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Jillian at the Dorm


{This is a reprint of the same story I'd taken down for some time. I'm re-submitting it in a edited version (mostly grammatical) in hopes that I remind people who enjoyed the Jillian stories (Jillian's naked mile for ex.) of the characters in the story. I do this because I plan at least another story with her as the leading character. I also have an idea for another "Natalie and the Neighbor" series if anyone is interested. With that, I say, enjoy!}


Hi, I've been reading the adventures of Jillian along with many of you (Jillian's naked mile, Jillian at the office etc). My name is Darla. I'm Jillian's sexual mentor. I lucked into the relationship, really. I mean, who would guess you'd find such a full fledged and willing sexual slut right in your own neighborhood. I've been pushing her sexual limits ever since. She never ceases to amaze me. I've pushed those boundaries hard too. She's been up for all of them, regardless of the inherent humiliation and embarrassment they no doubt cause her. I think I found the things that drive her crazy sexually and I continue to push her.

I was her, almost a mirror of her, years ago. Someone took me under his wing and showed me my own dark side and for that I've always been much obliged. I took it upon myself to show Jillian the same things. It was never easy. In fact, I don't think it's supposed to be easy. The harder you are pushed, the more you are made to do, the more you come to understand yourself and what you are. She is learning what she is. She's not there yet. She still comes home after each adventure giddy, telling me all her thoughts and feelings and I have to smile. Yes, I remember those feelings well. And, I also remember the many ways I tried to deny the total nature of these feelings. Jillian is there, at that point. In fact, that's the story I am about to tell you. How, even after all she's done, she still has a part of her that fights and resists that which she is. She's a slut, a submissive slut that lives for the use and humiliation that brings. I doubt this story would ever see the light of day if it were up to her, since it gets to the heart of who she truly is.

As is my habit I let Jillian cool down after her last slutty sexual episode at the beach. Oh, we talked at length about it all and I used her wonderful tongue and mouth to get me off time and time again while we both relived it all in our heads. It still tickles me to hear how surprised, yes, shocked she is at her own behavior. I think that when it's happening to you, when you are right in the middle of it all you can't see how clear it all really is to someone like me. Once I figured her out, there's nothing she's done that has surprised me, unless it was when I thought she'd do even more. The more I push her to do, the more she learns. Though, sometimes you really need a big breakthrough to get there. I think she is like a wild filly with one last kick in her before she breaks. I wasn't really sure what that one thing would be. Certainly being used by multiple people didn't do it. Sex with a woman didn't do it (though I take every opportunity, just to be sure!). She got off on the humiliation as well, I wasn't sure just what buttons there were still to push. I happened upon the answer in one of our post sexual dalliance discussions.

I could tell she was pushing me towards something. She never knows what it is herself, but she figures I do or that I'll come up with something. I was pumping her for information, clues, anything that might lead me to an idea of how to further her education as a slut. We were past the ordinary. Other than just temporarily filling the void (so to speak) all her day to day sex things were just that, ordinary to her. She was still letting her next door neighbor fuck her frequently but I could see her boredom when discussing that. She loved talking about her past when I'd ask her about it. It would always come back to her college exploits, most notably the episode in her brother's dorm. I could see the fire in her eyes every time she mentioned it. It was one of those moments in her life where her fantasy life started to force its way to the forefront.

She mentioned this in a previous story but to recap, she was at a party in her brother's dorm. She wound up in a closet and she sucked off a few college boys. Her brother knew about her wild streak from her high school days. He apparently helped by sending guys to the closet, guys he felt he could trust. I could see her juices flowing every time she'd mention it. It obviously was a big moment in her life. It no doubt opened her eyes for future things. The first time she told it to me I remember asking her if her brother was involved in any way, other than herding a couple of his friends her way. She said no. Then, I asked her if, with the professed state of horniness she was in, if she'd have also done her brother like that. The very first time she was honest, she blushed and said yes. I don't think she even remembers telling me that. Without fail, every time she has told it to me since, there's no mention of that fact. She barely mentions her brother's part in it at all. I find it cute every time she does it. I believe this episode crystallized her fantasy of multiple oral partners. She's almost obsessed by it, if you read her last story, Jillian on vacation. She also has a particular fetish for younger men (though many are, she's only 28 herself). Most specifically she digs that college age, say the 18 -22 crowd. I think she also had this planted in her head during that one memorable episode. She's embarrassed by it. I liked that. I could work with that. I saw an opportunity. And, funny how things work out, there was a chance to make it work.

