule. Mistress Karen told them where to put the food, and came down the walkway to stand by Jill. She began to pet her hair, like she was a dog. The deliverymen hurried out to their truck, collected the two large trays, and came back, and went into the house. Jill could feel them eyeing her as the woman of the house held her head against her leg. Jill wanted to cry and run away. She was completely humbled when Mistress Karen pulled out a leash and hooked it to her collar, and she realized the deliverymen were not fools, and surely now knew what was going on. On their way out, and looking directly at Jill, one of them asked, “Is everything OK here?”

Jill felt the tug on her leash, and came to her senses. “Y-y-ess.”

“Tell them what you are, and what is going on.” At her Mistress’s command, Jill heard herself say the humiliating words. Her pussy and ass continued to throb. She was so hot!

“I am Mistress’s slave for the evening, and am to follow her orders, and worship her.”

“Ummm. Well, as long as you’re OK with that. We need to get going.”

“My slave needs to cum. She has been waiting until I give her permission. Would you like to see her cum?” Jill began to squirm. This was getting more and more degrading. She had all sorts of sensations running through her, and knew she had to say something. As embarrassing as it was, she needed to get this over with. She needed to cum. She had the feeling that Mistress must know these two men.

“Oh, yes please. I am so horny. I have been playing with myself for a while, and have a dildo in my pussy, a plug up my ass, and really need to cum.” She could see the bulges in the men’s pants, and felt a small amount of power come over her. When she could see that they were hesitantly interested, she continued, “I could suck your cocks, too. It won’t take long, I promise.”

“Well,” the two said, looking at their watches, and then at each other. “This would be quite a story at break time . . .”

“Very well, slave, get busy. The guests will be arriving in 2 hours, and you need to get the food and house ready. Let’s get this outfit out of the way.” Jill could only whimper as the dress was whisked over her head, and she was virtually naked, squatting on the short stool, her knees wide apart. The dildo was soaked with her pussy juices. Her helplessness drove her over an abyss. Not waiting for further instructions, she began to play with her clit and nipples. She slid up and down on the dildo. She felt the ribs of the dildo vibrate in her vaginal walls. Within minutes, Jill was on the orgasmic brink. “Ooooh. Yeah. AAAAH. Yesssss. Oh my god, yes, yes, yes. Mistress I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Jill went up and down as best she could from her squatting position. Mistress Karen watched the expressions on the two deliverymen. They were in awe. Karen, herself, was wet and horny, as she watched her slave perform for these two strangers. As Jill came down from her orgasm, Mistress Karen asked, “Would you two like relief? We could go inside?”

The two men quickly said yes, mumbling that they could call into the shift manager for a needed break. Jill was still stunned from her orgasm, and could barely comprehend what had just happened. Her Mistress pulled her up by her leash, as the dildo slipped out of her, toppling onto its side. She followed her Mistress and the deliverymen inside.

Mistress Karen pulled her slave through the house and into the family room. There she pushed her slave to her knees and attached the leash to an eyehook embedded into the floor. Jill knelt there and waited for instructions. “Beg, my little whore.”

“Please let me worship your cocks. Please let this slutty slave suck and please you, to feel the cum down my throat and in my cunt.”

Karen was amazed at her transformation. She stood behind the video and pressed the play button. The deliverymen were getting into it now. She and the two went back a ways, and had similar bondage desires. They worked part time at the restaurant Karen frequented, and had done each other favors over the years. Jill, however, didn’t know this, which is why it was so degrading to her.

“Hey, Frank, she really is a slut. Let’s just see what she can do. I think you can beg better than that, and while you are at, undress me, you whore.”

The camera picked up the cringing look on her slave’s face, as she heard the degrading words. In her depravity, she seemed to have become the slut. Her movements were somewhat hampered by the leash, but she continued begging to serve him, to satisfy him in everyway, licking him up and down his legs. Frank came around to the slave’s rear.

“Judging by the performance on the walkway, I would have to agree, George.” Frank removed his pants, and began to rub his cock and balls. His cock was hard and ready.

Jill was panting heavily, and turned so that she could grasp each cock in her outstretched hands. Karen could lust and passion in her slave, as she alternately kissed each cock tip, while pumping her hands up and down. The men stood there, enjoying the sensations. She sucked, and continued to beg to please each one.

Jill had transported herself into another world. She was dimly aware of the camera, and didn’t really care. She was horny, and wanted a cock in her pussy. She sucked on George’s cock, raised herself so she was bent at the waist, and wiggled her ass in front of Frank. “Please. . . .fuck . . .this slave’s . . .pussy,” she begged between sucks. George held her by her head, forcing her to take his cock deeper into her throat. He thrust into harder and faster, and Jill had trouble breathing. She struggled not to gag. When she felt Frank plunge his cock into her, she was pushed to the edge. When Frank played with her butt plug, this added sensation sent her over. She began to moan and squeal around George’s cock, as her pussy contracted around Frank’s cock and she came—fast and hard. She could feel both cocks twitch and harden and contract. Frank came first. His pulsing cock sent her into another orgasm. George furiously pumped her mouth until he was soon howling his own relief and she could feel his cum spurt down her throat. She could feel some of it dribble down her chin.

“What a good little cock sucker you are,” George murmured.

Frank was slowly sliding in and out as his orgasm subsided. “Man, what a good fuck. Suck me clean you little bitch.”

Jill hurried to comply, licking him clean and thanking them for letting her service them. She sank back on her knees, gasping, trying to come to terms with the depravity of the scene. The two men dressed and left. As she watched them go, she was again aware of the camera. They exchanged a few words with Mistress, and Jill sensed that the three were in on this.

“My, my, what a good little slave slut you are.”

Completely unsure of what was to happen next, and what was going to happen with the film, she could only say, “Thank you, Mistress,” as cum leaked out of her pussy.

Mistress Karen put the camera down, came over to her slave, sat on a chair in front of her naked and leashed slave. “Service my cunt. Beg for my pussy, you whore. If you don’t make me cum good and hard in the next five minutes, I will have to whip your ass.” As Jill began to lap and lick and beg to suck her Mistress’s pussy, she shuddered as she heard what she was going to have to do. “You have to get ready for my guests. After you serve them food and beverages, you will offer them your body. You will be asked to be punished and thank them when they do. You will perform for me, my little slut. You will beg to worship me, and if you do not satisfy me, or my guests, you will be punished. I may punish you anyway. AAAAh. That’s it, my pussy licker. That’s good. Yeah, use your tongue.”

Jill sucked and licked her Mistress’s hard clit. Then she began to flick it tenderly with the tip of her tongue. She caressed her cunt lips, enjoying her Mistress’s moans of pleasure, enjoying worshipping her cunt with her mouth. Her Mistress’s pussy juices began to blend in with Jill’s saliva. She tasted sweet, somehow. She could feel her Mistress pump her crotch onto her tongue, could feel her pussy begin to contract, and could sense she was ready to orgasm.

Mistress Karen let out a low moan and arched her back, and began to buck as she came, grabbing her slave’s head to keep her in place, pushing her crotch into her slave’s face with the force of her orgasm. God, she was good. She couldn’t wait for the girls to get over here. She couldn’t wait for the fun they would have with her new toy. She couldn’t wait to find different ways to humiliate her slut slave whore. It was going to a long night.

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