tagGroup SexJim & Sue Ann at New Years

Jim & Sue Ann at New Years


It was New Year's Eve and we had invited our best friends, Jim and his new bride, Sue Ann, over to our apartment, for a party. They were newlyweds, like us. We had been married about a year, while they had only been married about six months.

We did the usual things, we played cards, watched TV and drank beer. As the new year grew closer, we began to watch an X-rated video. Since they were staying the night, we had pulled out the sofa bed and the girls were already in their pajamas and robes. The girls were getting really into the movie, as it was a "couples" video.

After the movie, Sue Ann followed my wife into the kitchen and began to discuss their sex lives. She told my wife that she was having troubles pleasing Jim. She felt like she was not making him happy.

Oddly enough, Jim began to tell me about life with his wife. She was not making him very happy. The two of them had never been with anyone prior to getting married, so they were somewhat inexperienced.

Sue Ann was so distraught that she nearly cried on my wife's shoulder. Jim was telling me about the things that he tried to do, but that Sue Ann would freeze up and stop playing.

Sue Ann came out of the kitchen and I headed for it. I asked my wife what was going on and, she told me about the conversation she'd had with Sue Ann. I told her about Jim and we decided to help them, if we could.

My wife, Emmy, is very open and free. She told me that she thought that the best way to help them, was to show them what we did. However we should do it to them, separately.

I agreed. I secretly would not have minded playing with Sue Ann. She was 5'6" tall, had blonde hair, blue eyes and a killer body. She sported a set of 38 DD's. Emmy is also 5'6", with red hair, but is not as busty, as hers are 36C's.

I told Emmy to take Jim upstairs and show him how to make his wife respond to him. We exited the kitchen and went out our friends. Emmy told Jim that she wanted to talk to him alone and, led him up the stairs.

Once alone, I asked Sue Ann what the matter was. She began to sob and told me everything. I pulled her close and comforted her for a few moments.

Then, I asked her to show me what she usually did to turn on Jim. She said that she would ask for a back rub, so I told her to lie down and let me try. She took off the robe. Underneath was a tiny baby doll nightie. Her boobs were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

I told her to lie on her stomach, then I began to rub her back. I pushed aside the fabric and caressed the bare skin. She began to purr contentedly as I moved my hands all over her back.

I continued down past her bottom and to her legs and feet. I could tell that she was becoming aroused. I told her to roll over and I began at the top again. I pulled aside the straps of her top. She protested, but I told her that it would be necessary.

My hand finally closed in on her spectacular breasts. They were full and white. Her tan lines, from a skimpy, summer, swim suit were nearly gone. She had large pale areolas, centered with large pinkish nipples. Her nipples grew hard as I fondled her boobs.

I lapped my tongue around her nipples, then made my way down her stomach and slid off her panties. They came off with little protest. As I massaged her legs and feet, I could tell that she was on the verge of completely losing it.

I opened up her legs and ran my hand over her smooth, bald pussy. She giggled nervously and told me that she had just shaved it that morning, as a surprise for Jim.

I leaned down and began kissing her bare pussy lips. She tried to get me to stop. She told me that she never let Jim kiss her, down there.

I told her to relax and enjoy what I was doing. I kissed and licked her lips and sucked on her clit. My tongue split open her pussy, slowly entering her steaming, hot cauldron. It slid along the tender flesh, causing her to moan and her juices to flow uncontrollably.

Sue Ann was out of control. Her ass was bouncing on the bed and she was moaning very loudly. When she came, she held my head tightly to her pussy, not wanting to let my tongue get away.

"Oh my god," she said. That was incredible. "I've never let Jim do that."

"Maybe you should," I told her, smiling.

"What's next," she asked, panting for breath?

I took off my shirt and then told her to take off my pants. She did as instructed then, pulled off my shorts. She gasped, when she saw my cock. She said that it was different than Jim's. She told me that mine was thicker than her husband's.