My nephew goes to the same small college Jillian and her brother went to. It's a small local one. My nephew Josh is a junior there. He and his friends have tried for a couple years now to get me to come to one of their parties. I've had them over in the summer for barbeque and pool parties. I've always been the "cool aunt" to Josh and there's no doubt his parents have told them all about me and to avoid me at all costs. Josh's friends have lusted after me, some of them since junior high. It was cute, but I've passed the desire for gawky guys barely out of their teens for the most part. They'd go crazy over a sexy slut like Jillian, however. I could make it happen. That wasn't all I was interested in making happen though. This would take quite a bit of planning, along with quite a bit of luck. Josh had called me recently. He reminded me of a big homecoming blowout they have at the dorm every year. I'd blown it off for two years, but not this year. I made sure he and his friends knew I was coming and that I was bringing a friend. I can only imagine what he and his friends thought, with my background, along with what his parents had probably told him about me. I knew it didn't matter what they'd think of me, only what they'd think of Jillian.

I pressed Jillian about details of her college experiences. She knew I was sniffing at something and although she didn't know what, she did her best to encourage me. She was hot for something and the more we talked about the dorm, and those days, the more excited she seemed to get. Turned out her brother was kind of a big deal back in those days, which, was only five, six years ago. He was a popular student and well known athlete, a lacrosse player. He was a resident assistant in the same dorm as Josh, which is not all that surprising since the school only has one dorm for the men and one for the women. I knew I'd need Jillian's help for this.

I told her that I'd accepted Josh's offer to his homecoming dorm party. I told her I'd like her to come with me. I could see the uncertainty in her eyes. I knew she knew this was going to be another adventure, she just didn't know what. I told her about the homecoming party. She was excited by the thought of returning, though I wondered how much of the excitement was for seeing her old school and how much was for returning to an old sexual haunt. She told me her brother asked her to go back pretty much every homecoming but that she'd never done it. When I asked why she was vague. I suspected it was embarrassment over her exploits.

I casually asked if her brother was returning as well and she said, "Of course, he never misses those things."

I found out that he attends several different parties along the way. One for his athletic team, some academic thing and the infamous dorm party which, I gathered was a highlight. It also was his last stop, she said. She mentioned that he usually doesn't even bother showing up there until midnight, when the party was in full swing. Now I had an inkling of a plan. For Jillian, it's about the humiliation. She might think it's about the use, the sex, but mostly, it's about that thing in her brain that gets stimulated whenever she gets embarrassed sexually. Now, you may already have guessed what the plan entailed and yes, I planned to include her brother. My thing is to push her limits, push her to where she wants to go. I couldn't say whether or not she'd want her brother involved at all, a little, or a lot. However, just knowing that there's some unresolved issues there was enough for me. I'd make her choose, as I always did. She always has chosen according to her nature. At worst, I figured it was a way for her to relive one of her old fantasies, maybe with some more controlled twists, thanks to me.

For what it's worth. I went in thinking that her brother could at least be used to keep her safe, if things got out of hand. I already had Josh and his friends there, however, and I knew I could wrap them around my pinkie if need be. I'm a slut too, remember. It has never been difficult for me to use sex to control things. I finally got back to Jillian about the party. I asked her if she was cool with going to the party with me.

She giggled nervously, "I'm excited, of course, but also scared. But I'm always both, when it involves you."

"Good, because as you may well suspect you aren't going to be just some tag along wallflower at this party, not if I have anything to do with it," I said.

'I know," she said softly. "I can't wait."

"You live for this stuff," I said, beaming.

"You know I do," she said, averting my eyes, "you've always known."

"And you are ok with whatever I have planned?" I asked in seriousness.

"Well, I don't know what you've planned," she smiled softly, "but if it's like every one of your other plans then hell yes, I'm more than ok with it."

"Good, you'll have choices, dear. You won't be doing anything you can't say no to."

She was comforted by that. I left her alone for the next week and a half. I wanted her beside herself with that wonderful lust and anxiety of it all. I drove down to the dorm a week early and had Josh show me around. He was also sniffing at what I had planned. Obviously, he knew of my sexual background from his parents. It was funny, walking around that dorm. Me, in my late 40's, being followed by Josh and his friends, like ducklings following their mother. I caught them constantly looking at me. I helped them out by wearing a nice revealing top. I still have quite a sexy cleavage, if I don't say so myself. Perhaps my jeans were a bit too tight as well, oh well, I was just fanning the flames. I took note of all the places the party was to happen. It was basically on one floor, save a game room down in the basement. I smiled when I saw Jillian's infamous closet. It was basically a mechanical room with an electrical junction box and some mops and brooms. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the graffiti on the wall that was still there, buried under newer years of scrawls, "Jillian Dewey sucked cock here." I'd make use of this place again. There really weren't areas in the main floor where one could have sexual games going on without people in the rest of the area being able to see. I guess that's how she ended up in the closet in the first place. Josh told me about all the drinking games that go on and the dancing.

Then, he kind of blushed and said, "and then there's the really wild stuff." When I pressed him he said, "you know, sex and stuff."

I laughed and thought, "Son, you have no idea what stuff really is yet." He might find out soon enough, however.

The night before we were to leave Jillian called me. She was anxious, on edge. It was just the way I like her beforehand. I told her to wear something that she would've worn to a party in her college days. Something that she would try to get laid with. Something that she knew might be coming off at some point. She asked about underwear, as she always does. I told her that yes, wear underwear. In fact, wear the sexiest underwear you have. I figured some of these boys have never seen anything other than white panties. I also told her to wear her red wig. She'd used it on occasion for flings when she didn't want to be recognized. I think she was happy that she'd keep some kind of anonymity.

I knew that Jillian would fuck any and all of the guys there, if I wished it. For her though, it's more about the humiliation, the mental fuck of being used in just a certain way. I wanted to twist and tweak that part of her brain until she melted into a puddle.

She showed up at my house in a plaid dress, with a slit up the side. It was school girlish yet more sophisticated. She had a white blouse with ruffles that was loose on top, with plenty of cleavage showing. There was a good view of the pink lacy top of her bra. She could see I was pleased. She chattered on nervously the whole drive down to the campus. She was pumping me for information but I just laughed it off. I loved seeing her like that, the incredible build up of excitement before the explosion.

I made sure we didn't show up early. I wanted the alcohol to be flowing freely by the time we showed up. Lowered inhibitions, that's what I needed. I never saw so many college boys eyes bug out as I did when they saw us enter. I took pride in the fact that many of them were ogling my tits as well as the much younger Jillian's'. Boys that age lack subtlety. They barely lifted their eyes off my cleavage the whole time they talked to me. It was amusing when I'd catch them and watch their faces turn red. There were plenty of college girls there too, dressed way more provocatively than I'd have, at that age. Kids sure do grow up fast nowadays.

I made Jillian mingle. No one there but Josh seemed to recognize her as Jillian, Tyler's cock sucking sister. She knew it was my nature to make her advertise. I saw several lucky guys start to touch her on the dance floor. Typical guy moves, the hand on the back, then sliding it down to the lower back, then, trying to move down to the ass. She casually brushed some away, until she saw me frown at that. They became emboldened by her new lack of resistance. She always came back to me flushed. She was excited, there was no doubt. I'd built her up and now, among men the age of her most heated fantasies, she was ripe for something, anything. In the meantime I was brushing aside Josh's friends left and right. They wanted to talk (to my breasts, apparently) and they tried to get me to dance. I told them, I only dance at my weddings. Upon hearing that, one of my more drunken suitors dropped to his knees and proposed to me. I had to laugh. I'd get mine later. This wasn't about me. I wanted to make sure Jillian was used properly before I could take care of my own lust.