I told her to play with it for a while. She reached out gently and took it in hand. Her fingers traced up and down the shaft, lightly, as if exploring a new toy. Then, she began jerking it up and down rapidly. I stopped her and used my hand to show her how to play with my cock. Sue Ann soon leaned how to treat my cock and tease me with her hand and fingers.

Next, I stood up and told her to suck on my dick. She said that she just could not do that. I told her that Jim would love her, forever, if she learned how to go down on him. I reminded her, too, how much she loved it, when I went down on her.

Timidly, she stuck out her tongue to touch the tip of my cock. I told her to lick it, like licking an ice cream cone. She tried doing that, then I had her lick the underside of my cock's head, telling her how good it felt. She was making we weak in the knees with her tongue.

I told her to open her mouth and let me slide my cock in. She did so and I cautioned her to keep her teeth off of me. Slowly, she began to get the hang of it. Soon she was bobbing up and down with her head, while I ran my hand through her hair. I told her that I was ready to come. She pulled her head off my cock and asked me not to come in her mouth.

I told her to lie down, on her back, again. I had her squeeze her big boobs together and, they made a wonderful tit-valley. I straddled her chest and placed my rod between her fleshy pillows. I slid my cock back and forth between her huge boobs until I was ready. I told her that I was coming and, fired my load between her tits.

I used my cock to rub my seed into her flesh. She said that she liked tit fucking and would let Jim do it, soon. She sat up and kissed me, lightly. She thanked me for giving her some pointers.

We turned in time to see Jim and Emmy coming down the stairs. Emmy had thrown on a robe, but left it open. I could see that her pussy was matted and wet. Jim was nude and had a very spent dick.

Emmy told him to show his wife what he had just learned. Jim climbed onto the bed and began to massage his wife's back. She started purring, just like she had done for me.

Emmy took off her robe and sat next to me, on the bed. She took my limp dick in her hand and began stroking it easily. My cock grew hard due to her touch.

Jim rolled Sue Ann over and began licking her breasts with his tongue. Emmy coached him, while she was playing with my, now, rock hard dick. When Jim began playing with Sue Ann's pussy, Emmy said to show her what he had learned from her.

Jim spread his wife's legs and began eating her pussy with abandon. Emmy reminded him to slow down and to be gentle, as he coaxed open his wife's vagina. Jim was flicking his tongue across his wife's hardened clit. Sue Ann was writhing on the bed with lust, as she came on his tongue.

I was finally hard enough for Emmy, so she pushed me down on the bed. She hopped onto my cock, rubbed it along her slit and then eased her self down. I could tell she was very wet and she dropped to the bottom quickly.

After letting out a contented sigh, she began bouncing up and down slowly. While I was playing with Emmy's boobs, we looked over and saw Sue Ann climb up onto John's large cock.

The two girls began fucking in unison. I watched as four boobs bounced in wild abandon, on two rock hard cocks. Emmy was enjoying the show also, and came with a loud moan. That brought off Jim, as he filled his wife's tunnel with juice. Sue Ann followed right behind very loudly, bringing me off with a large load deep inside Emmy.

Totally spent, Emmy rolled off of me. Sue Ann was still in high gear, however and she wanted more cock. She asked Emmy if she could fuck me and Emmy nodded yes. Emmy called Jim over and said that she wanted his cock deep inside her, now.

Emmy gave Jim a spectacular blow job, getting his dick rock hard. Sue Ann, using her new skills, mimicked her and my cock was solid in no time. Sue Ann rolled onto her back and told me to give it to her, quickly. I spread her legs apart and rubbed my prick against her slit.

Emmy got on her hands and knees and told Jim to take her from behind. He eased his big cock into my wife's pussy with slow and easy strokes. When he was fully buried inside her she let out a loud, contented groan.

I rode my cock against Sue Ann's clit, sending her over the top. She cried out in unintelligible sounds. She begged me to enter her, so I pushed in with one movement.

I saw Jim fucking my wife hard and she was fucking back, as hard as she could. His big balls were slapping on her ass as he was pounding her pussy. Her sounds of pleasure filled the room.