Josh was lamenting that the party was slow, that there weren't enough people here yet. I smiled. "You need to advertise."

He just shrugged and said, "I thought we did, though it always gets hotter around midnight, some of the big shots start coming then."

I said, "I think I can help you out." I called Jillian over and whispered what I wanted her to do. She turned red. I love how she can still turn red over simple things. I took her and Josh and headed to his room. I told Josh to make a sign on a piece of paper and in bold print, write, "Party at Reynolds dorm, come dressed as you are." Under it, I had him add, "very little cover." He eyed me quizzically but wrote it down. Jillian started to guess what was coming, I could see her eyes flicker with that beautiful sexual apprehension she gets. I told her to strip to her underwear. She hesitated. All the while Josh's mouth was agape. I just gave her a stern look and that's all it took. She was now standing in front of us with just the cutest pink bra and panty set you've ever seen. The bra was sheer, not quite see through but nearly so and the panties were cut so that a generous portion of her ass cheeks were visible.

I told her, "I want you to walk the quad, the four blocks. Go slow enough so people can read your sign."

I'd scoped out the turf on my previous visit. It was just a block down, across, back, and then over. It would take her past some of the apartment buildings which the students rent and also past a small strip with a pizza place, a bar, and a small restaurant. Jillian's face was darker than her underwear.

I told her, "You get moving or I'll make the color of your ass match your panties. She hustled out the side door. Only Josh and I saw her leave. His eyes were glued on her ass the whole time.

I nodded to him. "Go ahead, you can follow her, just stay back a ways, let her do her thing." He nodded in excitement like a new puppy and took off after her. I felt better about that. If it hadn't have been for Josh, I'd have had to do it. "I'd have to pay him back for that later," I thought.

While she was gone I found an interesting girl to talk to. She was kind of a wild child, a hippie from the wrong era. She had golden curly hair all puffed out, almost in an afro. She had a couple visible tattoos, both cutesy with an environmentalist flavor. She was totally rapt by the stories I was telling, mostly risqué and at least semi-autobiographical. She seemed disappointed when I got up to welcome Jillian back. Josh had showed up first.

"Awesome," was all he said as he went past me, panting. Jillian came in behind him. She had some red marks on her ass as well as a few dollar bills stuffed in her bra and panties.

"Nice," I laughed, "Made a little money on the side, did you?"

She lowered her eyes and said, "that was wicked, even for you. Half the campus saw me. It's Friday night, if it wasn't for Josh I 'd have had a pack of them follow me here directly. Many of them got their hands on my ass, as you can probably see."

I pulled her close to me. "But, I'll bet you are wet right now, aren't you?" I put my hand over her mound through the thin material. "Damn, that's hot," I said.

"Yesss," she hissed.

"Good, put your things back on and come back in, when you are ready."

I went back and resumed my discussion with Rebecca, the hippie chick. For those of you who haven't read Jillian's previous stories I have to point out here that I'm not a lesbian. I have had a lifetime of sex with men and have loved just about all of it. However, on a few choice occasions, like with Jillian, and with a former domme, I've enjoyed a woman's touch as well. I noticed Rebecca hung on my every word and was inching closer to me on the couch. "Interesting," I thought.

Jillian came back into the main area. Josh took special notice. Josh had told me a few things about Jillian's brother, Tyler. He was good looking, built like a quarterback and had the arrogance of one as well. He was well liked, but he was always the alpha, the top dog. Josh and the others liked and respected him, but they always knew their place when he was around. He had first dibs at everything, including the women at the party.

I pushed Jillian back out on the dance floor with a number of horny guys. She only returned to get a beer or to rest for a second. She whispered to me on her latest return. "I've got about a half dozen offers already to go to their apartment or to their room here, what should I do?"

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