Sue Ann told me to fuck her hard and fast, just like Jim was doing. I began pounding her pussy with such force, the bed was rocking. I mauled her big boobs and could just barely reach her clit with my fingers.

Jim and Evie kept changing positions until she finally exploded, sitting on top of him. His cock was impaled deep inside her fiery box, when he exploded. Rivers of cum filled Emmy's pussy and they shuddered in their orgasms.

Sue Ann, still on her back, told me to hurry up and cum inside her, too. I spread her legs wide and sped up the tempo. My dick was flying in and out of her well lured pussy. Suddenly my cock began to spasm and cum shot out into her tunnel. Sue Ann was writhing on the bed in the throws of her own climax, as I filled her up.

Gasping for breath, the four of us just laid on the bed, resting. Finally, Emmy suggested that Jim and Sue Ann needed their rest and that we should go upstairs to our own bed. Reluctantly, I followed her beautiful nude body as she climbed the stairs.

In bed, she asked me what Sue Ann and I had done. I told her, then asked about her and Jim. She said that Jim had been surprised at what went on, but was a good learner.

Like me, she asked Jim what they did to begin playing around. Jim said that he would massage Sue Ann's back. Emmy told him to begin with her front and opened her robe.

She said that Jim's eyes lit up when he saw her C-cup boobs. Emmy is tanned and has great tan lines with milky white boobs, small areolas and dark nipples. She took his hand and placed it on one of the breasts and he began squeezing it.

She told him to be more gentle with it and used her hand to show him how. He began rubbing his fingers in a more agreeable manner and her nipples sprang up quickly.

Emmy told him to suck on one of the hard nubs and he latched his mouth on the right one. Again, she told him to be gentle with her. He kept sucking the nipple hard, so she pushed him back.

She leaned forward to his bare chest and closed her mouth onto one of his nipples. She sucked hard and he yelped out in pain. She told him to relax and learn.

Her tongue ran circles around the nipple and lightly sucked on his nub. She lightly grazed the tip with her teeth and then repeated the procedure. She could see that Jim was enjoying this.

Emmy told him that it was her turn again and he returned his mouth to her right boob. This time, he was much more gentle and Emmy began moaning with pleasure.

Jim switched boobs and continued to suckle the nipples. His free hand was caressing the other boob and tweaking her nipple. Emmy said that she was really enjoying the attention, but she wanted to move on.

She told him to roll off her panties and raised her ass to let him do so. He smiled in appreciation when he saw her furry pussy. She told him to gently stroke her mound and his fingers eased out to her fur.

She said that she came when he brushed across her clit with his hand. She taught him how to play with her pussy and how to bring her off with his fingers.

Emmy pulled out his cock and said that it was really good looking. Her fingers traced up and down his length, bringing him to full hardness. She leaned forward and her tongue flicked across the head.

Jim shuddered with pleasure and pre-cum drooled out the slit. Emmy loves cum and she lapped it up greedily. She lowered her head onto his cock and began giving him a spectacular blow job. Jim was in heaven.

She stopped short and asked if he'd like to fuck her, but he said that he'd save that for his wife. She smiled and returned her attention to his cock. Her head moved up and down, while Jim's eyes rolled back into his head.

Was moaning and groaning with pleasure. Emmy stroked his dick lightly and asked if he was ready to cum. Jim nodded yes, so she slurped his cock back into her mouth.

Her hand tickled his balls and he could not hold back any longer. His load filled Emmy's mouth completely. She kept sucking him, until he was completely dry.

She asked Jim if he had learned anything new to show his wife and he nodded yes, weakly. Emmy suggested that they go downstairs and join Sue Ann and me.

After telling me of her session with Jim, my cock was harder than a rock. We could hear Jim and Sue Ann fucking like crazy, downstairs. Emmy said that she guessed that we were good teachers. I just kissed her and then rolled her over.

The next morning, we awoke and found Jim and Sue Ann on either side of us, sitting on our bed. They wanted more "lessons," they said.

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